Saturday 20 May 2023

In Memory of James Horak

James Charles Horak

born October 14th, 1943 in Las Vegas/NM

† October 2021, shortly after his 78th birthday in Ft. Worth/Tx

Via Terry Anctil

James last Words

This I wrote for relevance only when the last nail in the coffin of this world is driven in by the evil. Though there may be a turning away from that this is on hand if there is not. Written entirely now so that later events may strike less somber mind later. 

Giving this timeline its due…

Since Napoleon this extension of being earthbound, with all its demerits, has still produced remarkable works of art and literature that should be passed along for benefit to those elsewhere. I have every intention of doing just that. In these wee hours of a new day this 08/23/2021 day of August.

As a boy and young adult the travel I had through books may have been somewhat tainted by an uncertainty of just what I was and what I could actually count on as any forbearer. Always feeling on the outside looking in sort of thing that really didn’t change until I was half way through this time here. But then it came in an instant, in a place I had been drawn to in ways that may not be fully realized even now.

Before I go elsewhere I want to give you earthbounds the long due credit you deserve, even on a second timeline. For you have, even when this finishing chapter of your existence so poorly reflects it, made memorable contributions that might enrich the lives of those elsewhere. Brought me to experience such ecstasy I even wept. Even then I knew what end was certain.

Please pardon me if I but hit the highlights of those contributions. Brevity demands it since a mood might place more of a shadow on recollection than I would like. For what is shown today condoning such a false reality of untruth irks me so.

Sometime back a futurist wrote a book, Fahrenheit 451, where a collective of brave people each memorized, from cover to cover, a complete literary work to save it for posterity from the untimely ravages of book burning.

My humble choice would have been Melville’s, Moby Dick. Now, however, it is so much more. Novels of B. Traven, Joseph Conrad, Dostoievsky, Gogol, Hasek, Bradbury, Robert Graves, and a hundred more. Composers, great music artists, lyricists, poets (from all over this replicant world) and too numerous to mention (to be fair.) A sadly fated love affair for me.

But I will not forget you. Neither will my friends from elsewhere. Wish I could share with you the enormity of that. Another time, my earthbound friends and loved ones. Whatever happens will not be any end, just a change for the better, one way or another. (Evil is no longer worth the mention.)

James Horak


I am saddened to have to convey that James has left the earth’s plane but he is not forgotten by us nor has he forgotten us. 

It is our loss for he longed to be back with the EMVs, The Hand of GOD. He is there, still watching over us — that he promised. 

To honour James’ work and the work of his friend Kevin Smith as well, we can listen to his Revelations, presenting himself and his mission to the world.


Going back to the beginnings of James' first appearances on the Kevin Smith Show, you can listen to his voice here: Kevin Smith Show - James Horak (they are not in an order time-wise, find ‘James Horak | Feb. 15-2010’ to listen to James’ very first public appearance or click the links below).


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Many more shows, interviews and articles can be found here on this blog EMVsInfo.blogspot and on the Youtube channel OmetaOne.

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  1. Eulogy for a Time Traveller

    Did you say anything?
    When the dark came seeping in
    a deathly pall pouring over light
    Did you plan?
    That warm hand reaching for yours
    should in the end find cold the thing
    left behind? That your leaving
    left others huddling for the warmth
    your words could fashion into blankets;
    no priest caste stepping to the plate
    to build roads of traverse
    the world you touched by sun not contained
    by sound bites or collectors of unusual things or by
    songs played at midnight in cafes going to sleep
    and that even that one kiss
    might fly into the night too puzzled to ever alight
    in some knowing it could keep. While
    the centre of the Earth holds tight
    to its moon churning mantle
    and the singing sloughs off the chaos
    circling like ravens looking for fresh kill. Until
    all the anchors lift and hurtle into space,
    settling time in back and forward forward and back
    the confusion of love looking over how many ways
    we could die, have died, will die
    could live, have lived, will live.


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