Sunday 22 December 2019

April Cherpaw with James Horak on CKUW - Where Angels Fear to Tread | December 2019

Comfort to me is knowing nothing is lost to the spirit. All have such wonders as these to know fully when you ascend to that perfection. Upkeep of the Universe only seems so remote viewed as you are now, but it is exampled in the sun for you.

All to help you better to see higher levels of existence for which to aspire. The evil would have you with no such other options but the paths Lucifer/Satan has chosen for you. All mythic dieties created from ages old superstition and manufactured doctrines useful for a time when there was no separation of church and state.

See this video: Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt in order to better understand and grasp the extent that the Catholic church has strived to continue influence over state these last 500 years through the Knights of Malta and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

The intrigues have even grown more insidious in the present total grasp for power bundled into the NWO by an elite deep state and a church wishing to return to the power it had under feudalism. Both envisioning a feudal corporate police state for the world. Should their social engineering take away your faith in a path restoring moral guidance and the hope for such social contracts as that found in the US Constitution, their continued efforts might succeed.

Now, at a 1500 year crossroads on earth, it is important to those beyond all this encroaching evil to show evidence of other paths that lead to what cannot be even dreamed of by agendas mindlessly obsessed with the power of life and death over others, to see intelligent design, what you might call God, ruling the order of all coherence in the Universe.

You struggle in a second timeline created by an aberrant exercise in time travel to simply change an event that would have been pivotal in determining outcomes far more evolutionary in advancing mankind toward the promises of the Magna Carta and exampled most by the US Constitution. Follow this line of thought with the article found on our blog about what happened to Napoleon in the Great Pyramid: James Horak - Napoleon in the Great Pyramid.

What created the pivotal event. It will require, of course, to grow a greater power of expectation. What separates mind slavery from the minds of free men and women. With the greatest of hope for you, James Horak Dec. 22nd 2019. - JCH

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