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James Horak on The Straight From The Heart Radio Show, Jan. 19-2013

James Horak joins Juliyanna Tibbets on Straight From the Heart. January 19th 2013

James Horak shares with Earth bound Humans his knowledge of Man's off planet origins and gives us a refined cosmology to educate and Free Humanity from Control and Tyranny. He explains the task driven purpose of the EMVs - Electro Magnetic Vehicles extracting surplus energy from our Sun and reveals how E.T civilizations are helping us prevent total annihilation of our species and the Earth.

In this interview James, again goes into great detail informing and educating us of the true history of our Ancestors and how they used the moon to arrive in our System. He explains how the EMVs are holding the Planet together and how without their interaction, not only on Earth but in the Sun, we would not be here. It is time we, as a species knew the truth of not only our history but the real mechanics of the Solar System and the integral part the EMVs play in creating and sustaining Planets within those systems.
Our Thanks to Juliyanna for being a wonderfully open-minded host with excellently researched questions posed to James in order to gain an in-depth reply and our Thanks to James for once again coming forward with vital information that may save Humanity and help us survive our own Technology to become, once again, a member of the Extended Community.

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  1. Mr.Horak what is your take on the upcoming comet Ison?? is there conscious intelligence behind it? Also what do you think of the work of Joseph Farrell.When it comes to questions about the differant "groups" of ET's..are the annunaki the same as reptilians??..what about aldebareans & pleiadiens? and 1 more for now...where do the dinosaurs fit into our Earth Our-Story..sorry it's so disjointed... I enjoy your work & have many quesstions

  2. Anon, only if it threatens a planet would it be guided away. I don't care for anyone who writes about surviving Nazi intrigue and yet doesn't seem to know anything about Bundt or the further most northern island in the Hawaiian chain (both play so much in that intrigue.)The Annunaki are a myth. No ETs are named after constellations and cold bloods don't often come here due to the fear people here have of them. Dinosaurs were developed as a food source and wiped out when that proved impractical.
    Should be obvious since their size and appetite was so destructive to the environment. JCH

  3. with the seeding of species already on Earth by ET's to make 'modern man" does that mean there were many differant groups of ET's seeding and therefore people of differant lineage here today..or 1 main group?. Also what does the northern most isle of Hawaii & Bundt have to do with the 3rd reich?? can you please explain more? I looked up & listened to Bob dean after hearing maugans & you bring him up.what do you think of his stories?


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