Thursday 16 December 2010

Giant UFO Spheres Detected Around Our Sun

On January 21, 2010, NASA satellites recorded a series of planet-sized sphere shaped UFO craft orbiting our Sun. Upon closer examination of the photographs, one can clearly see a large number of these craft orbiting the Sun. These appearances are remarkable for two reasons. One, the size and level of technology of the craft are far beyond our science. Two, at the time of the appearance of the craft, the Sun had begun to display the highest degree of solar flare and gamma ray energy that had been recorded in years. Perhaps, the assistance from higher civilizations that the ancients foretold long ago has already arrived.

mitchellgibsonmd8000's discovery of the correlation between the arrival of the EMVs and the easing of the magnetosphere at the same time shows that they are farming the energy of the Sun as James Horak revealed in the Kevin Smith Show and that they are of a positive nature preventing solar flares and CMEs.

Original Youtube user mitchellgibsonmd8000

Wednesday 15 December 2010

The Disclosure

The new ingenious animation about the Strong Delusion and Greer's Deception Project from Kirk Rutter and Paul

***Important message from Rutter and Davies:
Download your own HD version from our website and upload it to your own YT channel. Please provide link to

Voice over - Paul Birchard -

Sound Designer - Alberto Sanchez Nué

Sound Designer - Robert Kubicki

I just had to post this... its absolutely ingenious... please spread it far and wide.

Tuesday 14 December 2010


by James C. Horak

Welcome Listeners...
The Time for Sleep is Over…

I want the NWO, the ‘PTB’ (the 'Powers That Be') to know that they’re going to have to go deep into the ground like rats. Then, I want to, whenever it's set up and primed tell them, “Go ahead and do it”.. You’ll all be in one place or several one places, you’ll be, by the fact that you’re there, you have lost your right to survive and you will be eliminated. Yes, you can go to your holes like rats. And by the process of elimination being there, that’s what you are and you will be eliminated and the reason is because of the rot that’s here and the fact that evolution is about to take its total steps. One way or the other, it’s come down to it, either we get rid of them or they get rid of all of us including themselves. This situation requires a lot more consideration and maybe even intervention. We can give these bastards something to think about. I guarantee you that they will be eliminated before the entire planet will be. They will know that they moved against, in their last gasp, they will know they've done wrong. They will know that, that’s what I intend.

It's come down to a point where, as I see what’s going on, I want these creatures to experience the fear and loathing that they are putting on people I care about and I’ll throw it back on them because that’s what going to happen. In fact the whole point of these demonstrations and of EMVs appearing where they do, is to say: “Hey, you’re not the ultimate decision maker here, you better wise up to that because if you think you are going to get away with this shit… You know, nobody wants a neighbour like you that will do what your kind is doing to your own, NO!”

Well, thanks to the net, thanks to people like you, thanks to everything that has gone on, there has been an ample demonstration of Humanity on this planet having a spiritual awareness and the ability. Groups right now probably make up hundreds of thousands of people who have awakened fully. I mean they haven’t just half way awakened they have fully awakened and they realise that unmitigated greed is its own undoing, the only thing is, the people who are caught up in it haven’t and may never. The minute that I can get out what I told about the rats in the hole then those that are, will know what they are supposed to do.

On one hand I don’t want people to feel this is being done for them, but that it's not being done for them because they still have their part to play and if they don’t play it we are looking at another star. If they resist and they give an expression of growth that is undeniable through that resistance that there is something substantial to offer in the way of leadership to replace what’s gone and a trend that is promising of a higher level of awareness and values, YEH they will survive… otherwise… but my point in saying this is to let these bastards know, the fear and loathing they are imposing on their victims, they are going to share in.

You’ve got people that are mind set and they are trying to make themselves feel good that Christ is going to deliver them in the second coming and save them from themselves and the fact of the matter is they haven’t got knowledge. What they’ve got is repetition over and over again, singing hymns, reading psalms blah blah blah. What a fucking waste of a life. ‘I know you can’t jump the hurdle but have faith, have faith.’ Uhuh... Its people’s tolerance of evil that fucks things up, If you have a strong moral core the first teaching is that: I will limit whatever I may be doing, whatever I may be trying to do. I will limit any harm that I do to people, residual to the effects of my intentions.

If I made the corrections to the fields of science to pertain to astrophysics, that within 20 years I could have you going to the stars but you know I wouldn’t now. I wouldn’t and the reason is, which I’ll tell you is, I don’t want them to feel more comfortable in being able to have options that they haven’t got now, like removing their ass out of what they are creating. Evil never wins out, Evil never wins out. Nothing more short sighted, you’ve got all these people and you have the interest of so few being considered in the grand scheme of things. Not gonna win out (Deep laugh) Oh that’s an interesting phase... (laughs).

Tuesday 30 November 2010

In Dealing with Dishonesty...

My dearest friend Torz has worked very hard to establish this blog. Together, she and I have sought to avoid the confrontational imps that are personal hit artists on forums and discussion groups throughout the internet. How do we discern between them and honest skeptics who simply want to penetrate to the truth, whoever holds up to scrutiny best?

It's quite simple, if someone is, in reply to another, unwilling to be responsive to your message and resorts to the illogical, emotional, or the confrontational at length while avoiding substance, why should they be indulged? Obviously they shouldn't be.

Most of us can find that kind of contact over our backyard fence and is why we search the intenet for something better. Allowing open discussion and permitting another soapbox to the redundancy of systemic incredulity are entirely two different things and we will not put up with the latter.

If you will search the net you will find I do not shirk from honest skepticism and its arguments. And never will.

James Horak

Monday 22 November 2010

FaceCrook removing and censoring videos of Christopher Story

Yesterday I posted this video on my wall,I  have watched the full speech made by Lord James of Blackheath to the House of Lords earlier this month and have come to the conclusion that the only people who would be capable of offering 5 Billion to help save the UK could be the Knights Templar.
I posted this video to my wall last night but now it is gone, I cannot find it. So I have re-posted it again.
Here is the first video that tipped me off to Story...

