Saturday 28 December 2013

Mark Snider - Fukushima Round Table Discussion with James Horak and Guests

The cores on all three reactors melted down. These are the events that caused these reactors to melt down:

The water in the containment vessel evaporated because the pumps that keep the coolant water flowing were disabled by the flooding waters of the tsunami.

The nuclear fuel became uncovered and heated up to a temperature of 2,300 degrees celsius.

The nuclear fuel melted and mixed with the materials in the containment vessel.

This melted core formed a magma called corium which flowed down to the bottom of the reactor vessel.

The corium pierced the containment vessel and fell on the concrete containment.

Currently we don't know what quantity of corium has fallen and how deep did the corium pierce the concrete containment vessel!

Ohio Exopolitics:


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Monday 9 December 2013

Where Technology is about Saving Everyone (and where it isn't)

James Horak
Wednesday, November 27

Were I to draw a major distinction between advanced civilizations and those still savage it would be drawn over use of technology and not technology itself. It would be where the use of technology was to benefit everyone on all levels and not just a select few at any of those levels. For only where such access is afforded all alike would come the stability for a civilization to survive beyond the inevitable struggles of one group to succeed to parity with another, a cultural tension far greater than that to survive any elite... no matter what is in place to protect their privileged station.

But then that is not the only “tension” threatening to destruct a culture. The very nature of privilege breeds leadership that feeds on the devastation of others. Settle class rule and you would just begin to see that leadership will begin to feed upon itself. Can it be otherwise when the use of nuclear devices, despoliation of an entire planet and plans to murder over 90% of a population become adopted as methodology? Just what is left ANY of those that survive? For such an amoral contagion does not end there and those just immediately outside its influence would certainly object to neighboring with it.

When we examine the history of war, perhaps of any earthly struggle, we see two things constant among the fashioning causes, one class making the war while another fights it.

So, I ask you, would (even could) there be war without class distinctions? More, can class distinctions be predicated on wealth alone? Corporate wealth? Provisions found in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement can answer that quite clearly. For what it lays out, not just forebodes, is the selection of leadership solely on those aspiring to power on the basis of corporate profit taking. The sell is on the lie that this will settle upon a new period of global harmony. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take heed of the corporate sabotage, corporate espionage that has percolated out of allowing corporations greater and greater influence in the world today. Hardly is “corporate” anything an answer to the survivability of the planet. This comes to nothing more than an end run behind all human advance socially obtained through the instrument of social contract.

Not just an abdication to the excesses of power that our own Constitution prevented, but to the rights of all individuals under the theory of Everyman and his place being held to inherent rights accorded by natural design. Something so profound, something given us as an heritage that the forefathers of time immemorial struggled so hard and long to obtain. Now, like the surgical incision to remove America's economic health NAFTA portended, the final dissolution of any idea of human rights comes under threat. Disguised again like a “free” trade treaty, it is the final blow to the promise of all freedoms ever won from any and all forms of slavery. - JCH

Sunday 27 October 2013

James Horak Round-Table - Fukushima Radiation - World-Wide Killer on the Loose by Design

Race With Time Episode 5 - James Horak Round Table with Kevin Blanch, Andrew Ebisu, Mhairead McDonald, Christina Consolo aka Radchick and David Corso on WolfSpiritRadio - 25. Oct. 2013

Three leading voices in the anti-nuclear movement speak out. Kevin Blanch, Andrew Ebisu and Christina Consolo are our guests thanks to co-host Mhairead McDonald. A full three hours of information that offers all appreciable aspects of the most imposing environmental threat humanity has faced, Fukushima. JCH

When Crystal asked me if I would stand on for her to do this show on this particular topic, I was hesitant, I have never done anything like this before and did not feel knowledgeable enough to cover it adequately.  But I knew that if I could get some of the Fukushima truth activists on board it could be something that would give people some much needed insights and information into an event that is proving to be the worst environmental catastrophe of our times, the consequences of which are horrific in a multitude of ways. We are all affected by this. Many are already dying and as is pointed out in the discussion cancers are on the rise. It is a nightmare, it was from the start, and we are not dreaming. Our planet is in grave danger as this adds to the stresses already placed here through the continued insanity of those who exploit and rape this earth for greed beyond measure.

So many are still in a fog of confusion and denial regarding the multiple issues that are part of the topic and I know that James agrees with me that nothing is more important than this, as Kevin Blanche would say right here, right now. If you are not moved by Kevin's activism, his creative intensity and knowledge, then I despair, take a look in the mirror that he holds up to you. His passion and activism is life long and he has continued throughout his treatment of AML Leukaemia and is still alive against all odds. He is a true warrior, and I do not use that term lightly these days.

I am so grateful to him for his work and his contribution to this discussion. I was over joyed that he took the time out to be with us. I approached Andrew Ebisu early on as I had watched all his beautifully crafted films and shared them with James and others. Andrew could not have been more gracious with his time and his input and I thank him for that, it is an honour to meet someone who is in integrity and just as Kevin has the passion, so does Andrew have the tenacity and the depth.

Last, but by no means least, I thank Christina Consolo for stepping in on short notice and contributing up to the minute reports after the quake had hit Fukushima that day, along with great insights into her data. She is another grass roots activist in the movement who provides information on a daily basis, and there are a few who do such vital work on utube, and like Kevin says they were there early in the piece doing the heavy lifting. It is my hope that this discussion will contribute to the cause, please see the links to those who took part share and talk about the topics covered with others, support the work of these individuals any way you can. Two hours of listening in a world where precious time is running out, is not much to ask. Thank you James, Crystal, Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for his generous heart. Shuny and Patrice for the editing, image and upload. Exposure to Truth is what we all work so hard for.

Kevin Blanch is on FB and has a Youtube channel

On Andrew Ebisu's Youtube channel you will find his films On Fukushima Beach, 1, 2 and, 3, please subscribe and support.

