Monday, 5 September 2011

Elenin - Signs & Designs - the Truth revealed by James Horak

Randy Maugans interviews James Horak on OffPlanet Radio

In the short period since December 10, 2010, when a russian amateur astronomer named Leonoid Elenin staked out the body known as C/2010 XI, designated as a comet; it has taken on near mythological proportions on the internet. "Comet" Elenin has been the source of much apocalyptic speculation, theorizing, and posturing from new age prognosticators and conspiracy theorists, to semi-famous scientists... and even the famous NASA "buzz rooms" where science is trumped by hubris. It seemed time to inject a bit of wisdom into the topic... in an "offplanet" way, and to that end James Horak returns.

To understand Elenin, we need to understand the mechanics of the galaxies from the perspective of intelligent design and guidance. Previously, James has presented on the EMVs... intelligent, spiritual extraterrestrial "managers of energy" in the solar system - a discovery revealed by Dr. Norman Bergrun, of the Ames Space Center, in the 1986 book, "The Ringmakers of Saturn."

In recent months, several pundits have advanced speculation that Elenin is not a comet, due to changes in course and velocity, which are uncharacteristic of a natural interplanetary object. Moreover, it has been noted that it now appears that Elenin is not a single object, but a host for a "swarm" of other objects.

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has glibly declined to commit to the status of the object... the internet rumor mill is vibrant... WHAT is Elenin? We offer a view not popular with the status quo of science, and one that strikes some intriguing questions... about Elenin, humanity, and the masters of control on Planet Earth.

Other topics touched are the human origins, the faked Apollo missions, the Moon, Mars, ETs versus EBEs, the EMVs, the hidden second technology, BP Oilspill, Katrina, Haiti earthquake; principles of economics, trade and banking, the resculpting the North American continent, the hostile alien thesis, the Office of Astronomical Telegrams and much more...

Playing time is 65 minutes

The original audio-only version of this interview can be listened to and downloaded at: OffPlanet Radio

Download the full transcript of the interview as PDF here:


  1. JAMES
    Wonderful piece..Has been a long time since we had something new here,,, but James, this was very well done.. Like rain after a draught!!!Had been wanting your thoughts on Elenin, THANKS,and the embedded text, brilliant,,,
    May we all absorb and consider what we will each have to do when politicians speak and banks withold financial help from customers, and corperations move their business away from our country.......
    THANKS JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. An excellent job, very professionally done, great interviewer, great work from all involved....

  3. James, I suffer from a lack of knowledge and wisdom. The adepts are gone, but all I do is look for help, for contact, for something I can do. How can I get over the hump? You said alternatives are there. Where can I find them? I am aware of all the things you describe in your interviews and I do many, many things to add my own "moral determinants" to the equation. major things, James. Is that all I can do?

  4. Anon, everything lies before you and you are both knowledgeable and wise enough to know that, above all, the problems need addressing with moral conviction. Settle on significant issues one at time and study factors involved until you can adequately share some clarity with others. Then go out among neighbors and friends and talk with them. As you do this you will learn how to strike an openness and trust with them. As things become increasingly defined about the NWO's plans, you have forewarned these people and perhaps prepared them better. A big step towards improving our chances for change. JCH

  5. Dear Anonymous i hope you will read this Message,
    Also i hope you are not angry about me, but i have to ask you something, What makes you belive that all Adepts are gone ???

  6. Dear Second Anon, First Anon is most likely taking my word for this. Although I can name many from the past, kindly name one of the present. JCH

  7. Now that Elenin has broken up and poses no threat, what is your view now on the subject of it?

  8. More to the point, upon whose authority are you so certain of that? The doublespeak the establishment and cottage industry use to portray a self-serving fraud on the public has never treated these anomaly honestly before. Why now?
    Just because I was correct in stating it had no tail does not mean, under the guise of being a comet (which it isn't,) that it no longer exists just because it is no longer supportable as a comet. As I said from the beginning, it will arrive in the system but not come between the earth and the sun. JCH

  9. Dear Mr. Horak,

    Is our shallow memory an unexpected result of our divided consciousness or is it intentional? If we do survive how can the memory glitch be remedied?

    Thank you!

  10. Hello James
    I would like to ask you only one Question.
    is there an Fixpoint for the final Decision that you have to make.
    If it is not possible to answer it is ok for me i know why.

    Thanks for all Kurt

  11. It's either that, Anon, or the rest of the mind control industry and environmental pollution in place. Those that live far away from population centers seem to fare much better. How things disappear from the public mind, however, implies that the problem may be part of the broadcast media in the form of entrainment. JCH

  12. Kurt, you will know because it will be the point where all advised (alert in any sense of the word) people, have decided for themselves the earth is no longer a desirable home. Many, along the lines of their beliefs, will have already begun to pray for deliverance. Those of the elite
    that have had any part in the programs taking earth to this point have already divorced themselves from the sanity to be so "advised". JCH

  13. Oustatnding interview, James. Many thanks to you for confirming what I had suspected regarding the inhabitants of Mars coming to Earth long ago. I had read something at some point in my past about the the story of Enlil and Enki being two brothers
    who emmigrated from Mars to Earth- are you Familiar with this?

    Also, Thank you for telling the truth about Elinin. I am very much anticipating the reactions when Elinin "suddenly" changes course, eh? What a very special time to be sentient on this planet!

  14. Mr. Horak, why do most people have no recollection of the 6 previous civilizations? In other words, if my soul participated in each one why am I unable to remember those lives? Wouldn't it be practical to build on mistakes?

  15. Let's hope that someone, Kathy, that has the means to observe and track Elenin, will share with the world its true behavior. Those with the means to pick up its communications are not sharing them.
    It is the plight of split consciousness, Anon. The gap between the divided minds prevents access to genetic knowledge and the archeological finds to support that history are suppressed. JCH

  16. James, so it seems split or divided consciousness is the dominant trait of this human species. And the trait seems to be about separation from reality (or God or oneness and so on) and the creation of individuality. Does that seem right? But what a nightmare it is to know that reality is something completely different from what I understand it to be and I have no way of returning to it! It's horrible.

  17. I. B., all the confusion is intended. We should examine very closely why this is carried on and why so many partake in adding to it...even those who we may know are not part of any nefarious NWO agenda. It is partly personal egos, partly the heartfelt need to construct some hope when none other exist. Some reasons, perhaps, you nor I might even think of.

    Recently I back a message claiming to originate from the extended community. I give my reasons throught threads on my wall on FaceBook. I would be delighted to accept you on my friend's list there so you could judge for yourself how I offer we might find a path among this rubble.


  18. James, Unfortunately, I don't use Facebook, but thank you for the invite. I've been writing a paraphrase of your essential ideas as a way of explaining them to others. I think I'm starting to get a clear idea. Is there another way to contact you? Cheers.


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