Thursday 16 December 2010

Giant UFO Spheres Detected Around Our Sun

On January 21, 2010, NASA satellites recorded a series of planet-sized sphere shaped UFO craft orbiting our Sun. Upon closer examination of the photographs, one can clearly see a large number of these craft orbiting the Sun. These appearances are remarkable for two reasons. One, the size and level of technology of the craft are far beyond our science. Two, at the time of the appearance of the craft, the Sun had begun to display the highest degree of solar flare and gamma ray energy that had been recorded in years. Perhaps, the assistance from higher civilizations that the ancients foretold long ago has already arrived.

mitchellgibsonmd8000's discovery of the correlation between the arrival of the EMVs and the easing of the magnetosphere at the same time shows that they are farming the energy of the Sun as James Horak revealed in the Kevin Smith Show and that they are of a positive nature preventing solar flares and CMEs.

Original Youtube user mitchellgibsonmd8000

Wednesday 15 December 2010

The Disclosure

The new ingenious animation about the Strong Delusion and Greer's Deception Project from Kirk Rutter and Paul

***Important message from Rutter and Davies:
Download your own HD version from our website and upload it to your own YT channel. Please provide link to

Voice over - Paul Birchard -

Sound Designer - Alberto Sanchez Nué

Sound Designer - Robert Kubicki

I just had to post this... its absolutely ingenious... please spread it far and wide.

Tuesday 14 December 2010


by James C. Horak

Welcome Listeners...
The Time for Sleep is Over…

I want the NWO, the ‘PTB’ (the 'Powers That Be') to know that they’re going to have to go deep into the ground like rats. Then, I want to, whenever it's set up and primed tell them, “Go ahead and do it”.. You’ll all be in one place or several one places, you’ll be, by the fact that you’re there, you have lost your right to survive and you will be eliminated. Yes, you can go to your holes like rats. And by the process of elimination being there, that’s what you are and you will be eliminated and the reason is because of the rot that’s here and the fact that evolution is about to take its total steps. One way or the other, it’s come down to it, either we get rid of them or they get rid of all of us including themselves. This situation requires a lot more consideration and maybe even intervention. We can give these bastards something to think about. I guarantee you that they will be eliminated before the entire planet will be. They will know that they moved against, in their last gasp, they will know they've done wrong. They will know that, that’s what I intend.

It's come down to a point where, as I see what’s going on, I want these creatures to experience the fear and loathing that they are putting on people I care about and I’ll throw it back on them because that’s what going to happen. In fact the whole point of these demonstrations and of EMVs appearing where they do, is to say: “Hey, you’re not the ultimate decision maker here, you better wise up to that because if you think you are going to get away with this shit… You know, nobody wants a neighbour like you that will do what your kind is doing to your own, NO!”

Well, thanks to the net, thanks to people like you, thanks to everything that has gone on, there has been an ample demonstration of Humanity on this planet having a spiritual awareness and the ability. Groups right now probably make up hundreds of thousands of people who have awakened fully. I mean they haven’t just half way awakened they have fully awakened and they realise that unmitigated greed is its own undoing, the only thing is, the people who are caught up in it haven’t and may never. The minute that I can get out what I told about the rats in the hole then those that are, will know what they are supposed to do.

On one hand I don’t want people to feel this is being done for them, but that it's not being done for them because they still have their part to play and if they don’t play it we are looking at another star. If they resist and they give an expression of growth that is undeniable through that resistance that there is something substantial to offer in the way of leadership to replace what’s gone and a trend that is promising of a higher level of awareness and values, YEH they will survive… otherwise… but my point in saying this is to let these bastards know, the fear and loathing they are imposing on their victims, they are going to share in.

You’ve got people that are mind set and they are trying to make themselves feel good that Christ is going to deliver them in the second coming and save them from themselves and the fact of the matter is they haven’t got knowledge. What they’ve got is repetition over and over again, singing hymns, reading psalms blah blah blah. What a fucking waste of a life. ‘I know you can’t jump the hurdle but have faith, have faith.’ Uhuh... Its people’s tolerance of evil that fucks things up, If you have a strong moral core the first teaching is that: I will limit whatever I may be doing, whatever I may be trying to do. I will limit any harm that I do to people, residual to the effects of my intentions.

If I made the corrections to the fields of science to pertain to astrophysics, that within 20 years I could have you going to the stars but you know I wouldn’t now. I wouldn’t and the reason is, which I’ll tell you is, I don’t want them to feel more comfortable in being able to have options that they haven’t got now, like removing their ass out of what they are creating. Evil never wins out, Evil never wins out. Nothing more short sighted, you’ve got all these people and you have the interest of so few being considered in the grand scheme of things. Not gonna win out (Deep laugh) Oh that’s an interesting phase... (laughs).
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