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The Dao of the Revolutionary

Discussion of Wayne Dyer's Movie - Ambition to Meaning - The Shift: Finding Your Life's Purpose
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By Shuny, June 8, 2014

Following is a transcript of parts of the movie that I would like to bring to your attention and to discuss.

"The  real purpose of life is just to be happy, to enjoy your life, to get to a place where you are not always trying to get someplace else. So many  people are striving to be somewhere where they are not, they never get to arrive. One of the ways to understand about how to find your purpose in your life is to return to nature, to find your own nature.

The future pull is pulling you in the direction of whatever it is you are supposed to be. If all you needed for the physical journey was already handled in the womb, then why not everything for the rest of the journey as well, all of your purpose, it's in there.

We are surrounded by people, our family, culture wherever we go and we are getting told that we can’t really trust in who we are, we have to trust in something outside of ourselves, so we are on a journey towards ambition. I am what I have, what I do and what my reputation is.

Ego has a strong belief that who I am is separate from everybody else and that I am separate from everything that is missing in my life, from all the things that I would like to have and that we are separate from God which is the source which is everywhere. Let yourself be lived by it, the Dao does nothing, it's leaving nothing undone. This is where we have to get to a place where we can surrender and have knowing that we are not alone and that we are going to be guided and that we have a nature and that we can trust in that nature. It's nothing we have to be always struggling with, something we have to be in charge of. Literally, let yourself be lived by it, rather than you taking over.

As we move into the meaning-phase of our life, we begin to think about fulfilling our Dharma, fulfilling our destiny, fulfilling something inside of us, a calling that only we can feel inside of us, no one else can tell you what that is for living your life on purpose.

This movement, this shift from ambition to meaning, from the morning to the afternoon of your life generally is preceded by a quantum moment, a peak experience and it's quality is that it's very vivid and a surprise and it's benevolent, it always feels good and it's enduring. When the moment is right, when you are in a different state, in a different place in your life, exactly what is supposed to happen will happen for you. Oftentimes the low points in your life, when you think nothing could go any worse is when we need to propel ourselves to a higher place. The Dao teaches us how to be soft, how to be flexible, how to not always be in control. If we surrender to it, that magic will always work in our best interest and everything that you need will be there for you.

Living in the field of Dao is the reconnection with the field of intention. When you have passion, when you have enthusiasm (in Greek: the God within) for something inside of you, that is really God speaking to you.

Synchronicity, it's like a collaboration with fate. All of that becomes the norm when the ego is no longer the driving force in your life. You begin to recognize that there is a powerful organizing intelligence that is in all things and it's working with you and for you almost as if you are making it happen by just being connected to your source. It's almost as if this organizing intelligence, God, the Dao, is saying to you: you play the music that you came here to play and I am here to help you to overcome any struggle or obstacle that comes along. And it's not going to be a struggle because source is supporting you. When you trust in yourself, you are trusting in the very wisdom that created you. It's there to tell us who we are and what we are meant to be.

Many people think, I just attract what I want into my life but you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Whatever you are looking for in your life is there for you. It will show up where and when it's needed, it's always in your mind. Whatever you need to complete this project, whatever you need to create, it's all there. You can prepare and then let go. It's an easy trusting that everything will happen perfectly.

We live in a world in which all things are possible, there are no accidents, there is a divine organising intelligence that supports all things. You have to get to a place where you are no longer focused just on yourself and the things you really want for yourself. You begin to say, “how can I want them more for someone else than I want them for me - and that’s God-realization.

Your ambition is transformed into purpose and you have to learn to become the observer and to step back. You begin to live in process, trusting where your source is taking you. You begin to detach from the outcome and that detachment allows you to no longer be fighting, it allows things to come to you and you no longer being the person making things happen. You are allowing things to show up, the fight is gone, your authentic self is way beyond the ego."

Let me explain why I consider the message of this movie so valuable for our time now and why it gives me hope. In my eyes the message of this movie is explaining beautifully the true nature of the human, it is not shallow or new-agey - it contains ancient wisdom and is proven by the masters of all ages. The movie demonstrates the true inner workings of the human and what it takes to transform from a carbon-copy to a human being.

