Adept – One schooled beyond the “mysteries” but as well in both geophysics and astrophysics and able to reach an integration of the two that connects both with unified consciousness and that divided when in alpha dream state. Adepts visit the past by psychic directing and by carefully studying the present can extrapolate high likelihoods with the events of the future. All are good interpreters of dreams and well enough aware of the present to have been extensively relied upon in the past by those in power as advisers. Their connection to a different kind of consciousness they have in common has sadly brought about a resolve to abandon this planet.

Ambivalence – The opposite of determination of moral will, ambivalence is the inability to further resolve with directed thought to fruition. Those that overcome it as professionals exclusively to their expertise are presently regarded as having genius. In reality a true genius does it in the total breadth of his/her thought. May no longer be possible to manifest by earth-bound humanity at all. Due to ambivalence.

EMV - Short for ElectroMagnetic Vehicle. This name was given first to objects in the rings of Saturn by Dr. Norman Bergrun that NASA discovered on their images from Voyager 1 and 2 space probes. NASA called them 'Shepherding Satellites' or 'Shepherding Moonlets' because they seemed to interact with the ring structure. In his book Ringmakers of Saturn Dr. Bergrun showed even larger objects that he called ElectroMagnetic Vehicles. In deference to Dr. Bergrun, James Horak kept the name EMV for the objects later discovered in the corona of the Sun. Extraterrestrials often refer to the EMVs as "The Hand of God".

Chambers - Within each EMV are chambers wherein reside spirits. Every sentient being will access such a chamber in their soul travel. The only exception are those civilizations so advanced and spiritually directed that their love of what they have obtained TOGETHER is prized above all. For them there is the alternative to aspire to spiritual technology intact as that civilization. Rare, but obtainable, this phenomenon establishes itself where it will, though I suspect many keep in touch with astral influences by occupation in stars.


ET – Bases on Earth, Moon, Mars – Until crude and barbaric attempts were made by earth-bounds to weaponize space, their rudimentary bases were on our moon and on Mars but no longer. ET maintains bases throughout. EBEs, only on earth and here in deep underground quarters shared with military black ops under programs run covertly.

Experiment – "Everything is an experiment. Only mine are for the better. We examine everything out of devotion or we are savages. Just because we might find a higher purpose in the conduct of our lives, does not rob us of individuality, it simply gives us more by granting the opportunity to express the unique in ways expanding to our individuality. If you have to feel secure in the potential of outcome, you've failed life."

Extended Community – If one but thinks about inevitability, an extended community is truly just that. On earth we profess to order but in reality all forms that develop towards that end become corrupt. ETs have grown far beyond allowing that to happen when they form collective associations so that the extent of an extended community is unlimited. Without them, however, the security of civilizations and time line continuum cannot be had and the evidence of disorder and chaos would have already decided quick outcome to earth's peoples due to continued follies repeated here over and over again. But such an extended collective is as noble in patience and empathy as it is in devotion to its own ideals.

Fledgeling Civilisation – One yet to overcome its own technology and has not yet discovered the true meaning of advance.

Genotypes – are not expressed as phenotypic, for traits. A genotype when expressing a trait becomes phenotypic. A discernment not explored by conventional science although probably realized in secret by genetic research from covert operations where only abductions can acquire the necessary data from extended follow-ups that go beyond what's otherwise intolerable. It should be established now in some circles that stress can cause some genetic pairings normally thought only genotypic to become phenotypic in order that the subject has better coping skills with environment. To an increasingly control freak of a system, this is a threat to status quo.

Genetic Memory / Soul Memory – Genetic memory is that memory passed on at a cellular level from which instinct is derived. Information can be placed on the mechanisms involved with this aspect of specie survival from an extraneous source. Earth-bound humanity has all been given extra information in this way by their off-earth ancestory. Its access, however, is only very partially and momentarily realized through the closed avenues cause by split consciousness. Soul memory is the intact fullness of all life experience locked into the soul. At death it incorporates with the mind and knows what connections it has ever had before. Except with any failed lineage.

