Wednesday 1 April 2015

China Syndrome - IAEA Expert: Pools of Corium beneath Reactors are up to 2 STORIES HIGH?!

(This is not an April foolsday's joke!)

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AP: ‘China Syndrome’ predicted by US gov’t analysis — IAEA Expert: Pools of corium beneath reactors are up to 2 STORIES HIGH?!

Note from Enenews admin: The Japan Times published the AP report above, however one sentence was altered. “Tepco has said it likely sank to the bottom of the plant. But the fuel could have dropped even beyond” vs. “But the fuel could possibly have escaped even beyond the containment facility to the outside environment.” Tsk tsk

"The corium will be in 3 parts, there is a solid crust formation in the bottom of the pool, then there’s a pool of oxidic materials… The metals and oxides are not soluble with each other and the metals will be separated… which is bad news in the sense that the heat transfer to the vessel is much higher, and it’s much more difficult to guarantee the integrity of the [containment] vessel in that case.”

“Molten corium on the containment floor, it’s eroding the concrete and going partially downward. Actually it will never go to China, because it also erodes sideways… The final size of the pooling maximum case is 10 to 15 meters in diameter, and 6-7 meters [20-23 ft or 2 stories] deep — or even deeper.”

“There are quite many challenges… There are different energetic phenomenon… which can lead to different combustions… accelerating flames, or even detonations — which can cause a very high pressure in the containment and even break the containment… Then there’s this China Syndrome — attack of containment liner by corium — which can also bypass containment.” (See US gov’t analysis: Fukushima containment breached due to “failure of the drywell liner by melt-attack“)

"If corium melts through the vessel, there are various energetic consequences caused by ejected high-temperature molten corium… Molten corium on the containment basemat initiates core-concrete interaction that releases aerosols and non-condensible gases to containment atmosphere and erodes the concrete ('China syndrome')"

From the Movie 'China Syndrome'

Comments from the respective Facebook post:

James Horak: The reason the monsters haven't brought up the China syndrome is it implies the travel through the earth of the "corium" (the core and its gathering mass) as not only limitless but extensive and with a presumed speed at the time undefined but presumably infinite enough to reach the other side of the earth. To the mantle is bad enough however, enough to cause massive disturbances throughout the world in the way of earthquakes and explosive volcanoes.

No, they don't want that brought up. Why even their underground hideaways are not now safe.

That's the kind of suicidal maniacs they are.

He may come upon the military in his sojourn. JCH

Crystal Clark: I have fought against similar thoughts James.

James Horak: I am indeed not pleased to be proven right. JCH

Mhairead MacDonald: In recent weeks I have been demented by how much has come out to prove us right and more so. I spoke with Shane Russell yesterday (good friends with Kevin and MsMIlky) for over three hours  he intercepted the FOIA documents within weeks of the quake and had some very interesting insights. I hope to do a recorded conversation with him soon.

James Horak: Yellowstone would have blown but for the EMVs. It's the first time in your lineage the signs were turned off. If I opine, they opine. And it is very dramatic when done with emotion. JCH

Crystal Clark: Delight at the entirely preventable "end of days" belongs to the deluded.

James Horak: The EMVs have come to feel the same way towards the people here as do I. They are the warmest home one can ever know. JCH

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