Radchick links: Youtube,
The Battle for Chernobyl, a must watch, along with Nuclear Controversies (turn of Chinese captions in top right hand corner)

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Race With Time 4 - Crystal Clark & James Horak - The Elements of Social Engineering and how it is applied

Wolf Spirit Radio, 11 October 2013

Crystal Clark and I have tried to obtain an overview of the cultural, economic, political, military and social encroachments upon the individual that the New World Order portends. In this segment we deal with that of social engineering, it's methods and applications of this modern era; how, as an instrument of this intended feudal corporate fascist police state, it serves its masters. JCH

All of this and much more were discussed in this expansive, set-the-record-straight 4th episode of RACE WITH TIME, with hosts James Horak & Crystal Clark. Shows air live every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month on Wolf Spirit Radio from 7-9 pm PST.

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast and for publication permission.

Crystal's website:
Courtesy for graphics:
Courtesy for audio editing:

Thursday 10 October 2013

James Horak, Gary Hendershot & Dave Corso - The Missing Homeless

Wolf Spirit Radio, 20 September 2013

The haunting loss of the homeless and what it may portend.

"Many points of view can juncture at nexus. That is where are we. It is an illusion to think we are not all together, even with the monsters." JCH

Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast and for publication permission.

If you have any information that can be verified, please call David Corso at 1775 65 75 973 in the USA.

Sunday 6 October 2013

Fukushima - An Unprecedented Nuclear Disaster for Humanity and Planet Earth

In an upcoming interview with James Horak, Film maker Andrew Ebisu, (who made the video's below) and fellow Fukushima Activist  Kevin Blanch on Friday 25th October 2013, hosted by Dave Corso @ Wolf Spirit Radio and coordinated by our colleague M. MacDonald, we will be discussing the catastrophic implications for the Planet as a result of the ongoing contamination due to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2011.
In anticipation of this interview we would like our readers and subscribers to view Andrews Ebisu's videos beforehand in order to familiarise yourselves with the full scale of this disaster and the implications that are affecting the Humanity now.
Below are three brilliantly made and informative video's by Andrew Ebisu.

On Fukushima Beach (remastered)

On Fukushima Beach 2: The Lights of Fukushima (Director's Cut)

The Bombing of Kyoto - On Fukushima Beach 3 (AKIRA version)

Friday 4 October 2013

Crystal Clark & James Horak on WolfSpiritRadio - TPP: WHEN GREED ISN'T ENOUGH

RACE WITH TIME Episode #3: When Greed Isn’t Enough

• TPP & FEMA Region III updates
• UN Arms Trade Treaty: global gun registration and regulation
• Constitutional transgressions and political corruption
• Republic form of government requires an involved and responsible public for oversight and direction
• Treason: Fast & Furious and supplying arms to Syrian rebels
• The many Orwellian faces of the Cremation of Care ritual---are you wearing one?
• People need to plug back in to reality and help by taking appropriate action
• The UN is a front for the New World Order
• Lawlessness: turning a blind eye to corruption means your silence is consent
• Corruption of the Supreme Court the gateway to the destruction of our Republic
• Shoulder-shrugging won’t fix anything; don’t get depressed—get busy and involved
• The overpopulation lie: when all you see is overpopulation, all you have is depopulation tools
• Corrupt corporations (not the public/sheeple/useless eaters) are destroying our environment
• Did the NRA covertly sell out?
• The legal system has been contaminated--- loyalties have been confused (and/or purchased)
• Eustace Mullins and Common Law
• Administrations vs. regimes: the Constitution is our ONLY social contract with government
• John Kerry: patsy, imposter, or both?
• Why would they do that?—Howard Hughes, Qui Bono and the military industrial complex
• Kevin Blanch (not David Blanch), Lauren Moret and the Fukushima depopulation nightmare
• Strontium 90 the predominant cause of rapid onset leukemia
• Fear of confrontation allows aberrant behavior to thrive and continue
• The ultimate insanity: using a neutron bomb to neutralize Fukushima radiation
• Increasing disease & more virulent strains of flu
• Overview (lending to genius) prohibited as a threat to New World Order agenda
• The psy-ence behind helium, carbon, alpha particles and CERN
• Helium is not an element—doesn’t react to/combine with anything or degrade---NO such thing as Helium 3
• Helium disinfo began during WW1 by the military industrial complex
• Proper knowledge of helium kept secret from the public by gas companies based on extraction/use being a corporate “trade secret”
• Helium being part of the secret of the sun

All of this (in the first hour alone) and much, much more were discussed in this expansive, set-the-record-straight, and 3rd episode of RACE WITH TIME, with hosts James Horak & Crystal Clark. Shows air live every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month on Wolf Spirit Radio from 7-9 pm PST.

Articles referenced during the show:
Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets (Aerobiology, climate and chemtrails) can be found HERE
Cognitive Dissonance & Detachment or Spiritually Enlightened? (Cremation of Care in New Age Dogma) can be found HERE

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast, Shuny (OmetaOne) for doing the audio editing, Patrice from Information-Machine for producing the graphics, and co-host James Horak for his special (out-formation) insights. It’s always a team effort!
Website of Crystal Clark: drowninginabsurdity

Thursday 19 September 2013

Crystal Clark & James Horak on WolfSpiritRadio - TPP: Corporate Charter for the New World Order

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a monstrosity akin to being the corporate charter of the New World Order, effectively providing the framework for corporate global dominance. The details of the agreement are being written and negotiated in secret by 600 corporate advisors (including Walmart, Pfizer, Monsanto & Halliburton) while both Congress and the press have been barred from accessing the text. Sections of the text leaked to the public indicate a massive corporate conglomerate is working behind the scenes, through the TPP trade agreement as well as global consolidation (too big to fail) tactics, to upgrade transnational corporate rights and power from ‘personhood’ status to ‘nationhood’ status with a bent towards global resource management and control.

This inflated status enables corporations to sue sovereign nations having strict health, safety and/or environmental laws with the claim that such laws “violate their corporate rights to make money” via exploitive activities such as drilling, mining and fracking. Hundreds of similar lawsuits, costing nearly three hundred billion dollars in taxpayer funds globally, have reportedly already been filed. The latest, and perhaps most disturbing, is Bayer/Syngenta suing the European Commission to overturn the ban on their pesticides---the same pesticides proven to be responsible for killing millions of bees.

