Friday, 4 July 2014

James Horak - Soul-Life in the EMVs - The Full Circle

This interview with James was requested by a friend who very sadly and recently lost their 25 year old son who died in his sleep unexpectedly. All of us lose someone close to us throughout our lives, death being the only inevitability here. One of the most unanswered questions we all have is what happens after death. As such my friends requested that I asked James for an explanation. The following interview is a private conversation that I had with James where he kindly discussed how after passing on the mind and soul combine to become spirit. Energy is eternal, it cannot be destroyed. We who survive remember our loved ones with fondness, this interview is for my friends and for those who are ill and facing an uncertain time.

Later in the interview the conversation, as always with James, comes around to more pressing issues that need to be discussed. For if we do not fix what is wrong here, what is being done not only to the human race but also to the planet, then we will not have a home to live upon and non-of us will survive.

Torz Baron Copley

Courtesy for graphics: InformationMachine

Courtesy for audio editing: OmetaOne


  1. An excellent discussion James and Torz. Answered so many questions and prompted so many more questions (no doubt I will need to listen again).

    Torz thank you for prompting James to address certain issues and for your extracting the information in such a way that I and probably a lot of others found it easier to assimilate.

    Thank you again!


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