Saturday 22 December 2012

James Horak on the Beyond 2012 Show with Tony Kudos, December 21, 2012

James joins us at The Beyond 2012 Show to discuss the State of the World toward the End of 2012 and how we all need to forge forward. - Tony Kudos


James Horak on 2012, False Flag ET Attack and other Topics with Mark Snider of Ohio Exopolitics

by Ohio Exopolitics with Mark Snider

Mark Snider invited James Horak back to OhioExopolitcs for James to give a rundown through our ancestral heritage and the six lineages that humanity has gone through. Spiced with many episodes from James' rich life, we of course are also confronted with the concerns about what lies ahead to get past that fifty fifty chance we have for survival.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

James Horak and David Corso on Wolf Spirit Radio - 13.12.2012

James Horak and David Corso first talk about the expectations for December 21. and the hopes we have for the future of humanity. From there on they do some frank talking, no more secrets, James is not holding back.

Another concern of James is to show how promising people are marginalized and that the educational system in general is serving this agenda.

When Thomas Hughes is joining the conversation with James and David, he is sharing his amazing encounters with Sasquatch. Many other anomalies are explored by the three that all have a remarkable wealth of experiences to share.

This is an edited version, cut down from 3:45 hours to 1:38 hours.

The original interview may be available at some time at:

Friday 14 December 2012

21.12.2012 and Beyond - James Horak on OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans

James Horak is interviewed by Randy Maugans on OffPlanet Radio to expand further into what the 21st of December will bring for humanity. When Randy heard the talk with James on this blog his interest was peaked and when his confirmed guest could not appear, James was there to help out generously to our convenience.

The interview took place on:
archived at:

Monday 10 December 2012

21.12.2012 - The Return of Electric Consciousness

In this conversation Torz and Shuny had with James, he revealed what will really happen on this long awaited day on 21st of December when the Sun and the Galactic Center, in Mayan language the HunabKu and in Asia is called the OM, align. Humanity will get a taste of Unified Consciousness for at least three days. We will receive an expansion of the human consciousness that will enable us to see through the artificial matrix that the powers that still are have created for us.

If more wake up to their deep senses, it will avalanche, hopefully its effects will go much further than a mere demonstration. No one is going to miss it and it won't be harmful.

For a while earth's gravity wave will be stable and some may be given mental prowess they didn't have before but some won't return from the dream state that is their unreality of their reality.

Welcome this new energy, its community-seeking and share with others your expectations and how you perceive it. This cosmic wave will arrive in the night of the 21st to the 22nd of December.

"Soon you will see days in seconds, years in hours, eons in a lifetime. Endlessly in travel you cannot imagine. JCH"

Books referenced to in this conversation:
Mayan Shaman Ac Tah - "Night of the Last Katun"
Dr. Eben Alexander - "Proof of Heaven - A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife"

Saturday 1 December 2012

Fort Worth UFO Explosions discussed by Kevin Smith and James Horak

The original footage for this video was filmed in Ft. Worth, Texas on May 10th 2011 by Brian Luenser ( and caused some speculation about what is shown here. This video was discussed on the Kevin Smith Show later with James Horak. James knows quite a bit about what we see in this amazing video because he was there when it happened. Kevin Smith finally is getting answers that are certainly hard to comprehend for most.

For better resolution and quality go to Youtube and choose HD to watch on full screen!

Thursday 15 November 2012

One Brazen Attempt to Entice You to our Blog

It was the mid-eighties, place was Fort Worth, Texas, a buyers' market of elegant antiques, upper-middle class trappings, even sometimes the rare and unique. My love had always been Chinese and Japanese art, the older the better. An estate sale in a posh part of town, Monticello, introduced me to a Dr. Kennedy, a man who had all but deserted his dental practice to tour the world and collect his taste in Chinese antiquities.

Nothing particularly rare but a luxury apartment full, even a Chinese wedding bed. He had acquired this extravagant habit by being paid large sums by oil companies for oil leases that had been in the family for generations. However the oil depletion allowance stopped all that, hence the buyers' market.

One thing stood out to me, the pieces of a broken 300 year-old ginger jar with the famed cobalt blue that, at the time could only be fired by the Chinese without that dye running, like that of the flow blue found in Early American attempts. A museum quality find, even if in pieces, I bought them for $10...which will, when this story goes further, lead me to something of a minor drama involving a lost Alistair Crowley/Golden Dawn prize.

But I digress. Kennedy was an interesting man who seemed to delight that his precious collection was, at least in part, being obtained by an appreciative. Because I liked him, I came back a day or so later to share with him my most wonderful Ming jade horse. He sat fondling it for hours as we talked, remarking about how cold it stayed in his hands.

Now to Lavonne, the lady that restored my ginger jar and asked me about a most odd and heavy candelabra.

Lavonne had a little shop way out on East Lancaster where she repaired porcelain, especially the rare figurines, like those of early Dresden and Austrian make. She had some to sell that she had acquired from customers that didn't want to pay to have them restored. A pleasant lady that didn't mind sharing knowledge and was grateful to obtain it. We hit it off well enough. In the course of our conversation she asked if I would come back the next day to see something she thought worth my time. I could fathom it was something she was guarded about and so secretive I immediately agreed out of curiosity.

The next day I arrived and was shown in. Lavonne locked the door behind me and went to a back room. What she carried back with great effort I recognized immediately. “Do you have the other one”, I asked. “The other one?”, she answered.

There were originally two of these, heavy 30 to 40 pound candelabra that had adorned the altar of the Golden Dawn at the time Alistair Crowley had officiated ceremony there.

Looking over the one of Lavonne's, beneath it's mercuric sheen, I could see the play of precious metals poured so poorly they had separated into rivulets of colors, the cold gray of the platinum (little prized at the time,) the yellow of the gold, the white of silver. I scoffed in my mention, “exceedingly poor attempt at electrum”. But then evil requires no perfection. Unintentionally I had fed a fear already in Lavonne. Her shudder was apparent, even from across the room. “Should I sell it”.

“You do need to get rid of it, my dear. It's obvious it is already of some disturbance to you. As for me I would deliver it to the furnace and let a buyer salvage the metals. But that won't get you the best price”. She told me she had the intrinsic value estimated at one hundred thousand. I said more, closer to two. She asked how she could get more. I told her there were those of a certain ilk that would pay a quarter of a million but place it in a bank vault once it's known you have it.

Most of all I said, “stop handling it with your bare hands”.

Then there's the true tale of a gentleman that found a bathtub of solid platinum. But that's for another time.


Friday 9 November 2012

A Tale for You to Judge its Truth

With my recent second viewing of the film Prometheus, I realize there is nothing to what I am about to give you in this story any more frightening than the fictions woven out of myth and false analogy you spring upon yourselves.

James Horak, November the eighth, 2012

The Time of Upheaval yet Before the Law of Rule

Nothing could come of cities, states, ventures beyond the reach of electronics and the voices that were carried by them. Sometimes, hardly before the gathering of tribes to build monuments hoping for greater reach to unseen gods. Stars had just begun to be nourished into steadiness, their cloak of light spreading across their nurseries of life placed meaningfully around them. The first to learn and conquer the spectacle of this design had led themselves into thinking themselves gods. Furthering the parallels they found in such sublimation they soon taught their own ancestors had brought it all about.

The first of many cosmic lies yet to come.

To make an even more illustrative example of such presumed superiority, size of these “gods” was magnified over that of others. This pretense to power and might, was to carry even into the collective consciousness of your present time. That it was a lie in significance came to matter not. The technology that made such a thing possible was seemed to those that bred it, it's own justification for them to rule over all others.

The Time of the Law of Rule

Eons felt this heavy hand. Those who rose against what you call giants rarely survived even to pay tribute to them. Still some slowly came to realize they must hide beneath their planet's crust and guard their search for a technology to find a way to be free of this menace. The giants wanted no one to succeed beyond them in power. Thus came to be weapons even more menacing than giants. And the first of the extended communities was formed. For that to happen, however, the Law of Rule was decided upon. At that time it merely expressed these weapons could not be used on anyone but the giants.

The Time of Uniformity

Thousands of years passed repeating the cycle of wars between giants and those of lesser size. It was not the way to interfere by the Hand of God (the EMVs) for this was viewed as corrupting potentials that must be expressed in order to determine the nature of what to expect of evolution upon sentient mind. Before the giants neared extinction, however, it was decided to use a particular means to bring about a uniformity of size, thereby ending the conflict.

