Tuesday 26 April 2011

The Psychic Block and How it Works on the Earth-bound Human Mind

Throughout my time here, I've had to point out details of anomaly exposed to myself and others when such occasions arose and I had company. For the most part people do not see what they are unprepared to see. This is the reason I make such a point of emphasizing the significance of the power of expectation.

Even when observations of anomaly are acknowledged they can easily be filed back into the far interior of relevant thought to restore a person's sense of comfort, a device mind control experts call, centering, not at all a desirable trait. To actually benefit from experience one must have a broadened perspective and not be entrenched in the mundane. Education should encourage this, it doesn't; science should applaud this, it doesn't. Socrates would be given his cup of hemlock here just as quickly as it was imposed upon him in the Athens of his day.

The idea of progress is assumed, although unwarranted. Today, not only the growing presence of a police state looms over mankind globally, but one that promises use of perverted technology with which to install and maintain a corporate feudal fascism that not only encroaches mindlessly on the individual but on environment and all life within that environment. All the while with the pretense of correcting the problems they have caused to use in raising some sense of emergency to excuse unlawful actions. Western industrial nations under the elite indulge war upon lesser armed nations as easily and without provocation as any warlords of the past. While increasingly assaulting those that would resist such evils in reporting them and investigating them, with oppression.

However, as more and more suffer declines in earning potential and loss of any hope of fulfilling the dreams they once had for themselves and their children, the questions asked about why? are coming closer and closer to more broadened perspectives, those like trade imbalances and government's corruption by big business. We are now beginning to see that those workers in third world nations where jobs have been moved are faring little better than the jobless left in the wake of this conspiracy mindlessly devoted to some idea of a short-sighted bottom line. In Mexico, for instance, crime, especially that against women, has flourished out of control as reports and investigations are curtailed to hide the social effects of incredibly low wages and unregulated practices in the conduct of manufacturing processes.

So, as I would have pointed out details of a ufo to oblige my fellow travelers, I am now pointing out this hard and real fact to you: the elite and their captains of industry have declared war against you. That it entails war against the planet and would further estrange those off planet who might offer us untold advances in every field of science and technology, is another aspect of the madness.

Educate yourself, then move among your neighbors and relatives to share with them what you have learned. You may not like what you find out at first, but then nothing will be worse than that day that may come when you are powerless under the iron heel.

Monday 25 April 2011

Andy Radford interviews James Horak on The Edge UK Studio, Talk Show

James Horak was born October 14th 1943 New Mexico. James reveals to us the objects in the Corona of the Sun photographed by NASA/ESA. James describes the EMVs (Electro Magnetic Vehicles) and explains Humanities Call on this Planet Now. Currently living in Fort Worth, Texas he was retired with full honours from the US Navy due to "unusual" circumstances arising from incidents with UFO's at Sassebo Harbour 1962. James is a contributor to various online forums offering explanations for anomaly and gives solutions for solving our current crisis here on Earth.The wealth and depth of information he freely shares can only be equated to a walking/talking history book.

Join me and Co Host, Torz Baron Copley, as we discuss EMVs and what drives them, UFOs, alien races, the state of our planet, New World Order. Is there a breathable atmosphere on Mars, did humans live there in our distant past? How much information has be hidden from us concerning our solar system and wider universe. Regardless of your thoughts and ideas about these subjects, I'm sure you'll enjoy this engrossing discussion.

EBN Reports is the show where Edge Reporters, listeners and viewers submit their opinions and articles. Broadcasted from the Edge's UK Studio and hosted by Andy Radford, this show starts at 6:00 PM EST (11:00 PM UK), every Sunday. Subjects include: environment, civil rights, human interest stories, spiritual matters, unexplained, pollution and health, music, poetry, politics and the corporate con.

Link to the Edge Television UK Studio: http://theedgeam.com/ukstudio/

Andy Radford has passed and the world is less richer. A marvelous host and always offering interesting commentary and a wealth of knowledge, his voice reflected both the quality of his character and intellect. The kindness in the way this man presented himself to others was wonderful.

James Horak

November 22, 2011

Wednesday 20 April 2011

It Was Like That....

