Monday, 23 May 2011


All about us are dire warnings of impending doom; wrought, of course, by all elements outside the influences of the-powers-that-be, but none-the-less promoted widely in the most dubious manner by their agents of opinion forming, the mess media. All with built-in deniability provided, all in some way as easily designated spurious rumor. Perplexed, we might look away from the very real threats to ourselves and loved ones, threats we know administered to us by those whose abuse of authority and power exceed sanity. Like with Fukushima, a disaster waiting to happen, and BP's adventure in the Gulf of Mexico, timed too well for their recovery from drilling a bad well and opportunized into a way of dumping banned substance (corexit) to avoid further storage costs. Each revealing a truth not spoken yet, these are the self-same exponents of entrenched corporate power mongers who would profit most off selling global warming. Yes, the contradiction should be revelatory.

Now it is something originally represented as a comet, Elenin. Indeed it is not a comet for it has changed course several times. Let me make a prediction: under intelligent control, this body will not come between earth and the sun. Will bring no harmful influence. Is attempting to communicate and represents one sole intention: to display that the-powers-that-be have nothing with which to effect warfare effectively beyond their own area of immediate confinement. In other words, that the hostile alien thesis is not only a fraud but an absolutely untenable one to believe.

People, use your common sense. No hostile alien threat exists. Should the-powers-that-be retain these earth threatening programs, more and more driven towards goals of desperation to keep an eroding power base at the expense of ANY and ALL other considerations, this planet is likely to lose it's ability to accommodate sentient life as a home any longer. EMVs will withdraw, both from tasks designed to farm the energy of the sun in ways constructively for the earth as a habitat, and on earth to hold together a critical process of cushioning otherwise far more dramatic plate realignments. A concern, I might add, more and more tested by HAARP and other uses of renegaded technology.

Many off-earth peoples have well-meaning concerns for you. In many ways these have been expressed over eons by steps taken to provide your setting protection. Still no one can protect you from yourselves. If Elenin has any meaning it is to express to you the hope that a much grander possibility exists than to provide anymore children to a system that bestows less and less value for the gifts they truly bring.



  1. James, You have spoken well in this one!! Our children continue to die in wars, tptb continue to herd us around, thru airports, in mere traffic stops, watched by camera in every town, chips in passports, being tracked by our cell phones....Pushing the sheeple,,, and they comply as if in an altered state.. I can fully understand that the EMV's would move on to a place not as lost as Earth appears to be. We have become weak and the weak never are the survivors..Thanks for a sad but thoughtfilled post.

  2. James,

    I have hope. No matter the negative news, the state of the world I have hope. As I begin to fully understand this all, I realize that those distractions, while they affect me on a certain level, can't take away my humanity or my soul. I refuse to give in anymore to the fear. If I die, then I will just transmute and will live once again. Your words touch deep.

  3. Disclosure and the restoration of humanity to full consciousness is the only solution.

  4. I believe awareness, strong moral core and courage can do it, anon. We may see split consciousness pose its own advance and come up with an evolutionary development that expresses qualities new to us all. The creativity and beauty already here is wondrous. It's all about exploring variation anyway. For our immortality is assured. JCH

  5. I'm so tired, James. It's hard for me to find that beauty. I wake up every morning hoping to learn of a drastic, major shift, but nothing happens. It's all so confusing. Am I ascending or descending? What is my soul? Where is it? Why am I so damn ignorant of everything? I don't know if I can keep doing this.

  6. Anon, you alone know what you can bear. But those of us more aware have an opportunity to reduce the pain and suffering of others as we near final resolution. This is not our doing. This is madness of others. Those that press to take power from exploiting our children in unthinkable ways designed for perverting their own membership into practices that hold undue loyalty.
    Had you this awareness in the past, think how despairing it would be to know you would not live to see it ended. Take heart in knowing you will now. As the madness moves to take the clutch at every mind, every heart, even every soul it mindlessly cinches that very resolution.
    Becoming the spectacle of worlds. JCH

  7. James,
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