Issues arose even then, as the vacuum left began attempts to fill a new dominance by weaponry. Biological weapons were refined that created genetic distortions when used in conjunction with interdimensionalism. True monsters began to result. Your own genetic memory may be visiting them in your tales of werewolves, vampires and other creatures.

The Theory of the Fusion of Metals and What Wrought It

Limitations are set upon what use sentient life may erect out of materials at hand at all levels of technology. Reaching beyond these restraints, partial manifestation is imposed as a state. Until this partial manifestation is lifted, even the elements, expressly the metals will not be obedient to processes allowing for expansion to systems uncorrupted by the potentials any savagery might threaten with corruption. Your present condition of mankind on earth only dreams of many things your  leaders conspire to bring about. In compressed time only does any of their horror exist. But it plays out all the same, for the civilized to see and to learn about. Much longer and your lineage will simply cease to exist altogether and nothing will be remembered of the defeat here of good to evil.

Gather this in and ask yourselves, in the wide spectrum of civilizations that have held intact over millions of years and answered to so many agonies in order to survive and grow, erecting the most noble of all transmutations even (like finely grained metal), just how, in order to arrive in their present splendor, that this model I have shown you could be any other way.

For, humans of earth, to know this is to transmute beyond partial manifestation by having a far more perfect model by which to build your own expectation for what is to come next.

Like the metal, fusion to spirit of mind with soul in the sun can be denied no one. Then you will be the child of the Universe denied you here.

James Horak

Monday 5 November 2012

Threat Assessment and Analysis with Crystal Clark, James Horak, Randy Maugans

Threat Assessment and Analysis with Crystal Clark, James Horak, Randy Maugans

Link to OffplanetRadio

"Responding to the ridiculous theories of David Icke and his distorted usage of the research Dr. Norman Bergrun. The fake cosmology of the Sun-Moon-Saturn menace; the Moon-Mind Control Orb scenario, fake alien invasion thesis; weather wars and genocide; The Greed-To-Death cycle of wars; Werner von Braun's leak of the hostile alien thesis. A call to reason and unity among humans against the Global Elite Death Wars." - Randy Maugans

James' comments from Facebook:

Tomorrow, Crystal Clark and I will have an interview with Randy Maugans on Off Planet Radio. I rarely ever ask for a host to interview me but time is short and the association of so many in the alternative cottage industry to promote the hostile alien thesis has come to a full-forced wind against freedom and any social equity. For fifty years now those conspiring to deliver upon us a global corporate fascist police state have written about and brazenly suggested that final step in implementing this evil upon the world would be the false flag of an hostile alien war with humanity. Commonsense would dictate to freely functioning minds the absurdity of this and just how egregious to be supplied by the very people that have suppressed and denied ET presence for even longer that those fifty years...even to the point of witnesses' deaths.

This consideration and others are missed or ignored by the majority of people within the alternative community, foremost ufologists, who have themselves performed as a cottage industry garnishing money in lecture tours and book contracts. For them, the sensational sells best and the line is not drawn at fear-mongering. Then there are the government agency plants and gatekeepers. And the ego-maniacal who don't even stop at identifying themselves as Christ. Yet in reality not individualist nor honorable enough not to give into an agenda they should well know by now is the single most deceptive and injurious of all others combined.

Even beyond this, the very monsters you have heard announce the "attributes" of depopulation can slip by those already sold on this lie, that extraneous forces (obviously alien) are responsible when the hammer falls on the beginning of that program. Be wise, use your common sense. Frame arguments in your own words to dispel what you can of this lie to your friends, neighbors and family. Your world hangs in the balance. JCH

I do not usually cross swords with those of alternative cottage industry. Allow me to discern between those of this cottage industry and myself in order to demonstrate how we differ. (1) I do not wish to sell books, fill arenas, place myself any closer to the face of God/gods than you, steal the work of others without giving them credit, twist that work to suit my own agenda, and serve the powers-that-be just to curry promotion in their controlled media. (2) I have a record of long-standing support for the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun. I didn't just pick his findings up recently to help sell the agenda behind the hostile alien thesis, though poorly disguised, in order to twist it around to a poorly based construct that is insupportable. (3) When I came forward to speak of the EMVs it was at the urging of others who had already begun their own pursuit of discovery after seeing various space agency images displaying them in our sun.

Once you research about two hours into my work you will see the difference between how what I have to offer develops a supportable new cosmology for solar system astrophysics, one that incorporates anomaly, not avoids it. In contrast, Mr. Icke begs, borrows and steals to weave a web so entangled it ultimately serves no one. JCH

Crystals Comments on the post above:

First and foremost, I'm well aware that it is because of James Horak that EMV's and Norman Bergrun's work are *finally* getting the attention they deserve--this fact was conveniently omitted from David Icke's presentation. Further, the absolute absurdities regarding the 'moon-saturn' matrix Icke presents here can be found in the cognitive dissonance in his own presentation.

One moment Icke is presenting a quote from someone who rightfully understands the moon has been precisely placed FOR LIFE TO EXIST ON THIS PLANET, and later he tries to sell the idea that the moon was only placed here as a system of control. Those two things *do not* go together--that is cognitive dissonance. (!) When you hear a prestigious member of the royal family (who is "supposedly" reptilian) say that if he could reincarnate as a virus to wipe us all out, how can you *possibly* reconcile that idea with more reptilian overlords *giving* you a moon, without which, life on this planet cannot flourish?? The moon isn't a death star for crying out loud...

As I have said, or rather tried to say, over and over and over, if you do not know what it takes create, regenerate and uphold life (beginning with this planet), you CANNOT preserve it--this includes the life of you and your children. You have not been taught what how the moon affects life on this planet, ON PURPOSE. You have not been properly advised as to how the moon necessarily affects the tides, menstrual cycles, or even the harvest of your food supplies.

It is a fact that if certain crops are harvested (cut) during the wrong lunar phase, the sap will rise out and attract insects that will devour them long before they reach their shipping destination. It is a fact that if you have surgery during the wrong lunar phase, the chances of post operative bleeding complications rise dramatically for the same reasons. Moreover, what kind of ridiculous "death star" has somehow been synchronized with plant life that only blooms at night?

Until the billions of people on this planet understand the processes involved in creating, upholding and regenerating life, they will continue to participate in their own demise out of ignorance. I can only hope we don't one day find ourselves agreeing to blow up the moon (er, I mean "death star"), because we were too ignorant to understand the dynamics of a LIFE-GIVING SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL. Seriously.

Saturday 8 September 2012

PAINTING WITH TOO BROAD A BRUSH III: Cognitive Dissonance & Detachment or Spiritually Enlightened?

July 25, 2012
By Crystal Clark

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” –J. Edgar Hoover

It might seem odd to begin this article with that particular quote, but it has its place. Detachment, as it is with many other things, has its upside and downside. At some point the newborn must be detached from its mother by cutting the umbilical cord, and we often fair better if we disassociate from things like murderers and poisons to protect ourselves and our families.  We may even go so far as to accept the moral imperative in doing so. However, there comes a point at which an individual should be intelligent enough to recognize that when detachment/dissociation from harmful circumstances is no longer possible, it is no longer a meaningful resolution to the problem.

This is expressed through continued escalations of harmful influences and disturbances, upon which one should rightfully wonder if detachment and dissociation were good strategies to begin with. Did painting with too broad a ‘detachment/disassociation’ brush cause more problems than it solved by letting things fester? Was its improper application a reflection of fear, apathy or even cowardice? Moreover, will we keep using it to white-wash or gloss over the mistakes we made in the process?  This is exactly what has been happening more often than not on this planet, and Cognitive Dissonance is a big part of it. 

Cognitive Dissonance: Discomfort or anxiety resulting from simultaneously holding contradictory or incompatible views, beliefs or ideas; Imbalance between cognitions; holding two conflicting beliefs at the same time; discrepancy between ones beliefs and actions. 

This particular article series (Painting With Too Broad a Brush) began, in part, as a response to how often I’m hearing the term “detachment” being overly sold as the new and improved way of dealing with the most pressing issues of our time—issues tied to the survival of the human race no less. This ideology not only refused to address those issues in the past when they were easier to resolve in their infantile stages, but also, still, aids and abets our own self-destruction the longer it continues. 

This trend moved from disturbing to almost criminal when it was up-sold with abhorrent notions that “you’re not spiritually advanced” if you actually have an attachment to the outcome of your humanity, and therefore human family. In other words, you’re a moral and spiritual neophyte if you “actually care” what happens to the seven billion people on this planet and their future. Haven’t come across that one yet? Given the rate this excessively absurd ideology is spreading, it won’t be long. We would do well to ask ourselves where this is coming from, and the answers may surprise you—especially if you thought I was specifically referring to the New Age community.