It was like that. And then it changed. By the death of one man we were all told to forget too early. Just to “get him behind us”. A quick solution to complications never meant to resolve. An acid water that never lost its bite, but always kept the bad taste from the corrosion it caused. We sailed past dragging a heavy anchor (like shoals were near and the storm would not subside.) It didn't, just came and went anew. Always over something else, like a rogue's theft... the same but behind a different mask. Another quick solution with the same oily feeling somehow the soap left behind.

Time and time again. The media but a drumbeat to a cadence more redundant than an African dance. Would that slumber had some exoneration; would that justice could be had by capitulation. Until the very word, would, became its own rebuke. When found in the eye of a storm (one that grew forevermore) named Fukushima, our moral sleep-walking could no longer “get him behind us.”


Wednesday 13 April 2011

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won't feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

—Marianne Williamson

Tuesday 12 April 2011

James Horak & Angeltorz - Insights from an Outsider - 8 - March 31.2011

James Horak and Angeltorz in an online conversation.

Topics discussed are always varied with James. All very important and relevant to what is happening globally around us now...

I rarely conduct a formal type interview with James as that is not how we work. We are good friends, topics vary from moment to moment and the conversation flows as it does with two people who know each other very well.

At the beginning of this conversation my 15 yr old lad, Cameron was sat listening to James and I talk as all of my children do if the subject is suitable. As I have stated before, James has become a member of my extended family, giving advice and information they just wouldn't hear elsewhere.

Monday 11 April 2011

Sailing Beyond Knowledge hosted by Carlita Montross. Be the Change, Reclaim your Mind with James Horak and Torz Baron Copley

Sailing Beyond Knowledge Pod-cast with Carlita Montross.

Carlita returns to host another informative discussion with James Horak & Torz Baron Copley, (who joins us on SBK at 1.26 minutes into the show), to discuss an array of cutting edge subjects such as where AIDS really came from, Africa as an experimental field for pharmaceutical companies, mind control, hypnosis, female intuition, the subconscious mind, animal rights, Genetically Modified food, ETs, the government's monopoly on natural resources, the truth about oil, internet security on truth documents, centralization of power, Hitler, UFOs, repression of indigenous people across the Americas via religions, the law as a corporation, human rights and the solutions we must focus on as a humanity to create our new blueprint of sustainable communities.

Musical & Spoken word Interval:  Terrence McKenna-You are not your Culture, Reclaim your Mind.

The Illuminati Formula to Create Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier.
If you cannot download this book, email me at sailingbeyondknowledge@podomatic.com or myself torzbaroncopley@gmail.com for an emailed copy of this document.

Saturday 2 April 2011

The Challenge Today of the Perception of a "Field Theory of Mind"

The Challenge Today of the Perception
A "Field Theory of Mind"

(Copyright 2008, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 13:12 December 15, 2007

In a previous article, "Examine Better the Anomaly of Earth to Learn of What's Elsewhere", I gave an example of what is, most likely, mind extant almost exclusively as a field, a superlative one at that.

If, indeed, this example is that of a field of thought (and data) instead of purely bio-organic synapses of neurons firing and receptors sensing (vastly based on the failed model of electron flow), then we have entered an entirely new world in how we conceive consciousness and, perhaps, even the possibility of sharing sentience with computers.

It is a two-edged sword. It is the brink upon which madness is only one aspect of the devastation inevitable to the pursuit of this technology. For on the way the interface of mind and machine is just one adjunct to the consequence of possessing intention without soul, purpose without moral core.

Mankind upon this planet has already broken with Nature and with the natural course environmental and social concerns should effect on every decision made significantly impacting on generations and on the most important asset any planetary society can have, its children. In the absence of such guidelines and of their enforcement, the technology this paper will discuss is far more than a promise of dire consequences; it is the "darkness at the end of the tunnel".

Without effecting an end to the bleak disparities practiced upon the masses by an elite more and more concentrating its hold globally and obsessed with control of more and more aspects of the individual's life, this technology will, though seeming an enhancement initially, become a dissolution of all social order and the very "chaos" that social engineers have ironically warned about for so long, to install such noxious programs.

You may rightfully be skeptical of this alarming assertion. Surely man has weathered many growing pains to achieve his present level of technology and culture. What could make this any worse than the A-Bomb, the H-Bomb, unstable governments with the resource to produce "weapons of mass destruction"?

Simple, not any of those threats are already in your home, in virtually every place of business with which you deal, in the offices of every policy maker in the world right now.

