Sunday 24 February 2013

Civil-War in America - Mark Snider with James Horak and Crystal Clark Pt.2

by Ohio Exopolitics

Edited version

Please be advised that this show ultimately took a completely different direction than the title reflects, and included black ops projects supposedly dealing with soul stealing, and many, many other interesting topics not generally discussed by James Horak.

This was a great show with host Mark Snider and included (but was not limited to) the following topics:
• The N.W.O has nowhere to hide—on the planet or off the planet
• The weaponization of asteroids (the recent meteors)
• N.W.O Corp: service=servitude; product=money & death; media is the sales division
• N.W.O weaponization of space and the introduction of the fungus
• The N.W.O. is using EBE’s and their craft
• Back-engineering isn’t as easy at is sounds: an Incan example
• History of astronomy: Phobos and Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP)
• Forbidden Archeology: Cremo & Archeological Anomaly
• Every human being has a right to the knowledge
• Records of prior human lineages are suppressed
• The latest find in Romania: will the public finally get the truth?
• Black Ops MILABS & Mind Control: another victim comes forward
• The irony of people who don’t believe in the soul believing they can actually capture one
• The N.W.O is a sick cult obsessed with physical immortality
• Mr. Computer (the complex in Utah): capable of collective artificial intelligence
• The N.W.O aren’t intelligent enough to discern between the psyche and the soul
• No supercomputer will ever know the outcome of free will

Download the episode at:
Ohio Exopolitics
Crystal Clark's website:
Affiliated website:

Friday 15 February 2013

The Hundredth Monkey Radio/Crystal Clark & James Horak

Interview with Tom and Ramon on Febuary 12, 2013

Since we have started this show we have met some people who have really “gotten it”. Crystal is one of those people. Ramon, Crystal and I have spoken about what we can do to help with the growth and education of all of you who are taking the steps to learn who and what we are and how we can actively work to create a future that brings back the true nature of our being.

We are starting a series of interviews with Crystal that we hope will help to do just that.
What is the Sacred Science?
What is the One Law?
How can we consciously take an active role in the changes happening on our world?
Who are we really?
These questions and many more will be addressed in this series of interviews.

This was another excellent show with Tom & Ramon and included the following topics:

  • Are we living on a prison planet?
  • Are we stuck reincarnating on the same planet over and over?
  • Where does the soul go upon death?
  • Time doesn’t mean what we think it does.
  • Helium’s role in natural longevity.
  • The perfectibility of the soul.
  • Split Consciousness affects our ability to remember past lives.
  • The soul retains individuality while sharing in collective memories.
  • A deeper look at Gandhi’s methods of dissent.
  • Humans are not animals regardless of what Hollywood says.
  • Beyond guns—the long-term outlook of depopulation.
  • Who is driving the bus, and how do we turn it around?
  • Knowledge without action is worthless.
  • Derelicts are deciding who lives and who dies.
  • Wealth is not equal to intelligence.
  • How can a “spiritual” person look the other way?
  • The history of opium wars and communism.
  • The illusion of progress.
  • Confusing Agenda 21 with a transition to a vegetarian diet.
  • Another N.W.O lie: no such thing as “junk” DNA—only potentials capable of expressing for viability.
  • The Vatican and the Doctrine of Infallibility.
  • The indulgence of pedophile priests: the Vatican has never policed itself
  • Roman History: Plebeians versus Patricians

Crystals websites: TheSolSociety and Drowninginabsurdity

Click here to go to the interview on The Hundredth Monkey Radio:
The Hundredth Monkey Radio/Crystal Clark & James Horak

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Australian Politician Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21 & Club of Rome, February 2, 2013

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Sunday 10 February 2013


Programme review by Torz Baron Copley

The UK's new drama, Utopia, on Channel 4 is a smorgasbord of dark and dirty truths, deftly disguised as recreational fiction. But Utopias writers hide the truth in plain sight for an unaware, uncaring and incredulous public. Surely this can’t be real, you say? It’s on the TV?! …. this is not fiction people but an all too real and utterly prevalent reality of global corruption and secret societies. Visually stunning use of light and camera work, combined with an excellent soundtrack makes Utopia a must watch. Remember the H1N1 vaccine push for a pandemic flu that never materialised…. Always ask yourself, who gains and to what end?

Complete with corrupted and complicit, high ranking Government ministers, hell bent on retrieving the second part of a cult graphic novel, drawn from the mind of a genius geneticist wishing to reveal vital information about continued Neo Nazi experiments in the pursuit of racial purity. Utopia contains a brutal amount of violence, ensuring a deliberate familiarising, gradual desensitising and eventual acceptance of emotionally shocking scenes. The sad and disturbed, chocolate raisin munching henchman; a victim of childhood Human experimentation, shows us in all aspects the genetically altered – emphatically deprived, mind controlled assassin he was made to become.