While the ill-gotten hopefuls of the genocidal New World Order must participate each year in the Cremation of Care ritual by burning and sacrificing a child effigy (signifying their care) to an enormous owl, we label it Satanic and scoff at it. At the same time hundreds, thousands, and even millions of “spiritual” people are also cremating their own cares—not at the feet of an owl during a secret ceremony, no. Rather they are doing it at the feet of every New Age guru that sells it to them with a sweet smile and promises of ascension to a dimension they have no idea even exists. Why is it so easy to sell? Two reasons: 1) It requires nothing of people in terms of change or taking action; 2) J. Edgar Hoover already explained the other reason—a stage every ‘awake’ person went through at some point on their journey, which also means it can be overcome.  

Now, if you’re one of TPB or a new-ager, no worries—you can’t be singled out as though you have some kind of monopoly on the detachment from physical reality idea. Many of our Christian counterparts are also too busy waiting to be raptured out of here to make any meaningful changes to a future they don’t believe they will be around to experience. To be sure, this idea has been around for a long time, in terms of cremating our cares or being in the world but not of it kind of thing. The principle itself does have a proper place in certain circumstances—it’s the extreme or overly broad application of it that creates problems. One doesn’t have to look far to see that we have an awful lot of problems right now, and if these problems grew out of detachment to the outcome, we certainly can’t expect them to get better with more of the same. Moreover, I can assure you the children of today know a lot more than we give them credit for. They know how many people don’t care, too, and unlike a multitude of adults, they actually know what it means for their future. 

As if that isn’t enough, the world looked on in admiration at ceremonies held during the 2012 Olympic Games in which this very same theme was more than echoed. It would be entirely wrong to say that millions of people didn’t understand what they saw—what it really meant and represented—a celebration of genocide and death. They either don’t know how to face it or they just don’t care, but in either case, both can be overcome. There was no large owl or self-proclaimed spiritual leader this time (unless that’s what the giant reaper was meant to symbolize), but the dead baby (representing the future of the human race) was indeed quite a bit bigger—a little more ‘in (y)our face’ than usual. It was definitely brazen, but I can see why. After all, regardless of the mechanism of presentation, they really have been incredibly successful at brainwashing millions (perhaps even billions) of people into “accepting what is” because it’s the latest spiritual fad. In this case the new black really is different from the old one—it’s quite a bit darker. It was incredibly difficult to watch those ceremonies wondering if I’m one of the few people left on earth that actually still cares about the future of our children and our planet. 

What IS happening, IS global genocide. I will NOT accept that, and deep down where it really counts, neither will you. Not giving a damn about the senseless death, starvation and suffering of billions of people—which includes you and your families as well at some point—is not an option on my table, and perhaps after you honestly answer the following questions (again privately and to yourselves), you’ll come to see it was never really an option for you, either. 

Further, I suspect you’ll come to see more than just the Cognitive Dissonance working in your lives. Perhaps you’ll also see the hands that relentlessly exploit it, as they really are—lifeless bones stripped of any living hopes, cares, and meaningful actions necessary for life to continue on. Those who cannot see life as a wondrous sacred miracle to experience and behold, and therefore protect, have become the willfully walking dead—they are already lifeless. Given what I’ve covered here so far, in conjunction with the endlessly marketed zombie apocalypse, that’s a little more than ironic, don’t you think? 

If you really and truly believe that detachment from the outcome (reality), love and light, wishful thinking, prayer and meditation, raising your vibration or intentions alone are enough to overcome anything (which includes corruption and mass murder), and that any/all other actions are not necessary, would you do the following things:

Call an ambulance for help with life-threatening situations?
Take vitamins?
Wash your hands with soap that kills germs?
Take antibiotics?
Eat rancid meat?
Drink contaminated water?
Knowingly drink fluoride; feed your children fluoride?
Knowingly eat GMO’s; feed your children GMO’s?
Eat or drink anything at all?
Play in, or let your children play in, toxic waste dumps?
Knowingly eat (or feed your children) seafood full of oil and Corexit?
Inject your children full of toxic vaccines?
Call the Fire Department to save your burning house?
Brush your teeth?

I could certainly go on and on here, but I can’t see why it would be necessary. That said, let me reiterate that no matter how many “Cremation of Care” ceremonies the PTB perform at the behest of their Satanic/N.W.O. masters, nor how many others will repeat the same lies and meaningless rituals at the behest of gurus or pastors, ALL OF THEM—even you—will often behave and therefore act in ways that are entirely contradictory to those proffered and repeated beliefs

This is Cognitive Dissonance, and the New Age movement suffers from it every bit as much as the PTB and religious zealots. You know as well as I do that most Satanists and Spiritual/Religious guru’s alike, WILL do whatever they can to keep themselves and their children healthy and alive, and this goes well beyond happy thoughts, raising vibrations, accepting what is, detachment to the outcome, and all-around not really caring.

To emphasize the point, so utterly two-faced is the Cognitive Dissonance on both sides of the Satanic and Light Worker spectrums, especially, that they can’t hold a candle to Jehovah Witnesses. Now there is a people that actually practice what they preach, and their children do often suffer and die for it. I eek out a small satisfaction and keep some hope for our future knowing that the New Agers and Satanists aren’t willing to go that far down the road of insanity—yet. When my mother was young, one of her cousins died because their parents were Jehovah Witnesses and refused to get treatment for the child. If prayer alone wasn’t enough to save the child, it was simply God’s will that they didn’t live. Beyond prayer and well-wishing, they didn’t lift a finger to save the child. They simply “accepted what is”. 

All the same, while most of our attention is constantly redirected to the absurdity of Satanists, ever keeping us from identifying the same patterns being sold elsewhere under different names, the New Age community has taken it even further. Jehovah Witnesses at least believe, to some degree, that our Creator actually cares about us enough to engage in our affairs. They take the idea of “let go and let God” to new heights, yes, but they do it because they believe a higher power really cares for them. You can’t even get that much in the New Age community anymore—detachment from the outcome apparently extends to the Creator as well now. 

After all, how can you personally be conned into not caring about the outcome of your planet and the future of your children and human race, if you still believe the Creator cares about the outcome? That’s an even bigger reason not to care, isn’t it? It’s worth your time to consider how this is being sold to you, and look for the Cognitive Dissonance even there. When every aspect, rule and law of nature is constantly telling you its only purpose is to uphold, recreate and regenerate life—which includes you—how can anyone convince you that whoever and whatever created these things, doesn’t view all life as sacred? 

It has become shocking to me how many people find this easier to swallow, than the idea that even our Sun is teaming with life forms whose sole purpose is to manage solar energies in ways that enable life in a living solar system to carry on. See how that works? As-above, so-below are continual reflections of each other in terms of how much time and energy goes into sustaining life. Nevertheless, if you can be conned into believing that nobody “above” cares about life, well, then, why should anybody down here care either? The very idea is a violation of every natural law and system that is in the process of purposefully being destroyed to carry out global genocide—understand that this is being done by people who know the truth. Take a moment to think on this. 

The same self-destructionist memes have infected more people on this planet than we can survive if it continues. It is the same idea over and over, only the names have changed. It’s like giving our Father the exact same tie every year for Christmas and expecting him not to notice because we use different wrapping paper every time. There is no difference between rapture, ascension, or Cremation of Care rituals at the fundamental level—not one iota. There is no difference between a pastor who claims he alone can interpret God/Creator’s will and message for you, and someone who claims to come directly from the Source, piously espousing more of the same “I’m more special than you are because I have a *direct* line to the Source/Creator” nonsense. 

I really am disturbed by how many in the New Age community have accepted this same re-packaged nonsense from their own version of pastors, but still feel high brow enough to make fun of religious folk. At least most religions still believe that whoever created all of this, cares about what they created. Can you imagine seeing a pastor get up in front of his congregation, tell them all that their God/Creator doesn’t really care about them or their future, and they know because their God/Creator sent them here to tell them that? No matter how big that church may be, if there is a single cricket within its walls, that’s all the pastor would hear after saying such a thing. Do you see the Cognitive Dissonance in that though? If you were God/Creator/Source, and you *really* had no attachment to the outcome of humanity, would you send someone here to tell people that, which will (and has), if I’m not mistaken, change the outcome? 