While TPP negotiations are expected to be finalized by Oct 1st 2013—a deadline that may also be related to upcoming disaster preparedness requirements centered around FEMA Region 3—the TPP deadline can, through a dedicated public focused on freedom and right-living, be stalled and pushed back for a third time (and perhaps final) time. To learn more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), as well as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), and find out what you can do to personally get involved, please visit the Public Citizen Global Trade Watch website as well as

Video: It Can’t Happen Here by Larken Rose
Video: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporate Global Domination (long version)
Video: Ask Lori [Wallach] Live: Trade Expert on the TPP

UPDATE(S): Special thanks to Jacqui C. for uncovering records proving Senator Sheldon R. Songstad (Republican--retired), is in fact a real person. Songstad was reportedly the source from which the “memo” regarding FEMA Region III deadlines originated—a claim I have been unable to verify.

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast, Shuny (OmetaOne) for doing the audio editing, Patrice from Information-Machine for producing the graphics, and co-host James Horak ( for his special insights.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Micro Cosm, Macro Cosm, Cosmic Love Song for the Cosmos. By M. MacDonald

Guest Artist, Friend and Poet, M. MacDonald has written this moving piece, it is so good I want to honour her and post it on our blog.

Original Artwork by M. MacDonald @ Creative Heart Art and The Moonskin Journals

I want you to be free, as free as they do not want you to be.
I want hot coffee with cream and sugar,
green grass, and a blue sky while wearing my bare feet.

I want them to tell the truth.
I want the jingo to leave the jingo ism, be put in prison, in a hot walled room.
I want the babies to stop dying, injected by lies, poisoned by chemical laden air, bombed to oblivion.

I want to press my finger, deep, into his eye and make him confess, on the world stage, that he is a murderer.
I want to do that to all of them.
I want to do that to her.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth.

I want you to get who I am.
I want men to grow the fuck up.
I want women to grow the fuck up.
I want people with children to kiss them now.

I want you to know who I am.
I want you to know who you are.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth.

I want FB Memes to be inspiring.
I want the use of the word awesome as an all encompassing adjective to be banned.
I want you to laugh.
I want you to fucking roar.
I want you to know abandonment.
I want you to align your love with truth and loyalty.
I want you to find out what that means.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth..

I want to breathe clean pure air and feel safe.
I want deep blue sky and mountains of mightiness.
I want to be home.
I want language to be treasured.
I want to catch your salted tears.
I want my heart to be more tender.
I want her to say sorry and mean it.
I want to not have that shadow.
I want a mind of constant wonder.
I want the day I saw a dragonfly for the first time feeling back, to remind me.
I want people who befriend me to mean it.
I want to know courage.

I want chocolate to be worse than sex.
I want to write a poem, a micro cosm, macro cosm, a cosmic love song for the cosmos.
I want you to know the dancer in the dance.
I want you to know its me.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth.

I want him not to be dead forever.
I want goodbyes to be a joyful wave.
I want to be held in loving arms .
I want you to save me.
I want to save you.
I want me to save her.
I want to love all.
I want you to acquiesce and admit you were wrong.
I want to be humble.
I want to be strong.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth..

I want my mother to die peacefully in sleep.
I want her to say goodbye to me.
I want her body to sail in glory.
I want you to think of death as a door way.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth.

I want you to listen.
I want you to hear me with all of your body.
I want you to hear me with all of your soul.
I want to create a thing of stop in time beauty.
I want you to understand,
I want you to comprehend.
I want you to walk in my skin.
I want to walk in yours .
I want you to see through my eyes
I want to see through the beauty of yours.

I want a dreamland walking.
I want to make a difference.
I want insipid posturing to be outlawed.
I want arrogance to be notifiable.
I want to see women as they are.
I want to see men as they are.

I want the gift of your anger to treasure it in my hands.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth.

I want the sea to be wild and free.
I want the fire to be wildly free.
I want the water to be roaring free.
I want the earth to be free.
I want the wind to be free.
I want all beings free.
I want it all to be untethered for eternity.

I want my soul to travel in time.
I want passion to be compulsory.
I want to fight for your child.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth.

I want you to grow a brain as big as you think your cock is.
I want it to have a mind to match it, and heart flooded with empathy.
I want you to stop pouting at the camera
I want ugly to be beautiful.
I want to be visible,
I want to be invisible.
I want you to see me.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth..

I want a best friend before I die.
I want the fake stopped.
I want integrity to be as vital as blood .
I want you to look me in the eye
I want all the big fish put in a very big sea.
I want the little fish to thank me.

I want you to say sorry to me.
I want you to stop fucking patronizing me.
I want the lies to stop.
I want the hypocrisy to stop.
I want peace.
I want you to fucking respect me.
I want intensity to be a virtue.
I want to be clever and kind.
I want to remember your name as well as I remember that kiss.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving for this earth..

I want people to see the creator creative, within the creation.
I want spirals to be compulsory.
I want bees to be saved.
I want pink hearts- instead of taking the time to make a considerate comment- to be contemptible.
I want you to be able to map my humor without directions.

I want you to think deep thoughts.
I want you to be loved.
I want you to go mad then come back again and tell me about it.
I want you to know I'll understand.

I want to walk between two worlds.
I want the raven to love me all in black.
I want to speak dolphin.
I want the cruelty to end.

I want them all to be held accountable and stopped, for ever.
I want to stop grieving this earth.

Copyright: M .MacDonald 4th September 2013

Saturday 14 September 2013

James Horak - Robert Stanley - A Tale of two Timelines - Sept.13-2013

A Tale of two Timelines

This lesson in history and the projections for the near future leave Robert quite unsettled in this eye opening conversation. If you meet someone who has the history of the world at hand, with details present from all periods you come to inevitable conclusions.

Thursday 5 September 2013

James Horak & Crystal Clark | Race With Time, Wolf Spirit Radio, Aug.30-2013

"If time travel is possible, has ever been possible, will ever be possible, it is with us now." - JCH

Crystal and James are going deeper into all matters of time travel and it's implications. Other topics discussed are ancient civilizations and of course, the psychopathic elite's schemes for total destruction in their effort to install a global corporate feudal police state.

