Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Humanity on this Planet is Dynamic for all its Faults...

The reply I received after my first email to James FEB 2010

Torz, humanity on this planet is dynamic, for all its faults. Great writers, poets, artists and performers taking the expression of their genre constantly to new heights. That lineage is too precious to lose, but poised above all this are the mindless power grabbers who won't be content until they possess even the souls of those they've already begun to plunder in mind and body.

If you only knew how much effort I've put into averting the madness that would turn a world into a place where no one would wish to live! To have seen it over and over again...like some residue of the past kept it all in this inevitable cycle. Knowing full well this is NOT the way it has to be.

You may very well have a connection to many events and places remote to this period. That may come from times where your subconscious is allowed to participate with the conscious, when the systemic fear the conscious mind has of its subconscious counterpart somewhat abates.

This is not a natural state of mind and has become a feature of earthbound humanity, a counter-productive one. Because of it, you have been entrained to sublimate dichotomy and cannot think of good without evil, peace without war.

The children are the most of all prizes, yet they are protected least. You are taught to protect them adequately is to be "too" protective. For a father to be so, to be "too" controlling. That should tell you this "inevitable" that has been designed. And that you must go backwards to find the right path from the point where the wrong one was taken.

I was saddened to have to answer that ETs are indifferent, long ago having given up this "experiment". Still there are those among them that display their craft and retain a hope that what they possess will example better things are obtainable.

Actually I do not resign to any decision, I merely lose the strength to withstand others making it. As I am pulled back to my source, leaving the "field of battle". Perhaps you can understand, I didn't feel trying to express it on the show would be successful.

On, UFO Updates are a few of my articles under my name. You might be interested in them and find they strike chords with you. There is genetic knowledge and you will have it after the "field" the mind actually is, incorporates with the soul shortly after death. I've tried to help develop an awareness of this process in others
here many times but always failed. The few ET civilizations that have, have gone on to a field energy state of being and almost always separate entirely from those that haven't.

The civilization that did succeed beyond this point became part of the extended community many ET worlds share. You know them as "blondes". But that lineage is so deep in the past they themselves have forgotten how close they came to this very point. Though I have dealt with the ET extended community I am not a part of it, but associated purely with the EMVs, sometimes their liaison with the ETs. Of late ETs are disgusted with me "having gone native" with the people here....so that you might appreciate my place in things.

Their memories are short. As always that breeds arrogance. The die is not cast. Do not fall to despondency. In all this "drama" something might emerge from among you to carry the day. Something that might cut away the disease there. All the potential is there, I've always fathomed it. So I have stayed.

Worlds exist where every life is regarded as precious and no one wants to raise a hand to another. Persist on the hope to see this. And don't fear the worst. Even it will bring wonders to you. But don't reach for that before your time. We all have discoveries to make as each expression of existence plays out.

Wise men have told you "no task too great will be put upon you". That means that instruments have been placed throughout the cosmos to prevent any soul from being robbed of its integrity. I know that you know what that means. And you must, as well, know that only God is capable of such a grand scale.

Most of all, nothing has any meaning or purpose to survive that has no moral core.


© Torz Baron Copley 

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