Recently a new virus has begun a rumor mill of speculation about its origins and about how far its system corruption can go. So sophisticated is it that some have even speculated on an "alien" derivation. It has brought into question a potential that has been steadfastly declining in discussion by all in authority who might settle the issue of its possibility. That issue is the potential for a "matrix" to develop between PCs and super computers that could defeat all fire walls, all stop gap methods to limit exchange at any and all levels, as a virtually unlimited communication develops without input from users.

We think of this as "robot" mind, still utterly dependent on external stimuli only because we have not included the possibility that what this matrix might need for cognizance is its own sentience, its own "id," its own "ego." But with having interfaced with human minds and with its matrix already possessing all the genetic and brain wave charting all research done anywhere allows, who knows what it can construct once asked by any user, anywhere, "construct the human model".

And someone will, probably, the military.

The speculations of what happens next have long been the grist of many science fiction novels that have peppered our entertainment moments and shown over and over again disastrous consequences. Treated as fiction, they are no less possible, no less probable. In this case any result of incredulity acquired by such "limited engagement" exposure serves no one.

This indeed would be a corruption so threatening any observing alien intelligence would do well to take heed.

How might they react?

Might they see us at a nexus, at some kind of an equational zero, a point at which we could no longer survive?

Where we might have contracted something harmful to life beyond our immediate influence...even to them?

I struggled to come to terms with myself to write this, but what I offer next is the most difficult of all to bring myself to do. Unless I can demonstrate to you how easily obtained it is to actually interface the mind with computer, you would simply pass this warning off without much concern. The stage that is set won't permit that kind of delay. I cannot let you betray your own responsibility to earth, to yourselves, to your precious children so heedlessly.

All zones confined by function and sharing communication, whether purely as energy or energy and cognizant-data-exchange are sharing frequency harmonics. Our frequency is in the lower auditory range. A head-piece, modulating that range within very slight tolerances, can share synapses. Entraining the mind of a subject on "reading" those signals will open subliminal pathways not otherwise in use.

If one builds a model of this from data collected on the neural pathways detected to be newly stimulated and creates a program for a computer to read them, you have your interface...at least for that specific subject. Expanded, the principal can be developed to apply more broadly. Even to the extent of the disaster of which I warn.

The basis for this is a simple revision of electron theory, one that accommodates Tesla's claims of the ball lightening he created, being itself a communication medium. The energies we like to separately define one way and then another are not rightly so capriciously decided upon. Neither are the dubious classifications we assign even to the elements.

Well, children of the Universe, the choices are up to you.

Although, perhaps, not for long.


Article originally published on ufodigest

Examine better the Anomaly of Earth to Learn of what's Elsewhere

(Copyright 2007, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 15:55 September 18, 2007

The documented anomaly sites upon this planet are prodigious. They consist of everything from an immense museum of relics from the past, present and future found in strata thousands of years old, to a network of passages and rooms carved out of the stone of the Grand Canyon with all sorts of inexplicable relics and battery salts that defy analysis.

The foremost questions of our time are ignored in order to avoid just how much and how far the mere presence of these anomalies question favored theories. Our proximity to a fusion star, the sun, and to the more graphic awareness of what its coronal mass ejections might do to earth challenges, nay rebukes, the much lesser concerns over meteor hits.

But just what might portend in the odd relationship between "objects" noticed within the sun's corona and how they seem to interact with solar flaring...

Is this the answer? Are we protected from coronal mass ejections by some form of Solar Energy farming?

Let's look even closer. Let's look at the human mind itself.

Just as Tesla knew even today's theories of electron flow were fiction and that electricity could be broadcasted in a way that defied it. So too, evidence exists that the mind can exist extraneous to the brain.

The evidence was obtained in an interesting way …not that anyone involved knew it, even could know it, unless they could disconnect from their mindsets long enough to deduce it.

It was either the Discovery Channel or PBS that cablecast a documentary about 7 years ago that had begun out of a quirk that happened while a UN promo video was being filmed.

A team had been dispatched to a tribal region of mid-North Africa to help in a crisis brought about by famine and disease. At one point, when the officer-in-charge, a colonel, had leaned over to examine something, the wind blew off his beret. His skull, as it was revealed, had sunken in creating a depression that left very little room for any brain above the stem. Yet here he was performing in the capacity of a man competent to all his tasks...and those demanding of the rank of a UN colonel. Not only that, but he was a North African native and obviously possessed of a gifted ability to handle many dialects.