Courtesy to David Corso for publication permission:
Crystal Clark's website:
Courtesy for grafics:
Courtesy for audio editing:

James Horak & Crystal Clark on the Vinny Eastwood Show - Aug.16-2013

Vinny's NUTShell: 
When you read his entire bio from his website, you realise James Horak has an unusual background; in fact you could say he's had an unusual life!

But in recent years James has become known for his revealing the true nature of the strange objects that people have been seeing in many NASA/ESA/SOHO images of the corona of the Sun. He calls these objects EMVs, which stands for Electro-Magnetic-Vehicles.

James also talks about Sun Control, The Solar Anvil and Humanities Call, and today we're going to find out from him exactly what he means by all these things.

Crystal Clark, &, 
an author who is passionate about Sacred Science. We'll ask Crystal to explain exactly WHAT Sacred Science is shortly. But her personal goal is to help humanity realize its full potential in meaningful ways that not only expand awareness of the other choices that genuinely uphold, regenerate, and recreate life (of which there are many), but also to rebuild the bridge between the mind and the heart; the mystical and material, so that the peaceful and abundant paradise we all long for can finally manifest here, in, around, and through, us. - The Vinny Eastwood Show

Tuesday 20 August 2013

James Horak on Unicus Radio with Robert Stanley 13.Aug.2013

RFID chip found in Napoleon's head.
Who is tampering with our timelines?

affiliated to Information-Machine

Friday 16 August 2013

In Memoriam Kevin Smith † 14 Aug 2013 - with Jerry Wills

The Great Kevin Smith has passed away. Kevin Smith, the best paranormal radio talk show host has left a gaping hole in the alternative media and the hearts and minds of all who loved him.

Shuny kindly recorded the 'In Memory of Kevin Smith Show', hosted by Jerry Wills in memory of our dear friend Kevin for all of you who could not watch it. 

Many of Kevin's, friends and listeners called in to recall their memories of him. Made all the worse as he passed away on his birthday. Yet again our thoughts go out to his family, especially his wife and son.

Kevin never wanted people to 'stand and weep' once he was gone, that being left a huge gaping hole in many peoples lives and hearts and it's going to take a while to get over the shock of not hearing your voice every night. 

Jerry, I hope you don't mind us posting this here, but under the circumstances we wanted as many people as possible to be able to hear all of our thoughts for him. Thanks from all of us for putting on this show under such tight timescales.

Kevin @ "Castle Kevinstein" Studio 
Kevin holding a genuine Olmec head in James Horak's garden
Where ever your soul is now, may it shine bright with many colours...
 RIP Kevin Smith 

In Memoriam

“You matter.” You have a right to know.”

Etched by one intent effort and another
to go where so few others bother
A guiding light to thought with density
the realm of physics with added intensity
Holding open a stage to all when any
answers could be found

Never denying any cogent thought that

might lead to new ground

Knowing how to challenge issues without


Logic and insight served all means he had

of redress

The prince of a genre, a friend to so many
shoes to fill, cannot any

A right to know is now what's left

for Kevin Smith now has the fullest sense
of that right to know


Thursday 15 August 2013

Sad farewell to a dear friend.. Kevin Smith

Dear readers, subscribers and fellow truth-seekers.

It is with a heavy heart and blurry eyes that I bring the sad and shocking news to you that Kevin Smith, a very dear friend to both James Horak, myself and many others throughout the truth community, has last night left us to journey on this mortal plane alone.... You are sadly missed my friend.

As many of you will be aware, Kevin had a heart attack 3 days ago and after having a stent put in was sent home from hospital yesterday... (a bit too early perhaps). Last night he died, leaving the rest of us and his family reeling in shock at loosing him so soon after such a close call.

If it were not for Kevin, this blog would not exist. He introduced me to James Horak and the rest, as they say, is history....

Kevin, we are all devastated by your death, leaving a gaping hole not only in the lives of those who loved you but the wider community as a whole. You are (I can't bring myself to say were just yet) a shining light of no-nonsense truth and wisdom, laughs and chuckles, thought provoking questions and open minded discussion on matters of great importance.

As I sit here and write this through blurred eyes and tear stained face, I cannot help but wonder and hope that you are now in a place in the Sun or an EMV, now aware of ALL that is, ever was and ever will be and chuckling your little socks off. Save those of us who love you a seat for when we eventually join you.

Until then we will honor your memory and dedicated hard work to continue to openly speak the truth about matters that affect Humanities and this Planet's tenuous future.

You will be missed by more than you could ever have known possible...... God Speed Kevin xxxx

All our love and respect..

Torz, James, Shuny, Crystal and anyone else who's ever known you or called in to your show...

Thursday 8 August 2013

CRYSTAL CLARK on The Fringe Radio Show - 08/06/2013

Her personal goal, as well as the goal of millions of others at this time, is to help humanity realize its full potential in meaningful ways that not only expand awareness of the other choices that genuinely uphold, regenerate, and recreate life (of which there are many), but also to rebuild the bridge between the mind and the heart; the mystical and material, so that the peaceful and abundant paradise we all long for can finally manifest here, in, around, and through, us.

Humanity stands on the precipice of miraculous discovery. The Individual Being is zooming the lens of awareness out far enough to see beyond their own front doors—finally willing to see he/she is part of a vivid, vast, and much greater reality.

The Individual Being (tribal) is in the process of becoming a Universal (cosmic) Being, through realizing we are part of a much greater whole. The work of many, many people, is currently aimed at opening the doors to greater possibilities that will help facilitate personal transformation along those lines.

As we continue on this wondrous journey, we discover that what was once lost, must be (and is being) found again—at every level. What was hidden must be revealed… we find it by honestly and openly looking infinitely inward, as well as infinitely outward. It’s hard, beautiful, mysterious, scary, and joyous, all at the same time! Be that as it may, it’s also whispering to us softly, with lofty and outstretched arms, to understand that Revolution and Evolution are not the same thing.

Limiting choices (knowledge), even only the perception of choices, also limits the mind (and consequently the use of free-will), which in turn limits the cultural growth and evoluton of every human being on this earth. As more and more people begin to fully realize where the continuation of this path will lead, we’ve come to undersand that the time has come for things to change, and I’m honored and priveleged to share this sojourn with so many brave souls who work diligently to make it happen.

