Wednesday 20 July 2011

EMVs, Sun Control and the Solar Anvil - James Horak explains

Giant Object discovered near our Sun - The Solar Anvil

Six weeks of solar activity - timelapse from June 1. 2011 to July 12. 2011
Composit of images from SECCHI COR2-A and SECCHI EUVI-A 304
provided by the Naval Research Laboratory on

Youtube has blocked my previous uploads because they contain the Pink Floyd song 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun'. The remaining version is English with German subtitles and without music:

Single frame from the video showing three spaceships - not EMVs!

James Horak explains some astonishing phenomena we witness around our Sun. Next to the Sun, in a two o'clock position we see an object that is called the 'Solar Anvil' and has never been mentioned by science. This object is larger than all our planets together and has been there all the time and is captured by solar observatories in space and now published for the whole world to see. The sensation being that these images are actually presented to us unexplained and that science does not even ask what it is, at least publicly. NASA claims it is a fiber from the coat of Santa Claus, but everybody knows the true abbreviation for NASA: Never A Straight Answer.

You are now witness to a whole new discovery and called upon to change your concept of what reality is, don't hesitate, it will benefit you, our world and our chances of survival. Only note this: We are really taken care of by some awesome spiritual technology all around us that now can be observed in action.

In this video you see after a series of six strong blasts within four days, starting from June 1. 2011, that the area between the Solar Anvil and the Sun is darkening. Being converted to a low energy state, the darkened area is now forming a kind of connection between the Anvil and the Sun. After these blasts and the forming of that 'Channel' or 'Portal' the whole vicinity around the sun starts to fill up with fast moving objects that must all be quite large. These objects are using the Channel or the Portal that was facilitated by the Sun and the Solar Anvil to jump here from all over the universe, mostly passing through, as James knows.

There is time compression involved and those EMVs and ET craft that we see emerging en masse from the Portal are using that possibility, facilitated by the Solar Anvil and the energy of the Sun.

We see other strange objects but the most peculiar is a sun-cruiser resembling a butterfly in its shape, passing by on a curved path, coming close to a flare and charging up. This is a civilisation that is using a different kind of technology, maybe the Hippies of the Universe?

The amount of blasts and solar activity within only six weeks is astounding and one would come to think how this could be going on for more than four and a half billion years without the Sun being depleted rather sooner than later.

This video is so awe inspiring especially when you can understand what is explained here by the most qualified man there is and who is helping us to get to the stars as well - if we defeat the NWO.

And what did Pink Floyd know to sing about to 'Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun'?

Solar Dynamics

by James C. Horak

A talented friend kindly, generous with his time, has put together images of the sun taken at each hour over the period of the last month and a half. He did this in order to better understand my claims on the Kevin Smith Show that an enormous object now acknowledged in proximity with the sun, is not only fixed in position there, but operating in an interaction with the sun to accomplish certain dynamics only possible to a technology far beyond that of any planetary civilization.

These features become very important to discussions today as we see an errant drift of mindset being fostered more and more to portray an hostile ET presence as virtually inevitable. That this is absurd in any context, historical or present, as a matter of common sense, is being lost more and more to the drum beat of steady media repetition.

In dredging up myth, superstition and the remnants of poorly developed logic among western science fiction writers, an underlying theme of this “inevitability” has already been implanted. Still, it is no less absurd, and fostered and promoted on vast scale simply because it has a designed agenda behind it. Now, instead of manufactured terrorism and attacks on national sovereignty on earth, to engineer the ages-old device of war upon people in order to deny them more personal freedoms and better means of financial sustainment, the stage is set to bring an end to all social contracts based on the advances, cultural and technological, mankind has achieved on earth in the last 300 years to win any equality among levels of society for the individual. The fear driven agenda of an hostile ET threat has been developed as the ultimate false flag operation to do just this.

Just as we were led to believe that nations must form alliances under detente in order to escape “certain” destruction from the imposed threat of the hydrogen bomb and that nations must combine on the same basis to afford advancing space exploration, we will be “taught” combating this new alien threat will require a nationless New World Order... already set up as a feudal corporate police state. We already see evidence of this as corporations like BP are allowed to police their own catastrophic environmental holocaust in the Gulf of Mexico, instead of the EPA and Coast Guard and Monsanto is allowed to confine food production to corporate control with laws that prohibit non-hybrid seed.

These trends are not justified by any external threat, but are part of a growingly apparent agenda around what lies behind the false flag fabrication of one, world dominance by an elite that has long lost its way morally and in any context appropriate to evolutionary advance.

