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'PROPHECY & THE SACRED SCIENCE' By Crystal Clark from Drowning in Absurdity

3A. Prophecy

By Crystal Clark, June 19, 2013
nostradamus-bannerThe following information comes from a section of WAWR 101 that dealt with intentionally misguided (steered and engineered) interpretations of the following intimately related concepts: evil, sin, anti-christ, and prophecy. In a perhaps seemingly strange way, those interrelations can be best exampled by singularly focusing in on prophecy first, again through the lens of the Sacred Science. That is to say, or rather reiterate, not just seeing through the lens of a Sacred Science encompassing a whole life-giving and *integrated* system comprised of numerous sub-systems, co-factors and fractal biomes, but also the consequences for *dis-integrating* those necessarily interrelated systems.
On some level Nostradamus understood this, but until those trying to interpret his quatrains also understand it, progressing his prophecies past incredibly limiting anti-Christ reductionism filters is nearly impossible. The following (italics) comes from a section beginning on page 19, Chapter One of WAWR 101: Nostradamus and the Mystery of Mabus
The word MABUS comes to us through one of Nostradamus’ quatrains. If you search the web by the word MABUS you will find yourself sifting through a sea of books, CD’s, and websites all claiming to either know who MABUS is, or working hard to figure it out. Most Nostradamus experts believe the word is an anagram for a person’s name, and that by re-arranging the letters, the name of the anti-Christ will be revealed.
In one of Nostradamus’ quatrains (Century 2, Quatrain 62) he refers to MABUS:
Mabus will soon die, then will come
A horrible undoing of people and animals
At once, one will see vengeance
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet passes
Out of curiosity I wondered if I might find the word Mabus in one of the dictionaries in the back of the unusual bible (Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible by AMG Publishers) recently gifted to me…In the Hebrew dictionary on page 1960 I found the following definition: Ma/bus: n. (noun), [m] (male): granary.
I found through using these dictionaries that words can have several different spins on the same meaning from being translated back and forth into other languages. For this reason a reference in one language will often refer to its [closest] equivalent in another language, like Hebrew entry #3 ab: father, predecessor, which refers to Aramaic entry 1003 or ‘eb: fruit.


  1. Dear Mr. Horak,

    Can you explain the origins, purpose and circumstances of the "Voynich manuscript"?

  2. Anytime you find geometrics encoded you are either dealing with travel, location and time coordinates or some fanciful attempt to represent an idea of, as yet, unrealized technology.
    Here you have something in-between, something inspired in the form of extra-knowledge due to any of a number of possibilities.
    How does someone begin with an idea and go almost backwards in logic to try and determine it? This is the root of most earthbound human's extra-knowledge experience. And, just like a dream if one does not try to come to terms in grasping its meaning it soon leaves. The creator of this manuscript went to amazing lengths to discover the meaning of his.
    Among some of the good guesses I found the most interesting to be on a YouTube presentation at:
    It has been an exceedingly long time since gravity wave attenuation was derived as a means of navigating the universe. However, this may just be the way its conception first began.
    Light brings its own recorded data, begun at the point of its origin. How and when it finds receptacles in the human mind, perhaps through dreams, we can never be assured (of). Or from how far away it came...and the time it took to get to a person.
    In comparison this is no more astounding than the concepts introduced by John Dunne's Experiment in Time and The Serial Universe. Oddly enough touching upon what some of this manuscript suggests. JCH

  3. Thank you, Mr. Horak for yet another enlightening answer. I admit to having read Dunne's book just twice now on your recommendation and still struggle to form a coherent understanding. This may be terribly presumptuous, but have you ever found a simple paraphrase of Dunne's thesis? Is there some phrase, some key idea you could share that might help me move forward a bit?

