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Fear Mongering: Truth, Denial, or the new Politically Incorrect?

Crystal Clark

August 14, 2012

As I discussed in my first book in great depth, patterns are an exceptionally important thing to pay attention to; they tell us a great deal, not just about the world around us, but about ourselves as well. Very much like a shadow, patterns have no life of their own—they are merely reflections of something else.

Using a social media outlet like Facebook is something I put off for some time, but not only has it turned out to be a wonderful tool for connecting with others of like mind, it’s also an excellent tool for discovering emerging patterns in the mindset of people whose “thought feed” I see. It’s true that this and other types of social media are used by tptb to see the same thing, and they do have some interesting algorithms that alter an individual’s feed, as a means to alter their perception. Search engines do the same thing, and this was proven and subsequently discussed in a TED Talks presentation, wherein the presenter clearly showed that if five different people search for the same thing on the internet, they will get five different types of results—this isn’t by accident.

Once we know this takes place, we can get around it by taking the time to personally visit the FB page of people we know have something important to share—we have to “go find it” because it’s no longer in our feed, but it’s there nonetheless. In taking this step, we notice other significant patterns. Patterns that go beyond what our psychologically tailored feed was hoping to convey or impress upon us, if you know what I mean.

All the same, like anything else, a sharp tool can be used one of two ways: for good or bad—heal or kill. A scalpel in the right hands saves lives. A scalpel in the wrong hands takes them. The same is very much true for behavioral pattern recognition and the data-mining social networks that provide a platform for the information being mined to congregate in the first place.

In other words, while the alphabet agencies might find your “thought feed” a good tool for understanding how better to manipulate you (or how well previous manipulations have taken hold) I also personally find it a very valuable tool for similar reasons: to see what they are doing, how it’s being done, and how people are responding to it. Because I’m a big fan of ending the needless suffering in the world—psychological manipulation being part of that—I’m entirely interested to see how well it’s working, and whether or not people are “buying it”.

I bring all of this to your attention because there is a pattern I have seen rearing its head over and over again in this form of social media. Whenever too many people are posting things that really deserve (y)our attention, even and especially if they do it independently of each other so that it comes from all sides in the “feed”, the same perplexing response to that information can be found in the feed shortly thereafter: “I’m tired of the fear mongering”.

Why is it “perplexing” though? Why does it happen, and what is the shadow of this pattern reflecting back to us? As the title of this article indicated, in order to answer that question properly, we need to honestly assess what fear mongering really is—to define it in ways that matter. That’s an important step, isn’t it? If we can’t define something, we can understand it. If we can’t understand it, we convolute it. If we convolute it, we can’t grow from or beyond it.

The question begs to be asked then: Is fear mongering a truth we can’t accept for ourselves so we deny it by calling out “fear monger” when we hear it, is it a pre-programmed response to the truth unconsciously driven by relentless perception management designed to make sure we won’t accept it, or is it really just fear mongering? How can we know the difference, and why is it important to do so?

Unlike the social engineers of perception management who have been far too successful at “telling” you what you should think, I’m simply going to ask you a few questions with the expectation that you will answer them honestly—to and for yourself. The questions are mine, yes, and while they have indeed been strategically selected (based on see a need, fill a need), the answers are yours. These particular questions have also been selected to help you see/remember what you ALREADY KNOW—to also help you see what a great deal of time, effort and money is going into, to confuse you into believing you don’t really know—but you do. J Below are the questions then, and they all have similar endings for a purpose:

  1. If I show you that vaccines are harmful because I don’t want to see your children become the next victims of BigPharma, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes you and your babies could have a better life for knowing this and acting on it?
  2. If I show you that GMO’s are altering the codes for life in ways that have been shown to make animals sterile, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes you and your children could carry on your lineage and have a better life for knowing this and acting on it?
  3. If I show you that technologies like HAARP exist and have been written about in military dossiers that discuss having “Full Spectrum Dominance” over your lives through the wrongful use of this technology, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  4. If I show you that fluoride is a toxic byproduct of industry, and that it actually causes brittle teeth, bones, and brain damage, am I fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  5. If I show you that the people in power on this planet are instituting things like Agenda 21 and Codex to deny you your God-given right to a healthy life on purpose because they are genocidal maniacs, is that fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  6. If I share with you that chemtrails are polluting our air, food and water with toxic chemicals that will make you sick, am I fear mongering, or am I trying to help you see that a better future lies in ensuring they stop doing it?
  7. If I share with you that there are no evil ET’s or “space hazards” coming here to kill us all, and that these are perception management tools used to keep you from seeing the true evil on this planet perpetuated byentirely human beings, am I fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  8. If I share with you that a young girl died after taking the 3-phase HPV vaccine, and that HPV rDNA was discovered in her system, and even give you the definition of rDNA and what it does, am I fear mongering, or is it a truth I shared in the hopes that you and your loved ones could have a better life for knowing and acting on it?
  9. If I share with you that during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill debacle, they not only released tons of a toxic substance (Corexit) to hide what they did, but also released a synthetic organism (SYNTHIA) that is self-replicating, am I fear mongering, or am I one simple person—who is also a mother—who hopes that if enough people know what is really going on and act on it, all of our children will have a future?

I pose the question again then: Is fear mongering truth, denial, or the new politically incorrect? Why would it be the new “politically incorrect” you might rightfully wonder? The first problem with anything politically correct, is that it is, by its own definition, political; you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of thing. This is not just about bribes and career elevation, either, mind you. It’s about being popular and “well-liked” to get more votes, subscribers to websites, buyers of books, and all around contributors to our campaigns, whatever they may be.

Along that same vein, what we don’t ask ourselves nearly often enough, is WHY being politically correct works, and WHO it works for! Have we really so thoughtlessly arrived at a place where being popular is more important than a future? We don’t want to “offend” people with the truth after all—how rude—they may un-friend us on FB, stop buying our albums and books, and might even begin to look down their noses at us for having the gall to offend people with fear mongering, er, I mean the truth.

There is not a singular group of wishful do-gooders on this planet that hasn’t been affected by the *implanted need* to be politically correct—not one. Politicians are busy selling the Christians on more brown-skinned wars, and the Christians are busy buying it not only to feed their own egos, but feeding the death and money/usury machines (which go against their own scriptures in the process), which is no doubt enriching to so-called Christian religions that are themselves promulgating white supremacy because they are just *sure* that anyone who isn’t Caucasian, bears the mark of Cain.

“Go get those mongrel rag heads” they yell with torch and pitchfork in hand, never taking the time realize that those supposedly heathen non-Christian people and the countries they live in, actually have some of the same commandments where usury is concerned, and unlike their Christian counterparts, they actually kept those commandments. We aren’t bombing those people off the face of the earth because they are brown, non-Christians, or terrorists that don’t have some of the same values, no. We’re trying to remove them, because they had more sense than we did, and *refused* central banking as a result. That wasn’t particularly politically correct of me say to now, was it? You’re damn right it’s not…but it’s the truth and it needs to be heard.

