Monday 23 May 2011


All about us are dire warnings of impending doom; wrought, of course, by all elements outside the influences of the-powers-that-be, but none-the-less promoted widely in the most dubious manner by their agents of opinion forming, the mess media. All with built-in deniability provided, all in some way as easily designated spurious rumor. Perplexed, we might look away from the very real threats to ourselves and loved ones, threats we know administered to us by those whose abuse of authority and power exceed sanity. Like with Fukushima, a disaster waiting to happen, and BP's adventure in the Gulf of Mexico, timed too well for their recovery from drilling a bad well and opportunized into a way of dumping banned substance (corexit) to avoid further storage costs. Each revealing a truth not spoken yet, these are the self-same exponents of entrenched corporate power mongers who would profit most off selling global warming. Yes, the contradiction should be revelatory.

Now it is something originally represented as a comet, Elenin. Indeed it is not a comet for it has changed course several times. Let me make a prediction: under intelligent control, this body will not come between earth and the sun. Will bring no harmful influence. Is attempting to communicate and represents one sole intention: to display that the-powers-that-be have nothing with which to effect warfare effectively beyond their own area of immediate confinement. In other words, that the hostile alien thesis is not only a fraud but an absolutely untenable one to believe.

People, use your common sense. No hostile alien threat exists. Should the-powers-that-be retain these earth threatening programs, more and more driven towards goals of desperation to keep an eroding power base at the expense of ANY and ALL other considerations, this planet is likely to lose it's ability to accommodate sentient life as a home any longer. EMVs will withdraw, both from tasks designed to farm the energy of the sun in ways constructively for the earth as a habitat, and on earth to hold together a critical process of cushioning otherwise far more dramatic plate realignments. A concern, I might add, more and more tested by HAARP and other uses of renegaded technology.

Many off-earth peoples have well-meaning concerns for you. In many ways these have been expressed over eons by steps taken to provide your setting protection. Still no one can protect you from yourselves. If Elenin has any meaning it is to express to you the hope that a much grander possibility exists than to provide anymore children to a system that bestows less and less value for the gifts they truly bring.


Wednesday 4 May 2011

Episode 40 - Machiavellian Politics with James Horak on SBK with Carlita Montross.

Carlita is once again joined by James Horak to discuss current events, including the many deaths of Osama bin Laden, there are various links below that point to earlier deaths announced before this one and the convenient burial of the alleged body at Sea. The news media in the UK are already spinning news stories connected to the most recent announcement of Osama's alleged umpteenth assassination. James talks about the shadow governments control and power within the fraudulent banking systems and their connection to 9/11. Carlita and James touch on various interconnecting issues such as earth changes, weather manipulation, the CIA presidents, Corporate Fascism, Freedom of Speech, Internet Censorship, control over human rights, financial control, exopolitics, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Jose Escamillia, Dr Andrew Basiago, manipulation and manufacturing of terrorism and violence and the need to nurture sustainability, community, peace, kindness and love for all of human kind.

Further links for researchers:

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Another Dose of Reality with James Horak.
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