Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Human Origins, EMVs and E.T.-Life - Mark Snider interviews James Horak on Ohio Exopolitics Pt.2

Mark Snider again is extracting tremendous amounts of information from James Horak about the human condition and our relation to the people in our solar system we have had in the past. James also explains what his position on Earth is and how he found out what his task is. The importance and function of the EMVs in relation to the Sun, Earth and sentient life is explored and what is going on on Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter and its moons. The design of the universe is laid out by James and in recognizing it's beauty you may understand why it can't be any other way.

The original of this interview can be found on:


  1. You really know how to make the interviewer work hard for the answers James. I could sense the frustration when you gave your answer, as Mark patiently awaited just a little more...

    1. Well, it has been my manner all along not to initiate something but to operate in response. This lessens the impact to one's incredulity and the degree of disturbance to comfort zones...I've found. JCH

    2. I appreciate your response James, but I would think that anyone who believes and enjoys your unique education, is fully prepared to listen intently, knowing that you will ONLY reveal the Truth, no matter how extreme or uncomfortable it may seem.

      You have the experiences and immense understanding to discuss, explain and enlighten your listeners, on vitally important subjects.

      It seems tragic to me that you sometimes limit the depth of your answers, where you could easily expand upon them, to provide a clearer and much richer picture.

      Whatever you decide James, I will always look forward to hearing and sharing your teachings.

    3. Brian, in my perception James gave more than Mark had asked for in some cases and I was sometimes wondering why he would not explore an answer further but changing the subject. But anyway that is a great interview and it is always amazing to hear new things from James he has not talked about.

  2. Thank-you James and Randy ( and Shuny for posting to Youtube) for another mind blowing interview.... a few more detailed points to fill in the blanks..

  3. My very close friend, Shuny, it may be preferable that Mark did not ask questions of such an tenor that he might not be prepared for the answer. JCH


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