There is an enormous pile of these politically incorrect truths, practically begging us to see them for what they are, clean house, and live a bright, free and abundant future for having done so. But politicians blame the opposite party for all our ills, religions blame people of other faiths, and new-agers call it fear mongering—sshhh—that’s too confrontational…we can’t talk about that. If the truth hurts other people’s feelings, you can’t say it—but you can say Namaste—never mind what the world actually means.

Of course the divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you, but do you? Is it “divine” to bury your heads in the sand with gentle smiles on your faces, pretty pictures in your head, but no meaningful actions necessary to alleviate the suffering of billions that will eventually include you and your children?

Divine (sentient) beings that they are, what does it generally mean to them when they say, ‘let go and let God?” What does it mean when rightfully angry victims of injustice, suffering and wrongful death ask, “Why would God allow this to happen?” What good does it do to use the word Namaste, if you don’t really mean it? Life is all rainbows and butterflies, and if you say anything different, even if your parent is dying of a cancer that never should have happened because the local mine bought off the EPA, your beautiful child became autistic or died after a particular round of vaccines, or all the animals on your ranch died after being fed GMO seed, well, you’re just not using the power of intention properly to make it go away—you’re a FEAR MONGER.

If facing reality and fully expecting the other people on this planet to pony up and do the right thing as a result makes me a fear monger, then I am guilty as charged. Notice I didn’t say “guilty as charged and proud of it”. The way we the people on this planet behave, relentlessly feeding self-serving and polluted beliefs to the point of self-destruction, is nothing to be proud of. On top of that, the very idea that we’ll become “Debbie downer fear mongers” for even discussing what the real problems are in the hopes humanity will actually deal with them, is nothing to be proud of either. I’m at a complete loss as to when “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil”, became transformed into the politically correct version of “Hear no Truth, See no Truth, Speak no Truth”. We are better than this, and until we recognize it and act on it, our future will continue to be a shadow we didn’t have the courage to face.

Before I wrap this up, I would quickly add that yes, I’m fully aware of the power of the mind and meditation—I’ve written a great deal on similar subjects myself. What I also wrote about, is that these same spiritual methods were also practiced in the previous [six] destruction episodes, but it was not enough. How many Essenes, true Gnostics, or even those from Lemuria, Atlantis, or the writers of Sanskrit, do you see around now? Spiritual well-wishing and meditation alone wasn’t enough to save them then, nor will it be enough to save you now. Like any other history lesson gone awry, what we don’t understand, we will repeat.

I want better than that for you, and better than that from you as a result. By the same token, what reason do I have to hope for something better, if every time the cruel side of our reality is presented, you run and call it fear mongering? Have I missed something? Is there any particular reason you and the other billions of people on this planet are not capable of making things right again? If you really believe you are a powerful, sovereign, co-creative being capable of handling whatever comes your way, where is the fear in that? Do you believe it and therefore mean it, or don’t you? Will you use the full capacity of that power, or won’t you?

You can despise, resent, and ignore the “fear mongers” if you like, with a proper understanding of it, or, you can be like me: utterly fail to see the reason behind those who cry “fear monger” every time you tell them a truth that the fear-monger-reply indicates they are not ready to deal with. What hope is to be found in that? When will people be ready to deal with it then? I’m sure there were plenty of fear mongers living in the past destruction episodes as well, and because they are no longer here, perhaps being politically correct was equally responsible for their downfalls. As it is today, I’m sure plenty of people back then thought they would have more time to get their act together, but tomorrow always comes.

You ARE brilliant. You ARE intelligent. You ARE capable. You CAN do it, and every living thing on this planet is betting its future on you *knowing* that this is true, and taking correct action because of it.

Perhaps I can’t do without the pun because I live in Las Vegas (!), but I suppose life is like a casino in some ways, in that you can’t win if you don’t play—not to be confused with “thinking” about, or “intending” to play. I’ve seen that result before: someone hesitated about which machine they wanted to play, and in the meantime, someone else walked up, played it, and won!...happens more than you might think.

Like the rest of creation, because the only two horses in the race are the 1%  or the 99%, I’ve placed my bets on you and your courage as well, even though your social “mind/thought feed” is telling me you believe you’re the underdog. That’s a curious thing, given how many researchers have explained the power of belief. Simple ideologies like this get blown out of proportion more often than not, but in this case especially, it has its proper place. Still, while belief may only be the first step, it often proves to be the most important. Without the belief that getting to the top is possible, all the steps in between never hear the sound of footsteps.

Blessings, Crystal Clark

Catch Phrases and Words Devoid of Meaning

By James Horak
Febuary 24, 2012

“Sustainable”, “quantum physics”, “non-proliferation”, “geo-engineering”, “social planning”, “peace securing occupation”, “wars to end war” (precisely used to sell WWI,) “relocation”, “pacification”, “homeland security”, “war on drugs”, “war on terrorism” (anything beginning with the word war that initiates an official stance by nations who use war as policy,) “limited nuclear response” (perhaps one of the worst,) “detente”, “balanced spending”, “checks and balances”, “inalienable right”, “classless society”, “gross national product”, “balance of payment deficit”, “protective tariff”, “balanced trade agreement”, “in the national interest”, “all equal before the law”, “enforcement of professional ethics”, “enforcement of official federal agency mandate”, “oath of office to enforce, uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States of America”, “internal investigation of criminal activity”, “human rights”, “treason”, “penalty for high treason”, “penalty for blue chip corporations practicing insider trading” (like BP in its own creation of the GOM disaster,).....

My dearest fellow members of this planet-wide drama, each and every one of these words and phrases only have the meanings you apply to them by your own actions and devotions to ideal. Left to the common ilk pushed and pulled to power today, they have none.


The Man Behind the Curtain

By Crystal Clark
Febuary 18, 2012

Most people are familiar with the film, The Wizard of Oz, and certainly the themes it presented to us are equally valid today. The three main characters believed they were lost and/or incomplete somehow, and set out to find the wizard—an external savior with awesome powers—to cure all of their ills.

The journey was bizarre and treacherous, and upon completion of it, to their utter shock and dismay, the wizard refused to see them. Why would such a great and powerful being deny them his service? Believing they had nowhere else to turn, they refused to leave and demanded an audience. As the flustered wizard uses every mechanism at his disposal to scare them away, he’s unaware of the small dog pulling back the curtain concealing his true identity.

The three main characters are shocked to discover the great and powerful wizard is nothing but a man—an old, frail, and simple man. Without the mirage of super-human power being projected by his advanced technology, the truth of his identity and real power are revealed in an instant. Even more bizarre, knowing his true identity has been revealed, he irrationally responds by simply pulling the curtain back and continuing the charade! “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” he spouts. To the credit of the three main characters however, they aren’t about to let it go—and they aren’t keeping it to themselves.

