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The Corrupt VA Hospital System | Dec 2015

Dear Friends,

I am writing this on behalf of James C. Horak who has been, since October, recuperating in the VA hospital Dallas (North Texas Health Care).

The following recording was made by Shuny and myself in two conversations as we called James to see how things are with him, each of us have been calling him as much as we can afford, as we are calling long distance.

Please be aware that in this conversation James is being very clear about his treatment and does not hold back in any way regarding his experiences with some of the staff as well as with the workings of the hospital itself and the VA system. As you will hear, a great deal is extremely wrong.

He describes how these events are affecting him, as well as his fellow patients who have supported him.

I would personally witness that much of what he is telling us is very neglectful and extremely abusive. Not just of James, as he has pointed out, he has witnessed some extreme neglect. For example he describes how his 90 year old room mate, a WW2 Veteran who is blind, has been treated, which I found particularly disturbing.

We wanted to release this as a way of drawing attention to his situation and to support him fully and with integrity in his cause to bring all of this to light.
As he points out some staff are wonderful and good at their job. But as Shuny clarifies they carry the burden of those who show no compassion and are questionable in their capabilities of true care. As you can appreciate there are times when James uses strong language.

I would like to add that we all stay in as close contact with James as we can. We love him and we miss him greatly and we are all deeply concerned for his well being, however we are also all warriors for truth and will not in any way stand by and do nothing with the knowledge he shares with us.

If there is anyone who is in the vicinity of the hospital who would like to visit with James, please contact us on the blog here or on Facebook and we can discuss this.

Thank you for your continued support and concern, with best wishes and love for 2016.


See also Mhairead's and Crystal's websites:


  1. Thank you Shuny and Mhairead for bringing this disgusting treatment of war veterans to our attention. I hope we can find ways to expose and arrest these terrible actions on people who have served their country and have to suffer so much, through being ill. Shame on USA.


    1. Thank you W . We will keep people updated as to our progress. We appreciate your support.

    2. It's almost the end of the year since your last comment. How is James doing? Is he getting better?
      Letting the VA get their hands on him was a big mistake. Could he have tried homeopathic meds before putting his life in the VA's hands?
      As a veteran myself, I say get him out of there....

  2. Thank you W. I just read your comment to James, his reaction was: "This is the only reaction that anyone who is in possession of any sense can have."

  3. I am saddened to learn that James is unwell. I haven't listened to the post, but I will. I know it will make me angry because I do not like the medical profession. Whatever happened to the oath, "Thou shall do no harm."?

    A neighbor just told me that his son in law is an oncologist. On his first day of the job, he had $750,000 in school loans. He wasn't worried at all about paying it off.

    Everything is wrong with this picture!

    Get well soon, James, we all love you and miss you!


    1. I forgot to mention that this oncologist was visiting for his mother in law's funeral. She had an aggressive cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. She died from complications.

      Works good, doesn't it?


    2. Thank you Clare , your message will get passed to James . We miss him as well .

  4. James is witnessing the miserable condition of patients coming back from chemo and radiation first hand and it is breaking his heart.
    So much the more is he determined to raise hell and fight, whatever it takes to effect change.

  5. My momwas given an infectious deadly disease by tallahassee memorial hospitol. It lead to 6 more surgeries costing medicare and healthplan southeast over 1 millio dollars. The insurances also eouldnt pay all the bills so we, the grown up children, lost our inheritance, and face going in debt.
    Can we sue the hospitol that caused all of our the new laws in Florida dont allow kids to sue unless they are under 18 or under. Drs in America are gold diggers.

  6. Holly, I much better understand now what you were and are still going through. When laws are unlawful something has to be done, publicity is a first step.

  7. Get well soon James, you are Loved and Missed Brother, but please if things start looking too bad in there, get the hell out !! I don't trust the medical lot as far as I can throw them ! Stay safe and take care :D


  8. Just an idea, how about getting some of the Vets to wear a gopro camera and streamed on a vet watch website :D

  9. I was wondering, James, where you were keeping yourself! I'm sorry that you're left to the "care" of allopathic medicine. Godspeed, and get well soon!

  10. James.
    I can't believe a man with your brain is even in there. Your condition whatever it may be, apart from broken bones, needs only the right foods. Please also look into urine therapy (Google Andrew Norton Webber.) Get the F* outta there!
    Goddess bless you.

  11. I too am battling the VA, here is a link and I have much much more.

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