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MORPHEUS, HALCYON DAYS & THE FORKED PATH OF CHOICE: A brand new beginning or the same old end?

James Horak interviews Crystal Clark to discuss her recent treatise regarding the Sacred Science. With special emphasis on the hidden history of mankind’s self-destructive past(s) and our current repetition of the patterns that ultimately led to those cataclysms, few stones were left unturned in this immersive, pointed and engaging discussion:

• Acquiring extra-information through dreams (Morpheus)
• Walter Russell, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus
• The risks of leaving records behind for the next civilization
• Hidden/suppressed archeological discoveries and anomalies would tell the truth
• Previous cataclysms caused by misuse of technology via elitist mindsets
• Weaponization of natural systems and genocide
• Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Collapse
• The public has purposefully been set up to fail and take the blame
• Manufactured lack turned into personal guilt
• Greed and planned obsolescence (of products, living things AND people)
• Depopulation as a counter to an awakening public
• Surveillance and data collection: Invasion of privacy and emotional/psychological manipulation
• Data-mining and Artificial Intelligence
• People perish for lack of knowledge—participate in their own demise through ignorance
• Billions of people want an abundant, free and peaceful future (Halcyon Days)
• Emulating and honoring the wisdom of Nature’s balanced interchange system
• Freedom to fully explore individual creative potential and free will
• Overcoming imbalance/split-consciousness with moral integrity
• Taming the ego allows for individual uniqueness to become a cultural benefit for everyone
• Non-violent models of change: balancing the desire for peace with the changes necessary to ensure it

“Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.”
--Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013

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  1. A recent controversial and high profile trial has reached a conclusion this week; the venue of which being only a few miles from my home. The media hyped it to oblivion and is still mesmerizing its followers as I write this.

    I read a recent article on a popular alternative talk radio program relative to this case. They made claims that parts of FL were engulfed in "violent protests". This is a total falsehood. Aside from an incident in CA, we have not heard anything to the contrary.

    My point? Yours and Crystal's words were all too true: divide and conquer, create imbalance, force people to choose sides and, disappointingly so, some factions of alternative open source media are playing the game.

  2. James & Crystal
    Thanks much info the I will be listening again to p/up as much as possible.
    James - you hinted that the Galactic family may intervene....I'm not asking for someone to "save"us BUT the fact that we have NEVER been told the truth from the word go - you said that previous civilisations were more spiritually aware and still went down the gurgler...this is a 2 part question - would they help us to awaken more?....and is it true that we are in the centre of galactic plane and the earth's magnetic shields are very low......are we getting hit with gamma bursts that would help us? - changing our DNA and knowledge....or is this woo woo as well???
    Crystal...I would really like to live in "transphase" world.....but like you were before you met James..I have no-one to discuss anything off this nature as well..This is why I treasure your discourses....
    I look forward to your responses.
    Pam Johnstone - Australia

  3. Spiritual awareness is little without firm moral core, Pam. For this is where direction is obtained...and the ability to follow a thing to its fullest ramification (or its ultimate meaning to your condition.) This is the guiding light both Crystal and I observe.
    In our present plight, the perpetrators would like us to blame the consequences of their monstrous actions on whatever can be pulled out of a hat: the sun, astral phenomena, aliens (eventually,) religious differences, taut race relations (they forment,) anything with which to stir confusion and lead otherwise penetrating scrutiny away from themselves.
    And, when we look closely, we see them meddling with even Mother Nature to accomplish the unthinkable.
    We cannot be saved from ourselves nor should we wish to be. Already we have been given extra consideration with key moves made to avert WWIII and damage to the planet that might lead to very rapid planetary decline on a geological scale.
    The cold hard truth however is: we will either change our current paths and end the authority of those that have led us on them or we will all perish. If little Iceland, if the people of Egypt can do it, we can.
    Once we start we should not stop until no single vestige of authority these monsters have so long held is gone. And, this is important, let no one begin the secret keeping again. Ending all debt and the binding of anyone to debt, would be a great help as well. JCH

  4. James: I know you had spoke of orgone energy, orgonite, and Mr. Reich in past blog posts but I could not locate them. Could speak briefly to that subject? Also, have you had any interaction with Dr. Fred Bell and his negative ion research?

    Thank you as always, and I am looking forward to your next radio show podcast as well as any future collaborative efforts with Crystal.

  5. James, thank you for your work and interviews with Crystal... I have a question regarding orgonite and when 15Hz square frequency generators are added to them called "Succor punch", as the creators of such tools talks about dracos, etc... I am suspecting when one wears such gadget in their auric field, it might do more damage than "protecting them" or am I wrong and these gadgets actually transmute EMFs in a positive way. Refer to

  6. I am dubious about the reach into "fourth dimension" references. Crystals are true to frequency at one harmonic and for that reason were used in the first radio receivers. By sliding harmonics with a coil one can expect diversification but controlling it might not be possible since each crystal is unique. For that reason tuning would have to be done by an expert and not just included in directions sold to any consumer. Always experiment with these claims cautiously and you might obtain the reaction you want. At least you will avoid harm. JCH

    1. Thanks James for taking the time to answer, on another note, have you heard about the work of Dr. Ulga Clark with her variable frequency "zappers" (these machines now include a crystal built in the circuit) do you consider her work/research with zapping out parasites using different frequencies within the body while helping strengthen white cells a valid claim?


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