This is very much the position that humanity is in now, with one exception: the man behind the curtain in the film, didn’t go as far as to say that aliens made him do it. He wasn’t quick enough on his feet to pretend that there was another curtain, with another wizard behind it, to keep the illusion going.

In the real world, the truth has been cloaked by more than one curtain. Our world leaders are the curtain, and they shield us from the faces of those behind them. Should our gaze sneak past the well groomed automatons in front, again we find more ordinary men using advanced technologies to project the image of master wizards who, alone, can save us. Save us from whom? There are even more powerful wizards they say…they come from the stars and are insidious, world-destroying, soul-eating creatures. If we don’t give all of our power away to our own wizards to protect us, all will be lost. Our human wizards behind the curtain, and the ever increasing destructive technologies they develop, are our only hope, they say.

What they say is another curtain, and if we pull it back and take a good long look, we see something quite different than what we are told. It’s not aliens that put fluoride in our water, it’s people. It’s not aliens poisoning our air with chemtrails, it’s people. It’s not aliens injecting toxic vaccines into our children’s bodies, it’s people. Aliens aren’t suppressing clean, advanced energy technologies to get rich from oil, and aliens aren’t modifying our weather to destroy world food crops while capturing record profits from the continued manufactured lack—it’s people. It’s not aliens poisoning our planet’s oceans with toxic oil, corexit and radiation—it’s people. It wasn’t aliens that enslaved people, and it’s not aliens rigging our elections. It’s not aliens feeding you teleprompter propaganda night after night through the television. It’s people—human beings—that rewrite our history books, dumb our children down, murder and destroy anyone who dares create a world of abundance and equality, and more importantly, it’s human beings that tolerate it.

This is not merely implied, supposed, or theorized—it’s a fact. Quite often we hear people say that some sort of veil is lifting, and consequently, we are seeing things as they really are. I would suggest that the veil and the curtain are one and the same, and we hide behind it every bit as much as the mysterious wizard. We do this because, to see the man behind the curtain for what he really is, is to see ourselves for what we really are: willing participants in our own demise. We must acknowledge our participation however, because it is the first step to change. Furthermore, if we don’t refuse what is happening to our planet and our race, we are accepting it by default.

If we strip away all the curtains and all the false wizards, the only thing we see staring back at us, are the seven billion beautiful faces of humanity and the choices they make or allow to be made on their behalf. If we no longer accept that all powerful wizards are the only ones that can save us, what kinds of things happen? It wasn’t wizards and aliens that built suspension bridges, created magnificent symphonies and the musical instruments that manifest them to our ears, nor was it wizards or aliens that created beautiful poetry and masterpieces. It wasn’t aliens or wizards that created healing centers or wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights—it was people—people just like you and me. John Lennon, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Tesla, and Martin Luther King, were simply human beings. They saw the men behind the curtain for what they were, and they wanted something better for their human family.

The credit for our successes and our failures should be given where it’s due—to humanity. And while I’ve listed only five extraordinary people that shared their visions of a better future with us, today there are literally too many to be named. When you hear of groups showing up to their City Council meetings to demand that fluoride be removed from their water supply, or that chemtrails be investigated and stopped immediately, or countries burning their GMO fields and banning these crops entirely, remember that these are people. There are people defecting from the wizard’s palace left and right, and they are telling you what they saw behind the curtain: corruption, insanity, world-wide manufactured lack, and widespread death for profit.

What I personally find so remarkable about these people however, is their innate understanding that aliens are not our problem—human beings are. The truth of the matter is that we don’t need the help of off-world wizards to kill us off…we’re doing a fine job of it all by ourselves. The same goes for the equally invented and over-sold terrestrial terrorists that can’t wait to destroy our country. If one takes a good look around, it’s not long before the same conclusion is drawn: it’s already being done from within—they can simply sit back and watch it happen—at least until they are too busy watching it happen to their own country.

While I applaud all of the often nameless, and remarkable people for doing what they know to be right to protect the future of our human lineage, there is a catch. We have looked the other way far too long, giving the men behind the curtain more than enough time to create the most inconceivable, horrific, mass killing technologies, that they may well be close to perfecting. If these technologies are unleashed fully, be it energy or bio technology, the magnificent race of human beings will come to an end for the seventh, and perhaps final time.

The question then becomes, how do we prevent it? Perhaps the best way to answer that, is to honestly consider how we got to this point. How does a race practically drowning in rules, laws and checks-and-balances, designed to prevent such things, bypass them all to the point self-destruction? The answer is always the same: corruption and the inability to see the final outcome of it; the refusal to follow it through to its natural conclusion—extinction.

Certainly the term “dereliction of duty” comes to mind, yet this is a duty we all have to our fellow man, in whatever circles we travel. We have always had the responsibility to ensure the safety and evolution of our race, whether as a cook, mother, politician, cleric, doctor, scientist, educator or military personnel. We have however, in my view, reached a point where some of these circles and those who travel in them, have a great deal more responsibility in how this turns out.

I appeal to those of you in these positions—as a fellow human being. I appeal to whatever sense of honor still remains in clarity of purpose to your race, to fully recognize what it is you have done, and are being asked to do.

Given the eons that span mankind’s attempt at becoming a fully manifested race, I ask that you take more than a moment to consider that only six times have so few people had so much power over life and nature, and never once have we survived it.

There are more and more individuals on the outside working hard to educate people regarding the breadth of corruption in every aspect of our lives, which means that more and more people are coming forward to share what they know is taking place behind the curtain—perhaps you’re one of them.

Should this be the case, there is another element involved. It’s not enough that I express what we need from you in your current capacity. If we are to work together, you must tell us what you need from us as well. We are listening…

Blessings on your continued journey,

Crystal Clark

Split Consciousness and The Beast of Industry

By Benjamin Donnelly
January 25, 2012

Split Consciousness is the division of what would normally be unified consciousness into a so-called `sub-conscious’ and the misnomer 'Consciousness'. I question these terms as arguably the sub-conscious is much more conscious and aware than the Consciousness. The so-called Consciousness works to a set paradigm within a specific rule set making the human blind to true reality. Moreover, engaging the primal instinct or Id it seeks to set up a virtual reality based on what is effectively lies, deceit and deception often engaging in an on-going war with anything that would tell it otherwise. The sub-consciousness has no rule set except a spiritual default which works within the realms of unified consciousness and is very much the voice of reason stifled, stymied and subverted by the consciousness.

Children are truly born uncorrupted with every capacity to advance their awareness and work with unified consciousness as best they can. However, besides being subjected to vaccination protocols before their immune systems have had a chance to develop their pineal glands are exposed to fluoride which calcifies them and they are exposed to every E.L.F. (Electrical Low Frequency wave) technological gadget available. Normally, it is the pineal gland which directly engages the information field around us and the brain provides a secondary role in quantifying and analysing this data set. The E.L.F. waves enforce, filter and contain only data which operates at a particular bandwidth and that feels most comfortable for the brain. In other words you will interpret 'reality' through technology and the electrical fields which generate them. E.T.'s can be all around you and Princess Philandra from the Planet Zod might be offering you incredible unified consciousness experiences. But you are not going to see a thing or even remember one second due to these prisons of consciousness that operate around you.

