Monday, 30 April 2012

A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly - Lifting the Veil - Pt.4

Interview of Benjamin Donnelly with James Horak 18-4-2012

In this interview, which is a continuation of the Crystal Clark series, Benjamin Donnelly probes deeper into the nature of reality and our purpose of existence by questioning James Horak further.

Some of the Topics covered in this interview are:

1) Other races which co-existed with us on Earth.
2) The difference between partial and full manifestation and their relationship with holographic reality and split consciousness/unified consciousness.
3) The possible protocols of E.T. contact enabling one to discern between real contact and social engineering.
4) Can population control be something natural without social engineering?
5) Are there other planets in our solar system unaccounted for by NASA and JPL and filtered out by the Office of Astronomical Telegrams?
6) Why did our ancestors encounter so many problems despite having unified consciousness?
7) The nature of serial and linear time in reference to evolution and what we define as the present and if this is dynamic and changeable by ourselves even now.
8) The nature of Genetic Memory.
9) What was the purpose of the Sphinx and the pyramids?
10) How is life created? The possible distinctions between creation and evolution and their roles in the creation process.

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  1. Ben, fantastic interview with James... Really good to hear your thoughts and questions :) xx

  2. Thank you for this information shared most mind expanding. The interviewer and guest a delightful experience. The Subject matter so enlightening.

    I discuss one issue toward the end about the Family that grabs at my heart strings as a mother. I've been told how I as a parent have lied to my children giving them drugs that harm them telling them we are doing it for their own good and send them to school where all that is shared there is mis and dis information on and on.

    In the Agenda 21 this family issue came up that was giving this power group 'the few' some trouble. Because the family unit at one time was very loving and strong. So this lovely unit had to be torn down in some way. SO War once again as I understand it was used taking mommy out of the home into the work-place. Job wellll done guys. Now we pick up the pieces of broken family's.

    I will share this wisdom you both bring to the table. Clearly shared information I will re-play and digest. Many blessing to you two dear BEings for sharing your time to help a hurting Humanity. 'I personally will do my part to help others expand their thinking and get out of their 3-D box. OF this I Promise.'


  3. Loved your interview Ben. Lots of new information emerged that explained many things I was wondering about.

  4. great interview! must be nice to be so widely respected and whatnot! well you're the real deal,james-love from michigan!

  5. Thank you, Anon. Yes, I am very fortunate for the caliber of people around me. JCH

  6. James,

    You mention in this interview that sentient intelligent life is rare in the Universe and that it all seems to come from the same source. Are you saying that there are no known examples of intelligent life that has evolved on it's own - the EMVs being crucial for this to happen?

    You also say that the (Darwinian?) idea of evolution is wrong. Could you clarify a bit on how intelligent life then actually evolves? Does it for instance follow the same pattern in all of the EMV assisted systems?

    Thanks for your patience with all my questions!

  7. Sentient life is not rare, it's origin is. Some ETs believe it originated from one source. I believe it comes to any new habitat by either seeding from an external source or by information given to genetic coding of a species showing the special adaptive skills to survive environmental hazards.

    Darwinian evolution as it is taught is inadequate. Darwin made headway in the right direction and was a brilliant pioneer in that respect. BUT, then he didn't have access to the great body of knowledge that has been acquired since and what he might have uniquely done with it would probably have taken earthbounds much further than are they now.

    As I have discussed, some of the changes in a species due to "natural selection" are purely non-mutation and can come about as an adaptive response to stress and where otherwise genotypic potentials become fully expressed as phenotypic. The couple recently found in Chernobyl that thrive on radiation are good examples of that. It would be statistically impossible for both to have "mutated" in exactly the same ways virtually at the same time.

    We do not interfere with natural progressions USUALLY.



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