Ghost – The white light spirit ghost is the residue of a spirit, it has to will it. The spirit inside of a person creates the blue flame because of the apprehension that that treasure is going to be found that it reaches that level, so that residue of a ghost is left and can be seen at night. Contact is through the residue and can sustain as the Blue Flame. The Blue Flame is an apparition above buried or sunken treasure certain children can see, sometimes into adulthood.

Interdimensionalism / Interdimensional – Too general in use, interdimensional has come to apply to any extra-dimensional phenomenon. It does not. Relating to how a single body projects its reality to a fixed number of planes, presumably while in some form of travel, is the precise (though seemingly confined) functional definition. Whereas time travel, phasing and transmission of matter ARE NOT applications of interdimensionalism.

Law of Rule – Law of Rule was the first instance in this continuum of any common understanding between extra-planetary civilizations to observe a treaty arrangement so strongly it became an extended rule of conduct later on when the extended communities began to form. At the time of its conception it was purely meant to limit use of weaponry to a united front against tyrannical “giants”, the primaries that existed before the Time of Uniformity.

Manifestation - That perception of reality dominating a planet's people, real or not. A required discernment due to aberrant practices in time travel that create branching time lines and that will usually lose manifestation when the continuum is corrected. Yours might become an exception were you to rid yourself of the monsters-in-charge and strike out on new paths. The Universe enjoys new variations and this split consciousness could be one.

The Metal / Armiton – A metal that cannot be made by earth's peoples due to partial manifestation. It allows star travel access to humans.

Mind as a Field –

Mothman – An actual interdimensional being phased into our presence but that cannot truly manifest due to our present partial manifestation. Here to recover its young who can mimic manifestation here.
They effect an appearance they regard as most acceptable due to tradition (whether it is most acceptable or not.) The adults keep an alternate manifestation in their own dimension but the young cannot.

Partial Manifestation – "imposed to Avoid Ripping the Fabric of Time - Earthbounds are savages and the Universe must be protected from their insane applications of technology." "If the results of your intentions are not acting on anything, how can you be manifested?" ...not entirely but I will let this stand. Split consciousness has a hard time collectively manifesting moral determination. Appeals to this in your leaders have repeatedly been unproductive. Hence, something had to be imposed to limit the harm you can cause to others. JCH

Power of Expectation – "What strikes chords resonates with your own power of expectation, a very powerful thing when directed." ...Yes, as seen in the great healing power found in the power of expectation. It is one of the principles of unified consciousness and is part of what I have taught in trying to heal subjects of their split consciousness. Due to the many length efforts I've made that have failed I have come to the conclusion that the split consciousness might survive with earth-bounds but only if you can utilize your full instinct potentials, namely that of moral outrage. The one most assaulted by the social engineers behind religions and government.

Principle of Inevitability – Actually the exemplary notion that probability IS a tool of science that SHOULD be used to break through orthodoxy and mindset with forming patterns of ALL data, no matter how anomalous, in statistical groups for analysis to determine likelihood of each assumption made until the most probable is determine. In unified consciousness it is automatic.

Psychic Energy – That energy produced by either astute focus in some, anxiety in others. If channeled it can move to the physical realm.

 – An abortion of scientific ideal. Promoting to do with perception what cannot be done for the whole of a person.

Rhesus O-Negative – Most efficient Rh factor for prolonged star travel since it is a universal donor to any other Rh factor. Did not exist on earth until after the migration from mars to the earth.

Rift – Phase differences in a time line caused by primitive (irresponsible) experimentation, hydrogen bomb blasts and other travesties typical to aberrant technology. There are those dedicated to the repair of these threats to the continuum.