Certainly, your sub-consciousness is aware of all this and tries so hard to tell you otherwise despite the diverse counter machinations of the consciousness. So, the next barrier to Unified Consciousness a poor child encounters are these things we call parents and relatives. The vaccinations, fluoride and E.L.F. assaults are explained away by the parents of the child Johnny Victim as being 'for his own good'. This is of course a lie and the consciousness is split. Who can a child trust if it is not his parents? But they keep telling Johnny Victim they love him! Lies abound and what a human being thinks and says is far from the truth and Mr Victim is trained in how to be the perfect split consciousness being. He is taught how to be politically correct and polite so has to tell Doris Inglestop at number 52 she is attractive and nice when in fact she is 300 pounds over weight and has not had a bath in months and is followed by a swarm of flies. Then, Johnny Victim is introduced to the world of organised religion. The local preacher the holy reverent father Lovejoy says Johnny came out of his mother’s womb a sinner and is an abomination towards God. But Johnny must not worry as God’s son Jesus has been crucified and suffered eternal torment so he can sing praises to God, be guilt free and by the way don’t forget to put $10 in the collection box on your way out.

When Johnny Victim grows up he has a world of different lies to take on. He can be a professional thief i.e. an Accountant. A professional liar i.e. A Lawyer. A professional pervert i.e. A Psychiatrist or if he is really ambitious he can lie in all things and become a politician. If he’s the rare breed who can not only sell his own soul but the souls of humanity he can be a President! Oh praise be, hallelujah on high please let it be so say Johnny’s parents.

The fact of the matter is we live in a society that champions and rewards those who are the paragons of split consciousness. The rewards of material possessions, money and having comfort are done at the expense of your fellow man but most of all ultimately at your own expense. The social controllers of humanity have always known about split consciousness and have developed a system to exploit it thoroughly. They know that any civilisation placed in this predicament should have a whole programme development to repair and contend with split consciousness as far as possible. The social engineers build a redundant system that is always prone to collapse and reinvent it each time. Their goals and ambitions have always been to mankind’s detriment as they time and time again create extinction scenarios. Since, they operate against spiritual defaults and unified fields there can only be one outcome again, again and again.

The limits of control are always ourselves and the cabal are our Id and represent the ultimate in split consciousness. They are the monsters out of control only because within all of us we build the beast of industry and exonerate split consciousness at every turn.

Technology has been readily introduced to us as being the next step towards true freedom and convenience. But there is nothing that technology can do that operating in a unified field we can out do many times over. Indeed, it is through technology we are monitored, analysed, assessed, imprisoned, limited and ultimately taken out. Moreover, those of you who have suffered at the hands of the Alphabet agencies will know of psychotronics and scalar wave modalities which exploit your split consciousness.

Transhumanism is a topic that many people are au fait with and kids are most probably killing cyborgs and using artificial intelligence equipment in your living room as we speak playing the latest Wii or Xbox game. The melding of machine and man is prevalent in much of science fiction. However, the social controllers of humanity take this very seriously indeed. The Beast programme in Brussels comprises the world’s DNA database. Everyone who is born and living on this planet has their DNA code stored on this computer. It is operated by the Janus Company and the front organisation for this is the European Union. Indeed, Solvac run by the Solvay family introduced Prozac and fluoride into mainstream circulation. The Solvays are part of the Saxe-Coburg family which are known as the House of Windsor in the United Kingdom. All paedophile rings ultimately lead you to these people. Programmes like the Internet using social networking sites such as face book, twitter, yahoo and all search engine entries are monitored by DAARPA and the recent census which took place was operated by Lockheed Martin.

A mapping of the human consciousness and its variables are being created by the social controllers through the MISC (Military Industrial Security Complex). Live experiments such as Chernobyl, 9/11, the Gulf crisis, Fukushima, depleted uranium in Iraq and ongoing experiments in African countries together with scattered radiation at airports and binary weapons of chemtrails are implemented to assess adaptability, mutation and behaviour of human beings. Deaths and eradication of large segments of the human population is indeed a goal but with maximum utility and of course of maximum amount of pain for you and me!

The human being which combines elements of split and unified consciousness who can overcome his psychopathy and tendency towards destruction and lack of awareness could offer something much more than transhumanism could ever achieve. Indeed, even if the social controllers achieved their experiment of depopulation they would still be a group of psychopathic split consciousness beings. We live in a universe which wants us to walk as equals not as servants and certainly not without moral universal integrity. However, a step towards sovereign integrity means taking steps into the unknown for many of us and facing our greatest fears. But that fear is being exploited anyway and by confronting our deepest desires the controls which bind us grow a little bit weaker everyday.

The Public Perception Game

By Benjamin Donnelly
January 7, 2012

Television and electronic media convey information about how our world works as part of a well recognised medium and intrinsic mainstay of our established reality set. We see the dramas played out by actors in fictional roles and feel distinctly these are plays for entertainment. In the United Kingdom News reporters were banned from doing commercial adverts as their role was felt to be too influential on public perception. We have seen health, finance, the law, education and other establishments get taken over by corporate agendas serving profit rather than people where increasingly moral ethics are a cursory aside.

Health for example means promoting diseases in order to serve an industry which can make continual profits from people being ill. The advisory boards and regulatory bodies which police the food and drugs industry will penalise healthy products whilst leaving unhealthy and dangerous ones untouched.

So, to approach the arena of media communication only to discover lies and corruption within their delivery system should not come as too much of a surprise. The following videos present a viewpoint that many of the people we see portrayed in disasters and assassinations are actually actors. The dramas we understand as mainstream events could actually be staged scenes. Since, we live in an era where heavy corporate control is prevalent and some would say fascism exists is it really so unbelievable this could have some elements of truth to it?

The Truth EXPOSED - Full Video

The most compelling part of this was the modus operandi behind control of public perception as an instrument of change. Therefore, allowing a play such as the replacement of the Federal Reserve with the one World Bank beginning with countries in the Middle East. The other agenda's being realised as the man pointed out were taking guns out of civilian hands thanks to Columbine. It was no coincidence Michael Moore made his popular documentary 'Bowling for Columbine'. Moore’s facility for drama directly confronting the Chairmen of the National Arms and Rifle Association (Charlton Heston) is pure Hollywood. The distinction between real life drama and engineered drama in documentaries and news footage becomes a fine line. At what point are you being played and when are you witnessing true reality?

