Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mark Snider | OhioExopolitics | James Horak, Susanne Posel, Solaris BlueRaven on the New World Order

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“Synchronicity, it's like a collaboration with fate. All of that becomes the norm when the ego is no longer the driving force in your life. You begin to recognize that there is a powerful organizing intelligence that is in all things and it's working with you and for you almost as if you are making it happen by just being connected to your source. It's almost as if this organizing intelligence, God, the Dao, is saying to you: you play the music that you came here to play and I am here to help you to overcome any struggle or obstacle that comes along. And it's not going to be a struggle because source is supporting you. When you trust in yourself, you are trusting in the very wisdom that created you. It's there to tell us who we are and what we are meant to be.
Mark Snider

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Susan Posel’s Websites
Occupy Corporatism
The US Independent

Solaris BlueRaven’s website:
NightShadow Anomaly Detectives


  1. James: Regarding your discussion about the Republic of Texas, are they in any way affiliated with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, which are the conservators of the Alamo and the other missions?

  2. No, they are not, Buzz. That is a group of ladies whose ancestors were actually in the original Republic of Texas that existed between 1836 and 1845 when Texas entered the Union. JCH REVOLT

  3. A really informative and enjoyable show , and I appreciate being introduced to Susanne Possel's work in particular , such thorough research and intelligent insights . All in all a great discussion, thank you .

  4. Ms. Posel was impressive, indeed. She appears to be under assault from a few fronts, however. When websites are constructed for that purpose and filled with ad homonen attacks, she must be striking at the heart of the issues. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work.


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