This programme gives you but a taste of the tactics used daily by the main stream media and financially powerful, strategically placed (bribed) CEO’s in faking digital images, news stories and controlling the pre-desired emotional reactions from a viewing public. When those in control at the top say jump, the controlled main stream media asks; how high?

What made me cringe was the comically enhanced, stereotypical conspiracy theorist geek, complete with underground bunker (very few of us are as extreme as that but public perception must be ingrained time and time again, in order that you don’t take us seriously). Yet as the plot unfolds, it becomes plain that such people as myself and others with the very real proof of such corruptions, are telling the truth and are not, in fact, ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ who spend too much time on-line.

A friend of my daughter was an extra in this series, which is why I let her watch the first few episodes. After viewing, I have had serious second thoughts about the wisdom of my decision and have refrained from allowing her to watch the rest. I don’t know what horrified me most; the blatant, unapologetic violence or the reaction of my teen in admitting that nothing really shocked her about this programme at all. We are unwittingly breeding a generation of children anesthetized against violence and moral values.

 Either someone at Channel 4 is wanting the information to be known about many issues affecting us now or the gradualist methods of the global elite has gone so far, that they can blatantly publish programs that smugly reveal these truths to us and know that in its format as fiction, we will dismiss the evidence as fact because we no longer believe anything to be real.

Still caught in the myriad of confusing traps of the Alternative Media designed to catch waking minds?
Or blissfully unaware of the factual similarities in this series?
Then look no further, sit back, get comfy and watch Utopia… it’s all there….

Viewers in the UK can go to Channel Four OD to watch the first 4 episodes of Utopia:
Viewers OUTSIDE of the UK can use this site: .

Sunday 3 February 2013

New Forum for EMVsinfo

EMVs visitors and readers. 

We are pleased to announce a new dedicated forum to discuss topics relating to important current issues that James discusses and information he has revealed to us about Humanities History and the EMVs around the Suns Corona.

If you are new to the information we offer before you join in with any discussions and in order to gain the most from what James freely shares with us, we strongly advise and would appreciate that you spent a few hours familiarizing yourself with the posts on the blog.

Please be advised we welcome open discussion and expect you to be polite and respectful.

James Horak and Crystal Clark on Beyond 2012 Radio with host Tony Kudos - 02.02.2013

Tony Kudos interviews James Horak and Crystal Clark on Beyond 2012

A list of topics discussed:

• EMVs in the Sun and Disclosure
• 21. December 2012
• Hostile-Alien-Thesis and ETs
• Kennedy and Obama, Bill Gates and Ted Turner
• GMO and vaccines, eugenics, global genocide
• Boycott of Mass Media
• Christians and Rapture
• Fake Al Queda and the real terrorism
• House to house seizures
• Feudalism, censorship
• The Disposition Matrix
• Food and water wars
• Crimes against humanity
• Chipping children
• Abductions
• Chemtrails
• Dimitri Khalezov and Sears Tower
• Our survival and genetic adaptations

Friday 1 February 2013

Randy Maugans with James Horak & Crystal Clark on OffPlanet Radio, Jan.30.2013

First Hour - Crystal Clark discusses:

The Gloves are off...
Identity mining/monitoring and personal profiling with a view to a totally controlled RFID chipped society.
The speed of peoples ability to see that Sandy Hook was a False Flag and their subsequent analysis and realisation of how far their Governments  will go to emotionally manipulate people.
DHS Drills and Crisis Actors.
Discusses her recent article on Cosmology and the importance of understanding how our perceptions are manipulated and controlled by the Social Engineers.
Alternative Media Infiltration.
Agenda 21

Second Hour - James Horak and Crystal Clark discuss:

Space Agencies hiding true number of Planets in our Solar System. Astronomers silenced and finds classified.
Inability of Alternative 3 to be implemented. ET introduced fungus that destroys Earth made metals explaining the cancelled Space Program.
1950's Nato Alliance to discredit Ufology. Hostile ET Invasion False Flag off the cards.
Abduction Scenario - Creation of false perceptions - Non-existence of hybrid clones - Eugenics - Nazis.
EBEs are a Government tool being used against Humanity. Hacking the Human Mind. Blonde ETs.
Invasive Hypnosis used to implant false memories, Psychic Block. Propaganda constantly employed to prevent the mind from accepting reality. Some movie makers in Hollywood try to tell the truth.
Dynasty of Pharaohs who were Extra Terrestrial - elongated skulls. Etruscans inspired by ET leaders.
Inter-dimensional visitors and much more...

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