Similarly, one has to be aware that those who are claimed to be actors might actually be genuine in Ed Charini's (DallasGoldBug – DGB) analysis. Breaking down the manipulation of public perception through media is one thing but setting them up to believe in nothing especially themselves only moves things forward to the social engineers of humanity. However, to be aware, cautious and follow clues to what is being presented is no bad thing. Anyone who readily believes what is presented by media as truth is in for a shock. The Disclosure Project could indeed be a set-up and even if Carol Rosen is an actress what she presents about revealing the hostile alien invasion and taking down of Strategic Space based weapons is worth noting.

Groups like Exopolitics allow containment to the public perception situation of E.T.’s. So off-world people are 'identified' and their 'behaviour', 'culture', 'motives' are all of course easily explained and put into `Newspeak'. The fact of the matter is there are several other groups living in our solar system. Carl Sagan and NASA knew about this for sometime. If this concept was introduced to people, their hostile alien thesis would not hold water. None of these groups living in our system want anything to do with us. There are various reasons why other E.T. groups are here and God knows there is no shortage of people coming forth to tell you why. Curiously, they all put humanity in a position of being corralled into various positions all of which benefit the social engineers.

9/11 is the staged event that woke many of us up and indeed even the BBC admitted that many of the bombers were regular civilians resident in other countries at the time. Hijack 'suspects' alive and well http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/1559151.stm

One mother horrified to see her son portrayed as a terrorist and dead to the world contacted the FBI. They said so 'what?' and they weren't interested! Interesting but not surprising the corporate media will not investigate this fully. The course of creating a set pool of actors for media terrorism was therefore set. The control of perception is paramount and people do so readily believe not only their media but their social media websites too. Say anything bad about James Horak on Facebook and within a day he could be ostracised. Technology more and more is being used as a tool towards centralisation not least in the conduction of social media. Creating a hit squad of media assassins means that in one hour they could totally devastate someone’s status. Consequently, those that are portrayed as controversial figures but are ignored or immune to such assaults should be duly noted.

The One World Bank is being centralised across the board and since police states are expensive we're seeing built in redundancy in everything not least the human being. Terry Gilliam's film 'Brazil' clearly shows constant 'terrorist acts' keeping people in fear in order to feed the machine of constant war preparedness which of course takes out those rebelling who see through the system of lies. In my country most white goods break down within a short period now and China serves that booming economy of built-in redundancy. Corporations are the only ones able to pay the huge taxes demanded who can support such a redundant culture and we are living in a fascist dictatorship as more and more is taken back by the cabal. Consequently, individualism and true creativity are stifled and dumbed down whilst the illusion of 'knowledge' and discovery are encouraged. Educational standards drop every year and the debt created by the loans feed the machine while allowing the cabal to go after not only the kids but their parents and assets also.

So in conclusion is it really so surprising that some of this could well be true? Manipulating perception is a big part of control. They did this before in the last war. Those particular people who were taken to concentration camps had genetic traits which empowered humanity specifically, immunity to certain diseases and mind control frequencies. The flu virus which followed killed more than in the war. The Reichstag fire was staged and manipulated to make people believe the communists were taking over the country and in this dire time a saviour in the form of Hitler Rothschild appears. How soon we forget the 'patterns' of history and after a similar act of terrorism on home soil George Bush remains in power only to instigate crimes against humanity in the guise of 'National Security' and the public good. The media is very much part of this show building up the threats to public safety wherever they are ordered to search and then diverting us with game shows, celebrity culture and Tom Cruise’s latest appendage replacement. They certainly will not be looking where they need to as that would serve your interests and not their masters which by the way is not you.

Films like V for Victory besides showing the false terrorism theme and the rise to power of a dictator who created the terror in the first place reveals the Hegelian Dialectic. Incidentally, made by the same people who gave us the Matrix films. That is problem, reaction and solution. If you remember this film you'll know that 'V' was a product of genetic experiments to do with immunity. Given we are living in a time where a binary weapon in the form of Chemtrails is being used I am sure you can see this is quite apt.

The creation of the alternative media was done to muddy the waters on those they knew would be onto them. Create enough smoke and enough fires and you'll never be able to navigate. They create Facebook and use technology in an attempt not only to manipulate, monitor and influence us but to pre-empty what we might do. But not everything can be controlled my friends. Technology is always a poor imitation of nature and although they have some knowledge of unified theory they haven't got all the bases covered. The more we discover about our true selves and take that power back the less control they have over us.


Won't get fooled again? (The Who, 1971)

By OmetaOne
December 31, 2011

As we are entering a new year it is custom to wish everyone well and to express the best expectations for the future. I truly wish all the best and a happy new year for all my friends, their friends and every good soul on earth and that we be spared of what a few ill-minded have planned for all of us. It is also custom to try to peep into the future and catch a glimpse of what is ahead which is really not so difficult if you only extrapolate the present vectors further out.

It is 2012. Many people are convinced that the biblical end of days are near or they are already anxiously expecting the effects of the ending Mayan calendar 12212012 or 21122012. The stress level is already high for most of us, the 99% and expectations are generally lower, media constantly reporting about the crashes or impending crashes of banks and markets.

We all remember when we were told in the year 1999 that the computer chips were only capable to count up to 1999 and that this could cause all kinds of our most dangerous technologies, from nukes to nuclear plants, to go ballistic. Doom and gloom and... nothing happened. But we know now that 'they' intended to make things happen, namely to incite riots on Times Square, N.Y.C., to have a pretext to implement Martial Law. If it had not been for some vigilant citizens in the United States, the NWO could have been implemented right there.

Since this plan has failed, the social engineers came up with another timeline and a supporting myth that should convince the Illuminati following, foremost their Captains and Colonels, because they depend heavily on them, that this time and they know it will be their last try, they can make it.

The alternative media since then have exploded with rumors about impending dangers and disasters to be caused by all kinds of heavenly bodies or even Aliens. These are indeed forces we as humans would be helpless to counter - if they were true, but they aren't!

These are only some of the ruses to fool us again and distract us from what the tricksters really have up in their sleeves and what we can prevent if we are educated and diligent. It is up to us not getting fooled again, 'they' will certainly try it over and over again until we do the right thing. Praying we won't is not enough, we have to expect they do everything they can because their time is also short. Encouraging and helping the people on the inside who are already fighting a war against the monstrous elite is becoming more and more important.

There is no Planet X coming in but a crashing economy, crashed intentionally so.

And there will be no Alien attacks on us - parts of the world, as I speak, are attacked with new viruses and bacteria they have been busily developed in laboratories all around the world. The EHEC virus released in Germany in the summer of 2011 being one of the latest, more prominent examples. Hundreds of microbiologists have been killed who spoke up against those evil developments.

The Gulf of Mexico is completely destroyed by oil and COREXIT. Radioactive fallout from Fukushima continues to poison the northern hemisphere and it could go unnoticed if the existing nuclear facilities released additional radiation locally, me just playing the devils advocate here, you know, they think like that and worse. The US drones brought down have sophisticated spraying devices as have the chemtrail planes. We have a dozen or so weaponized space stations in orbit that can cause harm like they did when they set Russia on fire in the summer of 2010.