I will illustrate with two contemporary examples what I mean.

Kevin Blanch is a nuclear activist from Ohio who suffered from and has been fighting the nuclear industry almost his entire life. Seven month after the Fukushima disaster he contracted leukaemia and has since been fighting hard for his life. The activist that he already was became so much more determined and purposeful to fight for his children, his country and the whole of humanity.

Kevin was at a very low point in his life and everyone can see how he came out propelled to a higher place which he allows himself to be lived by.

The other example for someone who reconnected with the field of intention, who found his passion, is Lars Maehrholz who started the 'Monday-Demonstrations' in Germany that are going viral and are held every Monday in more than seventy cities now and are growing in numbers weekly. Lars saw a video about the war in the Ukraine and he was moved so much by the suffering he became aware of that he cried. In this moment the idea was born in him and five days later he started the first Monday-Demonstration in Berlin. He received the support of the cosmos and everything fell into place effortlessly and created a wave.

These two people allowed themselves to be soft and heard a calling that they felt inside which instantly transformed their lives. The transformation was not accomplished through the intellect or reasoning but through emotional stress and involvement. This is a real awakening, called forth by an epiphany.

The pressure from the monsters in charge of this planet on societies and the individual will increase every day and awaken more who were brought to very low points in their lives. As cruel as that sounds and I am afraid to say this but that is obviously what it takes for the people on this planet to find their calling. We will see if enough individuals will hear it but I admit, the drama everyone is already witnessing should have produced more people that get involved. Of course, we know that every genuine human is in danger to be ridiculed, harassed or even be killed. Jesus was, Socrates and Osho were and so many more who tried to change things out of compassion.

The carbon-copy that most humans became, full of dysfunctional societal demands, and who are living the Not-Self, will be diverted from their true destiny.

To determine the purpose and direction for an individual, the ancient schools of wisdom developed astrology, so that when you make the calculations and draw the chart, there are two points that indicate the direction of someones life, a line drawn by the so called Lunar nodes. You came here with an individual design in your being, the you that you were meant to be. The limitations in your design are really an opportunity and are meant for you to spezialise and de-velop, take out of the envelope, what has been given to you. Everyone is different and has a little piece of the whole that is needed for the advance of the whole, only you need to differentiate yourself and not be a carbon-copy. If you are curious, the science of the differentiation of the individual is The Human Design System which is an advanced unification of ancient and modern sciences.

Also ancient concepts of the trinity in the human being are still valid. According to some of those concepts the human being is comprised of the vehicle, which is the body and the driver which is represented by the lunar nodes, or the Gravitation-Center in Human Design, and the passenger who is really only an observer or should be. The passenger is sitting in the backseat, enjoying the ride. The vehicle is doing what it has to do and the passenger can’t do much about it. But also the driver is going where he has go, no matter how much you try to interfere, he can’t hear you! At the end of the journey, if you trusted the vehicle and the driver, you arrive fulfilled by all that you could witness from your elated position on the backseat but if you were worried all the time and tried to interfere with useless commands for the driver for the direction you thought was best, you missed the vista and you will arrive disappointed - you were not appointed, in other words, you have not allowed yourself to be appointed.

This is why I consider meditation a valuable tool for the human. You may not call it meditation but many people pause every once in a while and look inwards. In that pausing or meditation you are softening yourself and allowing the pulling inside of you to the being and the direction of whatever it is you are supposed to be and by that often avoid the necessity to go to low points in your life. When such low points occur, it is the higher intelligence, trying to stop you from not paying attention to your journey and it’s direction.

Now, all of this doesn’t sound much like a recipe for rebels and revolutionaries nor is love the issue that so many people insist is the highest virtue. By that they mean affection, they even love their cars and other non-living items. The word love is laden with so many mis-conceptions that we fail to see love in action when someone like Jesus is single-handedly driving out the banksters from the temple or Kevin Blanch is cussing the phoney human debris that is destroying the lives of everyone on this planet.

