Sunday, 10 July 2011

Human Origins, EMVs and E.T.-Life - Mark Snider interviews James Horak on Ohio Exopolitics Radio

The true human heritage and history is revealed for the first time by James Horak. Six extinctions have already resulted from our mental and moral decline. Only once has a culture survived and they are still on Earth, hidden in Antarctica. Humanities present path is heading for the seventh and last extinction if we can not turn around. Los Alamos, Nebraska, Fukushima - the depopulation of this planet by our narcissistic elite has begun.
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  1. James, That interview has me depressed. As the PTwTB turn on us and spiral this thing into the ground, the EMVs leave and we get to be crispy critters. Being awake to this reality doesn't make it easy to get through the day. What can we do to turn the tide? Most people I know will never wake up in time...

  2. There are some, Anon, and it doesn't take any majority...even close to a minority. The issue will fall on the captains and lieutenants of tptb. If enough of them realize the world envisioned by their bosses will not be tenable to them anymore than us. It's up to them if they want to facilitate this monstrosity.
    Either way this in not the end. Your spirit is immortal and will live on in a wondrous place. JCH

  3. No smoking gun, no wisdom for the rest of us, no understanding of the greater picture, yet all of the burden. No thanks.

  4. There is no simplistic all-resolving solution to anything...nothing that puts simplistic thought to rest in its anticipation of being relieved of complexity. Truth never saves one from themselves, just challenges complacency. Open your mouth and take the wafer...for another 2,000 years. You don't seem to be ready for anything better. JCH

  5. Not asking for simplistic solutions, just a larger perspective that will allow me to participate in whatever is really going on. It sucks being non-complacent in complete darkness. Just assume I do as much as you to create change, moral outrage, whatever you wish to promote. Simplicity is much more complex. You still have a few things to learn, Sir.

  6. You would not be in "complete darkness" had you eyes to see. I am showing you the scale of a cosmology offering hope and design, not to fear and cringe from (as the NWO would have you believe,) and you whimper like a scolded child. Yes, I have a lot to learn from that. JCH

  7. May I ask if the cosmic wave Dr Paul Laviolette talks about is on it's way from the galatic centre and if it is going to have a positive affect on the earth/humanity? Also is our planet hollow and is it expanding? Are our bodies changing into a more crystaline based body rather than present carbon based?

  8. Cavities exist, some vast, in the earth. However, it has no central massive hollow cavity such as does the moon. Changes are constant and people, as does the earth, adjust to them. The scale of stress being applied throughout the world today will yield a far greater genetic adaptation of otherwise dormant (genotypic)traits to express as phenotypic (actual.) This has always been so in upheaval just as there are survivors of even virulent smallpox and bubonic plague. Even that which has been engineered to be "weapon grade". Since this is possible, don't doubt other attributes might be as well. Even to the extent of an almost New Man. We await eagerly to see. JCH

  9. Hello James i wanna thank you for what you have done for Humanity, i now that is a strange way.
    Most of the time i feel and think what iam doing here, it makes no sense to live on a Planet together whith so much Violence and stupidity.
    But now i know why im here,after so much Years.

    thanks and love from the Heart


  10. Kurt, just know that whatever happens here is not the end. That the wonders of the Universe lay before you. Things have gone terribly wrong here and those that have managed well and have done what they could to alleviate the pain and suffering for others are far more remarkable than those that have lived elsewhere and not had these tasks applied to themselves to such extent. JCH

  11. Thank you for these warm and heartily words James.
    Till my last days on this beautiful Planet,i belive we make it.
    This comes from my deepest feeling that i have for all living Beings on and in and off Mother Earth

    whith utmost respect for you.
    sincerly Kurt
    PS. sorry for my bad Englisch
    i live in Germany have not to much Practice hope i could express myself correct.

  12. Dear James i have only one Question.
    Is there an fixpoint for the final Desicion that you have to make.
    If it isnt possible for you to answer that it is ok.
    I understand why.

    thank you for all Kurt.


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