See what else is up in their sleeves... HAARP, earthquakes, floodings, weather manipulation, vaccinations, mind control, FEMA camps, Project Bluebeam, hunger, more 'revolutions' and finally world war 3, the clock is ticking... each day the tension is increasing and one can feel it in the streets, its affecting our psyche and it has to be released at one time.

My expectation for the year 2012 is that we 'raise our vibration' so much so that we get burning red hot and release our energy where it belongs - in the face of those who are stealing our health, our lives and the future of humanity.

If  we won't get fooled again and again... that would make a happy new year, the best I can imagine. Then the sky and earth are ours.

Happy New Year

from Shuny to all our readers and friends

Won't get fooled again? - The Who - (The Who's Next, 1971)

We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals when they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the foe, that's all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they'd all flown in the last war

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
No, no!

I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
For I know that the hypnotized never lie
Do ya?


There's nothing in the street
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are out-phased, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Is now parting on the right
And their beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!


Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

The Cat Paw

By James Horak
December 23, 2011

It is a shame that even alternative investigations into events whose evidence of orchestration is profound stumble upon predilection themselves so often associated with that of the dissembling media. And that they ultimately lead, themselves, to the growing disbelief among the public that truth is inapproachable.

Conspiracy theorists should never adopt an agenda for this reason, for in fact, such an agenda can become even more of a cover-up than the assumed intention of conspirators to cover their tracks. Mere preference of one theory over another, until ALL are closely studied, is like a cat's paw, that gently, seemingly unobtrusively pats misdirection and bias into the avenues of escape of its prey.

When the bearer of a conspiracy theory will not submit to close examination of their material by those posing contrary theories, but maintains a dogmatic and inexplicable reluctance to do so, often denigrating those presenting any such alternative, the warning flags should arise. To the extent that Dr. Judy Wood has done this, suggests she is just such a mechanism, wittingly or unwittingly, to cat paw others from examining possibly even better theories than her own... even those that can go so much further in naming the very culprits responsible for 9/11.

In science, the simplest explanation for an anomalous phenomena must be considered first, then we move on to the more complex. Dr. Wood defies this, even in the face of assertions that the devices able to particularize the Twin Towers and Building Seven were in place since their construction. This alternative theory is based on that of Dimitri Khalezov in his work, 'The Third Truth' and has behind it information afforded the Soviet Union agency responsible for monitoring the use of thermonuclear devices among all nations subscribing to the Non-Proliferation Treaty in force at the time the Twin Towers were built AND the Sears Building in Chicago. Dimitri claims all three (four adding Building Seven) were installed with these devices in order to satisfy staunch building codes in order to prove controlled demolition was available should the structures have to be brought down... in the least harmful way to surrounding structures.

What backs up Dimitri's work over that of Dr. Wood is not just the Principle of Simplicity but details like the topmost floors of the Twin Towers falling intact while everything below was particularized into dust (even papers in those top floors were fluttering in the air as the buildings fell) and that the damage to the corner of the armory diagonally across the street from Building Seven was perfectly within Dimitri's “zone of particularization” he drew based on the known extent of the devices used. Had this been Dr. Wood's scalar weapon the particularization could not have avoided the same effect on those top floors since it would have had to be directed from above because of the other high structures around. There were also found minute iron spheroids found in the dust, characteristic of a thermonuclear device.

Note that we are discussing what particularized the buildings, NOT everything that was present, like thermate charges and whatever hit the buildings initially... all somewhat useful to cloaking other, more compelling factors.

Why would Dr. Wood and her exotic theory be given so much attention? Possibly the same reason Mr. Assange, reporting from another quarter (and trying to debunk the whole of the Truther movement) was so abundantly notarized. Both left the question of those actually responsible for 9/11 as remote from finding after their appearance as it was before. While Dimitri Khalezov can name its mastermind.

The Truther movement has oddly avoided examining Khalezov's work, enough that they would make the obvious effort to locate documents on the construction of the now-standing Sears Building in Chicago to find out just how it satisfied the requirements to get its building permit.

There are cat paws and then there are “rats in the woodpile.”

James Horak

Dimitri Khalezov's documentary: 'The Third Truth':

Avoiding the Truth and creating the Drama

By Benjamin Donnelly
December 23, 2011

I came across this article today, British Propaganda Aims at Triggering Syrian Genocide.

I often find feedback to the articles the most interesting and one or two comments struck me the most. Someone made the point about the drama machine that produces build-up with fear, panic and concern on one topic and rapidly moves onto the next. This has for sometime been called News as if to imply this is representative of our world. The stories are portrayed with language that is full of double speak as portrayed in George Orwell's (William Arthur Blair) 1984. Double speak would be killing a whole bunch of women and kids at home and calling it `Collateral damage.' The true horror of the act is cancelled out by language which detaches morals, sensitivity and the fact it is an outrageous crime away from the reader. Depopulation and mass genocide of humanity is described as `Sustainability'!! So, perhaps if we were to apply a flame thrower to the Bilderberg meetings and a security officer was to question our actions the reply to be given is `Not to worry officer, just doing some sustainability, carry on with your work! :-))

The true beneficiaries of all this mass killing are of those of course in the military industrial security complex (MISC) and their various adjuncts such as the bankers, politicians, alphabet agencies and corporate media etc. If our media was not corporate owned, biased and concerned with just giving a shallow treatment of affairs, a very different analysis would be made of the situation. One could examine the whole 9/11 affair and the subsequent `war on terror' and so-called implementation of `Homeland Security' and see the parallels with Hitler's rise to power and the introduction of Nazism, the Gestapo and installation of the Reich. Specifically, the eradication of public freedom and the installation of continual wars and perpetual `enemies' to fuel the fear and fund the oppression and wars on humanity. After all Police states are expensive.

In the alternative media this same pattern is continued. We have many that continually stir the pot and go to great pains to give us drama, crisis and various plays. We have the same shallow treatment of various topics and many apparent experts who provide us with the impending arrival of Planet Nibiru, Comet Elenin, those nasty Annunaki aliens who are of course running the whole show and after our gold and family heirlooms. Aunt Mildred hide that gold ashtray, aliens from 500 light years away and another dimension have come here to steal it!

Curiously, no real analysis or mention is made of our perceptual reality and how this is controlled. Further, aliens are readily identified and categorized by many in the alternative media. If you can identify a thing you can manipulate it. Hollywood is only too ready to provide a hostile alien thesis and it should come as no surprise that it is heavily funded by the Military Industrial Security Complex (MISC) and run by the Alphabet agencies. The capabilities of the MISC are always hyped and no mention is made of their many failures to enslave and control humanity in the past. There is a great deal of evidence to peruse which shows they have severe limitations and have been stopped and contained countless times. However, this again is manipulated to suggest that humanity can have another saviour and need do nothing but wait to be saved.

