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PAINTING WITH TOO BROAD A BRUSH III: Cognitive Dissonance & Detachment or Spiritually Enlightened?

July 25, 2012
By Crystal Clark

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” –J. Edgar Hoover

It might seem odd to begin this article with that particular quote, but it has its place. Detachment, as it is with many other things, has its upside and downside. At some point the newborn must be detached from its mother by cutting the umbilical cord, and we often fair better if we disassociate from things like murderers and poisons to protect ourselves and our families.  We may even go so far as to accept the moral imperative in doing so. However, there comes a point at which an individual should be intelligent enough to recognize that when detachment/dissociation from harmful circumstances is no longer possible, it is no longer a meaningful resolution to the problem.

This is expressed through continued escalations of harmful influences and disturbances, upon which one should rightfully wonder if detachment and dissociation were good strategies to begin with. Did painting with too broad a ‘detachment/disassociation’ brush cause more problems than it solved by letting things fester? Was its improper application a reflection of fear, apathy or even cowardice? Moreover, will we keep using it to white-wash or gloss over the mistakes we made in the process?  This is exactly what has been happening more often than not on this planet, and Cognitive Dissonance is a big part of it. 

Cognitive Dissonance: Discomfort or anxiety resulting from simultaneously holding contradictory or incompatible views, beliefs or ideas; Imbalance between cognitions; holding two conflicting beliefs at the same time; discrepancy between ones beliefs and actions. 

This particular article series (Painting With Too Broad a Brush) began, in part, as a response to how often I’m hearing the term “detachment” being overly sold as the new and improved way of dealing with the most pressing issues of our time—issues tied to the survival of the human race no less. This ideology not only refused to address those issues in the past when they were easier to resolve in their infantile stages, but also, still, aids and abets our own self-destruction the longer it continues. 

This trend moved from disturbing to almost criminal when it was up-sold with abhorrent notions that “you’re not spiritually advanced” if you actually have an attachment to the outcome of your humanity, and therefore human family. In other words, you’re a moral and spiritual neophyte if you “actually care” what happens to the seven billion people on this planet and their future. Haven’t come across that one yet? Given the rate this excessively absurd ideology is spreading, it won’t be long. We would do well to ask ourselves where this is coming from, and the answers may surprise you—especially if you thought I was specifically referring to the New Age community.

While the ill-gotten hopefuls of the genocidal New World Order must participate each year in the Cremation of Care ritual by burning and sacrificing a child effigy (signifying their care) to an enormous owl, we label it Satanic and scoff at it. At the same time hundreds, thousands, and even millions of “spiritual” people are also cremating their own cares—not at the feet of an owl during a secret ceremony, no. Rather they are doing it at the feet of every New Age guru that sells it to them with a sweet smile and promises of ascension to a dimension they have no idea even exists. Why is it so easy to sell? Two reasons: 1) It requires nothing of people in terms of change or taking action; 2) J. Edgar Hoover already explained the other reason—a stage every ‘awake’ person went through at some point on their journey, which also means it can be overcome.  

Now, if you’re one of TPB or a new-ager, no worries—you can’t be singled out as though you have some kind of monopoly on the detachment from physical reality idea. Many of our Christian counterparts are also too busy waiting to be raptured out of here to make any meaningful changes to a future they don’t believe they will be around to experience. To be sure, this idea has been around for a long time, in terms of cremating our cares or being in the world but not of it kind of thing. The principle itself does have a proper place in certain circumstances—it’s the extreme or overly broad application of it that creates problems. One doesn’t have to look far to see that we have an awful lot of problems right now, and if these problems grew out of detachment to the outcome, we certainly can’t expect them to get better with more of the same. Moreover, I can assure you the children of today know a lot more than we give them credit for. They know how many people don’t care, too, and unlike a multitude of adults, they actually know what it means for their future. 

