Thursday 10 September 2015

The Assessment | James Horak and Friends | Sept. 2015

This was an informal discussion and recorded with some last minute planning due to coordinating a group of very busy people at a time that suited all.

I have felt for some time that it was important to have James discuss with us his thoughts on current events and also tie in and connect with some other topics that have been discussed on his Facebook wall.

We spoke about the current financial crisis, as well as the explosions in China and of the ongoing catastrophe that is Fukushima.

As always the subject of the EMVs came up, along with the extended community's role.

We also talked about split consciousness, the cities of the sea, as well as touching on genetic memory and as always with James a lot more besides.

Please feel free to carry the discussion forward by commenting here and sharing your thoughts and questions with us.

Thank you for your continued support.


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This article, Detailed Space Vehicles Visible, states about the objects in the vicinity of our Sun:

"Images from NASA’s SOHO satellite show UFOs and anomalies near the Sun in the period from June 22 to June 28, 2015.

It is well known that NASA’s astronauts and scientists are not allowed to speak about the UFO phenomenon.

Nevertheless, NASA scientist, David Baker said, "There were a lot of people within the program who went off later and became convinced that UFOs existed and that led to some concern on NASA's part where they got the agreement of the crew never to publicly talk about these things for fear of ridicule."

There is a cosmic cover-up of the highest order, but for how long they can keep the existence of UFOs in space secret, especially if you see objects in the vicinity of the sun that clearly show solid-looking structures."

Crystal Clark is asking James: "What are folks really looking at here?"

James Horak: "ET level of technology that can brave proximity to the sun without any drain on shielding. That level does not need to use the solar anvil for interstellar travel. It is not that of the extended community but that of the visitors that spent so much time at Colares. Since the lead mask was worn by the ET there to protect the officer from the ET's energy, they have the potential to aspire to spiritual technology." JCH

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