Find Your Life's Purpose - Be The Shift



  1. Hello, gosh, firstly i would like to say that i really do like your title, as a balance to some fairly abrupt prognostications of the inevitability of conflict, its necessary. I have taken time to respond and would like to say that it would be interesting to have a discussion on this, and thank you for bringing it up.

    As an individual, group think or for that matter, just any group is like nails on a blackboard to me. Even within our family, we do not have to be the 'jones' or represent any unified front for who we are, so i present my bias straight off.

    So this disturbs me, this video. The double conceit of presenting a faux documentary twists another discernment mechanism in our bodies. He represents with actors, the idea of what is happening, happened naturally and everybody who worked on the film ended up just great, by listening to Wayne and their inner selves, no one faltered and actually it was fairly easy to cast off a lifetimes worth of ideas to be replaced by one. In fact anyone can do it, just give it a try tomorrow.

    So the man who sold the tarmac for the road to damascus had an epiphany, I suppose its possible. But as a lead in to anyone who would like to listen to the complexities of any of these, manifestation and attraction, ideas, below is a link to a similar set of ideas. I guess the guy could have been a plant, thats possible but in the same way as democracy taken to its nth degree is just "might is right' or the majority rules, despite what that majority might be espousing - these 'you create your own reality' ideas give rise to terrible messages. Such as not helping people because they are going through their own dharma or they are creating their own misery etc….. i know that in all things their is a double edged sword, but this could be seen as elitism of a spiritual nature, one where you maybe be in a caste system of your own design.

    I hope to prompt discussion and not animosity, thanking you

    1. I know what you mean, G. Hairs standing up on the back of the neck? Was the target audience first grabbed with fictional fodder before the spin? Was the soil tended and prepared before the seed?

      I got about half way through the movie before applying the brakes. When I hear terms from Christian and Vedic traditions being meshed together in a dialog, that's a red flag for me. When terms like "give in" and "surrender" are used, my guard really goes up at that point. I had to laugh when I heard the "camera crew lady" actor's comment that she "would be spiritual" if she "had time to meditate". Furthermore, I have a tendency to get suspicious about varied levels of film production values in comparison to other offerings dealing in similar subject matter.

      I will probably return with more after I follow the money and gather some more telemetry on our dear Mr. Dyer.

    2. OH....did I forget to mention that if one is published ump-tenth times, and appears and promotes them on Oprah, they are probably cointelpro?

    3. G, thank you for your thoughts because it gives me the chance to expand and clarify what I see in that movie and what not. To me this is not a story about manifestation and attraction, nor about positive thinking or self-empowerment or dialogs with God, any belief system, followers, achievements, or a cosmic ordering service. It is the contrary. You are served already and have to develop what you have received. It is hidden beneath the garbage that society keeps you occupied with.

      You don’t have to draw up a plan and think about what you want in life in order to attract and create because what you want might be the wrong thing in the first place, it may not be meant for you, it is what society tells you you should want. You think you should want to create peace when in reality life wants you to fight or vice versa. We don’t know what exactly is in store for us if we are not connected to that silent voice or feeling inside that is drowned by the noise of the propaganda. This is a deeply individual task and has nothing to do with creating your own reality, it is becoming your own reality apart from anyone else for the sake of yourself and as a consequence for the greater good as well. It is all about finding a way to allow your own inner nature to unfold as an individual against all of the collective demands for conformity.

      I liked the contrast between the un-agitated Wayne Dyer and the mess everyone else was in. Of course thats a little bit of Hollywood but bravo this time from me, a guy who doesn’t like watching movies that much.

    4. Totally agree with Buzz!

  2. As I suspected, Hay House is a multinational publishing company and is probably the largest mainstream publisher of New Age thesis materials. One of their promotional logos is the head of an owl; a probable reference to a cavalcade of globalists' activities. A Dyer lecture appeared in a Pixar production, owned by Disney of course. I haven't even started yet, but I'm calling it quits on the grounds of irrelevancy.