Should transformational Earth happenings really be the best show in the universe right now, then let’s give them a show to remember…

These are exhilarating and exciting times—blessings on your continued journey, wherever it may take you.

Direct listening and download link: 08/06/2013 CRYSTAL CLARK
Forward to 9:20 for the beginning of the interview (and skip the breaks of you wish)

Friday 19 July 2013

James Horak - Napoleon in the Great Pyramid

Changing History through Time Manipulation

Napoleon, when he was in Egypt in 1798, asked to be left alone for a night in the King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. When he emerged, it was reported that he looked visibly shaken. When an aide asked him if he had witnessed anything mysterious, he replied that he had no comment, and that he never wanted the incident mentioned again - and then orders a cannoneer to fire on the face of the Sphinx.

Years later, when he was on his deathbed, a close friend asked him what really happened in the King's chamber. He was about to tell him and stopped. Then he shook his head and said, "No, what's the use. You'd never believe me." But there is an unsubstantiated story that Napoleon had hinted that he was given some vision of his destiny during his stay in the King's Chamber.

What happened inside the King's Chamber when Napoleon spent the night in the sarcophagus? And can this event account for his change from an ardent supporter of the French Revolution into an egomaniac who crowned himself a cesar?

Please fasten your seat belts, James Horak, again, is taking us far out on the limb and what we are told is also a warning - facilitators of the elite take note, this is for you to listen very closely!

If Napoleon had not been implanted a micro chip, if he would have stayed true to himself, history would have taken a very different course and the world would very likely be a better place.

Courtesy for audio editing:

Sunday 14 July 2013

MORPHEUS, HALCYON DAYS & THE FORKED PATH OF CHOICE: A brand new beginning or the same old end?

James Horak interviews Crystal Clark to discuss her recent treatise regarding the Sacred Science. With special emphasis on the hidden history of mankind’s self-destructive past(s) and our current repetition of the patterns that ultimately led to those cataclysms, few stones were left unturned in this immersive, pointed and engaging discussion:

• Acquiring extra-information through dreams (Morpheus)
• Walter Russell, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus
• The risks of leaving records behind for the next civilization
• Hidden/suppressed archeological discoveries and anomalies would tell the truth
• Previous cataclysms caused by misuse of technology via elitist mindsets
• Weaponization of natural systems and genocide
• Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Collapse
• The public has purposefully been set up to fail and take the blame
• Manufactured lack turned into personal guilt
• Greed and planned obsolescence (of products, living things AND people)
• Depopulation as a counter to an awakening public
• Surveillance and data collection: Invasion of privacy and emotional/psychological manipulation
• Data-mining and Artificial Intelligence
• People perish for lack of knowledge—participate in their own demise through ignorance
• Billions of people want an abundant, free and peaceful future (Halcyon Days)
• Emulating and honoring the wisdom of Nature’s balanced interchange system
• Freedom to fully explore individual creative potential and free will
• Overcoming imbalance/split-consciousness with moral integrity
• Taming the ego allows for individual uniqueness to become a cultural benefit for everyone
• Non-violent models of change: balancing the desire for peace with the changes necessary to ensure it

“Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.”
--Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013

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Thursday 20 June 2013

'PROPHECY & THE SACRED SCIENCE' By Crystal Clark from Drowning in Absurdity

3A. Prophecy

By Crystal Clark, June 19, 2013
nostradamus-bannerThe following information comes from a section of WAWR 101 that dealt with intentionally misguided (steered and engineered) interpretations of the following intimately related concepts: evil, sin, anti-christ, and prophecy. In a perhaps seemingly strange way, those interrelations can be best exampled by singularly focusing in on prophecy first, again through the lens of the Sacred Science. That is to say, or rather reiterate, not just seeing through the lens of a Sacred Science encompassing a whole life-giving and *integrated* system comprised of numerous sub-systems, co-factors and fractal biomes, but also the consequences for *dis-integrating* those necessarily interrelated systems.
On some level Nostradamus understood this, but until those trying to interpret his quatrains also understand it, progressing his prophecies past incredibly limiting anti-Christ reductionism filters is nearly impossible. The following (italics) comes from a section beginning on page 19, Chapter One of WAWR 101: Nostradamus and the Mystery of Mabus
The word MABUS comes to us through one of Nostradamus’ quatrains. If you search the web by the word MABUS you will find yourself sifting through a sea of books, CD’s, and websites all claiming to either know who MABUS is, or working hard to figure it out. Most Nostradamus experts believe the word is an anagram for a person’s name, and that by re-arranging the letters, the name of the anti-Christ will be revealed.
In one of Nostradamus’ quatrains (Century 2, Quatrain 62) he refers to MABUS:
Mabus will soon die, then will come
A horrible undoing of people and animals
At once, one will see vengeance
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet passes
Out of curiosity I wondered if I might find the word Mabus in one of the dictionaries in the back of the unusual bible (Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible by AMG Publishers) recently gifted to me…In the Hebrew dictionary on page 1960 I found the following definition: Ma/bus: n. (noun), [m] (male): granary.
I found through using these dictionaries that words can have several different spins on the same meaning from being translated back and forth into other languages. For this reason a reference in one language will often refer to its [closest] equivalent in another language, like Hebrew entry #3 ab: father, predecessor, which refers to Aramaic entry 1003 or ‘eb: fruit.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

James Horak on Exopolitics Ohio with Mark Snider, June 1st, 2013

Our Rightful Place in the Continuum

"Recognizing Where We Are to be Where We Should be to Survive the Near Future."

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Monday 13 May 2013

Beyond 2012 James Horak - 11th May 2013

with Tony Kudos

James returns to share with us his Lifetime's personal experiences with UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Join us for 75 minutes of revelations.

Beyond2012Radio on TruthFrequencyRadio:

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Thursday 18 April 2013

Boston Black Ops Operatives

"Independent investigators uncover the government operatives involved in executing the Marathon bombing. Other information I present shows the desperation of opposing elements in our government at war with each other and the American People."