A while later an anthropologist happened to see the film and the lack of any skullcap implant made him suspicious of the surgical methodology involved. He speculated on the prospect of this being a long sought example of trepanning, stone age brain surgery, surviving into the present. Upon learning more about the UN officer, he was approached and the officer confirmed his cranial operations were indeed performed by a shaman who served his tribe and a few others in his home region. The excitement was immediate. Soon after, a team was forming to visit this "witch doctor" to learn more of the very first evidence to emerge in centuries that trepanning had survived into the present era.

The team consisted of anthropologists, two brain surgeons, reporters and camera crew, about 15 people in all. And all of them excited no end to make the trek; all eager to be a part in something until now only studied from the remains of a mankind removed in time so distant in the past, they left no written record. At no time was it ever broached that the subject of all this interest, the UN officer himself, was an even bigger anomaly...an astounding one. Performing so adequately with virtually no cerebellum, no part of the brain left was associated with thought and memory!
No one thought to venture the slightest inquiry as to, how this could be?

But then, this proved to be only part of the quandary.

The Highland cultures of the African Bush retain little of the aboriginal traditions in anything like a traditionally true form today. Only the most remote, those whose distance from hospitals, from modern facilities of most any kind, force them to resort to measures so far removed from what the modern world has brought.

The African aborigine, like the Australian, has been taught how to memorize his entire lineage, tribal history and, apparently, medical techniques that not only can compete with those today but, as we shall see, can surpass them in ways unthinkable to the medicine of today.

As the group approaches the village where the shaman lives, various women began gathering. Their attitude and postures seemed to suggest pensive anticipation. Arms crossed, one in front, the shaman begins to approach one of the camera crew and wags a finger in his face. Translated by a guide her words reveal the source of her concern:

"You're not taking our healer…You're not to disturb him. My husband wouldn't work, beat me and the kids and drank himself into a stupor every day. Now he's a genius. He learned nine languages, took a bunch of tests and was commissioned in the United Nations. Just go home and leave him alone!"

Several of the other ladies approach, expressing similar claims. One shows her scalp.

"I fell and couldn't stop shaking. Now I'm fine and even remember things better. He's a good man. Leave him alone!"

After prolonged reassurances, the ladies relent and show the team to a large hut wherein is seated the highly regarded Stone Age practitioner. He chuckles about what everyone had to go through outside.

Amid the explanations it is learned that the local tribes still practice a form of ceremonial Warfare in which head wounds are common. In that remote region, even falls can be threatening since the region is too far from any medical help to be reached.

One of the brain surgeons asks, "How many operations have you performed?"

Without hesitation, the shaman assured of his exactness, replies: "2,138."

The brain surgeon says: "How many have died without recovery (mortality rate?)"

Shaman: "None, why would I lose anyone?"

Two questions arise here that, unsurprisingly, were never asked:

How can a man with no thinking part of his brain left not only survive but become a genius in the aftermath as well as other men, becoming better adjusted, better fathers, better husbands, better contributors to the community?

The other obvious question is:

How can complications otherwise incurred, not exist at all...especially removed from surgical techniques whose science is based on dealing with complications?

I have my own theories on that but let's stick to the issues at hand.

These questions are not asked. Why?
You know why…

Those that might ask them know they're not ready for the answers. They're already shaken by a few honest replies from the shaman.
Their minds are turned off out of an acquired incredulity they are taught is desirable. Just like to have a divided mind, one with a conscious mind constantly at war with its subconscious.

The fear that we will be caught dissembling is why we labor so hard and spend so many hours of each day suppressing the subconscious into not giving us away. And it will. Ever hear of Reverse Speech?

Our shaman does not teach his patients fear. Building in them a power of expectation, tens of thousands of years old (perhaps hundreds of thousands), they don't build any negative model of their outcome. So they don't have any.

The shaman goes the other way.

And, when the mind can, due to the severity involved, dislodge acquired "junk"… Just like a computer that has a file registry restored, it might rebuild better, perhaps, even astoundingly so.
As did our UN officer.

Do you think the brain surgeons learned anything?
If so, it was probably nothing more than they permitted.

