Thursday 28 June 2012

How Catchphrases and Buzzwords are used as Stumbling Blocks

Catchphrases like quantum-mechanics for instance, have become a fashion. What have we said when we said quantum-mechanics precisely, why should people take for granted that it has any more meaning than a phrase, why should they feel that they have said something just by uttering it, like an incantation. When you explore them you see that they are just a way of looking at things, that they don't have science behind them contextually anymore than half a dozen other things that could be said in the same way.

But all of a sudden words like 'DNA', 'Frequency', 'Vibration', 'Density', 'Dimension', 'Vortex', 'Stargate' become buzzwords. These pseudo-scientific catchphrases and buzzwords have been associated to even more absurd pseudo-esoteric concepts like that of 'Ascension', the fashionable replacement for the word rapture, where Jesus or other entities come to save humanity from itself so all we have to do is wait and pray in the christian context or raise the vibration to upgrade our DNA to 12 strands that were altered by the Anunnaki in New Age terminology. Both with the same result that they not fulfill their obligations to resist what they know is coming, call it Apocalypse or the New World Order.

These catchphrases and buzzwords are used as stumbling blocks, pretending to have a true meaning in a given context. All the assumed attributes related to these pseudo-scientific terms are nothing but theories. Nothing can be proven about the 'Big Bang Theory' with certainty or what different 'Dimensions' really are. All kinds of theories are pushed into the mainstream and the alternative media and New-Agers are eagerly embellishing them and adapting them into their fanciful 'channeled' messages. This is nothing better or even worse than the blissful idiots that have no clue of anything and don't even care.

Just by coining new terms for phenomena observed in nature, we think science has made great progress and scientists had a deep understanding of the phenomena they had observed. In the esoteric arena new catchphrases and buzzwords are created with even more ease because no one even expects that they are more than hearsay, still hoping there would be a reality behind them. It sure is, Lightworkers, Ascended Masters and Commanders of the Galactic Federation of Light have replaced the heroes of the fairy tales of our childhood, created and released like viruses from the think-tanks that are paid for by the elite. I am not saying that there may not be anything like Lightworkers or Ascended Masters but the utterance of these catchphrases and buzzwords in most cases doesn't mean anything but misinformation.

Most can not comprehend how thoughtful and determined the elite is to undermine all aspects of our lives. And words is all they have! They have become masters in creating new concepts attached to a single buzzword that can trigger automatic reactions like in Pavlov's experiments. That is highly visible in the military where words are perverted into commands that can turn the suspects into killers.

These are mind-control techniques that simplify the process to achieve a desired result quickly. As soon as you don't have to think anymore an automatism is created, it is as if you are bedevilled and thats what it is. The lone gunmen that are programmed to kill adversaries in high places like the Kennedy's, Reagan, the Pope, Perez and many more, heard voices in their heads that triggered the activity they were trained for.

Technologies like NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - are used all over the planet, for example in the corporate world to alter human behavior.

There are catchphrases and buzzwords for all aspect of life, politicians have their repertoire, doctors have, lawyers and judges as well. Just the constant repetition of a buzzword is creating the impression of validity to any concept attached to it, lending credibility to its user.

Words should have well defined meanings and if they don't or their meaning is not understood they should not be used. Words are agreements for narrow, specific functions, objects, processes and qualities. Ask for a definition for a word if you don't know its meaning or if it is given too broad a meaning when it must be specific!


Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Spirit

James Horak 
June 20.2012

Barriers exist between the mundane and spiritual. No manner of woo woo, ceremony, incantation (no matter how monstrous or hysterical) overcomes this. This is a law placed in motion long before sentience entered any mortal shell.  

What is most remarkable to our senses of any master of arcane knowledge? It is the assurance of a quiet spirit present. Yet there is no intrusion of the two worlds, the mundane; the spiritual. The delicate silver cord separates them by the consent of both sides, a euphemism of how ALL works best.  

