Sunday 27 January 2013

Civil-War in America - Mark Snider With James Horak and Crystal Clark

by Ohio Exopolitics

Edited version, 1:02h

No matter which branch of absurdity (death by ignorance) mass media is used to sell you on participating in for your perceived benefit, they must use propaganda to do it. Managing your perceptions of reality is a BIG part of perpetuating ignorance, because they know people will respond to what they BELIEVE is true, not what IS true. Again, ignorance is the cunning thief of free will—people will not make choices they don’t know they have.

1. Civil War
2. Gun Control
3. NWO
4. Global Government


Saturday 26 January 2013

Crystal Clark - Cosmology & Perpetuated Ignorance: What We Were Never Told & Why. January 25th, 2013


In a previous article I explained and defined the four walls of our manufactured thought prison—a prison designed to keep us locked into a perpetual state of ignorance via pre-defined misunderstandings of reality that are DICTATED TO US by those whose power is protected by those misunderstandings. Further, this form of ignorance is critical in building an inequitable two-party class system wherein one class ends up ruling over the other.

This imposed model of dichotomy facilitates, and therefore continually re-creates the master-and-slave construct, whether we refer to it as serfdom, class warfare, breakaway civilization, or the manufactured gap between the 1% and the 99%. In either or every case, proper knowledge and the ability to control, constrict, restrict and censor the flow and use of that knowledge, is where the real power over others lies. In more distilled terms, secrecy from them = bad for us—even where cosmology is concerned. To re-emphasize this point, I’m going to quickly reiterate it philosophically via pattern recognition before I reference sources of cosmological knowledge that our global handlers never bothered to share with the rest of us.

The fact that knowledge is power, and therefore hoarding/hiding it leads to power over others, is the same reason slaves were not taught to read and write in the past, and why current government-driven educational mandates like No Child Left Behind are teaching (y)our children not to think for themselves, but rather to memorize and repeat (misguided) answers that have been pre-defined and dictated TO them. The same fate has befallen what we once knew as journalism, which is why news anchors are now commonly referred to as “talking heads” or parrots. While this very same gap of knowledge and experience naturally exits between a child and an adult (as opposed to the unnatural and manufactured gap between the adult haves and the adult have-nots), it is also the basis for the ease in which a child can be emotionally manipulated into believing a boogey man lives under the bed. Lack of proper knowledge and emotional manipulation always go hand-in-hand, regardless of the time, genre, or field it is associated with.


Sunday 20 January 2013

James Horak on The Straight From The Heart Radio Show, Jan. 19-2013

James Horak joins Juliyanna Tibbets on Straight From the Heart. January 19th 2013

James Horak shares with Earth bound Humans his knowledge of Man's off planet origins and gives us a refined cosmology to educate and Free Humanity from Control and Tyranny. He explains the task driven purpose of the EMVs - Electro Magnetic Vehicles extracting surplus energy from our Sun and reveals how E.T civilizations are helping us prevent total annihilation of our species and the Earth.

In this interview James, again goes into great detail informing and educating us of the true history of our Ancestors and how they used the moon to arrive in our System. He explains how the EMVs are holding the Planet together and how without their interaction, not only on Earth but in the Sun, we would not be here. It is time we, as a species knew the truth of not only our history but the real mechanics of the Solar System and the integral part the EMVs play in creating and sustaining Planets within those systems.
Our Thanks to Juliyanna for being a wonderfully open-minded host with excellently researched questions posed to James in order to gain an in-depth reply and our Thanks to James for once again coming forward with vital information that may save Humanity and help us survive our own Technology to become, once again, a member of the Extended Community.

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If you would like to ask James any questions concerning this subject, please click here and visit our forum 

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