This video needs to go viral

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Sunday 31 March 2013

Randy Maugans with Crystal Clark, James Horak and Everette Hallford - OffPlanet Radio - 03-27-2012

Crystal Clark and James Horak: "Threat Assessment II"
Saturday, March 30, 2013

OffPlanet Radio Live - Randy Maugans with Crystal Clark and James Horak, special guest, Everette Hallford

Addresssing the core issues about the real threat to the Earth and mankind: collective cognitive dissonance, apathy, wishful thinking, and mystical concepts like "rapture" and "ascension". Right knowledge and the application; not just concepts but action; we need to stop the elites from their plans for annihilation; ancient knowledge that proves humanity's threat is not from "out there".

The Hostile Alien Thesis and why it does not hold up; a race not surviving their own technological advances; the six extinctions of civilizations; the fifth sun and a time when there was no Moon; the origins of human life on Earth and the purpose of the Moon.

Crystal Clark:


Saturday 16 March 2013


MICROBES & MACHIAVELLIAN MINDSETS: Reflections on the March 9th, 2013 show with James Horak on Ohio Exopolitics Radio 
Crystal Clark, March 13, 2013 
Four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, and WaterMy core belief being that ignorance (of what it takes to create, regenerate and uphold life) is the greatest plague we have ever faced, I’m always looking for the antidote: proper knowledge of intelligent and creational design systems, what I refer to as the Sacred Science.
Aside from being a dear friend and colleague, James Horak has been an invaluable and exceptional resource in this regard, and those familiar with his insights will recall he was the first person in the “alternative” media to explain that our atmosphere is comprised of living microbes. These microbes are a necessary part of building and maintaining our planetary atmosphere and play a vital role in filtering out harmful radiation. He has further explained that technologies like HAARP, weather modification and chemtrails, are killing these microbes—this is why the sun appears whiter than normal and is a primary cause of the holes in the atmosphere.
Proper knowledge liberates the individual from psychological manipulation (religious, new age, technopathic, governmental and otherwise), and gives them the tools they need to move from believing to knowing. This transition is vital to the self-empowerment, restoration, and equalization of the individual and their environment, which again, is why so much work has gone into preventing it by those who seek to dominate and control others. With and through the application of proper knowledge the individual human being becomes more capable of self-determining their own future, owning their own mind (thoughts), and less apt to participate in their own demise out of ignorance and fear-based manipulation.
In the attached radio interview below, during his latest appearance on Ohio Exopolitics Radio, James again mentions the role these microbes play in atmospherical design. In doing so, he further reminds people of the common sense in remembering that the color the sun appears to us, is not the actual color of the sun—it is being viewed through the filter of our atmosphere. In other words, despite new age fairytales of the sun turning white because the earth is “ascending to the 5th dimension,” it is not the sun that has changed, it is the filter through which we view it that has changed—our life-giving and protective atmosphere has become altered. [Article continues below the video].