  3. Shuny and I would both agree that critical thinking is always to be respected. And, as usual, yours, Buzz, is exceptional. JCH

  4. Meditation may mean different things to different people. It is not, I'm certain, an opening for an intrusion from the least not to be intended by the meditator. If it has meaning to me, it is in the calming of the consciousness for an opening into self-examination and in contemplating information "newly" with introspection more than bias. But then what is the meditation most New Age followers speak of is totally foreign to me. JCH

  5. I fully agree with you James. My explanation is that people have distorted a natural state of being into something that can be bought or achieved. A tue teacher always has the problem to attract people to try what he tried without making any promises or giving guarantees. If we understand ‘meditation’ as an act, we have also missed because it is allowance and not acting. You may put a little effort before you get to the allowance part but that is only the preparation, mistakenly called meditation. While it is basically a state of being everyone has lost in this competitive world, it is re-ligare, re-connection, what religion was meant to be.

    While my main proposition is that life is trying to lead, or even push everyone back onto his individual path that is his personal destiny that was given to him like the body from the Grand Designer so to speak, it sometimes doesn’t take much to change the direction of someones life back on track. Like I said, it may be a scene in life or in a video that moves someone to act in a different way than before if you allow yourself to be susceptible. How deep that ability is buried under the programming may be different for everyone but it is there.

    But many people experience hardship because they are ignoring their path and life tries harder to get them on course. I am not saying that an innocent victim has created the experience but even those that have been victimized and traumatized can in many cases come back to their self if they deal with it constructively. These people often need therapy before they can even begin to try to ‘meditate’.

    While a certain meditation-practice may be good tool for many, its not necessary for those that have integrated that openness into their every-day-life. But maybe I am too optimistic for the ill-treated masses to be able to reconnect.

    For me its like I need to have the broadest view I can possibly have and often take the red pill to go deep into the rabbit hole like that man in the video Mr G posted above but I don’t subscribe to the conception of the human being that perceives everyone else as greedy predators. If that man knew himself he wouldn’t think like that.

    Even though Mr. Wayne Dyer has appeared on Winfrey Ophra’s show or is published by new-age book stores, it doesn’t mean that he is not pointing in the right direction. How else could the common man get a glimpse of what is possible. People don’t travel to India anymore to try a different life-style or ask for advice from fake and real gurus and teachers like in the sixties and seventies, so they have to take it from those who were there and discern its value themselves - as always.

    1. All I'm saying is that it takes MILLIONS to publish, promote, and televise an author, and their origin suggests that he does not have humanity's best interests at heart. I realize that my views might seem to be getting somewhat "dark"...

    2. Buzz, I don't look at Mr. Dyer or the companies involved, I didn't know of him before I watched the movie. All I do is recognize the message in the movie as coherent with what I have learned elsewhere and have experienced myself. I thought that the message could be understood more easily but if you only look at the envelope you won't understand whats inside. Which is that life is a process that you have less control of if you interfere with it than if you unravel whats been already given to you.
      That meme, that everyone is the architect of his own future if he only just followed the herd mentality is one of the greatest propaganda lies because the social engineers can fill it with whatever they deem desirable to them. You can not make-up your calling, it has to be coming from inside the real you and then it has the power to carry you through. It is also nothing you can try to make happen because it happens on its own accord when you are ready and able to feel it inside of you.

    3. I understand and respect your position, and I appreciate your taking the time to post the material and encourage discussion. I agree that meditation is a tool, not a prerequisite, for spirituality, and that we should make time to quiet the mind and internalize.

      We live in a time of intense and ubiquitous social change. The more sourcing we do up front, the more (I feel) we avoid the processes of induced reaction, fragmentation and disassociation so sought after by the social engineers. It leads to people seeking their internalization and introspection from a predetermined source with an agenda. truncated pyramids, all-seeing eyes, two-headed eagles, adaptations of crosses, and bull heads with sun disks between their horns...are symbols. Some are sublime, some are ridiculous, all are placed in view for a reason.

      Thank you, Shuny, for allowing us all to participate!