At this stage of crucial decision-making, is important to view certain dynamics in a perspective long denied the people of this planet. For all to see that the design in nature governing all things on the astrophysical plane have both order and design shared in common knowledge by all civilizations that advance beyond the point at which the people of earth now near.

Why, dearest fellow children of the Universe, you have nothing to fear from those part and parcel to these dynamics.

View what you see as but an example of what is possible when people survive their own technology and share it without the constraints of any lords and masters. J.C.H.


  1. Brilliant and not a moment too soon, eh?

  2. Thank you, Steve. Yes, I feel it important to stress that the hostile alien thesis is to be challenged. JCH

  3. Finally after YEARS of listening to blatant garbage, someone with a heart beat speaks.... and I was guided to hear. Thank you. I am listening.

  4. Good stuff James. I will make thread about it on DTV. Btw have you read this article?

    Interesting part is that NAZA cant dismiss the object as usual as compression artifact like the ones in the EIT 195 because it was shot by SDO spacecraft`s high-definition imagers.

    That NAZA comes up unsurprisingly with the comet story, says it all.

  5. Hello, Marduk. On one of the forums where this video of Shuny's was posted, one of the esteemed members stated without doubt, get this, one month and a half's hour interval frames were ALL showing an internal lens aberration. That it made no change all that time in fix made no difference to the knucklehead. Of course the series where you see the sprinkling of fast walkers subsequent to the establishment of the corridor area went without address. The focus on the article you sent is just as invalid in its presumed denial to focus so narrowly on a lesser phenomenon with such absolute assurance when it, in so doing practices critical omission of larger contexts. Where, I might add, the conclusion it forms suffers from this omission by not including it in any interpretive frame of reference. The reaction to classify these bodies so readily as comets, like in the case of Schumacher/Levi, suggests that designation has become astronomers, "swamp gas" dodge. JCH

  6. Hi! James... URGENT Tazz here.
    We have an interview with you tomorrow
    8/11/2011 from 11 to 12 noon and
    I cannot find your phone # to call
    and remind you. My email address is: We are really looking forward to having you with us.
    For interview call: 347-633-9155
    With blessings, Tazz

  7. Is James still answering questions on this site?

  8. Yes, I am, Anon, providing they are truthseeking and honest. JCH

  9. J-ames, why would man in a nearby future create portable magnetic field dissruptors to disrupt the propulsion systems of an approaching flighing saucer craft?. I have seen a cylindrical tube, that charges when in contact with both hands. Also why do some of these crafts have direct impact on the human nerveous system, I have seen that they can create a sound/feeling/mangetic resonance that stuns your senses, and your abilty to react? When we dont understand this technology, it creates the impression, that these crafts have an energy field that can interact with our consciousness, giving a sensation that they are more living entities then crafts.... I have experienced situations that tell me this kind of devices will be released on the public within 20 25 years from now? Why? .... Can you perhaps elaborate on what you perceive? - Hélio Belgium

  10. Helio, this started out as a tethered device that General Dynamics developed to help keep track of inventory and help with security issues at their plant here in Fort Worth. The technology was moved to the Tarrant County Sheriff's offices when the plant changed hands and to secret federal operations in the area wanting to protect their obscurity from the public. At the time the sheriff was part of one of those operations. Around 95 the device was improved to be fully anti-gravitic and was installed with the capability to kill. Since then I have reason to believe it also has capabilities to either effect psychotronic harm or to co-ordinate it to specific targets. And there is no way of knowing how far and shared its applications have become. JCH