  4. Rather than being any attack of scientific determinism (if this still exists) Dunne is concerned with the values of perspective, not just baring it of wonder. This approach, in dealing with science is what has come to be known as metaphysics. And, in fact, in The Serial Universe he presents a metaphysical model of unified field theory.
    The hard thing for most to do, just like in grasping the full scope of my oft repeated saying, if time travel is possible, has been possible, will ever be possible; it is with us now, is to imagine positionally changing one's own position as a viewer. Again, a metaphysical delving into interdimensionalism.
    When science comes up cold being faced with any problem of anomaly, it acquits itself poorly. At these times, metaphysics asks: "what is this value of knowing?" "Why should one pursue any notion it finds discomforting without aim of profit?" example of unscientific thought when value cannot always be discovered until AFTER an anomaly is resolved.
    But it is the metaphysical pursuit which takes the serious investigator beyond this veil at the same time. Conventional science doesn't even discuss such a discourse today.
    So, if you come at Dunne's work fresh from scientific journals and limited applications so typical today of determinism (that used without the tool of probability added) you may come up dry.
    At least, I hope you've learned about the importance of dreams, and how to work with them, the false model of linear time and the possibility of making, at least of consciousness, a portal into the interdimensional. JCH

  5. Howdy, James. Do you have an opinion on the works and cosmology of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell?

  6. Dr. Russell advanced science and philosophy not by superseding cosmic design and the attributions of moral balance (nature/spiritual) but by incorporating them. He well understood, just as did Robert Oppenheimer, where the trends being taken in science and technology would lead and was an advocate of alternatives. I don't believe he would have subscribed to any of the approaches today taken in science and technology and would have firmly agreed with me that to shirk from anomaly is the most self-defeating of all modern instituted practices. In his day the second technology was not as evident and the multitude of aberrant uses applied to research and development not so prolific. As well as the issue made over anomaly, I think he would have equally agreed with me over these disastrous trends. I hold his memory and the support he received from his wife in high regard. You might ask Crystal what her opinions of the pair are. She has followed his work very closely. JCH

    1. Yes sir. I found it intriguing that helium was given as an example of cathode points merging to "balance". Can other inert gases be corrolated to helium and the unified consciousness?

  7. Helium is unique, beyond elements, beyond matter. It is helium that was described by the ancients as the aether. Moderns cannot accept this self-assured they could not have known of it. As a respirant gas it is perfect since it does not produce reduction (as in oxidation reduction) and needs no buffering since filtering out impurity is all that is needed for its reuse.
    The secret of a star's longevity is the helium/hydrogen exchange that absorbs energy as fast as it's dissipated. Noble consciousness has as its esoteric euphemism such a unity, yes. JCH

  8. Mr. Horak, you have taught that humans split into 2 groups. Is it possible the caste system idea arose from the circumstances? For example, our distant ancestors notice their children and children's children suffering from this split consciousness (did they have a different name for it then?). Those less affected begin to feel obligated to help the more afflicted survive. At first, this would be a sacrifice perhaps even with the best intentions? Given the mistakes made on Mars the guilt must have been overwhelming.

    Of course it's gone terribly wrong now.

    The group that left. What were their feelings toward their friends who were the first early victims of the split consciousness disease? It is a disease, yes? Or is it a reflection of some moral failing?

    1. The exodus from Mars was relatively gradual. The wait on taming earth required this. Only in the last few thousand years of this process was the moon placed in orbit around earth instead of where it had been placed, around Mars. And before that placement of the engines, both in the moon and on earth had to have been achieved (and then, only with the help of the Drooge.) Towards the end of this exodus it was noticed by those elders that had stayed on Mars certain changes in those that had migrated to earth. The establishment on earth of a caste system was growing apparent to them and this alarming tendency began to question their own decisions on coming to this new home. In the end they chose to go elsewhere and took the remaining population on Mars with them. They are today throughout the solar system and some even outside it. Only in this time of crisis did any of your ancestors ever accede to something like an extended community.
      The extended community today and myself have yet to conclude the split consciousness is more or less than a new potential that might add favorable variation to an Universe in search of such gifts. The question remains open for that reason and most are well-wishing that the genetic potential lying inside you can overwhelm the savagery permitted by the rotten systems you have a propensity to devolve. In this lineage you have been given much extra consideration and a little help from time to time in appreciation of the complications the EBEs cause and closer studies of how the incipient evils observed are mostly limited to an inbred few.
      It is also appreciated that you have gifts of expression in art, music, and creative potential seemingly lost to most of those within the extended community. JCH

  9. Hi James could you please expand on the concept of our minds being a field. I know at death of the body our minds join the soul to become spirit.When one of us as spirit makes a decision to incarnate on a planet then how does this process work in laymens terms, regards our spirit splitting so to speak into the soul and mind. As always i much appreciate the time and patience you take in the replies you give.