An examination of the social engineers who direct our reality will reveal they like to control both sides. In politics you have both parties working as directors for their masters and the media supporting the appearance these so-called leaders work in the best interests of humanity and the general public. Just to accentuate this point those running for political office all belong to elite families and are therefore related and the voting machines are programmed with a result prior to elections. In wars the Alphabet agencies create civil unrest in a country by creating `rebels’ and funding both sides ensuring whoever wins is controlled and in debt to the hilt so they can implement and co-ordinate the next regime. The media of course will do their usual job of providing shallow treatment and creating necessary drama to support a false enemy. The real enemy of course is the one running the whole show and laughing all the way to the bank. They are the real terrorists and anyone attempting to reveal their scam and game is labeled a terrorist. Fancy revealing where the NESARA funds are located or what is in Donald Rumsfeld’s bank account? Well, that of course is an issue of National security and you cannot view it and by the way you’re now labeled `an illegal combatant’ for daring to mention it.

In the alternative media the dramas which are set up for us could be: One person saying there are good and bad aliens and another saying there is no human-alien interaction just programmable life forms manufactured by the military. Neither side is correct and the idea is to anchor public opinion into one faction or the other. Is this ringing bells for any of you yet with parallels to the mainstream media manipulation patterns?

Recently, the drama which was created for us was around the kidnapping of Benjamin Fulford, the public break-down of David Wilcock on public broadcast and a dark shadowy figure who hinted he was so far away it defied description and could haunt a person beyond the grave. So, now we learn these elite groups hold our soul captive too. Or do they?

Firstly, Benjamin Fulford was not kidnapped he was merely late but notice how this was built up to a state of panic and concern. Ask yourself if you would break down on public broadcast for over five minutes. What is to be gained from such a thing? Along comes a man known as Anonymous who has been given the perfect introduction to venerate the surroundings with his control which of course extends beyond the grave. The human soul is sovereign my friends and no-one controls it least of all an elite controller. If this man can control his bowel functions I believe Project Camelot will do a 3 hour episode on it.

Secondly, the real purpose of speculative instruments i.e. gold, oil, water, food, weather, human health etc, their true origin points and how this fits into depopulation is of course never deeply analysed.

Lastly, the public listening to this are meant to feel disempowered, to wait for the latest development and to feel there is nothing they can do against such opposition. Resistance is futile, right? Don’t even bother, nothing can be done, there are factors you have no control over etc etc.

My friends, if any change is to happen it will not be brought to you by mainstream or alternative media. It will be brought by you. You are the answer you’ve been waiting for, not all those that are cashing in on the creation of fear, mis and disinformation. Thorough investigation or deep analysis of our world will reveal the truth of things and is not that hard to find. Indeed, there are many before us who have done these very same things and their work and information is waiting for you already.

Happy rediscovering!


Part Two

By Crystal Clark
January 13, 2012

As discussed in the Part One of this article, this particular question was beautifully raised by the Shaman in the Avatar film. When an outsider wanted to spend time with her tribe, she allowed it, and succinctly explained why she agreed to do so: we’ll see if your insanity can be cured. This was one of Hollywood’s finer moments, which is a rare thing these days, and this deserves our attention.

All forms of media, not just films, are tools to communicate information, ideas and messages, to a wide and even global audience. In this sense, media is the communicative channel (such as broadcast media) for singular mediums such as art, music, literature, news and information.

In other words, through some type of singular medium such as painting, music or writing, an idea (immaterial) has expressed (material manifestation) from the individual via the singular type of medium used to convey it, and then some type of communication media like radio, television, newspapers or the internet, is then used to broadcast the original content to a wider audience.

This sounds practical, even necessary, and innocent enough, until we look deeper at how media can and is being abused to alter our perceptions of reality—globally. This includes both forms: communicative or broadcast media channels, and the original content being broadcast: what is created, and how it is shared with an audience beyond the creator. There is a third factor involved in this as well however—the way in which content/creations are presented to you.

This is where marketing enters the picture, and marketing has become a rather complex form of psychological science—this is important to recognize—there is a very fine line between science and manipulation in this regard. Successful marketing strategies include two primary things after the target market has been identified: repetition and emotional manipulation. Repetition speaks for itself, although in many ways it is a secondary form of emotional manipulation.

Emotional manipulation plays on two primary emotions: fear and love. More specifically, self-preservation (fear) and compassion (love). It might sound odd to include love, but this emotion is preyed upon every bit as much as fear, and in fact they are often connected. Genetically Modified Foods, as an example, were physically created, and then knowledge of their existence was channeled to the public via mass media. However, the marketing ploy used to increase the sales of these creations, was to play on our compassion for others. We were told that we would not be able to feed the growing global population without these creations, even though animal testing showed these creations cause far more problems than they solve.

This is a very serious problem because through intentional omission of facts and research, not only were our emotions manipulated, but our ability to use free will became polluted, limited and in fact self-sabotaging. These are important patterns to identify because this type of manipulation has become a global epidemic. This not only severely limits our ability to create and uphold abundance, but life as well. This is an exceptionally disturbing trend in terms of getting our collective and individual “buy in” to literally participate in our own demise. Below is a short list of how this trend has played out:
  • Vaccines -- Save the children from disease
  • Fluoride -- Save our teeth and bones
  • GMOs -- Save people from starvation
  • Chemtrails -- Save us from the sun
  • Chipping -- Save your pets, elderly and children from being lost or stolen
  • Patriot Act -- Save us from local terrorists
  • War -- Save us from global terrorists
  • Population Control -- Save the earth
  • Bailouts -- Save the banks to save your money
  • Space Weapons -- Save us from the aliens
What’s so interesting about all of these examples (aside from the fact that they generally do the exact opposite of what we were “told”), is that in every case the same two emotions were played/manipulated. We don’t want to see people suffer or starve needlessly because we love them, and part of loving people is to ensure their preservation. We want them to have everything they need to preserve themselves and continue on, don’t we? That’s an interesting question these days, and to answer it properly, we may have to honestly define who the “we” really is.

I personally believe that the majority of the people on this planet want to do what’s right, but through this small list alone we can see that a great deal of time, money and effort have been expended to ensure that people would no longer know what right is. Hollywood movies, television shows, commercials, music, newspapers, and news agencies, keep reinforcing the same ideas to us over and over again. In this sense, we are not only emotionally manipulated to think, feel, act, and behave certain ways once, but repeatedly.

By “repeatedly” I’m not just referring to hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year or even generation after generation—but also lifetime after lifetime. We have done all of this before, and it has never ended any other way. Is it really so difficult to recognize that nobody wins if we’re all extinct?