This is cruel and absurd and should insult your intelligence. Until you really care enough about the future you want to experience, your actions will reflect your inability to know what actions to take to manifest it. 
If you’re still convinced that not caring is the way to go, do the rest of us a favor and either call like it is and participate in the annual Bohemian Grove ritual, or at the very least, keep it to yourself. Already there are far too many people that can’t be bothered to give a damn, and I don’t particularly relish the idea of that number growing. If “unsustainable” ever had any meaning at all, it’s right there, and if the day comes I can no longer look my son in the eye and tell him there is still hope of a meaningful future for him, I will know exactly who to blame and why, and it won’t just be TPB/Shadow Government. 

Moreover, don’t misunderstand what I have presented here today. I have personally written a great deal about the power of meditation and prayer, the power of the mind, have had incredible experiences in this regard with everything from receiving information in my dreams and even what some would call a miraculous healing—I get that part, honestly and truly. What I don’t see happening nearly often enough, is the other part, and it matters just as much to those who still care—perhaps even more so if we are now the minority. 

Remember that your homes, governments, children, antibiotics, computers, missiles, HAARP, vaccines and GMO’s weren’t built with intentions alone. They were created with physical hands and physical bodies in a physical world. And, to be sure, I’m not a fan of arguing over exactly what “physical” means while Rome burns—not when Rome represents the planet we live on. I can assure you that the arsonists making trillions of dollars by burning it down, aren’t wasting time arguing over it either. If we can come to really love again, consequently overcoming Cognitive Dissonance, there will be plenty of time to argue over what “physical reality” means later. If we can’t or refuse to, those arguments will be very short lived. 

As always, I want nothing but the best for you and your loved ones, but I also know that wishful thinking only gets us so far. The forgotten, murdered, starving and abused people on this planet—whom you’re soon to be among without caring enough to stop it—need you to know it too. And make no mistake, we ALL need to do a lot more than just know it. 

Blessings, Crystal Clark

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Painting With Too Broad A Brush II: Sarcasm for the Soul

The following article is here at my urging. The author, Crystal Clark is both my friend and respected colleague. Her work speaks for itself. However there is one thing I would like to point out that spans both the efforts of ourselves and those of our other two colleagues, Torz and Shuny. We all have firm convictions in the spiritual, that it is a realm that has both reality and substance. That it reflects both on the immortality of the soul and its perfectability. We demand nothing similar in belief from our friends but we do hope to demonstrate fuller understandings in this conviction since we believe the teachings so many may have come in contact with on the way to forming their own views on the subject have been based on mythical cosmologies that increasingly give less and less evidence in being true. The end result can lead to a cynicism against spiritual reality as we might "throw the baby out with the bath water."

The clarity that Crystal offers here, carefully discerning between the shallow, self-contradictory and escapist of New Age notions of the spiritual and what we progress (not just assert), we hope will help you decide better.

James Horak

July 22, 2012
By Crystal Clark

The way we have a tendency to convolute and complicate simple issues on this planet (what some refer to as "analysis paralysis"), reminds me of the space pen vs. the pencil: NASA once reportedly spent millions of dollars trying to create a pen that would write in space (zero gravity), while Russians bypassed all that nonsense, and simply used a pencil.

That’s but one example of our becoming lost in lots and lots of fancy jargon that sounds totally legit because we blindly trust the people that sold it to us. So much so in fact, that reason became the Gingerbread Man long before it ran off with reality and began daring us to catch him (!).

What follows is not a batch of chicken soup designed to make you feel better when you have the flu (Flu coming from its Latin root influenza; under the influence), but rather to help you address the cause of a condition that persists to the point of self-detriment—to help you see why it persists—this goes beyond reactive healing by insuring the proactive prevention of suffering to begin with.

Very much like honest modern-day healers/doctors struggling with patients demanding they be given the magic pill they saw advertised by new and improved snake oil salesman, I'm also aware that telling people to simply "stop doing that if it hurts" is perhaps more offensive now than it was before. However, is it offensive because someone has the audacity to say it out loud, or because it’s the truth? If you still prefer the magic pill over self-responsibility, no worries, there’s no shortage of vendors for that.

Instead of a Question and Answer session to address what kind of "influence" we're under, I thought perhaps a Supposition and Reality session might be more effective. The Supposition(s) are the magic pill that makes us feel better by masking symptoms but never solving the underlying issue, Reality being the opposite approach. Moreover, as the title of this article implies, I have purposefully chosen sarcasm to make the points. Even sarcasm has a wondrous way of breaking through all the feel-good lies we tell ourselves (regardless of who sold them to us), because it amplifies absurd and distorted thinking beyond the capability of our minds to reason away as normal behavior.

The (S)upposition and (R)eality session is below. I trust you’ll remember the benefit of sarcasm as you read it. Sarcasm is not only a far better teacher than physical suffering, but also boldly helps us to one day be rid of them both, simply because it is.

Supposition and Reality Session:

S: Love is all we need to make everything right and beautiful again.
R: Knowledge of how to prevent suffering, and then acting on that knowledge out of love, is the only thing that will prevent suffering—it is the only thing that ever has.

S: Nothing can hurt you unless you believe it can.
R: Apparently this "truth" wasn’t shared with all the children/babies that became autistic, severely debilitated or died after being vaccinated by their unknowledgeable but very loving parents. Thanks to recent "advancements" in birth control protocols, we can add teen-agers to the list as well.

S: We don’t actually have to 'do' anything to change our situation.
R: Because not doing anything to change our situation has apparently worked so far? We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas. Maybe Einstein was wrong after all, and we CAN fix the problem with the same mentality that created it—by mindlessly looking the other way; apathy and indifference is where it’s at.

S: He who does not meditate, disintegrates—nothing else is required of us.
R: I’m pretty sure there’s a jail cell waiting for every parent that was too busy meditating, to actually physically get up and feed their physical children with physical food, which would have kept their souls from dis-integrating from their extraordinary and equally physical beautiful little bodies.

S: We are not spiritually advanced, until we can live without passing judgment on another.
R: Are we really to assume this means that child pornography, sex-slave trafficking, molestation, genocide and murder, are "beyond" our ability to judge as wrong? Based on the physical world and the physical body my soul is living in and experiencing, I would say this idea has gained far too much traction.

S: You ONLY get what you attract to yourself.
R: I’m sure you will understand if I let you be the one to tell all the starving, raped, and purposefully murdered people that this is true—apparently Native Americans 'wanted' us to give them blankets contaminated with Small Pox, Aids victims 'wanted' to be similarly biologically murdered, and brutally raped women or young girls sold into baby-making factories for similar purposes, all 'want' to be violated and used this way. Jack the Ripper, gangs that behead tourists, and the NWO/UN thank you for coming to your senses on this one.

S: Prophecies are set in stone.
R: Well, then apparently there’s no need to spend time considering what a "Self-fulfilling" prophecy really is. Free will is just a myth after all. If your parent(s), boss, pastor, spouse, guru, or government, insist(s) you aren’t intelligent enough to amount to anything on your own and therefore be part of shaping a future that goes beyond what they "prophesied" for you, who are you to argue? Edgar Cayce once rightfully stated that to prophesy, is to apply what you know. There is a very fine line between a prophecy and a probability, when people are no longer educated enough to understand the difference, nor the roles they personally play in the process.

S: People only do evil, because they have free will.
R: If free will is the only reason/excuse people need/have to do evil things, I'm pretty sure we would all be dead already. That you do indeed have a choice, does not determine which one you make—you don't get to blame free will for that. That’s like comparing free will to guns: guns/free will kill people. No, people kill people. Even over many eons, in all the incarnations you will populate, the willful denial of life to thrive (evil) will 'always' be a choice. However, it will only be when you stop making that choice for any meaningful length of time, that you will refuse to believe you ever chose it to begin with—start today.

S: The bad guys control us through fear… they want us to be fearful all the time!
R: If you’re going to use the term "love and light" as any kind of meaningful defense to this, at least understand that light equals knowledge—not wishful thinking. They keep you in fear out of ignorance, and nothing else. The many, many truths these people keep from you, is also the light at the end of your tunnel—a tunnel they work really hard (through perpetuated ignorance/dumbing down), to ensure you won't survive—by ensuring you won't know how. Your second-graders aren’t doing homework that teaches them how to be good little consumers and global citizens because "love and light" will overcome this sad excuse for an education, but because the light you need, is in the education they are denying you and your children.

