Saturday, 13 June 2015


James wrote the following on his Facebook page and I thought it important to share it here with his latest interview on ENEMY WITHIN RADIO.

At the Brink

Many of my friends, my colleagues and indirectly others have struggled in noble efforts to provide as many as we can with information and the conclusions that information most strongly suggests with regard to what is being prepared for us.

There is an old saying, "where there is smoke there is fire". Indeed, smoke is issuing forth from sources both at home and abroad. And in unsavory designs long discussed in the highest circles of power. What is avowed among these circles, eternal war, depopulation, the corporate takeover of privatized social services observing only a "bottom line" and not any degree of consumer protection or legal liability... all we see being put into practice with design. But worse than all these is the undeniable encroachment being threatened by any such exercise an operation such as Jade Helm 15 represents. By its very intents that are openly avowed too, in either practice or actual deployment, under the present circumstances, it is an iron fist in our face.

The checks and balance system devised by our forefathers, judicial review by our Supreme Court and the obedience to their oath of office to protect and defend our precious Constitution, by our elected officials, have all been subverted. Lawlessness has become "coin of the realm" as the effects of this treason filter down into all federal agencies depriving them of both mandate and any real service to the public welfare. The new agencies all have one thing in common, greater enforcement of more social encroachment upon the public by agenda.

If we review passed efforts to orchestrate events through fabricated emergencies that now, in retrospect, are proven and the use of these methods even coming to acquire recently a name, false flags, a predictable pattern emerges pointing to outcome. From that we can derive intention, to more greatly assume even the most lawless of all goals, the power of life and death over us. Only by awareness of such obvious intents can we stand any chance to survive the end game Jade Helm 15 warns us, inadvertently or not, coming.

Resolve before hand what you will do when this encroachment is at your door with a battering ram. Do not be unprepared with no such resolve. Know that your coming to be was not meant for you to be treated like human waste but for the greater design of a Universe that has come to treasure you. JCH

**James was invited by Andy Young and Tom Barnes of Enemy Within Radio for an interview and we discussed a variety of topics.

I was aware that this being a UK based show that we might have some new listeners who may not have heard of James nor heard any of his previous material. I would like to thank, Andy and Tom, on behalf of James and my self - for having us as guests and for being such gracious hosts, for being open and engaged with what we had to share. **

Some points raised

Psychopaths in charge - Fukushima is the Writing on the Wall

Nuclear threat


Lucifer, Cremation of Care

ET and what the EBE are

Second Technology

The Metal

Colares Incident - Link HERE

The Pope and Disclosure

Distraction and Disinformation/ Social Engineering

Naval Incident

Philadelphia experiment

Jade Helm and previous attempts at similar "exercises"

Mexico / Gangs /Military


  1. James, great show.
    Have you heard of a possible emp attack tomorrow in Texas? Do you think that is just another fear tactic?

    1. Whatever don't panic and try and stock up on food and water to keep from going out if it does happen. With all that has and is happening no one can predict what these monsters will do next. It's doubtful they are even on any strict agenda but polling from reactions to decide what to do next. If you can stay home or a place remote where you can put up. JCH

  2. Thanks. I am in DFW. I have a habit of keeping extra food and water. Hopefully is nothing.
    Much love and respect James!

  3. James, Thank you for all of your wonderful info. Left you a comment, entreaty to look at the comment I left for you under your previous interview about Jade Helm with shunny.
    Thank you!

  4. James and Mhairead, great job! It was most certainly appropriately titled, as the apathy, ignorance, and moral relativism of those, the brainwashed, TV-watching sheeple repeatedly demonstrate. My situation hasn't changed; I'm still surrounded by them and can testify to these facts. The sad truth is that the very individuals who deride, denounce, and chastise the messenger will never hear this podcast and will never realize that their own way of life is on the chopping block. THEIR bliss and normalcy bias, OUR constant state of vigilance and suspicious awareness...not fair, but a destiny we must endure and fulfill I suppose.

    HAPPY JADE HELM GAMES...and may the odds be forever in your favor.

    1. Thank you Buzz, it is good to see your still *out there * I know that surrounded feeling all too well . :)

    2. I'm glad (and sad) to hear that you're experienced something similar. My circle of friends has been contracting ever since I started my waki-waki back in '06. Do you find that family members are the worst in that regard? They seem to be quicker to lash out; certainly more drama. I've got some of them on board with no-GMO and non-vaccine, but in flat denial on anything else that jars their apple cart. It will take a miracle of the first order, no doubt. Anyway, hang in there, be vigilant and prepared, and lock-n-load, kiddo!

  5. James, I was daydreaming knee-deep in JH15....there is so much military hardware strewn over the continent right now, and the Boyz in the Grove will soon be busy with their pathetic little party. What could one determined, pissed off, and patriotic pilot behind the sticks of an F-35 or some other technology do to the joint? Like fish in a barrel, they would never be that unhappy again.

  6. Hi James,

    Do you have any idea what this light is in the sky?



  7. Bull Whip H.A.A.R.P. Flux:

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