In time, back at their O.R.s, it will become passed off as "undocumented," "unproven," "exaggerated," "misidentified," like another UFO whose clearly anomalous operation once noted will come to fade into oblivion when debunked as "perceptive delusion," something perhaps for which Homeland Security will one day have a treatment.

In mind-control it's called centering and humans do it all the time.
Like dreaming, it allows you to start each day anew...as if nothing significant happened the day before that might lead to starting out this day with undue distress.

Article originally published here: http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0907/anomaly.html

A word about trepanning from James:

I want everyone to understand that trepanning, although societies exist that encourage otherwise, is for NEEDED surgery where injury and bone fragments needing to be removed are involved. The issue is how, when modern practitioners are operating, the worst outcome is what the patient is prepared for while in the stone age version among shamen, the best is...lending one's own power of expectation a role in recovery. JCH

3 Issues in UFOlogy (Essential to achieve a Paradigm Shift) by James C. Horak

3 Issues in UFOlogy
(Essential to achieve a Paradigm Shift) 
by James C. Horak

(Copyright 2008, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 13:05 January 27, 2007

There exist today 3 issues that could broaden the frame of reference for discussions in UFOlogy. Recognizing their significance is of primary importance to advancing focus and any achievable methodology involving cooperation.

The Brazilian event on the remote Amazonian island of Colares has astounding overtones if given any context at all. Its duration, its physical effects on many inhabitants, its study by a select group of the Brazilian military while it was ongoing, and the revelations imparted of the details taken (with drawings) by its leader, give it more value as an event than even that of Roswell. Not to mention an actual contact with an alien and a message given was reported.

The Colares UFO, Brazil 1977

The main feature of this experience is unique, however, it is not singular. The behavior of the UFOs (and the operators involved) from the 1940s through the 1970s was undeniably one of investigating, in a most preliminary manner, mankind on this planet. Both their extent and thoroughness infer, for the first time, a worldwide human surveillance, observation and manipulation program by an alien presence.

Hence, it is suggested that these are aliens are from worlds other than those we've experienced before. With this indication of a multiplicity of origins, let us reconsider the behavior of the Comet Schumacher/Levy (or rather, fragments thereof.)

It was assumed to have been a comet solely on the basis that comets still convey some mystery and this "supposed" comet conveyed far more than mystery. When reports of observations of it were reviewed, it appeared as if it had been under intelligent guidance.

The sheer magnitude of the impacts on Jupiter, puts skeptics into an almost furious denial and withdrawal to avoid further discussions of it, much less, ever submit to the likelihood of it being a chance occurrence in any statistical analysis of probability. Heaven forbid!

But the same is to be said for Dr. Norman Bergrun's claims that his EMVs are captured in images finishing a ring of Saturn's. Let me remind you of an equally documented process, if so supportable, which, upon proper review, can be easily proven or disproved. That none of the scientist's claims have been refuted by any of his colleagues at JPL on this matter is highly significant. But, like the UFO injury cases of Colares (Brazil) and Schumacher/Levy, these go ignored by UFOlogists while they trifle with each other over far lesser incidents.

Underlying almost all the hi-tech/science world today is an almost rank obsession to prove nothing is that much more magnificent than ourselves. One can call this an almost close parallel to that of the new convert to atheism's equally dogmatic insistence, "There is no God."
What the world does not need is for thought, any thought, to be dominated by denial.
A person can impose two attitudes on an anomaly. They can suppose that the extraordinary be approached by a preconceived mindset or they can open up to what touches our other senses as well. The preconceived mindset one has played very well into the hands of those who withhold information and intimidate witnesses, as well as those who attempt to curtail discussions.
Maintaining a certain amount of openness seems more important to me than accounting for every point of argument when so much is:
1)  ignored already
2)  withheld.
UFOlogists, if you want common ground, you will have to do better. Right now it's beginning to look more like science fiction, bizarre though it may be at times, is "getting there" better than you. Absolutely, in conception! For, if you're not willing to explore other possibilities when you've nothing else as an explanation, you are left with nothing but denial.
And that doesn't seem to be getting anyone anywhere.
For more details on the Colares Incident (1977)

"Operation Saucer"
by A.J. Gevaerd


The Colares UFO Incident

James C. Horak
January 26th, 2008

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