S: You can ONLY learn through suffering—that’s what Earth is for.
R: That's like saying a child should embrace their molester (and a slave should embrace their master), because they would never understand how terrible molestation/slavery is, if they weren’t a victim of it. This idea is equally part of the Luciferian/Satanic world, and is therefore spawned by broken minds that are too sick to know what is right because of it. However, our world leaders haven’t discovered this truth yet, anymore than their loyal followers have. But I promise you—and this is important—should the masses figure this out first, those who truly believe that suffering is the only teacher, will end up being the only ones that suffer for that belief. Read that sentence again if you must—it means what is says. Read it as many times as it takes to really understand it.

S: Life out in the Universe beyond Earth, is just like it is here—the Star Wars movies said so.
R: Since we’re clearly the most intelligent beings that EVER lived, what we do, cause or allow to be done here, on this planet, surely means everyone else does the same thing—kind of like friends that cheat on their own spouses, being absolutely sure we all do it too. There’s just no way we’re projecting our own inadequacies onto others, because we see storm troopers (reptilians) everywhere, and our satellites are constantly recording how many non-conformist planets they blow up—not! At the very least, try to remember that Hollywood is not only the main arm of perception management, but paid for faking the moon landing footage because it is.

S: Our leaders are in league with hostile ET's that will let them go to other planets and hide out while they kill the rest of us off.
R: To that I would say, "don't the let the door hit them in the ass on the way out!" but I think we're all intelligent enough to know that if this were true, "tickets to underground bases" wouldn’t be necessary. The alternative/new age media can’t have their cake and eat it too on this one.

S: Reptoids from another planet are "making" our leaders do their bidding.
R: If reptoids/reptilians were really the 'almighty' gods of our past returning to enslave us, they certainly wouldn't need our help to pull it off, would they? If they were as evil and technologically advanced in the weapons sector as everyone claims, they wouldn’t give a damn about your free will—slave masters CLEARLY don’t honor the free will of their slaves—ever.

S: The Annunaki/reptilians only come here in large numbers every 3600 years in accordance with Nibiru’s orbit.
R: That makes no sense at all of a race we have been led to believe is hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us. In all that time, they never learned to build fleets capable of interstellar travel through things like the wormholes and stargazes Hollywood keeps insisting they must surely have? Look how far our own race has come in the last hundred years alone, and honestly ask yourself if that makes sense.

S: Nibiru is the planet our evil slave master and progenitors/reptiods come from—and it's coming back now!
R: Of course it is, because Sitchin said it comes back every 3600 years, and we have many, many records of all the previous times it came from 1588 years BC, and 5188 BC, and 8788 BC… seriously folks, really think about this. If you have the time to pay for and read Sitchin's suppositions in this regard, you surely have time to read the Book of Enoch, which can be downloaded for free. Not only that, but some honest self truth-seeking and therefore due diligence should have you checking out

S: Even though the Annunaki are a civilization hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than we are, they STILL need our gold to fix the atmosphere on their home planet.
R: Are we really expected to believe that a race this advanced (and apparently hostile to boot), has not learned how to restore their atmosphere on a permanent basis, or has not simply migrated to another planet that doesn’t have the same problem? Those who believe the Annunaki capable of the hostile take-over of other planets, might earn some brownie points with their assumed slave masters by pointing this out to them—just say'n.

S: Our planet is being terraformed by very advanced aliens so they can take it over after we all die from the changes.
R: I guess this means that of all the different planets in the ENTIRE Universe, the ONLY one that will suit them happens to be ours, but only if they kill it first. (Come on people, really?) If I was hostile and had the kind of weapons our government 'claims' hostile ET's have, I would have just killed all the people, and taken the planet for myself—especially before they developed weapons to defend themselves with. I wouldn’t have bothered teasing them with my existence over thousands of years, before actually doing it, by making sure images of me were carved on their ancient stones, or included in their paintings from the 15th Century. If I really needed their planet for my survival, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t waste time playing mind games over thousands of years—maybe that’s just me though. (?)

S: ET's are going to come and fix our problems for us.
R: Like they did in the Dark Ages? It was already pretty ugly back then. Has nobody ever heard the term "co-dependency"? That's a teenager’s dream, isn't it? That they can skip school half the year, but know that mommy will take the test for them at the end so they can pass. ET's are not your mommy—you will do it on your own to prove your worth and ability to evolve into a greater community because you did, or you will fail because you didn't. Anyone on this planet who has ever had a drug addict for a child or sibling, already knows this. Nobody can save you from yourself.

S: ET's are the cause of all our problems.
R: Like they were in the Dark Ages? I seriously doubt the "Iron Maiden" and "Guillotine" designs came from ET's. Maybe the Pope has more info on this, but if I recall correctly, he did say that ET's don’t suffer from original sin… so… yeah—there’s that.

I could go on and on with the S&R session, but I have enough faith in your capacity to reason for yourself that I can't see why it would be necessary. This is the truth of it all right there—the pencil: we cannot run from ourselves. People surely try to though, over and over. People that insist only meditation (utilizing the soul self) will fix things, are running from the demands of physical actions required of their material bodies to affect change. Those who believe only in the material self and its actions, are equally running from their own souls.

Stop running from the shadow of your other half, and become whole again. The future of (y)our human family depends on it. Who you really are, is who they really need—all of it. And, to be sure, you need it just as much as they do.

Blessings, Crystal Clark

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Signs You Ignore at Your Own Risk, Facilitators of the Elite

Addressing specifically: Mr Barak, Mr Netanyahu, Mr Erdogan, Mr Rothschild, Mrs Windsor, Mr Rockefeller, Mr Soros, Mr Ratzinger, Mr Obama as well as all heads of NATO states.

You, the so called global elite may not draw the conclusion that what is shown on this image is related to you and your actions. Your agenda to set off the third world war has prompted superior cosmic forces that know you and your agenda to depopulate the world, to show you something that has never been seen and can not be overlooked.

If you begin a full scale attempt to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government, the situation will culminate in instabilities you cannot predict. What happens in Syria, however, sets a likely inevitability that everything forward will lead to those circumstances.

Inevitability will begin at the point of nexus. Nexus will be when you start the depopulation of the earth in earnest. The war in Syria is important in that it starts a chain reaction of events towards an inevitability that would be marked by global depopulation and that is the signal, when that starts it is over, our planet will be destroyed by outside forces who have the ability to control the Sun.

There had been a first warning that obviously did not change the course you and humanity is taking.

The "Serpent in the Sun" was meant as a demonstration for the world to show the force that until now has protected the planet but also has the ability to destroy the planet if you, the global elite keep pursuing your plans for a new world order that is only benefiting you and will render the world into a full scale fascist police state where no one else wants to live in.

And if you start world war three it will be over immediately. Rest assured that there is no hiding place for you, you will endure the same fate as anyone else. Your imaginary Phoenix that you so brazenly celebrated at the Olympics is a stillbirth, there will be no ashes it could possibly emerge from.

Because we, the people of this planet, have not been able to avert your plans nor shown any promising actions, we are guilty by association.

For now only outsiders have saved us by disabling nuclear missiles. When you, Mr Netanyahu, at the end of 2010 ordered the firing of your nuclear arsenal, nothing worked, all missiles were disabled but if your plans, Mr Rothschild, Mr Netanyahu and Mr Barak, would have come to 'fruitition', absolutely nothing would live on this planet right now and you would be dead as anyone else.

Because realistically no one can expect from full blown psychopaths with a hate for all humans, to resign from their plans, this altar call is issued also to all facilitators of the new world order, the Captains and Lieutenants, to turn against their handlers - you also have nothing to lose.

Time is very short now, we are at the twelfth hour and we are expecting your brave actions to overturn the madness that is ensuing in front of everyones eyes right now.

Rik Clay, you are always remembered in dedication.

Please take your time to also read the comments below

Sunday 12 August 2012

James Horak & Randy Maugans | Current Events Analysis, Aug. 2012

While the title is "current events", the subject matter is past and future - all intertwined. Humanity is not who they think... their future and past are veiled by their consciousness and the deceptions woven into the strands of events that are now unfolding. A perspective from a man who is "not from here".

James C. Horak returns... listen carefully!

Don't be confused about the messenger and the message: the human vessel called James Horak came here as a messenger to warn humanity of the perils they face in this very time. He has been suppressed, mocked, scorned, and ignored. The first part deals with some, as always, unique perspectives about this planet, the state of humanity, and some of the life forms that "they" will never tell you about. The EMVs (Electromagnetic Vehicles) and the "Cities of the Sea" are divine beings who have been active in aiding and balancing the systems of the galaxies, solar systems, and the Earth itself.