Roswell & Ft. Worth UFO crashes – The UFOs recovered at Roswell were taken to Carswell AFB here in Fort Worth. It may be disinformation they ever left since programs came about there later on in conjunction with Convair/General Dynamics (sharing runways with Carswell) indicative of reverse engineering while at Wright Patterson in Ohio, such a convenience for research was not to be had.

Second Technology – "The second technology is the hidden technology. The practice of retaining inventions for a privileged few to use started long ago and has reached vast proportions here.
It has been refined by industrialists and cartels in the last 150 years to control technology and to suppress anything that might challenge them and their status quo. Edison was a big help in accomplishing that. That was what was behind his feud with Tesla."

Sentient Life – Having empathetic mind with volition and the capacity to harbor soul.

Soul – The vessel for sublime consciousness whose use of energy is always in balance.

Spirit – The co-joined soul with mind.

Spiritual Technology – The ascendant form of physical manifestation and how to apply it.

Split Consciousness – Divided mind and has caused earth-bound humanity to sublimate dichotomy and ambivalence. You are what you pardon. It also allows subjugation to trance state or hypnosis... all diminishing the faculties needed for self-determination.

Super Concentration – is not limited, but broadened like the diverse thought of the Greek classicists, or those that brought us the Enlightenment or the Renaissance. To hold to one step in a process to the next, and the next and so on until the most viable conclusion can be made is today far more of an exceptional ability than ever due to systemic ambivalence. The adult Mothman actually positions the place of entry by leaving a perfect model of himself in his dimension behind and attaches himself to it with great psychic energy. This is a province of unified consciousness that I call super concentration. If you are trying to travel a rift you have created you are looking at the example of the Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment and may end up just as dubiously.

Transmute / Transmutation – More important to partial manifestation than full, it is the ability to impose upon a substance a change beyond known laws.

Time Compression – To create a functional model of time as a spiral that can be compressed to your place in the time line while the center of the spiral is the continuum, retaining its integrity. You enter it on the edge and decompress or further compress to go where you wish. In this way you are a removed observer.

Time Travel – You can observe this phenomenon in many aspects. Throughout this glossary I have touched upon a couple. Beyond that, I do not wish to aide the maniacs here that seem to have a monopoly on the resources needed to further research simply because I don't approve of their intentions shown by what they have already done.

Unified Consciousness - The faculty of having no separation to consciousness with the benefits obtained of having access to collective consciousness and genetic memory.


  1. James, Thank-you for providing this excellent Glossary of Terms you have introduced us to in your writings. Words we now use with confidence and terms others can refer to.
    Shuny, great idea and brilliant write-up, perhaps we can add to this when the need arises. Should any of our readers wish to know the meanings of other phases that they come across on the blog, they would be good enough to post it here in the comments section and we shall ask James for an explanation and add it to the Glossary.

  2. So... what does "EMV" stand for?

  3. Out of respect for Dr. Norman Bergrun who named these wonders ElectroMagneticVehicles, I have used this phrase. "Elsewhere" other terms and phrases are used, all in accordance with wonder. JCH

  4. Have added EMVs to the glossary

  5. Thank you for the glossary. As a new reader to the blog, I found it very helpful. There were a couple of terms I would like to see added, when there is time: manifestation; and unified consciousness. I am sure many readers can extrapolate these terms, but specific clarification would be helpful. Thank you.

    1. Let's hope that Shuny or Torz will add this officially to the list.
      Manifestation: That perception of reality dominating a planet's people, real or not. A required discernment due to aberrant practices in time travel that create branching time lines and that will usually lose manifestation when the continuum is corrected. Yours might become an exception were you to rid yourself of the monsters-in-charge and strike out on new paths. The Universe enjoys new variations and this split consciousness could be one.
      Unified Consciousness: the faculty of having no separation to consciousness with the benefits obtained of having access to collective consciousness and genetic memory.

  6. Can anyone communicate with the ETs and if so how because I would love to do so I have so many questions ?


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