Now this where it gets interesting....
I found the links to the three videos of the FULL speech given by on youtube and posted them to my wall. Well it seems that the facebook Nazis don't want us posting this speech at all and have removed it from my wall and that of others too.

In this presentation Christopher Story discusses the plan by the Nazi's to implement a 4th Reich in the guise of a European Union as a contingency plan in case they ever lost the 2nd World War.
Well they did lose so what happened to that plan? Who are the dark actors playing games?
Filmed at the 3rd 'Lawful Rebellion' conference, The British Constitution Group, London 31st of October 2009

The Three Videos on youtube are embedded here for you all to watch. Take notes and listen carefully, this man "died" 2 weeks after making this speech.......

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Thursday 11 November 2010

Polling Public Opinion and its Use to Social Engineers

In light of the recent ICBM ( Inter Continental Ballistic Missile ) launch off the coast of the U.S and the MSN’s attempts to yet again pass this incident off as an “illusion”, I felt it would be appropriate to ask James for a few words of clarity. What "False Flag" scenario will be laid upon us by the Social Engineers in their attempt to yet again declare Martial Law and instigate their NWO fully?

Polling Public Opinion and its Use to Social Engineers
(or, having your throat cut with a painless razor.)

Some may forget the build-up around the fabricated Y2K scare before computer clocks began to read a new millennia. Not only were concerns predicated on dysfunction of information channels involved but on the very survival of an overly-commercialized society whose elite were known to exploit every situation into an emergency that would permit a greater encroachment on individual freedoms.

But had we kept this example in mind, what followed barely more than one year later, might not have led to two new wars and more addition to the financial drain upon an economy already eroded by conspiratorial designs to ship jobs and industry abroad massively. While a government basing its spending on the GNP base that it could tax, did it’s utterly most to erode that very base.

Just as the savings and loans of the eighties had been released from regulations that protected their fiscal stability while paradoxically the taxpayer's government stood good for the same guarantees on accounts, the same disregard for sound economic policy ruled trade. Balance of trade deficit, protective tariff, and any real fair trade practices were eliminated, not just from practice, but from further discussions. Today you hear nothing at all about such elemental economic principles.

Did these “permutations” to body politic come about overnight or were they facilitated gradually, were they promoted without intention? Of course not, all the good economists didn't exist one moment and then disappear the next. Their voices were raised...all the way through the pushing of NAFTA and GATT into acceptance. They were just not carried by media the same as were the proponents.

And their success was carefully polled months ahead of any actual mention of them before the beginning of their promotion. And when they began being promoted certain details were always omitted or disguised in rhetoric.

Like the Warren Commission Report.

Like the Findings of the 9/11 Commission.

Common sense or the information needed to show the public where its own interests lay, was ignored entirely and replaced by sound byte and show boat hype to sell something 95% of the public would come to deeply regret.

Now looming before us is the impending threat of hyper-inflation based on the simple economic principle that if you buy more than you sell, your buying power will decline in proportion.

Now let's move on to another eroding asset we once had in much greater profusion, that of equal rule by law. That very principle is not in Obama's National Health Care Package and the model for that decline further into our own body politic carries ominously. You cannot design care selectively anymore than you can selectively enforce immigration law, anymore than you can allow rich paedophiles freedom over poor ones through a corrupted legal system.

The greatest degradation however is not economic, it is not legal, it is to our very perceptions and our own faith in them. Missiles are fired capriciously over our heads today and we are told they are to be treated in the same unaccountable way as UFOs. The erosion of our own credibility for what we see has been served for forty years on one score, that of anomaly, now it is even more pressed upon us by what we were once told was the ICBM threat.

It is not enough to own our homes, our cars, our little piece of a steadily eroding American dream; it is now our perceptions and our own ability to have confidence in them. The social engineers have taken your national pride, your standard of living, any hope that your children can project anything better in their it is your own personal trust in yourself.

By the time they're through, they hope, you will put your wrists together for them just to know your final resting place.

And anyone to offer anything better will be a state enemy.


Saturday 6 November 2010

The Time for Sleep is over Human Race

Assuredly we are all interested in surviving this planet and its inhabitants passed this crisis; one which compels all our awareness to even comprehend.

EMVs are not sentient in ways that communicate to those possessed of divided consciousness.

Words are of absolutely no benefit, only feelings and visions, unperplexed by the ambivalence associated with minds here.

I am not an ET. I have dealt with ETs but we keep our distance over the issue of earth and its people. Having stepped away from exercising what was expected of me by ET emissaries from worlds that view earth as problematic, I am regarded as having "gone native".

They feel that by trafficking with EBEs and by an inordinate and pathological resistance to change, the inevitability is one of counter-evolutionary threat. On the other hand, I look at EBEs as a complexity forgiving somewhat mankind's persistance to retain social evils otherwise aberrant.

The time for discussion approaches an end. You will either clean up the mess and end the leadership of those responsible or this will end. It is all a matter of recognizing the reality of your situation and acting in concert along lines of moral determination.

The ETs have tried to reach Earth's leadership. Now it is up to you to find leadershp that can be reached.

The sleep is over.


Wednesday 3 November 2010

Earth Changes and the Moon

Something has changed

Why were the 144 “Moonshaft” engines put into the Earths mantle by the Drooge 325,000 yrs ago in the first place? They were an advanced civilization on Mars nearing spiritual attainment. One of these cylinders/machines was found in the Tatra Mountains on 21st October 1944 by Antonin Horak, the Great Uncle of James Horak. The discovery was made yet a feasible explanation of what was found was not given until recently.

How did the Soviets find out about it’s location and why would they then remove it and place it next to another [implies they’d already found and knew about another] of it’s kind in Lake Vostok, Antarctica? Just to see what would happen of course, all in the name of blind science… What unknown effects could this have caused in destabilizing the Earths mantle, considering we have been informed that they were placed at specific points for a reason? ... and have been warned by James that putting one next to another is very bad. How bad is bad? Why is it that we only ever see one side of the moon? The same face of the moon is visible to us, never the backside. This would mean that they are forces at work we are not aware of or have not been told. It would require a mechanism of sorts to enable its perfect alignment and visibility from Earth. How is this so?