Starting off in current events: the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings and the connection to disclosure, as the head of the temple was the father of filmmaker Arm Kaleka, who is shooting the film, "Sirius" about Dr. Stephen Greer. The documentary allegedly goes into the ET presence on Earth, as well as free energy. Article and videos here.

We also deal with the Kerry Cassidy interview of Dr. Norman Bergrun: it is likely that this was the last interview with Dr. Bergrun. What a pity that it was bestowed on Project Camelot. Kerry Cassidy never even bothered to read the man's work! Her usual "guerilla-style" interview methods are a dishonor to the most significant scientist to come out of the NASA projects and "Ringmakers of Saturn" is so monumental that is threatens the paradigms of modern science and the web of lies spun by the ruling cabal. Make no mistake: this WAS a hit piece. As we began to discuss this our Skype connection was jammed... so on to part 2.

"Reboot" after the Skype connections were restored: further analysis of the history behind the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun's discovery of the EMVs in the rings of the Saturn; the EMVs work on the earth, and the "cities of the sea"---spiritual technology/intelligent biological beings who cultivate life in the sea, balance the saline levels, and process contaminants such as plutonium to protect the biosphere; the true origins of humanity, the solar system, and the flaws of the human split consciousness - the roots of mind control (called "mind warp") and control of the race.

We move into black operations, MILABS, the phenomena of grey ETs and human abductions; biological experiments and the myth of the elite bloodlines. Racism, feminism, and the politics of division to keep humans from uniting and also healing their consciousness...we cut a wide path in current events and history - this briefing is not for "entertainment".

Here is an excerpt of James' post to his Facebook page following this interviewing commenting on the YouTube video posted below

"Between the brittle of your reality and the harsh taste of consequence virtue comes to fall through the crack ambivalence has created. The cost is loss of focus. Even to the extent of knowing what is right and what is the superlative wrong thought expedience. That you have come to let the symbols fabricated by deception distract you from obtaining the clarity of focus, leaves you purposeless even in the twelfth hour of a staged Armageddon.

Leading you to follow mankind's lowest common denominator in seeking peace from the very ones deeding the earth to death. Were this not so, I would offer your mortal shells a new home I have made in the hope you could aspire higher. This is the seventh time I have spoken these words, given to me to say from One who has designed all to give you the hope for obtaining better. May you know your spirit will fare better. JCH"

Friday 13 July 2012


The Definition of Genocide:

What it Means and Why You Should Care

Before I explain what it does mean, it’s appropriate to display what it does not mean, first. Below is the definition of murder/homicide, with the understanding the two crimes have similar enough definitions that I won’t separate them out here.

Murder/Homicide: the killing of one human being by another; the unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse (as in self-defense).

Genocide is another matter entirely, and it behooves the people on this beautiful planet to know what its legal definition is. Genocide: The crime of destroying or conspiring to destroy a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.

I don’t feel particularly satisfied living on a planet where such legal definitions are required, nor am I at all satisfied that although the legal definitions and therefore enforceable laws exist, they are rarely enforced in any meaningful way, if ever. In this respect, the history associated with the legal definition of Genocide and related historical events, should clearly be revisited and therefore well understood by all.

While I will present that here, I recommend you look it up on your own, and print the information out for future reference—before the data-mining internet spiders realize people like yourself are interested in knowing more about it, and they subsequently change the definition because of it. The winners don’t just write/rewrite history, but (y)our dictionaries as well—especially the “on-line” ones.

Once-meaningful experiential/educational tools like books (among other things) are no longer in need of being burned—they are simply deleted. People learned this lesson when George Orwell’s book 1984, was remotely deleted from their Kindles without their permission.

Dimitri has also been kind enough to share how the term “ground zero” has been systematically altered over time in our dictionaries as well, to support the mainstream fiction of a post 9-ll mindset. Jesse Ventura experienced something similar, when one of his shows (regarding FEMA camps) was remotely removed from DVR’s (private property) without the owner’s consent.

The term Genocide was coined in 1944 by the Polish scholar Raphael Lemkin. Genocide comes from the Latin roots genos (race) and cide (killing). What is more essential to understanding the depth of the reality and proper definition of Genocide, is found quoted in a book Lemkin wrote called Axis Rule in Occupied Europe [additional emphasis mine in the following quote]: “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

His writings dealt primarily with Nazi Genocide, and he was instrumental in the development of international conventions against Genocide. After WW2 the United Nations passed a resolution known as the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (78 U.N.T.S. 278 [Dec 9, 1948]). This convention was largely unsuccessful as it took most nations over 50 years to ratify. The United States also chose to wait until 1998 to pass the Genocide Implementation Act of 1987.

This act created a new federal offense that prohibits the commission of acts with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, and to provide adequate penalties for such acts. (S. Rep. No. 333, 100th Cong; 2nd Session [1998] reprinted in 1998 U.S.C.C. A. N. 4156).

That’s all well and good, but we owe it ourselves and our future to really understand what Genocide is, as appropriately described by Lemkin in the phrase: “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

I have again underlined and accentuated the same phrase, because although the definition is/was incredibly all-encompassing (even for its time), it was long, long before the face of Genocide was able to grow more tentacles and morph into a much broader and consequently far deadlier animal—and it was able to transform not just with our permission, apathy, denial, and wishful thinking—but also because the animal/predator has trained us not to see it for what it is.

Very much like the octopus that suddenly fears being discovered for its own safety, an enormous black cloud of ink has been dispersed so we cannot see the truth of our situation. The predator makes its escape while we’re disoriented by the cloud of unexpected black (confusion) suddenly obscuring our sense of direction.

To regain our bearings, even a brief but serious look at things like vaccines, fluoride, weather modification and genetically modified organisms (both food and animal), will show us they all contribute to genocide. There’s certainly no reason to take my word for it in this regard, because endless honest scientific studies, as well as government and military dossiers, have clearly outlined this fact. They generally celebrate it.

Further, the idea that “everyone already knows this” is something I can’t bring myself to believe, because if that is in fact the case, then we’ve already accepted global Genocide as perfectly normal, haven’t we? I’m quite sure you don’t believe that any more than I do. I have never in my life met someone who would happily agree to a slow, painful death of suffering as the victim of Genocide. What I have run into however, are endless people who don’t in fact know that it’s happening—that they and their children are, at this very moment, victims of global Genocide. Also, as legally defined, Genocide is a crime, and every person *and* corporation who participates in it, can be prosecuted for it. Why isn’t this actually happening though?

There are several reasons, and while the problem could easily be summed up by saying the top is as misguided as the bottom, that doesn’t really say much, true as it is regardless. The top (of the pyramid if you like), is killing off nature to kill you, just as the definition of Genocide stated: “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

What the top has yet to realize (or perhaps are simply too broken to understand), is that they are NOT superhuman—their self-proclaimed “special” bloodlines won’t keep them from suffering and dying out of ignorance either. Destroying the foundations of human life might be Genocide for us, but it’s also suicide for them. Moreover, and I don’t say this lightly, the idea that only “they” are detached from reality in this regard, is an absolute fallacy—a fatal one at that.

I have refrained from pointing this out in the past, even as I see more and more people beginning to associate Luciferian principles with the term “light workers”. Nevertheless, I wholly believe in the principle of “sea a need, fill a need” and the need to point this out, is clearly there.

How arrogant, or even ignorant can we be, to belittle our controllers (the top) for having an “insane detachment” to reality, when in fact numerous new age teachings perpetuate the same ideologies, but prefer to call it “healthy or spiritual detachment” instead? As a mother, I can assure I fail to see the difference, and because I can’t see the difference, I’m never quite sure what to tell my son when talking about the future—his future—the very same future all this ‘detachment’ can’t seem to rob him of fast enough.

Tell me, honestly, how many parents of children with leukemia or severe autism, you think are really ‘detached’ from that reality? Parents in Greece and other countries selling their children because they can’t afford to feed them, and all the orphans of parents who died from Aids in other countries, apparently I’m supposed to believe they’re experiencing the healthy detachment of the billions of people who could have prevented all that suffering? In the midst of so much senseless death, I can only hope another new age guru won’t come along and look down their noses at them for not meditating enough to raise their vibration.

