Thursday 27 January 2011

James Horak & Shunyananda - Insights from an Outsider - 5 - Jan.23.2011

This issue of the Private Conversations for the Public with James Horak deals with fascinating things as Disclosure, Chemtrails, Implants, Education, History, Reverse Speech. A false Alien Threat, Planet X, Nibiru, Sitchin, all are hyped by the Mainstream Media to promote Fear-mongering End Time Scenarios to discourage Humanity in taking back their Power.


Wednesday 26 January 2011

Sailing Beyond Knowledge hosted by Carlita Montross. Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

Sailing Beyond Knowledge Episode 33 Hosted by Carlita Montross.
Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

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Carlita hosts an interview with James Horak. James has helped bring awareness of 'Electromagnetic Vehicles' (EMVs), an object phenomena, within the suns Corona, each one the size of planet earth that exist; first studied by Dr Norman Bergun who wrote the book "The Ringmakers of Saturn". James shares with listeners his experiences with UFOs, his research and work. James and Carlita discuss, EMV, EBs, ETs, UFOs, USOs Multidimensional reality, God, Divine Consciousness, the powers that be, Corporate corruption, 9/11, the Gulf Oil Disaster, Hollywood Films, Nuclear wars and Infinite Consciousness.
Since James Horak was very young he has had encounters with UFOs, as a young man he spent a few years in the Navy serving aboard navy ships where in 1962 he witnessed a UFO encounter in Sasebo Harbour, Japan. This in turn led to further strange events in James's life. In 1973 he worked on the Theory of Fusion Metals and other projects relating to mineral analysis that led him to encounter EMV operations in Utah, USA. Since then James Horak has been sharing with the public mainly in UFO forums his work and research.
Other Websites relating to Horak's work:
Torz Baron-Copley's blog for James Horak
The image that accompanies this podcast is of an EMV that I found photographed by Nasa on the 24th January, to find more like this go and investigate EMVs for yourself, you can go to NASAs SOHO website and take a look through their photos of the Sun, you will find EMVs by blowing up photos in photoshop and once you know what to look for, they are very easy to find and have a distinctive shape and structure. Try it out for yourself:
Shoot the Breeze (Harry Roy Remix) a collaboration by Illuminertia & Carlita

Tuesday 25 January 2011

James Horak & Shunyananda - Insights from an Outsider - 4 - Jan.23.2011

Here is the next of the Private Conversations for the Public with James Horak, as always with mindblowing perspectives on ETs, EBEs, Space Eggs, the Sun and the EMVs, the Soul and last but not least: James Horak.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Power of Fusion Star…

What will it take for us humans to realise how utterly small and fragile our continued existence to evolution really is on this beautiful, blue planet?

Would the undeniable realisation that ultimately, we are NOT in control of the fate of Earthbound Mankind, jolt us into stunned awareness faster than any mass awakening of open-minded and morally outraged souls?

Around our Sun are planet sized objects of utter awe and fascination, objects so profoundly large that they defy our current logic of comprehension. NASA has tried their best to obstruct the images we receive via SOHO on a daily basis. But they are naive in their deception to think that there are those who do not see them and those who learn daily, just exactly what they are, what they do and what they contain.

The EMVs, we have come to understand, have always been there.
They are task driven to farm the energy of Fusion Stars, fed to continuous combustion by Helium, not a gas as has been designated on our Periodic table of Elements but what the Ancients called "Aether". Abundant in space yet unable to retain to our atmosphere due to an imbalance of gravity wave with our planet and it's artificial Moon driving her core. Whereas we have just developed the technology to observe them (albeit not advertised), they have tended to our Sun beyond our limited concepts of “Time”. Enabling growth of Earth bound human to develop to our current lineage. What thoughts run through the minds of the Elite with their ineffectual explanations and silent admissions of what is there for all to see…?

At what point did it become standard practice to prevent the advancement of our sentient species through knowledge and growth for the betterment of the Whole?

When it suits the few with a horrific vision and NOT the majority who are not so blissfully unaware, as is the case currently here on Planet Earth.

The majority of us do not truly comprehend the awesome life giving, yet devastatingly destructive power of our Sun. We, who currently have no genetic knowledge to call upon, have subsequently forgotten the fate of previous civilizations and their catastrophic failures when comparing our current situation to the gun barrel we are rapidly staring down.…

Would we, if we truly knew we were being tested for worthiness to something far greater, allow the horrific depopulation plans of a few mindless and un-enlightened fellow Earth Bound Humans to effectively sanction our extinction?

I think not….

We have reached our Nexus Point, be prepared for crazy stuff to happen from here on in, unless we make a stand and fight for our survival.

They are about to try and make us accept the unacceptable… they will be warned… and they have been warned.

Torz Baron-Copley.

Monday 17 January 2011

James Horak - Insights from an Outsider - Revelations - 2 - 10.Dec.2010

James Horak is speaking about Humanity, Awakening, Religions, Physics, EMVs, ETs, EBEs, the Texas Secession attempt and himself, and much more valuable information that just makes sense! Comments and questions are welcome.

Thursday 13 January 2011

James Horak & Angeltorz - Insights from an Outsider - 1 - Dec.02.2010

James Horak and Angeltorz in an online conversation about the EMVs, the Soul, Mind Control, Moral Determination, the NWO, the coming Ice-Age and much more.

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