When we are free from the contamination of past myths and false teachings used to exploit the many for the benefit of the few, we know the truth of these words. For they are the utter representation of equity assured everyone before any justifiable cosmic order. To free yourselves to this empowering truth, forget Egyptian, Greek and Roman dieties. Grant accolade ONLY to the precious uncompromised examples of virtue among yourselves. The residue of corruptions sticks to these ancient images and haunts even our reverse speech, so deep-seeded into the collective psyche has the terror and killing around them from a violent past left us.  

The evil agendas around this aberrant New World Order depends, is even rife with these contaminations. Using them for fear and false historical reference, social engineers work their symbolism and primitivistic beliefs into every segment of media, even that most appealing to children. And they are lies... intentionally repeated to create a drifting reality that can even seep into our dreams. Even the wise and informed can become unassured of their own mind when so constantly assaulted by these incessant overtures to consciousness.  

Imagine that it must be so wonderful that it frees the spirit of this world. Not death alone, but the release provided from the webs we have created for ourselves. But how much more wonderful to have that direction before death and to have earned love as a mortal, in preparation for a beyond that exalts only virtue.


Sunday 17 June 2012

The Way of Prometheus

Hi Everyone, I’ve just come back from watching Prometheus and thought a review would be fun.

Prometheus is of course the prequel to the whole Alien series films. To those of you who follow the Illuminati and their culture it is hard to ignore the focus on Prometheus. You have Rockefeller Plaza displaying the flame of Prometheus and the statue of Liberty holding the promethean flame whilst wearing the face of Mary Magdalene’s sister Seline or Sophia or Isis – Hence, why she is surrounded by water and remains separate from Maritime law. Indeed, in this year which apparently is the end of time so to speak in the Mayan Calendar you have the flame of Prometheus (the Olympic flame) being transported to Zion or London. The new home of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. See Rick Clay’s research on this to view all the Mary Magdalene references around the Olympic stadium.

The children of Isis or Isis-Ra-El are based in the Country of London under the tribe of Dan so therefore herald the Union Jack i.e. children of Jacob. They are known as British or `children of the Hebrew covenant.’ The last Isis was of course Lady Diana and she has been replaced by Isis reborn and unveiled which is Kate Middleton. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Laurence Gardner’s book `Bloodline of the Holy Grail’ where he traces the significance of Middleton marrying into the Royal family. This is supposed to represent the reunification of Christ into the royal bloodline and a bringing together of the Tudors and Stuarts.

The diamond jubilee held in the Queen of mankind’s home Buckingham Palace was a great celebration and I’m sure many of you were worshipping your Monarch and sacrificing tea cakes to the Gods in her honour.

Hollywood films are not only repeated plays of Greek tragedies and dramas but a code where the 'useless eaters' like yourselves have a chance to worship and pay for your viewing without really understanding the true significance of what is being played out in front of you.

A clue to what Prometheus is really about lies firstly with the Greek Tragedy and how we can apply this to the film but also with Mary Shelley. In her book Frankenstein the subtitle is `The Modern Prometheus’. Frankenstein arguably was the model for all things cybernetic and transhumanism in general such as Terminator, I Robot, metropolis etc etc.

To add further credence examine the names of the moons closest in Saturn’s orbits and the Cassini mission (

What you see is the story of all the players in the Prometheus story. Indeed, at the end of Prometheus the survivor of the mission goes with transhumance to visit the substitute for mankind who lives an icy existence on the moons of Saturn. Prometheus was of course a Titan and this moon is the largest in our solar system.

The film begins with a humanoid E.T. taking a solution which breaks up his DNA ending his life and I presume creating man’s or it could be creating the demiurge which is to come. I would have to watch the film again to be sure and maybe those of you who have seen the film can elucidate further.

The actors in Hollywood films besides acting Greek roles of past tragedies are not confined to one film. Indeed, if you look at the roles an actor/actress plays in other films and those in their own lives it becomes easier to gain perspective on the meaning of the play being acted out before you.