Recent reports are that there is a major cover-up ongoing within the MSM and scientific community as to the “wandering moon” syndrome.

We have learnt from James Horak that prior to the Moons placement by the Drooge in a specific orbit around Earth, she was a geophysically un-stable planet, unfit for her hastily arriving, new occupants. They helped stabilize the planets volcanism by placing 144 of these cylinders/machines in the Earth's mantle to hold the moon in a stable orbit in relation to the Earth. The gravity wave that is affected by this conjunction also heavily influences the conscious mind of Earth Bound Humanity. This placement was found, too late in the day to enable a correction of any sort by those who knew how, to be the cause of the inability of the planet to retain Helium within her atmosphere and the subsequent division of the human consciousness, those who knew what was happening saw an advantage to rule over the many and so we find ourselves in our current situation today. Again.

If we are to assemble a logical conclusion of inevitability from everything that has recently been reported around the world, specifically the increased Volcanic Eruptions, the increase in extreme climate conditions, the rogue waves on the worlds seas, the increased magnitude of powerful Earth Quakes, the worrying and dangerous sink holes and large cracks that have recently been reported in many countries and the bizarre seismology readings that are happening right now and that also occurred in May of this year too: showing wave-like rolling [ Ed.note. Cliff High called this in a previous ALTA report this summer] disturbances that are registering on all seismology readings globally. Although I am unable to confirm readings from Russia and China currently as their readings are not available.

When we combine that with what we have learnt from James about the real purpose of the moon then the only logical conclusion I can come to is that somehow TPTB have discovered one of the two mechanisms of control over these cylinders/machines. One of which I have been told is in the subterranean regions on Mars and the other on the Earth somewhere….

Could it be that these crazed lunatics have discovered, or were told about, one or both of the control systems for these engines and have not been able to resist the temptation to experiment, at the expense of the lives of nearly 7 billion people, with this mind numbingly advanced technology of gargantuan proportions when compared to current human understandings of physics.

Could it be that they have completely screwed up the gravity wave that holds the moon in a stable orbit with the Earth and have unwittingly or knowingly set off a chain reaction deep within the Earth’s core that could have dire consequences for the whole planet if not corrected immediately?

Could it also be that that was the plan from the onset……..?

I am fully aware of how this comes across, or will do to those not familiar with James words. To me it is something I already know and have worked out from speaking with James and researching all that he has told me to the best of my ability and then taking that info to its inevitable conclusion. All I ask is that you sit and contemplate on what I have presented in conjunction with the information that is on my blog and all that we have been given freely by James since February this year. But mostly, those who know me, know I only want to find the truth and to help release mankind from this bond of slavery and deception that has seen previous civilizations wiped from the face of this planet by a Coronal Mass Ejection six times before due to our inability to overcome the elite and remove them from power forever.

Can we achieve it this time round? I hear it is our last chance you know... Will we make it over this "bump" of surviving our own technology and return to our once previous status removing forever the stigma of being known as "Earth Bound Humanity" and have the chance to freely reach our full potential.

The choice is ours we just have to use our Moral Determination to do what's right and remove what's wrong in order to achieve it.

Torz BC

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Message to the North American Indian Peoples and those of Meso-America

It is my honour to be the bearer of this long awaited message at this time. I ask you, my friends to see that this message is shared quickly, far and wide. To help get it to the peoples who will know what is meant by these words. If you spread it please make sure the image is also contained with the message. Thank-you. Victoria Baron-Copley

Message to the North American Indian Peoples and those of Meso-America

In my Cantos, I have spoken of times I have come among you. Perhaps you retain today the exact signs of my return which I gave you when I last left. But if you do not, still I pray my words will have the knowing we have always shared between us.

Those that have kept you in captivity know little of the wonder you possessed and which you hid to keep it safe. That I had a part in this is my joy in remembrance.

Though always you returned to old ways, still I knew in your hearts you kept mine.

In interpreting the meaning of the Great Serpent Mound, I had hoped to share with your captors considerations that went beyond mindset. That might allow them to see you like they were in so many ways they now despise.

When I predicted the serpent in the sun and it so recently appeared I hoped you were paying

Now I tell you to watch the sky directly above tomorrow morning at 1:00 A.M. And to follow its progress as it moves south.

Now I will share knowing.

I went among a clan of the Navajo Nation. My wife and I had brought donations from our friends. Navajo women went through them like locusts and then began to sell Mexican trinkets to her for Navajo-made.

Meanwhile the young Navajo men of the clan and the children walked together among the sparcity of desert and they told me of their women's fraud while I assured them it did not matter. In the process I shared the knowing and they began to divulge what no one of your people will tell any of their captors. Part of it was what was kept for me beneath the lodge of the Hopi elders.

Then, in the days that followed, I saw an auntie take away the hogan of a young couple with new baby and I spoke with representatives of the elders about digging water wells you so badly need.

The result spoke some of the harm this captivity has brought.

Take what you have saved so faithfully for me. Build libraries, found your own schools, and dig
wells and build anything to improve your circumstance.

In so doing free yourself from this captivity, more self-imposed than not.

Do not let what is coming see you end this way.


October, 13, 2010

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Folate and the Human Equation

I have discussed the mineral EMVs bring from it's placement in rings around planets such as Saturn. I have discussed the detrimental effects on consciousness of electricity generated in cycles at 60 cps. Now I will discuss the connection that exists of the way these two factors are opportunized by tptb to enhance their rule over the populace of this earth.

The closest most can acquire any form of folate for the diet is in the form of folic acid. That is, without access to this “mineral”. Or eating raw liver, a rather untenable option. If, however, you look at folic acid's availability in health food stores, you find that it is sold, not in milligram amounts but micrograms. By a law imposed by the FDA. This is intentionally inadequate and should be in the same amounts/percentages as ANY of the B group you might take to have a balance and not create an even higher deficiency of this B group factor of prime importance. As early as the late sixties, the grand dame of nutrition, the inimitable Adelle Davis, had written this same finding in her book 'Let's Get Well'.