Moreover, the quality of our atmosphere has not changed because of a natural cycles. There is nothing natural about a small handful of narcissistic and psychopathic power mongers trying to play God by weaponizing and controlling every natural system they decode the inner workings of. It is entirely unnatural and consummately detrimental to all living things to allow this type of power to remain in the hands of people who sought to decode these life support systems not to give life, but to take it—at will. Additionally, the larger the system they have control over, the more people (and other life forms) affected simultaneously, and aside from global water sources, the atmosphere of the planet is the largest overall system being manipulated.
The necessary role these microbes play in our creational design system is what protects living things on this planet from too much incoming radiation. The more their numbers decline, the whiter the sun looks (indicating over-exposure), and the more living species it affects. With this realization it would be wholly inaccurate to refer to the resulting damage as “sun disease” as the sun is not the cause of the problem. It would be far more accurate to call it “ignorance disease,” brought to us from a group of psychopathic and out-of-control elitists living out their version of a God Complex.
Because proper knowledge really is liberating, where the microbes are concerned, I feel compelled to reiterate just how important that one small spec of knowledge (pun intended!) is. It can and should immediately dispel the following dis-empowering pseudo-science, rumors and speculation:
• Artificial geo-engineering in the form of “global dimming” is necessary to protect us from a hotter sun
• Excessive green-house gasses and carbon emissions are responsible for destroying our atmosphere
• Genetically modified or cybernetic organisms capable of withstanding the damage must be created and released to replace the natural species that are consequently dying off
• Suspending gold particles in an atmosphere can fix it (space alien mythos and psy-ence)
Creational design systems (Sacred Science(s)) have endless co-creative connections, interrelations and feed-back loops, many of which are still not well understood, even by those who seek to control them all. The macrocosmic world (stellar radiations) and the microcosmic world (microbial) are also working together, something science (aerobiology) has recently discovered more about where the atmospherical microbes are concerned:
The necessary function of microbes in the design also goes beyond the atmosphere, affecting our oceans and soil as well:
The necessary function of microbes in the design also goes beyond our own planet:
thCAEWBV2XIn a previous co-interview with James Horak where the microbes were again brought up, in an effort to bring James’ insights regarding the microbes and EMVs into a more matter-of-fact (down to earth) creational design or Sacred Science perspective, I likened the atmospheric microbes to a smaller or more fractal version of the EMVs—both farm and manage solar energies to protect, uphold, and regenerate life—they are simply working at different scales. In some respects that was an oversimplification in that I only referenced their similarities, not their differences. While the atmospherical microbes and the EMVs may perform similar tasks, the full range of tasks they are each capable of performing may vary significantly. Before explaining this in more depth I would like to share a related bit of Q & A from This information can be viewed directly in the comments section HERE.
Question (Presented anonymously on March 8th, 2013):
Mr. Horak, I have been practicing many different farming techniques and now use what is most often called, natural farming.
I was beginning to feel as if what I am learning is very important. I refer to microbes, fermentation, and making things like lactic acid bacteria which as you know synthesizes folic acid.
I have been feeling rather bedazzled by the small collection of microbes that do so much for us (cheese, yogurt, yeast, digestion, fertilizer, and so on…) and I cannot help but wonder if there is more going on than just chemistry. Do some microbes have sentience? Am I on to something relevant?
I have never practiced any techniques which have been so simple, so close to nature and so effective. Learning and practicing these ideas feels like the curtain is being pulled back, if only a little. Can you give it a yank?
Answer (Presented by James Horak on March 8th, 2013):
Sometimes we allow words more import than they deserve, sentience being one. What we do with it is what matters, not merely possessing it. When I am asked about the EMVs, wonders incomparable, and try to describe what they have instead of sentience, I always feel like I have left off the most important part to their presence. Being task driven they are fitted to a design that will not compromise purpose. Perhaps that would only be less so if they had sentience like ours. I see an awareness of such design in what you mention here. When we come to terms with it we realize our own strict borders of meaning cannot, one of life’s quandaries. But it is, as well, a depth, allowing poetry to our thoughts as we try to understand it better each day. Back to the earth movements have that quality and you fathom it in the precious small life you detect that complete us nutritionally. Some instruments can detect an exchange of consciousness between us and plants. In restoring Nature’s life cycle, having found out what it’s like to have lost it, new understandings will come forth. And now we may have the eye to see them. JCH
Basic & Extended Roles of Microbes & Similar Entities in Widespread Creational Design
thCA338V01When referring to the Sacred Science I often mention feed-back loops. This is a vital mechanism in ensuring balance; too much here and not enough over there causes imbalance, and imbalance causes suffering—that’s certainly part of it. In a broader sense, to quote the very gifted and often over-looked scientists and philosopher Walter Russell, “everything is given for the purpose of re-giving”. This is especially true where microbes and similar entities are concerned in their roles of terraformingto alter or transform an environment or landscape in order to make it capable of supporting terrestrial life forms.
Terraforming happens every single day on this planet and, as the definition implies, is entirely necessary for a system designed to support complex life forms. We see this happen in the forest when molds immediately break down dead flora and fauna to return them to the soil (so that they may be re-given), and we see a similar process aided by beneficial worms in our composters. But, as James also pointed out in the same recent interview, where microbes are concerned, their numbers are also directly linked with the vitality of our soil—they break it down and make it usable. The failure of universities to teach this to their agricultural students has led to soil imbalances allowing fire ant populations to expand wildly and propagate farther north. (This is explained in the interview).
Ringmakers of SaturnJust as importantly however, in Dr. Norman Begrun’s groundbreaking research into the Ringmakers of Saturn (EMVs) in conjunction with additional insights from James Horak, we find that the same process happening at the micro (microbe) level, is also happening at the macro (macrobe) level in space. The EMVs may perform similar functions, but they aren’t the only ones. [NOTE: You may want to revisit the previous Q&A later for additional clarity].
It’s interesting that the CNN article I referenced earlier referred to the possibility of scientists having found microbes from space, when in fact they have discovered more than that. Many of you will likely recall the now famous video of the “space station tether incident” wherein the video captured dozens of incredibly large objects floating around the tether. It’s important to note that in the beginning the narrator mentions *two* different events, and the footage splices them together in a manner portraying them as similar. They are similar in that both events capture an outer space that is clearly teaming with life forms, but are they the same kinds of life forms?
The video begins with a reference to the strange disks (associated with the tether event), and at 23 seconds in, shows footage of another event—this particular footage appears to have captured what looks to be an actual craft. The other footage however, likely reveals something quite different. The narrator explains that the tether breaks and the satellite drifts nearly 100 miles away. Interestingly, the narrator then says that nitrogen gas gathers around the tether turning it into a gigantic fluorescent light in space before explaining, “Incredibly, it seems to attract some strange company”. As seen in the video below, the “company” he is referring to look more like living microbes/macrobes than a space ship.

