Saturday 18 February 2017

James Horak describes the EMVs in our Solar System | Mark Snider - Ohio Exopolitics

Mark Snider from Ohio Exopolitics and James Horak did the first show since James is out of hospital. 

James Horak returns to the airwaves to talk about EMVs, the extended community, our deeper history and place within the solar system and the issues that both prevent us and enable us in fully restoring that place to Earth’s community. This is a comprehensive and wide ranging interview and Mark Snider asks all the right questions. 

James relates his own story to the bigger picture and the experience of unified consciousness. He also gives us insight into the current state of affairs on planet Earth. There is so much more to discuss, and hopefully this will happen soon, but, this interview deserves more than one listening and to be taken to as wide an audience as possible….enjoy and please share!

The original show is hosted with Mark Snider on Ohio Exopolitics

The Youtuber myunhauzen74 is publishing SOHO/LASCO-images that show ET-craft and EMVs in travel and operation 
on a regular basis in his videos. He of course won't believe what James revealed after we told him but his work is still impressive, documenting what NASA won't talk about.

James C. Horak's book, Siege in the Davis Mountains, is available on Amazon, except in the US where it is banned, and those shops listed below.

Siege in the Davis Mountains, 
Amazon US
This title is not currently available for purchase (but it is listed!)
Customer Review by our friend Stephen A. Budner on August 10, 2016
Verified Purchase (the book was available in the beginning!)

If your sense of the world seems to be falling apart this one true story will certainly clarify matters

I am at once privileged that I have gotten to know James Horak and honored that I could write the first review of SIEGE IN THE DAVIS MOUNTAINS. This unusual document is not headed for the Best Seller’s List. The ‘masses’ would more than likely dismiss it as fiction which it is not. No, it does not require mass consumption. It is destined to become a cherished element in the libraries of those few souls who know the ‘official story’ of just about everything is wrong. Without a doubt, James is a hero whose early life was exposed and subsequently interfaced with non-human entities. This work is not just another story. It is the sincere and most articulate chronicle of one man’s life whose adventure would lead him to reveal facts and make important connections with current events. For those few who will ultimately read this work it will inevitably serve as a refined synopsis of a deep understanding of history that shatters the hypnosis of the masses.

Kobo, US, $6.99

On Amazon UK you can read ten pages of the first chapter, £5.49

Google Play

bolcom, Netherlands, € 6.99, Switzerland, Fr. 7.90

Bear in mind that if you are using a translation function with the following German speaking shops, the original English book description will be ‘re-translated’ totally confused.

Amazon Germany, EUR 6,99, Germany, € 6.99

exlibris, Switzerland, CHF 6.90

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