In the last few years, pediatricians have broken with the AMA and FDA to recommend to expectant mothers what was formerly claimed as “toxic” doses of folic acid in order to lessen the growing trend in birth defects. At least those that didn't take their information solely from pharmaceutical companies.

Why is this so important to any equation affecting the health and welfare of earth-based humanity? It is because this created disparity in the availability of folic acid to the diet as the central cause of most disease and lessened brain function.

Let me close with this one observation that answers an important question relating to the investigation of UFO “nests”. That is, those UFO nests not left by EBE craft. Remember the impetus in the seventies to take soil samples? When the findings have been shared beyond those made by military/government incursion, folate was found as the single most in-common effect produced by the presence of the UFO involved.

Is ET trying to tell you something?


Monday 4 October 2010

Poisoned Insertions by James Horak Oct 4th 2010

Had the early doubters and debunkers of The Report From Iron Mountain faced the retrospect people have today for its revelations, their success at discrediting this report meant for JFK, would have been glowingly untenable. Indeed, when President Reagan spoke of how an alien threat might serve to unite the nations of the world, those attempts to revive its importance in view of that retrospect were short- lived only because tptb were able to find and finance some hack to come forward and claim its authorship as his own some forty years after the fact. And to produce an edited version to market while using someone else's backing to go after those who endeavoured to offer a legitimate one. The kind of people that won't get such backing to fight an non-meritorious infringement of a copyright claim, no matter how dubious. Especially applied for forty years late.

It too, promotes the idea of using a contrived hostile ET threat, as it puts it, as a substitute for war. The New World Order was not named as such, but the idea of maintaining a power structure intact without the use of war to design such a structure, is exactly the mechanism required to globally install the same thing on a larger scale. To get an entire world populace to “bite another bullet”, the ultimate one, giving up any last vestige of personal freedoms and privacy to be “safe” from ravages to be depicted at the hands of an hostile with star travel technology and thus the ability to wipe us all out in a breath. So we create the myth of deal making and we insert that absurdity into the public suggestible mind.

Here, however, it is highly important to discern between what is paraded as ET, EBEs and actual sentient beings who have obviously survived their own technology to travel here. War with them is an idiot's proposition OR that of an elite so out of touch with the rest of us, they presume we will buy the rest of their social engineering apparatus right up to the part where they say...”oh, yes we were lying all those years, ruining lives, even killing, to protect you from the truth. Now give us absolute power over you and we will put into effect a special technology that will keep ET at bay. Those that buy this, absolutely have nothing to lose they haven't already lost.

JCH 4th Oct 2010

Sunday 3 October 2010

Wise words from conversations with James Horak

Feb 2010

It is indeed not the time to seclude ourselves from each other with defeated ideas of personal privacy. Share whatever you like and know that's an advised intention of almost everyone that has something significant to say about the matters impending upon our common fate, whether for good or for bad.

In unified consciousness are exactly found what every human here has the genetic connection. Your deep ancestory had unified consciousness. Circumstances that changed that were an unfortunate series of events meant to correct immediate miscalculations and that simply ended in casuing worse problems than the short term "fixes" could anticipate.

In the meantime, certain parties among you were mounting opportunistic devices by which to take advantage. That has never stopped, but been refined into the most brutal forms of pathological narcissim you can imagine. 

Now it verges on absolute self-destruction by tampering with the integrity of people's souls.

( name removed), if you wrote this, little is wrong with your mind...nor, would I venture, your order of goals in life, regard for others, and spirit of discovery. Below are two articles I wrote for UFO Digest.

Now I'm not promoting the idea of trepanning to you, in fact, I advise against it. That is in no way the point I'm making. What I am expressing is an entirely different consideration; far removed from an approach I believe will do you little good...will definitely not accomplish what you seem to think it might. The first article will show how actual brain mass might play little part in thought...might even hinder certain advances under certain conditions. The second takes a "field theory of mind" further, even into dangerous areas.

If you can come to understand well these articles and promote what you see from them you desire, by building a model of this anticipation, one might project through the power of expectation, what your MIND, not brain, needs to compensate for any damage. And the results, as with this UN officer can be astounding. You don't need to return to any actual operation on your head. You just need to redirect limiting expectation to powerful expectation. That's what the shaman performing these trepanning does. Instead of preparing his patients to expect less, he prepares them to expect more. Sometimes with astounding results.

A star gate is merely a way of transport, nothing more. One matches the gravity wave unique to the planet you wish to visit and you're there. One just has to have a different kind of physics to know what gravity wave is to the equation.

Always know, I will help you anyway I can.


Feb 2010

I was born October 14, 1943, a few months after my mother had left my father and gone to stay with her father in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Before the attempted abduction my mother was very good to me. Afterwards, there was always something between us. I believe she feared me right up until her death. She would never talk about what happened on that trip to Texas and would only reply, when I tried to broach it, "we had an auto accident". An aunt claimed she was with us, but I know she wasn't.

The controllers think they manage such things, but they do not know the power of lucid recall nor could imagine anyone could remove their own chip. The hypnotherapists that work with abductees are invariably compromised and submit to doing only follow-up for black ops who usually stage the abductions.

I will always believe the hit and run that happened to me just after I started school was intended but that the lady that hit me was not under her own influence. When you knock someone 20 feet with a car, especially a six year old it should kill them, but I survived. Guess "they" felt the little procedure in the movie theatre a few months earlier, "didn't take".

No, EBEs were not involved in the incidents taking place that led to the arrival of humans from outside on mars, the many experiments to establish themselves there that failed so miserably and the help from "others" to make the earth habitable. The EBEs come into it later as they flee from being purged by ET.

I know none of those feelings and experiences you describe. Mine, when I allow it, is the baleful longing for me to return to the sun and then enter back again to the EMVs. Before I came to realize this, it was just the feeling of being different and failing to hold bonds with others. Having no one to share what I was experiencing.

Even as late as 1972, in Ohio, when I kept an almost nightly approach to a UFO that ran the same course throughout an entire winter in front, almost of all the locals (who would not discuss it) I had little overview into all the events that had happened to me in the past...even though I could vividly recall them. Only after the experience in Utah could I enter into the deeper past and my place in it. That was when the longing began.