The billions of people on this planet suffering needlessly (which will include you and your loved ones soon enough if it doesn’t already), are not waiting for you to raise your consciousness (wake up), they are waiting for you to get out bed, and ACT on what your elevated consciousness (awareness) showed you must be acted on. Action without wisdom is as inappropriate as wisdom without action—the truth of this is all around you—all around me. It chokes the life out of our plants, our animals, our selves, our children, and therefore ALL of our futures. That bothers me a great deal because I am a free-willed being who knows who I really am—who you are as well. I have absolutely no intention of detaching myself from those truths, because I’ve already seen how much suffering that causes.

As a truly sovereign being who understands the responsibility of free will (having really claimed your personal power as such), here’s a list of all the things that realization won’t allow you to accept:

You’re here to suffer—you can’t learn any other way

You’re here to stand idly by and watch others suffer—they can’t learn any other way

You’re here to blame God

You’re here to blame Satan/Lucifer

You’re here to blame aliens

You’re here to blame politicians

You’re here to simply meditate

You’re here to look the other way

You’re here to take action (be really busy) without wisdom

Genocide is a crime of mass proportions, and the idea that you aren’t responsible for the outcome because you never directly took part in the problem, does not detach you from the reality that you never participated in the solution, either. There are only ever two choices—and you can’t love and light your way out of either one. You must act/contribute, and you must do it in ways that are appropriate, based on what is needed at the moment.

Yes, I’m well aware that energy healers do a great deal of good and are expressly needed because they do, but because that’s all spiritual people seem to think is important, those healers will be outran—just like they were in the previous six destruction episodes. I discussed this fact in some depth in my first book, in that the mad scientists, who themselves often don’t take energy healing seriously, will not realize how much interference these healers cause in their experiments as an unknown variable. As a consequence, the mad scientists end up wrongly believing their experiments don’t really harm living things—even when they are supposed to.

These scientists will, because their military grants depend on it, simply keep pushing the envelope; keep turning up the dial until they see living things experiencing the expected disintegration and death they were paid to produce. I can’t tell you how many past live regressions I came across that clearly pointed this out, in great detail I might add. It was as disturbing to read about those past scenarios then, as it is to actually live them out again, now. What happened in the Gulf of Mexico and atFukushima, *are* the escalations I warned about. I can say this with absolute certainty because if all the other methods of Genocide had actually worked up to that point, those escalations wouldn’t have been necessary. This is true to such a degree that if the escalations they’ve moved to now don’t work fast enough to appease their appetite for wide-spread death, there will be others…always others. Yes, it can and will get worse, if the insanely detached from reality fellows, still have access to the buttons.

Think about that for a moment; feel the strain it puts on every decent, kind, and good-natured cell in your body. THAT feeling is your deepest truth, and the only one that matters at the moment. The never-ending “personal truth” nonsense means nothing if it moves you away from this—away from a reality that suffers out of ignorance and wishful thinking. Understand that feeling to the point you can taste it, because as the old saying goes, what we don’t understand we will repeat; clearly, we collectively don’t understand yet.

A truly spiritual humanity will not separate itself from morality with ridiculous notions of detachment. It will do what it knows is right to uphold, create and regenerate life, or it will lose it all and fail because it didn’t—for the seventh, and perhaps final time. I don’t wish that for you—not for any of you.

Having said that, I suppose we’ve come full circle as I recall something my mother used to say to me when I was young and wishing for things to be different: “If wishes were fishes, we would all have a sea full.” That was her less lengthy, but entirely meaningful way of telling me ‘wishing’ never changed anything all by itself.

The skies were such a deep, beautiful blue back then, and the water from the hose was cold, sweet, and safe to drink. It wasn’t a perfect time, but it was good. I was too young to realize that even then subliminal pornographic imagery was in my cartoons but even so, there were no chemtrails in my cartoons, nor animated ogres falling prey to the frequency weapon of a techno-pathic Pied Piper using a different controlling frequency for every different animal.

Needless to say, my oceans weren’t full of millions of dead fish suddenly appearing for no apparent reason back then, nor were they filled with wishes—they were filled fishes—glorious, life-giving fishes.

Blessings to you on your continued journey,

–Crystal Clark

Thursday 28 June 2012

How Catchphrases and Buzzwords are used as Stumbling Blocks

Catchphrases like quantum-mechanics for instance, have become a fashion. What have we said when we said quantum-mechanics precisely, why should people take for granted that it has any more meaning than a phrase, why should they feel that they have said something just by uttering it, like an incantation. When you explore them you see that they are just a way of looking at things, that they don't have science behind them contextually anymore than half a dozen other things that could be said in the same way.

But all of a sudden words like 'DNA', 'Frequency', 'Vibration', 'Density', 'Dimension', 'Vortex', 'Stargate' become buzzwords. These pseudo-scientific catchphrases and buzzwords have been associated to even more absurd pseudo-esoteric concepts like that of 'Ascension', the fashionable replacement for the word rapture, where Jesus or other entities come to save humanity from itself so all we have to do is wait and pray in the christian context or raise the vibration to upgrade our DNA to 12 strands that were altered by the Anunnaki in New Age terminology. Both with the same result that they not fulfill their obligations to resist what they know is coming, call it Apocalypse or the New World Order.

These catchphrases and buzzwords are used as stumbling blocks, pretending to have a true meaning in a given context. All the assumed attributes related to these pseudo-scientific terms are nothing but theories. Nothing can be proven about the 'Big Bang Theory' with certainty or what different 'Dimensions' really are. All kinds of theories are pushed into the mainstream and the alternative media and New-Agers are eagerly embellishing them and adapting them into their fanciful 'channeled' messages. This is nothing better or even worse than the blissful idiots that have no clue of anything and don't even care.

Just by coining new terms for phenomena observed in nature, we think science has made great progress and scientists had a deep understanding of the phenomena they had observed. In the esoteric arena new catchphrases and buzzwords are created with even more ease because no one even expects that they are more than hearsay, still hoping there would be a reality behind them. It sure is, Lightworkers, Ascended Masters and Commanders of the Galactic Federation of Light have replaced the heroes of the fairy tales of our childhood, created and released like viruses from the think-tanks that are paid for by the elite. I am not saying that there may not be anything like Lightworkers or Ascended Masters but the utterance of these catchphrases and buzzwords in most cases doesn't mean anything but misinformation.

Most can not comprehend how thoughtful and determined the elite is to undermine all aspects of our lives. And words is all they have! They have become masters in creating new concepts attached to a single buzzword that can trigger automatic reactions like in Pavlov's experiments. That is highly visible in the military where words are perverted into commands that can turn the suspects into killers.

These are mind-control techniques that simplify the process to achieve a desired result quickly. As soon as you don't have to think anymore an automatism is created, it is as if you are bedevilled and thats what it is. The lone gunmen that are programmed to kill adversaries in high places like the Kennedy's, Reagan, the Pope, Perez and many more, heard voices in their heads that triggered the activity they were trained for.

Technologies like NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - are used all over the planet, for example in the corporate world to alter human behavior.

There are catchphrases and buzzwords for all aspect of life, politicians have their repertoire, doctors have, lawyers and judges as well. Just the constant repetition of a buzzword is creating the impression of validity to any concept attached to it, lending credibility to its user.

Words should have well defined meanings and if they don't or their meaning is not understood they should not be used. Words are agreements for narrow, specific functions, objects, processes and qualities. Ask for a definition for a word if you don't know its meaning or if it is given too broad a meaning when it must be specific!


Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Spirit

James Horak 
June 20.2012

Barriers exist between the mundane and spiritual. No manner of woo woo, ceremony, incantation (no matter how monstrous or hysterical) overcomes this. This is a law placed in motion long before sentience entered any mortal shell.  

What is most remarkable to our senses of any master of arcane knowledge? It is the assurance of a quiet spirit present. Yet there is no intrusion of the two worlds, the mundane; the spiritual. The delicate silver cord separates them by the consent of both sides, a euphemism of how ALL works best.  

When we are free from the contamination of past myths and false teachings used to exploit the many for the benefit of the few, we know the truth of these words. For they are the utter representation of equity assured everyone before any justifiable cosmic order. To free yourselves to this empowering truth, forget Egyptian, Greek and Roman dieties. Grant accolade ONLY to the precious uncompromised examples of virtue among yourselves. The residue of corruptions sticks to these ancient images and haunts even our reverse speech, so deep-seeded into the collective psyche has the terror and killing around them from a violent past left us.  

The evil agendas around this aberrant New World Order depends, is even rife with these contaminations. Using them for fear and false historical reference, social engineers work their symbolism and primitivistic beliefs into every segment of media, even that most appealing to children. And they are lies... intentionally repeated to create a drifting reality that can even seep into our dreams. Even the wise and informed can become unassured of their own mind when so constantly assaulted by these incessant overtures to consciousness.  

