Wednesday 29 October 2014

Crystal Clark on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS Radio Show 10/27/2014

Methodology and ramifications of Reality Revisionism

It was a pleasure joining Shelly Johnson on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS via the AllTalkRadio network to discuss the methodology and ramifications of 'Reality Revisionism' and its purpose and ultimate cost to our future. - Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark's website: drowninginabsurdity has a variety of shows from variety talk, morning shows, politics, religion, adult talk and more. Check out their future shows every Monday evening from 6-7pm PST.

Karyn Redfern commented:

"I found psychological depth in that expose Crystal. Understanding how we are herded helps a lot in coming to terms with the fact that we have indeed been herded and now unfortunately corralled now too. The sheep are about to be tagged and dipped or slaughtered. Some who hold to the slavery/sheep metaphor don't think they will cull the herd drastically but they haven't factored in that we were needed to get to this technology level but will no longer be required in these numbers. Thanks so much for your work."

Link to the article by Rosalie Bertell referred to in the interview:
Background of the HAARP Project

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