As if that isn’t enough, the world looked on in admiration at ceremonies held during the 2012 Olympic Games in which this very same theme was more than echoed. It would be entirely wrong to say that millions of people didn’t understand what they saw—what it really meant and represented—a celebration of genocide and death. They either don’t know how to face it or they just don’t care, but in either case, both can be overcome. There was no large owl or self-proclaimed spiritual leader this time (unless that’s what the giant reaper was meant to symbolize), but the dead baby (representing the future of the human race) was indeed quite a bit bigger—a little more ‘in (y)our face’ than usual. It was definitely brazen, but I can see why. After all, regardless of the mechanism of presentation, they really have been incredibly successful at brainwashing millions (perhaps even billions) of people into “accepting what is” because it’s the latest spiritual fad. In this case the new black really is different from the old one—it’s quite a bit darker. It was incredibly difficult to watch those ceremonies wondering if I’m one of the few people left on earth that actually still cares about the future of our children and our planet. 

What IS happening, IS global genocide. I will NOT accept that, and deep down where it really counts, neither will you. Not giving a damn about the senseless death, starvation and suffering of billions of people—which includes you and your families as well at some point—is not an option on my table, and perhaps after you honestly answer the following questions (again privately and to yourselves), you’ll come to see it was never really an option for you, either. 

Further, I suspect you’ll come to see more than just the Cognitive Dissonance working in your lives. Perhaps you’ll also see the hands that relentlessly exploit it, as they really are—lifeless bones stripped of any living hopes, cares, and meaningful actions necessary for life to continue on. Those who cannot see life as a wondrous sacred miracle to experience and behold, and therefore protect, have become the willfully walking dead—they are already lifeless. Given what I’ve covered here so far, in conjunction with the endlessly marketed zombie apocalypse, that’s a little more than ironic, don’t you think? 

If you really and truly believe that detachment from the outcome (reality), love and light, wishful thinking, prayer and meditation, raising your vibration or intentions alone are enough to overcome anything (which includes corruption and mass murder), and that any/all other actions are not necessary, would you do the following things:

Call an ambulance for help with life-threatening situations?
Take vitamins?
Wash your hands with soap that kills germs?
Take antibiotics?
Eat rancid meat?
Drink contaminated water?
Knowingly drink fluoride; feed your children fluoride?
Knowingly eat GMO’s; feed your children GMO’s?
Eat or drink anything at all?
Play in, or let your children play in, toxic waste dumps?
Knowingly eat (or feed your children) seafood full of oil and Corexit?
Inject your children full of toxic vaccines?
Call the Fire Department to save your burning house?
Brush your teeth?

I could certainly go on and on here, but I can’t see why it would be necessary. That said, let me reiterate that no matter how many “Cremation of Care” ceremonies the PTB perform at the behest of their Satanic/N.W.O. masters, nor how many others will repeat the same lies and meaningless rituals at the behest of gurus or pastors, ALL OF THEM—even you—will often behave and therefore act in ways that are entirely contradictory to those proffered and repeated beliefs

This is Cognitive Dissonance, and the New Age movement suffers from it every bit as much as the PTB and religious zealots. You know as well as I do that most Satanists and Spiritual/Religious guru’s alike, WILL do whatever they can to keep themselves and their children healthy and alive, and this goes well beyond happy thoughts, raising vibrations, accepting what is, detachment to the outcome, and all-around not really caring.

To emphasize the point, so utterly two-faced is the Cognitive Dissonance on both sides of the Satanic and Light Worker spectrums, especially, that they can’t hold a candle to Jehovah Witnesses. Now there is a people that actually practice what they preach, and their children do often suffer and die for it. I eek out a small satisfaction and keep some hope for our future knowing that the New Agers and Satanists aren’t willing to go that far down the road of insanity—yet. When my mother was young, one of her cousins died because their parents were Jehovah Witnesses and refused to get treatment for the child. If prayer alone wasn’t enough to save the child, it was simply God’s will that they didn’t live. Beyond prayer and well-wishing, they didn’t lift a finger to save the child. They simply “accepted what is”. 

All the same, while most of our attention is constantly redirected to the absurdity of Satanists, ever keeping us from identifying the same patterns being sold elsewhere under different names, the New Age community has taken it even further. Jehovah Witnesses at least believe, to some degree, that our Creator actually cares about us enough to engage in our affairs. They take the idea of “let go and let God” to new heights, yes, but they do it because they believe a higher power really cares for them. You can’t even get that much in the New Age community anymore—detachment from the outcome apparently extends to the Creator as well now. 

