Sunday 26 February 2012

The Plan

James Horak

The knowing of a priest is a powerful tool to so many in the confirming of belief, too often exploited from the vantage of authority to serve purposes far from the intent of that belief.

In the world where belief has slid so far away from faith in goodness and goodwill towards all men (not just those subscribing to the same belief), we have grown far too tolerant of atrocity, granting permission to the intolerance of ages passed simply because its agents hide this evil social mechanism behind such labels as, “national security”, or “anti-terrorism”.

But the evil remains AND no different than that pretending God's Will be done against those presumed heretical by slaughtering them. In this, the secular has combined today with the prelate. Ultimately leading to the greatest spiritual conflict anyone can face, the belief in a God conforming reality to all the moral contradictions we see practiced in high places.

It was indeed necessary to find new demons once those texts supporting a God of mercy, tolerance, love, and honor between men (mostly that of honor between men) had declined so dramatically He was hardly different than that of a fallen host. In order to erect the model of a god serviceable enough to New World Order corruptions, one that could bring the “fire from the heavens” and place it in the hands of man, religion had either to ignore these mindsets it had allowed or to embrace them. Since the Vatican was more than willing to do so, it seemed the very best choice for a New World Order to build itself around.

This was no new story, its writers taking direct cue from the example Constantine had set two millennium ago. And on the shoulders of which the Gnostics had been thought carried to oblivion.

The “new demons” today are just as much a myth as they were in the past. In a world where there is to be no honor between men atrocity cannot be accounted, and the state must certainly not be held responsible for deeds that escape reproach since the very words suitable to frame that reproach are lost within tailored jargon.

So now, instead of Satan (for many the very model of their own personal ideal of how to best topple the God of men of good will towards ALL men) the focus of serviceable demons is placed on the equally mythical hostile ET/alien. All the while, secretly back amid the machinations of world social engineering, Satan is held in high esteem in order to absolve the slightest degree of guilt. Madness so extreme good men and women are repulsed to even try and come to terms it can even exist. But the time has come to acknowledge that it does exist.

For the vacancies it can fill in the great cavernous space between divided consciousnesses can manifest actual demons for the monsters they may in turn inflict upon you. This, and not reptillians, humanoids, sentient species from other worlds and even EBEs are what those beginning to fathom supernatural changes in persons are seeing.


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