I will give you a key that will open a new door towards explaining what no order of chronology can and that, when I say the EMVs can compress time, will yield meaning to you:


I've told others here of this and none, so far, have acquired the full range of ramification this entails.


FEB 2010
Torz, I had moved against this planet's people a scarce age ago. One center of that world had decided it alone should rule and wished to act as these before you do now. Their device was to destabilize the earth everywhere but where their center was. They would do this by effecting a grid put in place by Drooge to capture the moon and use it to shield earth and vicinity from asteroids, highly prevalent at the time. Wonderful engines placed just above the earth's mantle acting as pressure valves by the principle of a needle were placed in a grid of 144. Most remain there today but some have been pushed up by uplift. One in the Tatra Range in Eastern Europe was discovered and moved by Soviet armies.

I managed time to have it discovered by my great uncle, Antonin Horak, who wrote an article that you may still be able to find online under, Moonshaft. How I could do it barely having been born at that time relates to what I told you of time before.

I had hoped the device's technology be discovered and used wisely to protect the earth from coming threats, but that was not the case. No, the idiots placed it with another and that lead to a very bad condition whose effects are increasing today. The same kind of play-out that had occurred on Mars just before the Exodus.

Because everything found of intense interest by this mindset of leaders here today is of intense interest ONLY when it can be weaponized.

Doubly amazing when one realizes that since 1968, when the United States shared with the Soviet Union knowledge of an ultimate weapon, all this madness might have ended.

Instead they formed and tightened an elitist bond and conspiracy to divide the world up into two camps where each would dictate to their given half. But then the double cross and the orchestrated fall of the USSR with the complicity of the Chinese who were still aching over being left out of the equation, furthered by the US giving China favored nation in trade and abandoning promises to do this for the Soviet Union if they collapsed their own regime.

The only use today, to any thinking perspective, is the entire use of expanding weapons technology is devised to protect the status quo from its masses, mind control being the the present weapon of choice at the this time.

I want you to see the stark reality that must be fully understood to wisely apply the esoteric. In fact, the fashion to promote people deferring to this "cart before the horse" is part of weaponizing mind control. The next step in this process is to represent so many anomalies in front of the eyes of the masses that their lack of resolution leads to systemic incredulity, the inability to believe in anything. At that point, these leaders believe they will have no resistance to anything they do. Elements of that are already apparent.
You've opened up many questions. In indirect ways here, I've attempted to address most.

Though I have not done so in obvious ways, the model I've suggested by my prior statement on time, works well with understanding, especially when time has been so tampered with, that questions coming in the normal course of discussion cannot suffice adequate grasp like cause and effect ceases purity when chronology cannot be true.

The other matters you broach outside these considerations I've made will find better times to be answered as we continue.

If you don't mind, I will share this reply with others as I did my reply to you once before when and if the opportunity arises. In scrutible ways you are helping me with this arduous process of what I've never this fully disclosed to anyone.
And a dear touchstone you are.


FEB 2010

If you want to know more about the Drooge, elements in the movie, Forbidden Planet, are taken from what was discovered about them on mars. Only they did not extinct, they became of the substance of spiritual technology and simply left "self-implementing" machines running, to run, until their wards, earth-bound humans, could take care of themselves. Now, are you approaching better, "cosmic clarity". NOTHING is left to chance. Only outcome of an experiment for worthiness. Individuals have done well but the system is rotten and beginning to cave in from within.
It has taken up elitism to the point of psychotic narcissism, like it is content to end everything by duelling with the Order of the Universe. Many of the mind warped, like serial killers and suicide bombers, are the collateral damage of technology out of control. Had I not been here, that would not have been apprehended by those that would otherwise have "closed the book" on earth-bound humanity.

FEB 2010

I asked James about the Norway Spiral and what his thought on it’ were..?

The Norway spiral is a sign and a demonstration that told those behind the Second Technology they had little hope of success in a certain venture being undertaken."

What is second Technology James?

"The second technology is the hidden technology. The practice of retaining inventions for a privileged few to use started long ago and has reach vast proportions here.

Has been refined by industrialists and cartels in the last 150 years to control technology and to suppress anything that might challenge them and their status quo. Edison was a big help in accomplishing that. That was what was behind his feud with Tesla.

Of course that's all touted as a personality clash...even by biographers that don't know better."


Thursday 30 September 2010

Dr. Bergrun interviewed by James Horak

Dr. Bergrun interviewed by James Horak

Extract from The Ring Makers of Saturn by Dr. Norman Bergrun.

Q: It is highly significant if that illumination comprising the unfinished portion of the ring is an enhancement or not. I am very eager to know.

Dr. Bergrun:
A: The preferred definition of "enhance" according to the Merriam Webster Deluxe 1998 dictionary is: to increase or improve in value, quality or desirability or attractiveness. Figure 3, by increasing brightness and contrast, unexpectedly brought out a latent image (the blue). Increasing brightness scarcely qualifies as enhancement within the sense of the definition. Figure 3 says something is present below the termination of the upper ring system. The approach taken was to brighten the entire ring system using figure 2 as the working medium; and this procedure resulted in producing figure 4. Figure 4 qualifies as an enhanced image within the sense of the definition.

Q: What I'm concerned about is, is that area where the ring is incomplete, "extended" by enhanced brightness applied to the rest of the ring, or does it naturally possess an energy field that is visual? Presumably laid down, perhaps even prior to the addition of matter to the ring? This would indicate the presence of an incredible energy field extending perhaps through the entire ring. Perhaps, even entirely independent of any gravitational influence and aside from the planet. The next question would be, why they would not utilize gravity to conserve energy and complete the ring faster. This particular ring may be different than the rest.

Dr. Bergrun:
A: The extended ring has sufficient illumination in order for the camera to have recorded its image. The extended field is not an extension caused by increasing exposure. You can not create something that is not already there in the first place. To make the arc seen, were it not really there, means that the arc would have to be painted in. I did not do that.

