Monday, 16 March 2015

Five Years On | James Horak & Friends | March 2015

Five years ago James Horak was an invited guest on the Kevin Smith show for the first time. At that time there had been a flurry of images from the SOHO satellite of large objects in and around the sun and it was suggested that James would be able to inform people about them. James has said many times that the main reason he came forward was that he did not want the sightings to be used as part of the ongoing hostile alien thesis.

So eventually he became not only a fairly regular guest on the show, but also formed a close friendship with Kevin Smith.

It is with that impetus that we wanted to look back at the effect that this information had on each of us, as well as look at the broader implications of events since then, environmentally, technically and globally.

Although this was an informal discussion with questions that we wanted to cover with James, it was also important for us to honor the memory of Kevin Smith and his body of work which Shuny has been meticulously archiving.

Please ask questions below for any follow up discussions as we are hoping to be able to do this again in the near future. Thank you for your continued support.

You can subscribe to the legacy of the Kevin Smith Show on 1200 shows from the inventor of paranormal talk radio can be accessed for $30 per six months.

This playlist is one of the first shows, the third with James on the Kevin Smith Show that can be found on Youtube. 
James Horak Object Behind the Sun - 26 March 2010 

We will provide a new page on the blog with Movies & Books recommended by James shortly.


  1. I love listening to you guys, thanks for chatting.

    I do have a question a bit off topic, though. I am having trouble buying Excelerite. Can you explain what is happening? James had said in previous shows that he introduced the product to someone he knew and it was doing well. It doesn't seem to be available any more.

    Thanks for answering,


  2. Either a change in ownership or management has resulted in a policy where Rare Earth Minerals no longer will serve the small consumer. This may be due to reorganization or to a dubious way to avoid federal agency pressures. My attempts to reach anyone within for the last two years have come to naught as well. JCH

  3. James: Could you please revisit the statement regarding atmospheric absorption of hydrogen pursuant to nuclear detonation/oxygen destabilization? Also, is there any researchable source re: the initiating scientist?

    ...glad you're back! :-)

  4. It's simply a matter of mathematical certainty, Buzz, that hydrogen is absorbed in an hydrogen bomb detonation. Hydrogen is in compound with oxygen and is freed by that absorption and its volatility causes it to ignite. Put to statistical analysis it's just a matter of computation how many hydrogen bombs detonating would ignite the entire atmosphere. That was done in the fifties but has since left the consciousness of people like the use of potassium iodide for radiation sickness. At that time only the store of the USSR and US were considered adequate to turn the earth into a sun. Now it's easily ten times that. JCH

  5. Jacki in Florida...21 March 2015 at 02:25

    Here it is, again,,, 10:17p.m., a weeknight,, and no KSS to listen to or watch... God bless you for bringing Kevin back, I just relisten to some I had on itunes over and over... James,, always a most interesting guest! Thanks Shuny and Thanks James for this opportunity...and for all your hard work gifting us with more KSS, may he never be forgotten.Wonderful memories and programs and info!!!
    Questions will surely follow! so happy you are back James, you are very much missed out here on EMV!
    Jacki in Florida...

  6. Was my comment on the mineral deleted? May I ask why?

  7. Isn't that the first comment under Anonymous, Cosmos? It's still there and answered. JCH

    1. LOl No. It was a response to the first comment about the mineral. What I had posted is that I bought on ebay reasonable priced a mineral called " diatomaceous earth food grade", that is suppose to be the same thing? I would like to know your opinion on that, and was trying to help the person that is looking for it.

      I also mentioned that this mineral gave me insomnia? I had to stop taking it.

    2. Cosmos, "The Mineral" is certainly not available on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. Its brand name is Exelerite like you see in the link below. A friend of mine wanted to order Exelerite about three years ago, referencing to James but he couldn't. Instead he got about 10 kilos of different kinds of it, like for gardening, pets and what have you, as product samples for free. 2013 I contacted the company once again to ask for prices of larger quantities and even received this reply but nothing after that. So it seems The Mineral is not available at all for us anymore.

      “Sir I have forwarded your request for Excelerite to our head of sales.
      Thank you.
      Steven Dewitt
      U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. Systems Analyst”

  8. No, it is not the same, Cosmos. It is good to use on cleaning the intestines not mineral replacement. If I can sell a few of my more expensive collectibles and art I will buy the mineral in large bulk and give away ten pounds at a time to people like you. Even pay for the shipping.
    You should never take these rare earths as a supplement but therapeutically. JCH

    1. Oh Thank you so much you guys. I really appreciate it. James, if you do so, please send me a PM, I will get some!

  9. As a last ditch effort that worked twice before, Cosmos, you might give them my name and remind them I discovered the mineral to Robert Hightower who first marketed it. Good luck and if I have enough time left I may be able to help you better. JCH


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