Tuesday, 10 February 2015

SevenGate | 12 Years Targeted Individual - Massive Stolen Intellectual Property Case | TFR 7/2/15

On Saturday 7th February, we had the return of the wonderfully talented Ms Charles Seven (on the 7th... maybe a message there?), as our Guest on Truth Frequency Radio and she was talking more about her Intellectual Property THEFT which has been perpetrated against her by the TV companies and High Profile Lawyers.

Blockbuster shows like 'Dancing With The Stars' in USA/Canada and 'Dancing On Ice' in UK have been proven in court to be the STOLEN creations of 'Seven', (affectionately named because she was the seventh child). Yet while the 'Stars' receive thousands per show, the corrupt, criminal lawyers and barristers working within the British legal system, have prevented Ms Seven from receiving a penny in 'royalties' lawfully due to her.

For almost 12 years now, this woman has refused to allow these thieving scumbags to destroy her and continues to fight against this evil, with the hope that people will support her and assist her in recovering at minimum, Billions of pounds that Seven wishes to use for Humanitarian purposes around the World.

Je suis Charles Seven ~ SevenGate ~

'Dancing with Stars' (USA), 'Strictly Come Dancing' (UK) are stolen creations of Charles Seven, a musician and media creative Producer.

Seven won her case before Lord Justice Chadwick and Sir Peter Gibson in UK Court of Appeal and before Justice Sir Nicholas Pumfrey in the Chancery Divison 2006.

Seven won one of the UK’s largest 'Intellectual Property Rights' cases, against media giants, including BBC, ITV, VIRGIN Media, Channel 4, SCOTTISH TV, plus other Major networks in 26 nations around the world, dating from 2003.

Seven explains, “After the defendant members of the syndicate were found guilty in court, they used criminal means by way of domestic terrorism, extreme violence, serious frauds, foul play and a murder campaign to escape going to prison.”

These Media Corporations are guilty of receiving stolen Intellectual Property, lawfully proven to belong to Ms Charles Seven, who is now owed Billions of Pounds!

How many 'Dancing With Stars' performers are happy to be paid £1,000's of pounds per show, while the IP creator is gang-stalked, threatened, traumatized and terrorised?

Thanks for publication permission go to Andy and Tom of http://truthfrequencyradio.com/

German website: http://sevengate.de



  1. Excellent work as usual, well done!

  2. Thanks for helping get the word out

  3. Greetings, one and all. I hope the weekend found your skies in better condition than that of central FL. As more tourism occurs over a variety of events and "snowbirds" leaving the cold behind, the geoengineering (or whatever they think they're doing up there) reaches oblivious proportions. James...you once stated that chemtrails were more than likely a "delivery system": airborne vaccination, culling via heavy metal poisoning, human hybridization....take your pick! Or is it possible that aluminum inhalation makes one visible to radar?

  4. Not aluminum, Buzz, it takes a sizeable surface almost directly reflecting the radar signal for a noticeable return. That is the basis of stealth technology. JCH

  5. Hi James,
    Question: In a few of your radioshows you talk about SPLIT consciousness...
    Where did the other half go? Is it alive in another person?
    Is this a split of a soul in a male and female side, and them together in fact make up the whole person?
    I hope to hear your answer. Thanx!

    The Netherlands


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