Imagine that it must be so wonderful that it frees the spirit of this world. Not death alone, but the release provided from the webs we have created for ourselves. But how much more wonderful to have that direction before death and to have earned love as a mortal, in preparation for a beyond that exalts only virtue.


Sunday 17 June 2012

The Way of Prometheus

Hi Everyone, I’ve just come back from watching Prometheus and thought a review would be fun.

Prometheus is of course the prequel to the whole Alien series films. To those of you who follow the Illuminati and their culture it is hard to ignore the focus on Prometheus. You have Rockefeller Plaza displaying the flame of Prometheus and the statue of Liberty holding the promethean flame whilst wearing the face of Mary Magdalene’s sister Seline or Sophia or Isis – Hence, why she is surrounded by water and remains separate from Maritime law. Indeed, in this year which apparently is the end of time so to speak in the Mayan Calendar you have the flame of Prometheus (the Olympic flame) being transported to Zion or London. The new home of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. See Rick Clay’s research on this to view all the Mary Magdalene references around the Olympic stadium.

The children of Isis or Isis-Ra-El are based in the Country of London under the tribe of Dan so therefore herald the Union Jack i.e. children of Jacob. They are known as British or `children of the Hebrew covenant.’ The last Isis was of course Lady Diana and she has been replaced by Isis reborn and unveiled which is Kate Middleton. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Laurence Gardner’s book `Bloodline of the Holy Grail’ where he traces the significance of Middleton marrying into the Royal family. This is supposed to represent the reunification of Christ into the royal bloodline and a bringing together of the Tudors and Stuarts.

The diamond jubilee held in the Queen of mankind’s home Buckingham Palace was a great celebration and I’m sure many of you were worshipping your Monarch and sacrificing tea cakes to the Gods in her honour.

Hollywood films are not only repeated plays of Greek tragedies and dramas but a code where the 'useless eaters' like yourselves have a chance to worship and pay for your viewing without really understanding the true significance of what is being played out in front of you.

A clue to what Prometheus is really about lies firstly with the Greek Tragedy and how we can apply this to the film but also with Mary Shelley. In her book Frankenstein the subtitle is `The Modern Prometheus’. Frankenstein arguably was the model for all things cybernetic and transhumanism in general such as Terminator, I Robot, metropolis etc etc.

To add further credence examine the names of the moons closest in Saturn’s orbits and the Cassini mission (

What you see is the story of all the players in the Prometheus story. Indeed, at the end of Prometheus the survivor of the mission goes with transhumance to visit the substitute for mankind who lives an icy existence on the moons of Saturn. Prometheus was of course a Titan and this moon is the largest in our solar system.

The film begins with a humanoid E.T. taking a solution which breaks up his DNA ending his life and I presume creating man’s or it could be creating the demiurge which is to come. I would have to watch the film again to be sure and maybe those of you who have seen the film can elucidate further.

The actors in Hollywood films besides acting Greek roles of past tragedies are not confined to one film. Indeed, if you look at the roles an actor/actress plays in other films and those in their own lives it becomes easier to gain perspective on the meaning of the play being acted out before you.

Charlize Theron’s role of blonde goddess and that of Aeon Flux in past films shows us she represents Valentianism playing out the role of Horos. In times past Gnosticism was split into two factions one of which was Valentianism. Aeon or Eon/Neo/ was the forms of change and emanations of God. Horos was the material which had to be created to abate the chaos that was Sophia and mother Earth. Horos represented order. Theron’s role in Aeon Flux was to break up the order. Here, she represents the daughter of Weyland Industries. Theoron is the spurned daughter who isn’t allowed to bare her father a child. Indeed, her father creates his progeny from plastic, wires and computers. This is to be the transhumanistic future of mankind. The boy’s name is David which is fitting as the Jewish order always talks about the line of David. As mentioned earlier 2012 is the year when the line of David unites with the house of Guelph/Windsor/Hanover/Saxe-Coburg.

David is played by Michael Fassbender who played the role of a Jew in X-men first class. Here, he discovers his mutant gifts can only be ignited and discovered by the murder of his mother in front of his own eyes. Here, then is his true birth and it is only through death that true life and the new world order can be given. Mutation of genetics is shown to only occur when great stress, trauma and the threat of death looms nearby. David is of course blonde much like Charlize Theron representing the Aryan race and the Nazi wet dream. Here it is David who plays the role of Prometheus capturing the fire from the Gods and giving 'civilisation' and the next stage of evolution for mankind. He does this by taking E.T. technology and inserting it by 'free will' into the drink of the male partner who discovered our true ancestry.

Weyland is played by the previous captain of the Betty in Alien Resurrection Michael Wincott. Here he is resurrected on board the ship to meet with the creators of mankind and our next genetic leap. Or so he thinks.

True to the Alien series role it is a woman who saves the day so to speak and here we have a French woman playing the role of the Greek Tragic figure Pandora. She being the person who discovered our alien ancestry and brought everyone to this planet in the hope of finding salvation. Pandora was the first woman to live with man and created by Zeus to be the weapon which would bring mankind down in retaliation to Prometheus stealing fire without his permission.

When unbeknownst to her a copulation with her partner brings forth 'the mutant' and the ills/extermination of mankind. Her off-spring goes on to copulate with her 'father' in good olde Oedipal/Illuminati tradition bringing forth the alien figure we all know and love. Realising at last this was to be our replacement and was us in our most basic form destructive, instinctive and deadly. So, now we know the reason we could never kill the alien was it was us on the next genetic level and was so powerful it even terrified and overcame our creators. True fire from the Gods in humanoid form!

The other moons of Saturn and brothers of Prometheus were Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. Europa where life is prevalent and could benefit from our demise has of course Europe named after it. Where life on Europa has an icy existence it is the European Union which sucks the life out of all of us and threatens the world with 'fire' so to speak and is stationed next to the world genetic base Solvac.

Companies like Monsanto represent one of the ills coming out of Pandora’s box and a wonderful line uttered by Theron (CEO of Weyland Industries) in the movie in reply to the Scientists quandary on the true purpose of their mission is: 'you don’t have the money to ask such a question, when you do we’ll listen'. So, it is money and power then that controls consciousness, our race and development. Curious as whatever is behind the conduit which is genetics surely doesn’t recognise such distinctions!

In Hollywood which is often the mouth piece for the MISC there is a great deal of focus on A.I. It is hard to find a movie which doesn’t condemn it. Ironic, since it is clearly something they strive for both in belief and in action. The A.I. life form which is David, casts an ambivalent figure rather like HAL in 2001 and certainly doesn’t have the crew’s best interests at heart. He operates for the elite not the useless eaters. Unlike HAL he seems to handle ambivalence a lot better and champions those who can overcome their deficiencies despite his psychopathic tendencies towards them.

So, the E.T. creators who wanted us dead face representatives of our race who are progenitors of something stronger than them and transhuman with psychopathic tendencies! Lucky them! The idea of the visit being to somehow negotiate why mankind has to die… as if we’re not doing a good enough job of that at present by ourselves handled and guided by the psychopathic elite!


Prometheus Tortured by the Eagle, by Christian Griepenkerl


Impressive, Benjamin. While Atlas and Epimetheus are indeed denoted as moons of Saturn, Europa is one of Jupiter, something that offers a rather interesting adjunct to the mythological hash to which the movie appears to be playing. I will have to see this film myself in order to glean a better perspective and comment further. However, I vastly appreciate your gifted impressions here. JCH

Wednesday 30 May 2012

James Horak on The Hundredth Monkey Radio - May 29 2012

James Horak is explaining recent images showing a huge object in the vicinity of the Sun that has shown up on several images from the solar observatories. James is revealing that this is an ET-operation that is protected by EMVs while it is ongoing. ETs are using the Sun for forging an immensely large piece of a very special metal that James calles Armaton. This metal is used for the construction of ET craft among other things.

James, Tom and Ramone, in the course of the interview also discuss the chances of the survival of this lineage of humanity that is now facing the 7th extinction. James is giving the Captains and Lieutenants of the Illuminati, the facilitators of the ongoing depopulation of the 'useless eaters' on this planet Earth a warning that history is teaching us one thing:

"If the powers that be had their way, that after they depopulated the Earth, the evidence would have to be removed, that means the facilitators because tptb are going to rewrite history so it makes themselves look as wonderful and not the murderous scum they are."

The Hundredth Monkey Radio

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