We’ve come full circle now: insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome each time. How many times will we hit the same finger with a hammer, still believing it won’t be painful the next time even though the pain is still fresh? How many times will we simply hear and repeat, dutifully ignoring the inconsistencies we actually see, feel and experience around us? Those “splinters in our mind” as Morpheus so accurately called them…we know they are there, but we ignore them. It’s simply not popular (or even well-paying) to address them.

We don’t want to stand up because we’re afraid to stand out—a reflection of successful social engineering via peer pressure—more emotional manipulation. We’re afraid to say or do what we know is right, because we might not be as popular. We don’t want to make a choice because it might not be politically correct. Clearly, too many of us are concerned with all the wrong things, but to what end?
An even bigger part of this type of manipulation, goes back to the beginning of the article in terms knowing the difference between a communicative medium that channels/broadcasts a creation, and the creation itself. They appear to be different, but when a race is dealing with this kind of global mental and emotional manipulation, they no longer are—that’s the problem. Mind is the builder—the idea always comes first. When your mind (idea) is not your own, neither are your consequent creations and contributions. Perception is everything, is it not? People react to what they believe or are led to perceive is true or real, not what IS true or real.

Can our insanity be cured then? Of course it can—once we recognize that it exists. The only thing left after that, is choice. But how can we possibly use our free will productively to choose a better future that everyone benefits from, when so many things have been distorted or hidden from us?
I would say Morpheus got it right…the splinters in our minds are a good place to start—they are trying to tell us something important.

Blessings on your continued journey, Crystal Clark


Part One
By Crystal Clark
December 16, 2011

This was hands down my favorite scene from the well known Avatar movie, by James Cameron. A truly fascinating and necessary view in many ways, as were other themes presented by this film, that surely also deserve deeper consideration.

As you’ll likely recall, this idea was posed to the main character of the film by the Shaman of the tribe he was initially conned into infiltrating for nefarious reasons. Upon agreeing to let him spend time with their tribe, she states: We’ll see if your insanity can be cured. But what exactly did this Shaman mean? There are many different layers to this, and before we move on to the deeper ones, I would like to express a broader yet more practical view, via an old story.

A wealthy businessman went to visit an old friend who lived a simple life in a village on the coast. After a long day of catching up, they retired to hammocks swaying in the breeze under coconut trees, as they watched the sun set over the ocean.

The businessman asked his friend, “How do you survive out here?” The village man replied, “We gather fruit from the trees, and there is an abundance of fish in the ocean here.” The businessman inquired a little more about the abundant fishing in the area, and upon realizing the commodity of abundance, began to tell his village friend how much money he could make if he opened a commercial fishing business.

The village man sat quietly as his old friend explained that he could start out with one small commercial fishing vessel, and then slowly build an empire. And though it may take years of hard work to build this empire, at some point his village friend could retire a wealthy man. The businessman began to explain, “You could eventually earn enough money to live on an island, fish for yourself, and… sit in a hammock each night… watching the sun set over the ocean,” he slowly trailed off.

Recognizing that his friend had just been confronted with the absurdity of his own life, he simply smiled at the businessman, before nodding understandingly back to the beauty of the darkening golden jewel in the sky, slowly sinking into an abyss of blue glass.

This is but one form of insanity we have come to accept, but again, there were other themes in this exceptional film that also deserve our attention. It became somewhat well known, after the film came out, that viewers began to suffer from what was coined “Avatar Depression”. On the surface, most would ascribe this to how pointedly the story line had us confronting what we’ve done to our own planet. An important lesson, to be sure, but there was a greater message: What we will do to other planets, if we are allowed to expand out into the stars before we grow out of the insanity.

Given the relentless, generational mental programming of entirely nonsensical views of reality, the importance of this understanding cannot be overstated. I grew up on many of the same Science Fiction movies as most others, and how could we ever forget the famous line, “Luke, I am your Father”.

Yoda’s character was exceptional and before its time in many ways, but the rest is nothing more than a projection—into outer spaceof our own insanity. Until we outgrow this insanity, mankind will struggle once more to become a fully manifested civilization. There are always rules and guidelines in place for creation to exist, and this applies to our selves traveling out into the stars as well.

If we cannot outgrow the need, or even acceptance, of commoditizing and subsequently destroying the very things that give us life for profit, the cosmic or Universal Community is off limits to us. As strange or even cruel as that statement may appear, honestly ask yourself this question by putting the shoe on the other foot: If you were a member of the Universal Community, would YOU allow humans into your neighborhood, knowing they have the technological ability combined with unchecked insanity, to destroy your own planet? Or even the planets of others?

This was a strong message that the Avatar film conveyed, even if only on a subconscious level, and I strongly suspect this was a co-contributor to Avatar Depression. At the same time, it was an absolutely beautiful film, because it so accurately reflected our selves back to us in ways that really count—in ways we can tremendously benefit from if we’re willing to see our reality as it is, and therefore grow beyond it.

I’m well aware of what that tiny voice is whispering to many of you, in the back of your mind… What about the moon? It isn’t a real planet—it’s just like the Death Star that Darth Vader was building. Or, what about Zechariah Sitchin’s work, and how he explained planetary space wars and the destruction of entire worlds? Isn’t that just like what Hollywood has shown us over the years? Of course it is! That’s the problem. We’ll get to that in Part Two.

I honestly don’t know how long it will take people to see that the Laws of Man, and the Laws of Creation are so far out of synch, that our very survival is in question. Does Hollywood teach you the Laws and Principles of Creation? How about your Pastors and Universities? More importantly, are they all funded by the same people?

Avatar was an exceptional film, because it dared us to see things (and our selves) as they truly are. Are we up to the challenge these truths present us with? Based on the Global Revolutions taking place, I would say yes. We have a lot of work to do, but that’s the beauty of the lesson: It is OUR work, and everyday I see more and more people leaving the illusion long enough to take up that challenge. As this movement and awareness of what really matters grows, better days and a fully manifest race of extraordinary human beings into the Extended Community of forever, becomes more and more a surety. This is no small thing…

Blessings on your continued journey, Crystal Clark

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  1. Split Consciousness and The Beast of Industry

    By Benjamin Donnelly

    Great post Ben. Looking forward to your next review. Can you tell us what unified consciousness would look like?

  2. I think the principle difference is at present we operate under a collective consciousness and unified consciousness offers access to genetic knowledge. The latter offers access to a community of thought and mental telepathy. This is not always desirable to some as they would find
    it invasive. However, access to a higher civilisation that is is stable working in balance with the spiritual defaults becomes more obtainable. Although, that doesn't mean a form of split consciousness overcoming its more destructive faults doesn't make these things possible.

  3. With respect to this last post, Anon, please correct your sentence structure and its meaning obscurity so we can reply with precision. JCH

  4. so what about galen winsor? who owns the plutonium? and what is it worth? are you possibly misinformed regarding the topic of radiation, mr. horak?

  5. e edney, really have no idea to what your comments are responding. The single article of mine in this section doesn't appear relevant to any. JCH


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