thCA15NKONIn the video researcher David Sereda explains he believes these are UFO’s of incredible size, and while they may in fact be as large as he calculated (or even larger), and they may also be heretofore unidentified, they look more like the microbial images I have included here for comparison. While I can’t be certain there is in fact a direct connection between the nitrogen and the space-faring macrobes (for lack of a better word), I nonetheless find the reference exceptionally interesting as the July, 2001 edition of Scientific American posted the following article: The term “nitrogen-fixing” is specifically referring to a nitrogen fixation. From the article, written by Harald Franzen:
Now researchers from Michigan State University have found a new group of these so-called nitrogen fixers in bacteria. “Spirochetes are a large group of bacteria in which nitrogen fixation had never been recognized before,” co-author John Breznak says.
The researchers discovered the spirochetes’ nitrogen-fixing ability by looking at termites. These insects can’t convert nitrogen themselves, and their diet is very low in it. But Breznak’s team extracted spirochetes from the termites’ guts and grew the bacteria in the laboratory. Further analysis revealed that the bacteria contained the genes for nitrogen fixation and carried out the fixation process as well.
“Given the ubiquity of spirochetes in freshwater and marine habitats, our work reveals that spirochetes are newly discovered participants in this globally important process,” Breznak says. He hopes that their findings, which were published on Friday in Science, will show that microbes are an important part of the ecosystem. “Microbes can contribute to animal nutrition and health, not just cause disease,” he says.
What I especially enjoy from this article is it’s cross-over into the health of another kingdom (insects) regarding the invaluable role the micro world plays in the overall health and well-being of the entire creational design process and its mechanisms. It serves as another wondrous reminder that our experiential universe, no matter how large or small, is teaming not just with life, but life that gives for the purpose of re-giving.
From this perspective, is it really such a stretch to believe that even beyond our personal experiential universe (soil, air, yard, town, country, planet) or slice of reality, that the same creational mechanisms working at the smaller scale of life, wouldn’t also be performing similar tasks at the larger scale? What manner of absolute wonder are we missing out on, just so we can be manipulated by those whose control is fed by the fountain of our ignorance?
Satellite image capturing EMV's around the Sun.
Satellite image capturing EMVs around the Sun.
Moreover, is enough proper knowledge finally starting to leak through the dam of control that we can begin see the overwhelming benefit (and necessity) to actually having it? What kind of world can we finally expect to see when our thoughts, actions and determinations are no longer based on the constant recycling of bogus pseudo-science and psy-ops? Not only is it a world and future that is nearly impossible to imagine without the benefit of proper knowledge showing us what IS possible, but it is also unobtainable without that knowledge.
In the same way individual free will and the right to self-determine a better way of life are hemmed in and cut off by manufactured lack (beginning with lack of knowledge), we find the same parallel between controlled beliefs and imagined possibilities. People respond to what they have been taught to believe is true, not what IS true. From here we find that the intellectual and creative (life) contributions of the individual are also limited by what they have been taught to believe is possible, not what IS possible.
There are some final points I would like to stress that reflect the importance of the other things James discussed during this interview, especially regarding the corrupt and perverted mindset of those currently running the show. Allowing people in positions of power that take every part of creative forces and abuse them, to retain those positions, without fear of oversight, consequence or prosecution, is a mistake of mass proportions.
They are turning creation in on itself at every turn, which equates to killing nature to kill us. They do it simply because they want to and can, and believe that they have mechanisms in place to avoid the personal consequences of doing so—this is not the case. This is a downhill spiral into madness that they won’t survive any more than their predecessors did the previous six times it was tried. They will continue to move in this direction until they are no longer allowed to, and that resistance, restoration and correction can only come from one place: the rest of us. It is imperative to our survival not only to obtain proper knowledge, but also that we have the courage to share, use and act on it—independently and collectively.
Until this happens, our headlines will continue to be littered with the names of the singularly brave and therefore newly suicided victims of an out-of-control and cancerous power structure. And, given what was covered in this article, we may do well to reassess the mindset behind the outrageous list ofsuicided scientists and biologists—things aren’t always what they seem. It has largely been assumed that the fate of those biologists was likely linked to their knowledge of, and participation in, the development of precise and deadly bioweapons. However, how necessary are those forms of weapons to a genocidal mindset that has learned how to weaponize an entire biosphere? This question necessarily raises another: if they are really capable of weaponizing an entire biosphere, why continue to develop other forms of bioweapons?
The answer may lie in the 2007 film Toxic Skies (originally banned in the US), in which both were being used together—quite effectively. [Note that the story addresses a very real concern through a fictional perspective---chemtrails are not associated with additives to the fuel].
The weaponization of the earth’s biosphere in the form of chemtrails was (in the film) weakening the immune system to the point it would not only succumb to viruses more quickly and severely, but was further unable to respond to standard treatments as well. Today (in reality), the myriad of strange and reoccurring flus (influenza meaning: under the influence) are growing more common at the same time disease rates of all forms are skyrocketing. This is happening at the same time vaccine schedules are being increased, cancer-causing GMO’s and excessive levels of radiation are entering our environment with increasing frequency, and the UN’s CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is attempting to force member nations to harmonize with nutritional guidelines so absurd, obtaining Vitamin C will require a prescription from a doctor.
Furthermore, in the midst of endless (and relentless) cognitive dissonance, through the well-meaning new age movement, the beast of insanity has grown another arm. It found a way to corrupt and pervert nearly every meaningful spiritual teaching mankind has, carefully enfolding it into its own agenda. It coos sweet nothings of “what you resist will persist” or “just accept what is” into the ears of supplicants looking for ways to avoid taking self-responsibility for the outcome; self-responsibility being one of the greatest gifts or personal powers a human being actually has. This form of pseudo spiritually, much the same as religious trends, had nearly every cell of morality surgically carved out of it by the clever hand of the only elitist beast that will actually benefit from it.
It appears to have no shortage of cunning ways to convince its followers that resistance (to it) is futile, but they can rest assured they will be rewarded (via ascension or rapture) for consistently looking the other way in the face of so much suffering, and doing absolutely nothing to prevent it, anyway. It carefully tricks them into believing that providing mankind with basic formulas to maintain a world of peace and abundance, whether found in the idea of do unto others or the Ten Commandments, was all a ruse. “Don’t burden yourself with practicing good deeds and will towards men,” it insists with a confident nod and reassuring wink before adding, “it was never going to make a difference.” It further seeks to mock those who do or try, simultaneously encouraging them to passively accept what will inevitably become the source of their own suffering one day. It espouses the power of free will but encourages them not to use it, lest they become aware, too soon, that indeed the only thing necessary for it to thrive and continue, is for good people to look on and do nothing.
It’s a sad (but entirely changeable) truth that we live in a world where nearly every and any ideology stemming from the establishment of self-serving hierarchy, dutifully projected and repeated to create the illusion of an “obvious” conclusion, is most certainly an attempt at deflection and re-direction away from its own ill deeds. It creates the feeling or impression of moving forward or advancing, the same way standing still next to a car slowly rolling backwards will. We get to feel like we’re moving forward while the word around us is actually going backwards.

The rest of humanity, in the here and now, has a great deal of work to do—hard work—this is true. But it is noble, important, necessary, and exceptionally rewarding work. If carried out to the best of our abilities, it will allow us to do far more than offer our children a wishful but vague hope for a future. It will, if fully carried out and implemented, provide them with the certainty of it. If and when enough of us choose to do this, only then will we begin to see the ripple effect it will have on the several generations behind us that we owe it to.
If we can find the strength to give them this gift, they will most certainly pay it forward ten-fold, and not from a sense of dutiful reciprocity. I have no doubt they will take every opportunity to blow our minds with a range of passion and ingenuity that future will afford them, simply because we gave them the opportunity do it. For now it remains a dream and a hope, but an achievable one nonetheless. Proper knowledge, the willingness to share it and the courage to act on it will make it happen, and it’s the only thing that will. May we find (and enjoy) the courage and tenacity needed to ensure our children and grandchildren finally meet each other in that beautiful place—a place where excuses have long since been replaced by the wonder of endless possibilities and the freedom to discover them—a future made possible by the persistent and correct actions of those who love(d) them enough to preserve it.
[Additional Note: Those wishing to expand their knowledge-base on microbes may find the following PDF useful: PLANT SCIENCE MONOGRAPHS, Edited by Professor Nicholas Polunin: THE MICROBIOLOGY OF THE ATMOSPHERE (1961). Due-diligence of copyright status and the original link to the document can be found HERE.
Acknowledgement: I would like to thank the anonymous individual who asked about the microbes on the EMV blog for inspiring me to write this article. :) 
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