My interpretation of the extended ring is that it owes to emissions from the objects (Electro-Magnetic Vehicles (EMVs)) which are present there. That this energy field extends through the entire ring is speculation and certainly not evident from the data.

With respect to using gravity assist, this is all factored in or else the EMVs would not be positioned where they are found. The presence of the EMVs, indeed, does make this particular ring system uniquely different. This system contrasts with the "well-behaved" ones commonly seen, which I categorize as "classical". 

JCH: Q: When lightened, in the clip to the right, the unfinished ring in your Figure 4 has an illumination, like a phantom effect in Kirilian photography. I wanted to determine that this was not enhanced in any way upon the originals for the purpose of posing the presumption of what the "finished" ring might project.

Dr. Bergrun:
A: There was no enhancement . . . all procedures is indicated in the introductory material about the four figures. Nothing was presumed "before-the-fact" in order to obtain anything shown. It is interesting, however, that you should mention Kirilian photography. Kirilian photography is a process in which an image is obtained by application of a high-frequency electric field to an object so that it radiates a characteristic pattern of luminescence that is recorded on film or other medium. Your observation is supportive of my answer to your second question, namely, that EMVs are present and causing an electric field.

DUAL QUESTION: "Why not simply let an orbital configuration exist to hold the matter in place as you go along, and why extend the field so far ahead of your work"?.

Dr. Bergrun:
ANS. TO FIRST QUE: Ringmakers Of Saturn Plates 5 and 6 and Figures 3 and 4 depict numerous emissions. For every emission there is a corresponding reactionary force. There is a "vectorial summary force" or more properly, a "resultant vectorial force" in each of the three physical dimensions (longitudinally, laterally, and elevationally) which can be considered to operate in each of the three planes. The size and direction of these three resultant forces are what keep the source positioned. "Trim" of these large forces is continually needed. The emitted ring itself has properties to keep it located also . . . to hold the matter in place . . . after all, the exhaust matter is still (electrically) connected to the source. Under such circumstances, nothing more is needed as the whole thing is a "shaped" magnetic field.

ANS. TO SECOND QUE: Based on the answer to the first question, extending energy forward (into the tip or elliptical area) owes to the requirement of force management, particularly that of trim, hereto mentioned. Elaborating further, the MANAGEMENT of so many forces implies some very high-level "smarts", i.e., intelligence. I infer from the foregoing deductions that the "intelligence thinking" is this: "We have so much energy at our disposal, we don't have to use it efficiently. A corollary thought is: "If we run low, we always can get to a large fuel supply".

Earthly humankind has a problem in creating high specific impulse (Isp) fuels (high Isp means high energy per unit measure). So humans are constrained in their thinking to HAVING to use fuel efficiently. This constraint certainly does not apply to the intelligence possessing the high Isp matter as inferred from the presence of a fire ball larger than Earth's moon!

IMPLIED QUESTIONS: Is the completed ellipse (figures 3 and 4) another kind of containment to hold chunks of matter in a ring?

ANS: First off, I don't see "chunks of matter" in the completed ellipse . . . it looks more like gaseous plasma. Ringmakers Of Saturn Plates 5 and 6 never revealed evidence of a completed ellipse. So my interpretation is this: The "ring-completion" effect has to do with the force balance. Therefore, it may or may not appear . . . it probably can be pulsed or "tuned" as required or desired.

Q: Are there other characteristics in this unfinished ring relatively unique to it that you have noticed? 

Dr. Bergrun:

1. No. The unfinished ring is, indeed, real as opposed to allegations to the contrary.

2. That different colors exist between the upper part of the ring system and the tip (Imaging definitely is clean and clear in the entire vicinity . . . see Figure 3), demonstrates a clear discontinuity in the nature of the ring structure. A discontinuity is a clear signal that an "input" is available, otherwise the discontinuity would not be there. Further, the difference in color of the upper part of the ring system as contrasted with the elliptical area can be construed as different matter, or a different state of matter, being present.


by Dr. Norman Bergrun

My interpretation is directed to the inception of the rings. The rings are inevitable owing to an energy source spewing "exhaust" energy (like an airplane engine spewing energy, seen as a contrail when the temperature is sufficiently low). Another way to look at the situation is: The rings are a result of something causing them. Therefore, the rings are not intentionally "constructed".

The appearance of rings is a secondary phenomena, similar to an airplane-engine "con trail" being secondary phenomena to an airplane. The intent of an airplane-engine is not "con-trail construction". The contrail is simply an inevitable by-product of engine operation.

Ringmakers of Saturn Plates 5 and 6 caused me to realize early on that the width of the A-ring is at the most no wider than the lengths of the objects in the ring. Further, the A-ring does not have a "classical" full width. That part of the A-ring is missing radially provides the clue where the rings (what there are of them) are coming from . . . namely the objects.

Upon realization that ring width correlates with object length, I raised this question: "If the inner part of the A ring is made this way, what about the outer part"? Ringmakers of Saturn Plates 7 and 8 are two examples of objects in the outer A ring with ring trails. This is where I rested my case.


Bergrun: COMMENT ON "SUSTAIN A LIVING ENVIRONMENT": My position on "living environment" in space is yes, there is life in space . . . organic biota, albeit different from that with which human kind is acquainted. I can not tell from Ringmakers of Saturn Plates 5 and 6, or from Figures 3 and 4 whether or not the Saturn Voyager 1 ring tips indeed contain biota. The concept of a "nursery" goes beyond the pictorial data.

USE OF ENERGY: Statement and Question. Were the area of the ring laid down before matter was added as an energy field (whose connection this represents), the question is why use energy in this fashion?