  10. Mr. Horak,

    Could you describe some of the alternatives to money the extended communities have developed?

    Thank you!!

  11. The more pastoral barter. Some use a credit system where everyone has a spending limit over a set length of time. This generally does not include essentials that are equally provided on the basis of need. Rarely is wealth a factor but recognition for good works opens the desire of others to make gifts. It is a mark of distinction to share the lavish of gifts with those whose opportunities are less rich.
    In trading beyond systems, the resources of one system will not match that of another and disparities are balanced by trade. Arbitration is rarely needed since fair-mindedness usually prevails.
    Profit is viewed as good only when balance is achieved and in the advent of surplus, the surplus is stored for times of shortage.
    There are no banks since debt does not exist. No stock markets since accumulation of wealth through speculation is not permitted.
    Museums, modes of transportation, libraries, etc. are all free. As are the means to access them electronically.
    These practices vary throughout the extended communities only in degree. JCH

  12. Dear James,
    I've been re-examining some exopolitical works out of Australia, which largely focused on ET contacts of children and their experiences. Every report addressed discussed the empathetic, nuturing, and healing propencities of the ET's during what was described as some sort of cosmic syllabus. Earthbound children were reportedly taught everything from high level physics to time/space manipulation.

    This begs a question, which I fear you might be tired of answering. In almost every case study as presented by the lecturer, the ET descriptions resembled that of EBE and they were almost always referred to as "grays".

    Are there any "EBE-looking" entities that possess the sentience and benevolence described, or does EBE, through experience with human contact, have the ability to project a semblance of the holier emotions to further the agenda?

  13. Excellent questions, Buzz, and I've plenty to say on these.

    Over 12 years ago, I was on an email forum where I mentioned one of my encounters with blondes and described the craft they were in. In response, a gentleman replied that he had witnessed a craft of the same exact description but that he had seen greys.

    Since I knew greys have no such craft of this description, I asked him if he had had any strange occurrences immediately following his sighting, any odd visits. He replied he had and I asked him to try and picture more vividly with exactness his experience. Then I asked him if it was possible he had been "tampered" with to the extent that the perceptions of what he saw had been changed. He agreed that was entirely possible.

    It turned out he was a Mormon elder and he came to see me on his way to visit MUFON. We had time to talk and I am certain he had been "debriefed" in the style so many contactees and witnesses have. The scale on which the black ops associated with the Delta Group operate is just that spread out and all-consuming. Add the staged encounters and false reports and you have the same capability to create such illusions out of even the actual experiences.

    It is all about controlling interpretation of the ET phenomenon. Even the debunking is ambivalent and intended to be unconvincing. For fifty years now they have taken care to leave one door open so that, when the time comes, the hostile alien thesis can be broached and used to persuade the people they must bite the last and final bullet, allowing full implementation of the NWO in order to be protected from mean ole ET.

    In this mix, the EBEs, problematic as they are, become the good guys since they can be useful to the effort or they just become elemental ETs when needed to be hostile. Perphaps you see the importance of distinguishing between them better now. For if you do, you may be better at seeing through the imposed psychic blocks that black ops uses to disguise the actual.

    1. (as always, thank you for your responses)
      ...thus, three distinct varieties of cottage industry "research", it seems: 1) the minion class who carry out their marching orders, 2) those well-intended who spend years or even decades chasing after misguided beliefs, and 3) those who are aware of it all and want a paycheck.

    2. So, black ops steps in were non-sentient EBE has no command of rhetoric to communicate to these contactees?

    3. About the cottage industry, few are little more than that, the best are gate-keeping, intending or unintending.

      Yes, the abduction scenarios can even be broadcast directly into the minds of abductees off power grids. This is one reason why there are no off-site witnesses to them. The level of sophistication is acquired through psychotronics today and needs little EBE assistance. One aspect, that of "shadow people" is run through your homes very electrical system.


