Friday, 1 August 2014

James Horak on GroundZero Radio with Clyde Lewis | July 29 2014

A new talk show host with a new audience always means that James has to cover some basics that he has talked about in previous shows. As a long time listeners therefore its often more interesting what angle a new talk show host may take and what he can add with interesting questions or from his own knowledge base. Clyde Lewis came up with good evidence from the past and when he did I anxiously champed at the bit if he would make certain leaps but obviously Clyde was overchallenged by James' revelations and called him nuts on his show the next night which he denied on James' Facebook wall but it is on record. Clyde shows his true colors when he is stabbing his guests in the back - so beware of Clyde Lewis. Listen here - Shuny / OmetaOne

The original show is provided on Soundcloud here,
'Doomsday Sunshine' w/ James Horak - July 29, 2014

Courtesy for publication permission, Clyde Lewis of

'Doomsday Sunshine' Page with guest comments
Article 'DOOMSDAY SUNSHINE' by Clyde for this show

Here are the videos Clyde was talking about in the show with a sphere from July 21, 2014:
black sphere near sun 01

black sphere near sun 02

A video I made showing
Two EMVs absorbing Energy AIA 171 | Oct-30-2012

SOHO EIT 171 from July 21, 2014.

A video I made, showing how EMVs are protecting Mercury from solar activity, watch in HD on Youtube

EMVs protecting Venus, 2007 and 2011


  1. James
    I had to share.


  2. In search of the moonshaft


  3. Dear James,
    Not new information for you but what an amazing show. Thank you for continuing to share all your knowledge and wisdom.
    I do have a short question: just as EMVs protect us from the flares, do they also protect us from an all-out nuclear war? I find the idea preposterous, but the PTB are such sociopath that I would not put it pass them.

  4. Not the EMVs but ET has once defused the start of nuclear exchange and another time inactivated the launching of nuclear strikes on Iran by Israel. Many examples abound of ET's ability to disarm ICBMs and neutralize delivery systems that might be used in this manner. But this is merely buying you time. People here must find their own solutions to any long-term remedy. The process of degrading the health of the planet is another matter and it approaches an extinction line. JCH REVOLT

  5. Thanks I figures as much, your words confirm what I thought,
    Sadly, I do not see humanity coming together, it seems the majority cannot agree on too much of anything. Perhaps only a devastating event at this time can unite humanity. Sad but true.

  6. Well, Cosmos, there are factors from where we have not heard. The inside of the machine(s) the monsters intend to use to fully implement their evil designs is composed of people that just may have thought this through by now and wait on the chance(s) to avert mutual destruction. That see no profit to anyone proceeding the agendas of the elite and know those same elite have lost all sanity and standard. If countries like China and Russia can come to this conclusion, surely those that know, better than anyone else, just what the instruments involved can do, must have these misgivings. The whistleblowers have opened the curtains and done their part. Now let's hope the even more involved will follow. What we can do is prepare with resolve. JCH


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