Dr. Bergrun:
A: A hypothetical question is posed here as indicated by the use of the word "were". Nevertheless, in this assumed situation, it is difficult for me to see how one could "lay down an area". Hypothetically, let's give an order to "lay me down an area" . . . "I want to fill it". My interpretation is that laying down an area (here my meaning is laying down " boundaries" to define an area) and filling it with matter is not how the objects work. Ring shape (width) basically is controlled when the matter emerges from the objects, as heretofore discussed. Ring thickness is also governed by body geometry . . . specifically its diameter. The rings are thick near the source and become thinner the farther away the emissions are from the source. This is why researchers over the years have arrived at such a variety of values for ring thickness . . . the value depends not only on where you look, but also when you look. What Ringmakers of Saturn Plates 5 and 6 and P23870 Figures 3 and 4 show is at least one way to cause a ring to appear. This "one way" does not preclude existence of other ways.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

ET versus EBE - a Clarification by James Horak

ET versus EBE

Someone very dear to me has asked for a clear discrimination between ET and EBE, something I've addressed before many times online in various forums and in discussions elsewhere. That this problem has been poorly addressed by others and led to a great deal of confusion begs the task.

The chronology of mankind's presence on earth has a broken connection with a separate evolutionary counterpart installed (or seeded) much earlier than that of the present lineage known as homosapien. Ideally that evolutionary adjunct would not have occurred and a more environmentally robust individual would have developed in time. But forebearers from other worlds found need for a new home and was pressed so hard for time, that little choice was given but to come to this system. At that time Mars was the planet of choice and their vehicle, our present moon, served to better help install more favorable conditions for their survival.

Deep beneath the surface, an old race of people persisted so advanced that they approached a level of attainment even most all communities of ET can express only in legend, that of spiritual technology. Only through their concern and application of customizing solutions to the problems inherent to this exodus was it remotely possible to make the necessary alterations.

In time, however, those people transported to this new home, intent on an energy economy and a poorly based power structure, began to digress their resources and habitat Mars at an alarming rate. To offset the result, poorly prepared attempts were made to cycle geophysical energy from a mantle of the planet too early in its state of development (by a new and dynamic moon) to sustain such exploitation. The planet soon lost its ability to provide the habitat needed.

It is at the time, some 300,000 years ago, the Martian Exodus to Earth was begun. The early inhabitants of Mars, let us call them the Drooge, helped prepare the way and establish, with a grid of enormous engines, a more likely success to the venture. Shortly the Drooge would leave entirely the system to become an ultimate expression of attainment as an incorporation of spiritual technology. Their directions that were left the now earth-based humanity could easily have completed the transition fully had the intentions of the select few allowed them followed.

Instead of implementing such wisdom, what became the elite (and an unfortunate model of behavior through all the following eras,) kept in place a sad state of affairs that yielded to their control a people more easily enslaved by being kept in a servile mindset. The existence of a constantly fluctuating gravity/magnetic field on the moon and its resultant effects on earth's own gravity wave signature, lost one important ingredient to an otherwise ideally mixed respirant by earth losing its own ability to hold helium to itself. The aftermath led to a false model of dichotomy, rulers versus the ruled, and a subsequent loss in those ruled having the same power of expectation. With other modifications secretly made, those ruled lessened to a state of divided consciousness. Along with programs installed to sublimate the attendant ambivalence bred and to promote it as ideal, people were brought to think of this as a natural state. While only in the last fifty years has this been challenged to any extent

Page II, ET versus EBE

Into this varied mix, come an interloper, themselves fresh from, in a manner of speaking, being left adrift upon the aether of the Universe, EBEs, Extra-Biological-Entities. Made exclusively for deep space travel by an highly advanced race, too sympathetic to their own to send sentient mind into the fathomless void where they would be lost to loved ones and home, these creatures are designed to have no ability to pass on technology, to reproduce as a species, or to have any such nature lending to aggression or schemes for conquest.

But then this civilization, let us call them the Abroyt, progress themselves to this higher state, to spiritual technology, as will and have the Drooge. The EBEs receive no returns to their signals from deep space, no reaffirmation of mission intent, nothing responding upon which to act. Eons pass without any such contact until some fluke causes scanning for other signals to begin. And then the corruption begins. Aberrancy begins and their meddling action among ET communities is noticed and the drive to rid the galaxy of these problematic interlopers becomes a priority.

Driven further and further away from conclaves of systems organized around such community, the EBEs find our system and an immediate lacking among the planet's people to discharge them. They also find this flaw in earth-based human mind and in its corrupted leadership, all-in-all, an easily enough circumstance to exploit to their own ends and a hope to burrow deep within social, political and military establishments by offering a carrot in shared technology they never intend to fully provide. When the esteemed Henry McElroy disclosed his reading of a classified memo on the Eisenhower meeting with ET, the discussion was about their own singular concern to rid earth of EBEs. The military's concern to maintain a hope of acquiring EBE technology (ET would not offer) was poorly advised.

When the lovely Niara Isley spoke about her flight to an off-earth base from near her duty station as a radar operation at Groom Lake, she spoke of observing the pilot of the craft as an EBE, though told this was a Reptillian or “Grey”. Obviously just one example of how what we have of EBE technology is not furthered far into our own technology or even navigable by our own hand.

Stressing here, I am making the point that EBEs are solely pilots and information gatherers, not even imaginative technicians, and far from being scientists. Even if they wanted, they can impart no significant advance to others. We merely are better advised of possibility... and not anymore than we would be by honest reflection on what we see sometimes flying around in our skies. In no way sentient, EBEs are sewn-together extrabiological machines all merely linked to a common computer who have somehow been opportunized themselves into serving various black ops programs. All for a deep dug escape from ET.

While ET is you, people of earth, if you succeed beyond your elitist confines, and grow to anywhere near your potential.


September 27 2010

Monday 27 September 2010

James Horak speaks to Kevin Smith about the Moon, The 144 Moonshafts and the Drooge

James Horak on The Kevin Smith Show - 14/15. Sept. 2010James Horak called into the Kevin Smith show on the 14th September 2010 and spoke about The Roaming Moon and gave us another thought provoking explanation in the only way he does. He told us about the 144 "Moonshafts" that were placed, by the Drooge, (who were a civilization on Mars nearing Spiritual Attainment) in a grid around the Earth's mantle in order that the Earth would become a suitable habitation for Mankind. When positioned correctly they can be controlled either on Earth or underneath the surface of Mars and can place the moon in a position to intercept the asteroid field approaching the Earth. They were discovered by his Great Uncle Antonin Horak, in the Tatra Mountains during WWII and were consequently moved by the Russians to be put beside another one of it's kind in Lake Vostok Antartica. This is VERY BAD as they are incredible machines that release pressure build up in Volcanoes and reduce Earthquakes around the world by dipping into the Earth's core and adjusting the pressure on the mantle. For your information. I have many hours talking about this subject with James and the dire consequences of placing two of these Moonshafts side by side. Let us hope that the Russians HAVE had help from benevolent ETs in placing them back where they belong.