  14. Mr. Horak,

    Does this seem like one of those more pastoral communities? In what ways are they different or similar?

    Sincere thanks!

  15. Although the illusions to Emerson and pastoral simplicity are present, no. In the disconnection to the world, there is here a certain naivete'. Those pastoral communities among the extended are still connected with their planet (and to some extent with the rest of the extended.) Some may even have enterprises that offer some trade with the outside.

    The emphasis of a pastoral is on qualities similar to that of inner house but that still remain connected with advance outside but choose simply and reservedly what to apply to themselves. They have "outgrown" technology by denying value to so many directions others in the extended might retain. In this they see a profit to developing much further the empathetic and psychic abilities they must more extensively rely upon.

    And in this some unique and wonderful abilities grow to an impressive fruition. It is always a joy to go among them.


  16. Fabulous. Thank you.

  17. Have you ever noticed in your travels a more refined method for extracting oil from seeds on a small scale that didn't require electricity or quarter ton stones?

  18. The pasotral prefer cold press while some others use a method of super-saturating the seed with seed oil, slightly compressing and extracting the inside with osmotic reduction. This way the trace cyanide is captured and distilled to use in germination of growing seeds. JCH

  19. James: (re: Russellian cosmology)

    If cathode plains of inert gases (per Dr. Russell) exist as the projection screen for Universal mind, can this be a direct corrolation to that of Projects Look Glass and Bluebeam, where gas is introduced as an optical imaging media?

    To caveat this, argon gas (reportedly used in Looking Glass) just happens to be listed in the chain matrix associated with this conceptualization: just two "octaves" above helium!

    P.S. - I haven't bounced this off of Crystal yet.

  20. We are getting into enclosing perception in a matrix here, Buzz. One should always desire to see the actual, not any screened presentation hosted on a gas screen. Most aware in the alternative studies have worked to disengage people from such a staged Second Coming event, the likes of which has been discussed to some lengths. I only hope few, if any, would fall for it now.
    Helium could not serve such a purpose since it cannot be held to earth, but rapidly escapes into space. It will not combine with any other gas either, so no formulation can achieve using helium in such a way.
    Some have supposed that the chemtrails are preparing the way for such a presentation...if so, quite a costly binary program.
    Let's hope that the monsters are not that far along in being able to control perceptions, making people unable to discern the actual.
    As far Dr. Russel, if he foresaw any such technology being used this way, that alone would qualify as prescience. I don't think he would attribute Nature as having any use for such an "attribute". JCH

    1. Thank you for your detailed answer. It's difficult to wrap one's head around such concepts, particularly my own noggin. I was only exploring the possibility that, if the good Doctor's illuminations have basis in truth, TPTB must have gleaned and co-op'ed it to be used against us and in their own favor.

    2. Buzz, Crystal has consented to give you a reply and hers will be more studied than mine. She has spent time in study of Dr. Russell's work and can do it far more justice.

  21. Buzz, where people can get side-tracked with Walter Russell's work, lies in reducing it to the singular idea that we are living is someone else's mind or construct--the mind of God, Grand Designer, ect. This can too easily lead to 'hologram indifference', or not caring about what happens here because it isn't really real. One of the greater human services WR performed through his work, was the focus on the fact that "man knows effect, but does not understand cause". A similar idea was echoed by Edgar Cayce in that "mind is the builder". In other words, the *idea* comes first, and then the *actions* follow--if the idea is flawed or incomplete, so too will the action/outcome be. In showing the perfection of the design (intelligent creational design) it was hoped we would be better able to emulate it.

    WR expanded on this idea so that we could better understand our *physical* reality, and why so much of its integrity depends on the constant balanced interchange between sexed (opposite) pairs of energy. This unfortunately, is too often reduced to "good vs. evil" rhetoric, which is an entirely unrelated and separate issue. He loved this world and wanted desperately to save it from the danger(s) of ignorance, by showing people how to work with nature and its creative processes, rather than against them. Without balanced rhythmic interchange, suffering results--whether between a man and woman, rich and poor, ect. Whenever the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it will eventually swing too far in the other. WR accurately applied this idea to the causes of war as well, using the example of slaves that will, one day, rise against their masters (swing the other way). Both extreme conditions are avoided with balanced interchange.

