Monday, 30 June 2014

James Horak's Attempt to Condense his Message

James Horak with Mark Snider & Solaris Blue Raven @ OhioExopolitcs 28-June-2014

An attempt to provide a whole context for threats to the earth and the madness that persists them.

Courtesy: Mark Snider - OhioExopolitics -


  1. I'm already a believer of your wisdom James and I wish there was something, anything, that I can do to help our species, please let me know? Jane Robertson

  2. Inform your friends and neighbors, warn them about vaccines, share the video pc doc just put up on my wall about a bill being sponsored in the House to beef up Homeland Security in the most alarming of ways (even though most of its details are classified.) All the material needing to convince is there, just point people to it. They are still a trinkle to our wave no matter how much they try and pretend otherwise. JCH REVOLT

  3. So enlightening, thank you so much James! Nash Woods


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