Charlize Theron’s role of blonde goddess and that of Aeon Flux in past films shows us she represents Valentianism playing out the role of Horos. In times past Gnosticism was split into two factions one of which was Valentianism. Aeon or Eon/Neo/ was the forms of change and emanations of God. Horos was the material which had to be created to abate the chaos that was Sophia and mother Earth. Horos represented order. Theron’s role in Aeon Flux was to break up the order. Here, she represents the daughter of Weyland Industries. Theoron is the spurned daughter who isn’t allowed to bare her father a child. Indeed, her father creates his progeny from plastic, wires and computers. This is to be the transhumanistic future of mankind. The boy’s name is David which is fitting as the Jewish order always talks about the line of David. As mentioned earlier 2012 is the year when the line of David unites with the house of Guelph/Windsor/Hanover/Saxe-Coburg.

David is played by Michael Fassbender who played the role of a Jew in X-men first class. Here, he discovers his mutant gifts can only be ignited and discovered by the murder of his mother in front of his own eyes. Here, then is his true birth and it is only through death that true life and the new world order can be given. Mutation of genetics is shown to only occur when great stress, trauma and the threat of death looms nearby. David is of course blonde much like Charlize Theron representing the Aryan race and the Nazi wet dream. Here it is David who plays the role of Prometheus capturing the fire from the Gods and giving 'civilisation' and the next stage of evolution for mankind. He does this by taking E.T. technology and inserting it by 'free will' into the drink of the male partner who discovered our true ancestry.

Weyland is played by the previous captain of the Betty in Alien Resurrection Michael Wincott. Here he is resurrected on board the ship to meet with the creators of mankind and our next genetic leap. Or so he thinks.

True to the Alien series role it is a woman who saves the day so to speak and here we have a French woman playing the role of the Greek Tragic figure Pandora. She being the person who discovered our alien ancestry and brought everyone to this planet in the hope of finding salvation. Pandora was the first woman to live with man and created by Zeus to be the weapon which would bring mankind down in retaliation to Prometheus stealing fire without his permission.

When unbeknownst to her a copulation with her partner brings forth 'the mutant' and the ills/extermination of mankind. Her off-spring goes on to copulate with her 'father' in good olde Oedipal/Illuminati tradition bringing forth the alien figure we all know and love. Realising at last this was to be our replacement and was us in our most basic form destructive, instinctive and deadly. So, now we know the reason we could never kill the alien was it was us on the next genetic level and was so powerful it even terrified and overcame our creators. True fire from the Gods in humanoid form!

The other moons of Saturn and brothers of Prometheus were Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. Europa where life is prevalent and could benefit from our demise has of course Europe named after it. Where life on Europa has an icy existence it is the European Union which sucks the life out of all of us and threatens the world with 'fire' so to speak and is stationed next to the world genetic base Solvac.

Companies like Monsanto represent one of the ills coming out of Pandora’s box and a wonderful line uttered by Theron (CEO of Weyland Industries) in the movie in reply to the Scientists quandary on the true purpose of their mission is: 'you don’t have the money to ask such a question, when you do we’ll listen'. So, it is money and power then that controls consciousness, our race and development. Curious as whatever is behind the conduit which is genetics surely doesn’t recognise such distinctions!

In Hollywood which is often the mouth piece for the MISC there is a great deal of focus on A.I. It is hard to find a movie which doesn’t condemn it. Ironic, since it is clearly something they strive for both in belief and in action. The A.I. life form which is David, casts an ambivalent figure rather like HAL in 2001 and certainly doesn’t have the crew’s best interests at heart. He operates for the elite not the useless eaters. Unlike HAL he seems to handle ambivalence a lot better and champions those who can overcome their deficiencies despite his psychopathic tendencies towards them.

So, the E.T. creators who wanted us dead face representatives of our race who are progenitors of something stronger than them and transhuman with psychopathic tendencies! Lucky them! The idea of the visit being to somehow negotiate why mankind has to die… as if we’re not doing a good enough job of that at present by ourselves handled and guided by the psychopathic elite!


Prometheus Tortured by the Eagle, by Christian Griepenkerl


Impressive, Benjamin. While Atlas and Epimetheus are indeed denoted as moons of Saturn, Europa is one of Jupiter, something that offers a rather interesting adjunct to the mythological hash to which the movie appears to be playing. I will have to see this film myself in order to glean a better perspective and comment further. However, I vastly appreciate your gifted impressions here. JCH
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