  11. You mean like electrodynamic conductive tether propulsion systems? ... I have come to understand that by modulating gravitational resonance patterns into a new magnetic field, causes immediate distortion of how the universe is perceived by living organisms. Some sort of resonance wave that is naturally created when such a modulation of gravity is achieved (a feedback loop that shifts perception of timespace awareness). Like overtones when certain frequencies are being generated, and start to modulate on themselves into higher octaves. When such technology is used in saucer crafts, gates, generators etc. It is as if the space around it, shifts frequency to match the resonance pattern created, causing atoms to vibrate at a different rate, action reaction, interrupting the data stream / neurons, being received through the nervous system into the brain. However since this temporary created magnetic field requires tremendous amounts of energy, only small bursts can be maintained at a time, I wonder what would happen, if technology existed that could maintain such fields for long an stable periods of time. Isn’t that dangerous, lethal to organisms, life? I have been explained, that only higher order advanced sound frequency based technology can achieve benevolent results, the applications of such a technology or derived from such technology would be various. And to a certain degree life forms like ourselves can operate such technology in a safe way, even with a limited understanding of consciousness and time space awareness. Isnt this what is happening right now?
    I have been explained that similar technology which is light frequency based (I have been told that I did not and could not understand the true meaning of light from my vantage point), operates on similar principles, and can be utilized not to influence such things as time space, and or matter, but consciousness awareness systems all together, but that such a technology can only be operated from the sourcepoint where these modulating frequencies are being generated, universal law dictates that when a certain degree of advancement is achieved , beings are bound by their technology, much like organism are bound by there biosphere … They cannot exist separately from that which they express into reality,in this way they have the power to manipulate, and or stimulate consciousness awareness systems in all life-bearing dimensions should they choose to. Yet their technology remains unusable to lower order consciousness awareness systems, in other words, spiritual technology is based on unified consciousness principles, it is self-operational because it is a pure expression, much like the EMVS. Thank you for your reply it is very much appreciated, through my own experiences I have naturally tuned in, into many potential future and present scenarios, much information of which it is not easy to make sense of, since the data stream received, is fragmented, and without timeline reference ... so many unanswered questions, that many of my question marks concerning EBE's, ET activity, UFO, light and sound devices are left in my mind as areas of potential “what ifs”

  12. Helio, I could do a great deal more to strike clarity with your thoughts here, as could I have had I explored more fully the work on my Theory of the Fusion of Metals. I stopped with only suggesting one of the functional methodologies there when I realized that such technology would most likely be withheld for its benefits to humanity and perverted to weaponization solely. We are discussing something that might lend itself all too easily to the same dangers. JCH

  13. I just meant to share and illustrate how I think these basic mechanisms apply, and how I have perceived the effects of such mechanisms put into practice by anti-gravity devices. But I am still pondering, if we are just discussing the effects of time space distortion on living organisms, (the effects of the feedback loop I was talking about) or time space travel, sort of riding the bended time space curves, (conscious navigation, of modulations, generated by manipulating gravitational resonance patterns) ... In one of your interviews you explain that EBE technology which is of a lower order, uses the properties of gravitational resonance patterns, to slide from one point of the galaxy to the next... since the crafts themselves are at their core a vacuum generated by the rotation of given types of magnetic fields,,, other energy principles apply and they don’t need super amounts of energy to achieve stable propulsion. What puzzles me still , is how this kind of technology interacts with living organisms when activated. And if it only affects their time space awareness (paralysis, blackouts, memory distortion, etc.)or if it simultaneously affects time space itself, which means timespace travel possibility itself ... or is it one and the same. I’m seeing technology that is making use of this feedback loop I am talking about, but which does not lend the ability to travel outside of the feedback loop, meaning time travel cannot be achieved in a physical way by these crafts. That is why I call them lower order technology. But I agree, perhaps this is not the forum to discuss this. Thank you James for your time and efforts. Hélio

  14. ... from a human perspective I think that that is exactly what we do,,, we time travel all the time ... we enjoy conscious navigation, of modulations, generated by manipulating gravitational resonance patterns around us ... we are our own feedback loop into time space reality riding the waves of gravity .... and at the same time we are the source that generates its modulations .... technology is just the abilty to copy natural principles into practical applications ... understand how we operate and why from a "life nurturing" point of view, thus understand more of the reality wich surrounds you, and is you ...

  15. Helio, EBE craft are intentionally designed with a system of drive and navigation that is not possible to reverse-engineer by those whose science and technology has our mindsets. In the last few years, to win some validity to my claims so that others might better heed my warnings, I have written and spoken about those systems, knowing full well, that without the metals needed, they could not be exploited for harm. The system in EBE craft, for both drive and navigation, is gravity wave attenuation. JCH

  16. I understand perfectly what you mean about reverse enginering, its like designing a ferrari made out of tin cans ... but I think they know that... even the interface needed to create a seemles connection between the pilot and the craft, is not exactly understood or reverse engineered,,, humans are not designed that way.... despite the terminology (gravity wave attenuation) we are refering to the same principles no?. Thank you, I hope I am not desturbing you blog page, with my questions, I did however not find any other means to contact you. I will look deeper into the matter with the information you have provided already. Hélio

  17. i have been keeping track of these objects for years....i have a daily photo of them on my web site ...thanks for all you do....this is important stuff.......ken

  18. Thank you, Mr. Pfeifer. If you would like to submit some of your images for consideration to be posted here, I would be delighted to take a look at them. JCH

  19. Thank you for providing the information. I would like to see some more blogs on this


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