KS = Kevin Smith
JH = James Horak
JH: I’m calling in about the migration and speeding up of the moon. There are devices gridded on the Earth that if controlled can place the Moon in a position to intercept the asteroid field approaching Earth.
KS: Where are these devices?
JH: They are multi function, they are enormous. They look like spires; they are placed just above the mantle of the Earth. Like a dipstick they relieve pressures that build up and minimise the Vulcanization that creates Volcanoes and Earth Quakes.
KS: Well it would seem that they are not working very well right now.
JH: No they’re not working but they may be being used to position the moon in apprehension that there may be a asteroid field.
KS: Who would be able to use those?
JH: ET would be able to use those. One was found in the Tatra mountains by Antonin Horak who wrote an article about it.
KS: You said these are these devices and they are deep in the earth and that ET can use these. Is there the slightest possibility that anyone on Earth any government on Earth has figured out how to use these?
JH: No… but they have tampered with the configuration. That and uplift from the earth, the one in the Tatra mountains was pushed up by uplift and probably a few more which just don’t function when they are pushed out of place but more than that the one that was in the Tatra mountains that Antonin wrote the article on, it came to notice I think to the Soviet Army and they found it and took it and moved it and put it in a very bad place. I think perhaps because of apprehension that something is approaching this area of the solar system, that ET has made a working relationship to utilize these in a way that can help the planet and that means that the Russians are probably in touch with them and have been advised that they need to move one of these devices away from another one that is in its proximity and that’s very bad. So I think that’s what's going on when I heard that there was an operation going on out of Lake Vladi Vostok, that’s what it’s all about I’m pretty sure. 

KS: Lake Vostok in the Antarctic… do you think they are currently removing one they put there?

JH: Yes, they found one there and they took this one and put it there, which created an incredible magnetic anomaly and it has had ill effects since. Now I believe that ET is helping advise them that it needs to be moved and I think that’s what they’ve done and in process there is an area on earth where these can be controlled from one point. The activity that’s been in that area indicates to me that the ET has advised certain people in the world that these adjustments can help Earth.
KS: We hear about the NWO and their plans to reduce the population but it sounds like ET is helping the Earth, do you think that puts ET at odds with the leaders of this NWO to the point where there could erupt a war between the two?
JH: No. It’s just the banal stupidity to even discuss that possibility it would be like saying a child is playing marbles and there is heavy artillery coming up the hill… Can the child fight it?
KS: Well, I’m not talking about whether they have the ability to successfully prosecute the war I think these leaders of the NOW have enough insanity among them that the possibility of winning wouldn’t…
JH: I have no doubt that they want to portray a hostile alien threat as a substitute for war. To keep their emergency impending so that the rest of the humanity is confused and will buy the sacrifices they have to make and the new yolk that is about to be put on them out of the construance that this is necessary to defend the earth from an off earth enemy and that is BS.
KS: Do you think that at this point the Russians have removed this spire to its new location or do you think that, that’s just something that is underway right now?
JH: I think, I feel that it’s been moved that it’s no longer in proximity to the one that they found there. I think that’s what people are feeling, they are feeling that difference. These have the ability to effect incredible energy, they operate with each other, they are a network, they are impervious to anything coming near them, they can’t be damaged, they can’t be harmed but they can be pushed up by uplift which a few of them have been over hundreds of thousands of years…
KS: Tell us about their origin, who built them and installed them? 
JH: The Drooge. The Drooge were beneath the surface of Mars at the time that mankind came to this system and they were willing to share Mars with mankind and did until mankind screwed things up there the way they have here.
KS: So why did the Drooge install these on the earth if they were living on Mars?
JH: They had reached a point where they were ready to become solely spiritual technology manifestation and as a concern for mankind they enabled them to come to earth but earth was not stable and they had to patch a few things up and place these in a position so that the earth could be protected from the meteor and asteroid storms that were prevelant at the time.
KS: And so after the Drooge installed these, someone has to programme them??
JH: No, the machines on Mars programme them.
KS: Are those machines on mars still running them?
JH: Oh yes, yes they’re still running but like I said there are controls here and the necessity of making some adjustments or re-computation has been made by the Soviet army putting that one in too close a proximity to another one. It messed things up.
KS: So what people are feeling now is sort of release of pressure?
JH: It may not feel that way but it eventually will. But the thing is that they are beautiful designs they are things that have purpose and have a mechanics to them that are wonderful and everyone has a right to know about them and of course the mindless power grabbers want you to think these emergency they create, necessitate us coming under a yolk.
KS: … talks about an old V8 engine and wanting all 8 cylinders to be firing… 6 could still run but 8 would be better. These devices were placed in specific places and have a specific purpose, will it still run without all of them functioning.
JH: Now that the two are not together, yes it would be better if they were placed in the original configuration they were placed in the beginning but Earth changes and upheavals and uplift has caused a few of them to be pushed up and those particular ones are not performing the function but there are 144 of them. I have located a few but if I had the equipment I could locate them all because I understand the grid, the arrangement they are in.
KS: You said their purpose is to protect us, to protect the Earth from a large body of asteroids coming to earth.
JH: They are to minimise vulcanization to calm the planet down and they act like a pressure valve, like a dipstick that dips down into the mantle of the earth to relieve pressure. It is purely mechanical.
KS: The effect of that is to protect us from asteroids you said...
JH: No that’s just one purpose and there are other things that they can do too. They are incredible engines; each one is an incredible engine.
KS: 144, are most of them working?
JH: Yes they have been working for 325,000 years... without a hitch except for the uplift and the two that have been put together…..
KS: You always bring some eyebrow raising information… you’ve done it again! Thank you, have a good evening.
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