    Where claimed technologies like the Looking Glass are concerned, I'm not sold on the idea that they actually exist---remote viewing and dreamtime experiences (if perfected) may make 'mechanical' technology obsolete in this regard. Of course the elite wouldn't want the public to know this can be done--better to blame a machine for any advances made in this area.

    As James (and others) have pointed out, mind is a field extraneous to the brain. Depending on an individual's personal disposition some may call this the morphogenic field, akashic records, or even the mind the God, as perhaps WR also did when explaining he walked and talked with God for an extended period of time, which is how he learned what he did. TPTB have most certainly taken advantage of such great minds, and always for a singular purpose: weaponization. It was WR's new periodic table that allowed for the creation of the atomic bomb.

    There are other factors involved as well, especially when realizing that light stores and transmits information. James made an exceptionally interesting comment about this on the Kevin Smith show the other night--an example of stored records that can be accessed with advanced technology. Perhaps James will elaborate on that for you here.

    This is also a great example of what can be obtained by attempting to synthesize (greater than their individual parts when combined) knowledge from a wider range of sources looking for both confluence and disparity. Inconsistencies are telling us that we don't have the formula right, even if it's a better one than we had before. No "one" person has all the answers and learning is an endless process--how long could wonder survive if it wasn't? :)

    1. I appreciate your eloquent response to my inquiry. I would like to express my gratitude to you (and to you, James) for taking so much of your personal time to field, and to bring your considerable expertise to bear, on the many questions from your listeners. As always, there are many "gems" to glean and assimilate from these responses, and I concur with the necessity of apophatic inquiry. I believe that we as a species will evetually discover the answers...and we will lift ourselves up. Thank you.

  22. Thank YOU, Buzz, for all of your support, participation, and insightful questions! :)

  23. James, we are approaching the "Napoleon" timeline crossing you described. Is there anything we can be looking for, thinking about, doing?

    Thank you!

  24. No. I only brought it up in hopes that facilitators might think twice about going through with the event they have planned. They will either do it or everything will change as the continuum is corrected and all the off-shoot parallel time lines are reincorporated back into one. JCH

  25. James and Crystal: Job well done on your latest. The data was deep and compelling.

    James: Did I understand you correctly when you stated you have no dreams? No delta wave REM at all?

    1. When I was growing up, I thought what was going on in my rest was dreaming. That it was different from what others described left no concern in me due to my being different in other ways as well. I had been taught to be guarded. It was reflected in the eyes of my mother and grandmother each time I did the slightest thing that might draw attention to myself.

      To be certain, there were capabilities that made other boys want to test me. Early on my mother warned me about hurting any of them. Only in rare moments did I allow anyone to see me do anything remarkable and even then it always turned out badly. But I could not keep everything hidden, especially from our family doctor, Doctor Jordan. He knew when I was hit by a car that my thigh bone should not have grown back the extra bone I had lost, the inch or so that had been crushed. From then on his watchful eye was upon me and his son, David, a classmate of mine, had noticed.

      Until I was nearing my thirties, I kept placing these concerns in the back of my mind, going on with my life, even snarled up in it. It seemed unimportant at those times to try and add up anything about the anomalies and oddities that followed me wherever I might go, whatever I might do.

      Things did happen that left little doubt the strangeness was increasing. I mention some of them elsewhere, but there were too many to ever try and list.

      In the mid-seventies an event occurred that snapped it all together. At that time I realized I lived as human only in aspect and that I would leave this shell of a body during a form of slumber and travel elsewhere. What I had thought "dreaming" was my actual participation in affairs elsewhere or the "phasing" into a time rift where I had erected a different reality.

      The haunting sadness to return somewhere else I realized attached to where my actual home existed, a place overpowering in empathy for what I was going through here. Somehow I knew I must stay the while before I could accede to ever return.

      The completeness of all aspects of my being came about only when I entered into a path with the direction I had intended before coming here in much more limited aspect/awareness.

      Do I experience such things as you mention? In simulated form, if I wished.


    2. Thank you for that, James.


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