  6. Dear Shuny and everyone, thanks for the debate. It doesn't matter at all if i liked or didnt like the film, it only matters if what it said to you had a positive effect on your own feelings about how to make a change. In fact a negative effect is equally valuable in this regard. A case for knowing what you don't want i suppose. But I had to ask myself why I didn't like the message, if that matters or if i think it was true, for me.

    I think it is the half-truth syndrome that is so rampant, or always was, Shakespeare wrote Macbeth to show us how dangerous half truths are and where they can lead us. But should we stop trying to spread a more humane way of thinking about the world because some people will mis-interpret it and ruin their lives. For instance is it right that a beautiful idea such as mindfulness should be strangled and wrung of every valuable truth by a book like "the power of now". Because it has a half truth going for it, it will grab you by the shirt collar, as truths do, but then just at the end will unravel you and leave you worse off than if you never heard it in the first place. A rambling vagrant of spirituality with no anchor, no ability to defend yourself, no will inside you to do or change anything. Of course i wouldn't know that unless i had read it so we are all there in the boat together.

    So the film, says a lot of things that are true, we do have to remember what is important, what is real, be kind to others. We do have to take moments in our life when we change our minds, where more experience and knowledge can make us blush at our more youthful extravagances. But the half truth is that it is easy. Essentially you bump into a concert pianist who runs a magic hotel that changes everything in a second. That the natural way is the easiest. Having given birth and breastfed for a year, I'll tell ya that it is not easy. The natural way or the right way is the hardest of all. Because when something is presented as easy and then you fail, it will take from you more than it has ever given.

    Its the buddhist idea of the near and far enemy. The far enemy to love is of course hate, but the near enemy, is far most dangerous. The near enemy to love is dependency, powerlessness and grasping. The far enemies are easy to spot, but the near ones, so closely resemble the real thing that they strangle the very thing you are trying to preserve.

    Buzz, sometimes an owl is just an owl, and sometimes its just not, is it? Poor owls is all i have to say being mistreated in such terrible ways.

    But as i started i will end by saying, it doesn't matter if i liked the film at all. If it gave you something, that is the most important to preserve.

    thank you everyone for the opportunity to communicate.

  7. Thank you for posting the film, I enjoyed watching it and the postings here.

    I liked the message that we should be enthusiastic and generous, but there were a couple of red flags that made me uneasy. One is the message that we don't have to do anything if we are enthusiastic. Maybe it is just that the message is too simplistic. The other red flag is that how do we know if the vision and healing Dr. Dyer had wasn't Black Ops? It sounded suspicious.


  8. Thank you for your replies, James, Clare, G, Buzz and Anon. Buzz I agree, what people mostly get served in the name of spirituality and meditation is charged with an agenda, copyright and price tag, TM© is a good example.

    Dr. Dyer, even though his movie has been published through the capitalistic media, has ancient wisdom that is illustrated in a hollywood-stile movie. The important part to me is when he speaks. I immediately felt compelled to stop the movie and started writing down what he said. He is referring to the ancient knowledge of Dao and Dharma and he explains it beautifully.

    One of the profound statements in that movie is that when you were born, you were provided with a body AND you were also provided with a unique path for life, an intent that is as unique as the composition, look and development of your body. Of course that part is invisible to you, like your DNA - lets call it the Soul.

    The development of your body is fully independent of your mind, will or wishes, the body is basically an automatic process that develops new abilities over your lifetime or loses them but how much care you take of your body or not is your choice, the same is true for the soul.

    The soul contains direction that wants to be developed according to its inherent unique composition of qualities, your potential. Your potential is different from anybody else’s. It wants to be expressed in your life and if you prevent that there are repercussions. It then tries to bring you to a place or condition where you have to listen, you either open up or you will be stopped in your tracks through losses or misery.

    This invisible package in us is completely overlooked and neglected in our culture as if it doesn’t exist. You have heard that allegedly a soul exists but what it is, you have no clue of since the age your memory set in. As a small infant you still were the expression of that part, you had your original face. Until you had learned how to behave, restrict yourself or how to express yourself within the accepted limits. Then you wore a face that was not yours anymore. You were told what ambitions to have and that is where we still are, programmed by society.