After all, how can you personally be conned into not caring about the outcome of your planet and the future of your children and human race, if you still believe the Creator cares about the outcome? That’s an even bigger reason not to care, isn’t it? It’s worth your time to consider how this is being sold to you, and look for the Cognitive Dissonance even there. When every aspect, rule and law of nature is constantly telling you its only purpose is to uphold, recreate and regenerate life—which includes you—how can anyone convince you that whoever and whatever created these things, doesn’t view all life as sacred? 

It has become shocking to me how many people find this easier to swallow, than the idea that even our Sun is teaming with life forms whose sole purpose is to manage solar energies in ways that enable life in a living solar system to carry on. See how that works? As-above, so-below are continual reflections of each other in terms of how much time and energy goes into sustaining life. Nevertheless, if you can be conned into believing that nobody “above” cares about life, well, then, why should anybody down here care either? The very idea is a violation of every natural law and system that is in the process of purposefully being destroyed to carry out global genocide—understand that this is being done by people who know the truth. Take a moment to think on this. 

The same self-destructionist memes have infected more people on this planet than we can survive if it continues. It is the same idea over and over, only the names have changed. It’s like giving our Father the exact same tie every year for Christmas and expecting him not to notice because we use different wrapping paper every time. There is no difference between rapture, ascension, or Cremation of Care rituals at the fundamental level—not one iota. There is no difference between a pastor who claims he alone can interpret God/Creator’s will and message for you, and someone who claims to come directly from the Source, piously espousing more of the same “I’m more special than you are because I have a *direct* line to the Source/Creator” nonsense. 

I really am disturbed by how many in the New Age community have accepted this same re-packaged nonsense from their own version of pastors, but still feel high brow enough to make fun of religious folk. At least most religions still believe that whoever created all of this, cares about what they created. Can you imagine seeing a pastor get up in front of his congregation, tell them all that their God/Creator doesn’t really care about them or their future, and they know because their God/Creator sent them here to tell them that? No matter how big that church may be, if there is a single cricket within its walls, that’s all the pastor would hear after saying such a thing. Do you see the Cognitive Dissonance in that though? If you were God/Creator/Source, and you *really* had no attachment to the outcome of humanity, would you send someone here to tell people that, which will (and has), if I’m not mistaken, change the outcome? 

This is cruel and absurd and should insult your intelligence. Until you really care enough about the future you want to experience, your actions will reflect your inability to know what actions to take to manifest it. 
If you’re still convinced that not caring is the way to go, do the rest of us a favor and either call like it is and participate in the annual Bohemian Grove ritual, or at the very least, keep it to yourself. Already there are far too many people that can’t be bothered to give a damn, and I don’t particularly relish the idea of that number growing. If “unsustainable” ever had any meaning at all, it’s right there, and if the day comes I can no longer look my son in the eye and tell him there is still hope of a meaningful future for him, I will know exactly who to blame and why, and it won’t just be TPB/Shadow Government. 

Moreover, don’t misunderstand what I have presented here today. I have personally written a great deal about the power of meditation and prayer, the power of the mind, have had incredible experiences in this regard with everything from receiving information in my dreams and even what some would call a miraculous healing—I get that part, honestly and truly. What I don’t see happening nearly often enough, is the other part, and it matters just as much to those who still care—perhaps even more so if we are now the minority. 

Remember that your homes, governments, children, antibiotics, computers, missiles, HAARP, vaccines and GMO’s weren’t built with intentions alone. They were created with physical hands and physical bodies in a physical world. And, to be sure, I’m not a fan of arguing over exactly what “physical” means while Rome burns—not when Rome represents the planet we live on. I can assure you that the arsonists making trillions of dollars by burning it down, aren’t wasting time arguing over it either. If we can come to really love again, consequently overcoming Cognitive Dissonance, there will be plenty of time to argue over what “physical reality” means later. If we can’t or refuse to, those arguments will be very short lived. 

As always, I want nothing but the best for you and your loved ones, but I also know that wishful thinking only gets us so far. The forgotten, murdered, starving and abused people on this planet—whom you’re soon to be among without caring enough to stop it—need you to know it too. And make no mistake, we ALL need to do a lot more than just know it. 

Blessings, Crystal Clark
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