Tuesday 12 September 2017

Firesite Chat | James Horak with Mhairead and Shuny | Sept.2017

This is an impromptu, spontaneous and very informal conversation between myself, James Horak and Shuny.

Please bear that in mind as you listen it is not an 'interview' but more typical of the talks we have with James from time to time over the years in our connection and friendship and in recent months they have been (sadly for me) infrequent.

This is partly due to my traveling a great distance away and gypsy lifestyle that has incurred, as well as time differences and James still being in recovery from his hospital stint and treatment there.

Shuny has stepped up to the plate admirably and was able to record this for us. I always feel those who know James’s work and the vast amount of information he has put out over the years are always looking to hear from him. With things being the way they are, assurances and affirmations are needed. As well as prompts and inspired activation.

We hope that this might be the first of a few talks, perhaps some questions from our audience and readers here would lead to another one? - Mhairead

James gave us also information about the recent 9,3 X-Class CME as it had some of us worried about its impact on Earth. Furthermore, there is also new information from James about the EBEs aka Greys. All this you won't get to hear anywhere else!


  1. good to hear that James is well, so far.
    I wonder what James think/knows about the viral Flat Earth movement.
    Is it PsyOps counter intelligence?
    Do we "live" on a prison planet?
    Is split consciousness curable? (according J. Krishnamurti's "Mind Revolution")
    Is "human" Ignorance curable?
    Are humans mentally controlled by Archonts, Demons, Aliens, EBE, you name it?
    If yes, what is their agenda and for what purpose?
    Why does NASA, JPL, ESA & Co. lie about everything?
    Do we really exist in the propagated heliocentric planet system?
    Is the sun really a fusion reactor or a electromagnetic driven plasma ball?
    What is the Earth Moon? Does the moon reflect sun light or is it self illuminant?
    What is going on in or behind Antarctica?
    What is/are the "evil" role(s) and significance of the Vatikan/Jesuits?
    Who and what circles really know any real Truth and is involved in what operations?
    Don't we still dream Adom's dream?
    Possible to describe God by attributes like omnipotent, eternal, unconditional Love, Life, Truth, Intelligence, Substance, Principles?
    never ending story of questions.
    What is really significant in our so called life?
    Does it really matter?
    If we are immortal, then we are really in big trouble ...
    I myself basically trust only "my" Intention and considerations of plausibilities by critical thinking.
    best & cheers,

  2. Dear readers and followers of our blog!

    We decided to discontinue our EMVsInfo blog on this Google-provided platform and continue on the Wordpress platform because of Mr Horak’s constant issues with signing in on any Google product.

    This blog is copied in toto to

    If you like to interact with Mr. Horak please use the link above to leave your comments over on our new site.

    Thank you for your continued support.



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