    The way to make that part of you ‘visible’ for yourself is to look, hear, feel within and IT will MAKE you want to do what is best for you, you will have the will for what is yours to do because there is this passion. Maybe you make an invention, become a leader, whatever, you ex-press, its pressed out of you, like giving birth. No outside agenda can come in, that is yours alone. But we neglect that part of us because we lost any memory of its existence.

    A way to do some mental hygiene, is to be alone with yourself, fully unoccupied and give it time and room to bubble up. It may bubble up in your dreams, if you like, keep a dream diary. You will win a whole different dimension to your life - that is the promise and not an agenda.

    There is no need for a will inside you to do or change anything but yourself. But that change can not be made, it has to come from allowance of your potential that you already have and that is far better than what your mind can draw up, its a surprise package that has meaning and impact and will lead us to do what is necessary to save this messed up place we call earth.

    Lets take Snowdon as another example. I know some think its all psy ops but if his motives are as he says and I don’t doubt that, he has suddenly developed a passion that became the priority of his life. He could not succumb to the program anymore after he’d done some soul-searching. His decision did not come from the intellect, it surged up from his soul and made him do what he had to do. He could have gone along with the program but he didn’t because he ALLOWED. You and I could not have done what he did because life has put us in a different position that is ours to fill with meaning, where the intent comes from a different place than just from reasoning because one needs that charge from the soul, this passion that everyone has deep inside.


    1. Shuny I have finally made 'Time' to watch this, I am reading through the comments written here too...Thank -you for posting this and for your beautiful words above. xx

  9. What a wonderful essay, thank you Shuny. A good day to all.

  10. Yes, Shuny, I would expect you to wax eloquent on this subject and you did. JCH

  11. Thank you, Shuny. You explained it better than Dr. Dyer.


  12. If you ever have a chance, "iI Postino" is one of the most beautiful films, one of those ones you should see before you die.I will link below to just a little temptation, a little music…its a tale of beauty, naiveté, knowledge, destiny and evolution. Its just one of those things that humans create that is so perfect, its almost impossible to look at.

  13. Thank you for your appreciation, friends. There could be so much more said and there IS one more thing I would like to mention and that is the Human Design System which is based on two modern scientific systems and four ancient wisdom systems. This system has been only fairly recently brought to earth’s humans (1987, Human Design - ENCOUNTER with the VOICE,

    This system is able to provide everyone with his individual operation manual. It is purely mechanical and that is why its deliverer Ru Uru Hu calls it the “Mechanics of the Maya”. It details your individual strategy and inner authority for how to come to the right personal decisions. The HDS identifies a center in your body which is called G-Center, G for Gravity, also the Magnetic Monopole. In the picture of the human as a being composed of the Driver, Vehicle and Passenger that would be the Driver because that is where your life-path is gravitating to, your direction and what you attract and are attracted to.

    I can only recommend to get a reading, it will be a surprise to learn how little we know about our inner workings, design and how to live as Self and how much we are caught up in a collective misperception of the nature of the human.


    The Human Design System on the web:


    Well this is quite something to see in the press, finally….and not a whitewash either.

  15. I am blown away by this video, very thought provoking at so many levels. I have recommended it as a MUST watch to so many friends. You cannot help but come away from it a different person no matter what your level of spirtuality. Thanks to everyone involved in this. It certainly wrapped its tendrils around my heart and soul. Love and blessings to all!

  16. Greetings all!

    I've enjoyed the above evaluation of Shuny and truly appreciate his hope!

    Re: “If all you needed for the physical journey was already handled in the womb, then why not everything for the rest of the journey as well, all of your purpose, it's in there.”

    I'm reasonably confident that I hear the message and actually like the point it presents! However, the present analogy is a big "if".

    The needs of the "physical journey" outside the womb require more than just the "vehicle" that is built in utero as a result of the embryonic journey. "Fuel" is just one of those needs that from a nourishing-the-body perspective takes a lot longer than nine months to "handle". How about another analogy?


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