Thursday, 28 June 2012

How Catchphrases and Buzzwords are used as Stumbling Blocks

Catchphrases like quantum-mechanics for instance, have become a fashion. What have we said when we said quantum-mechanics precisely, why should people take for granted that it has any more meaning than a phrase, why should they feel that they have said something just by uttering it, like an incantation. When you explore them you see that they are just a way of looking at things, that they don't have science behind them contextually anymore than half a dozen other things that could be said in the same way.

But all of a sudden words like 'DNA', 'Frequency', 'Vibration', 'Density', 'Dimension', 'Vortex', 'Stargate' become buzzwords. These pseudo-scientific catchphrases and buzzwords have been associated to even more absurd pseudo-esoteric concepts like that of 'Ascension', the fashionable replacement for the word rapture, where Jesus or other entities come to save humanity from itself so all we have to do is wait and pray in the christian context or raise the vibration to upgrade our DNA to 12 strands that were altered by the Anunnaki in New Age terminology. Both with the same result that they not fulfill their obligations to resist what they know is coming, call it Apocalypse or the New World Order.

These catchphrases and buzzwords are used as stumbling blocks, pretending to have a true meaning in a given context. All the assumed attributes related to these pseudo-scientific terms are nothing but theories. Nothing can be proven about the 'Big Bang Theory' with certainty or what different 'Dimensions' really are. All kinds of theories are pushed into the mainstream and the alternative media and New-Agers are eagerly embellishing them and adapting them into their fanciful 'channeled' messages. This is nothing better or even worse than the blissful idiots that have no clue of anything and don't even care.

Just by coining new terms for phenomena observed in nature, we think science has made great progress and scientists had a deep understanding of the phenomena they had observed. In the esoteric arena new catchphrases and buzzwords are created with even more ease because no one even expects that they are more than hearsay, still hoping there would be a reality behind them. It sure is, Lightworkers, Ascended Masters and Commanders of the Galactic Federation of Light have replaced the heroes of the fairy tales of our childhood, created and released like viruses from the think-tanks that are paid for by the elite. I am not saying that there may not be anything like Lightworkers or Ascended Masters but the utterance of these catchphrases and buzzwords in most cases doesn't mean anything but misinformation.

Most can not comprehend how thoughtful and determined the elite is to undermine all aspects of our lives. And words is all they have! They have become masters in creating new concepts attached to a single buzzword that can trigger automatic reactions like in Pavlov's experiments. That is highly visible in the military where words are perverted into commands that can turn the suspects into killers.

These are mind-control techniques that simplify the process to achieve a desired result quickly. As soon as you don't have to think anymore an automatism is created, it is as if you are bedevilled and thats what it is. The lone gunmen that are programmed to kill adversaries in high places like the Kennedy's, Reagan, the Pope, Perez and many more, heard voices in their heads that triggered the activity they were trained for.

Technologies like NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - are used all over the planet, for example in the corporate world to alter human behavior.

There are catchphrases and buzzwords for all aspect of life, politicians have their repertoire, doctors have, lawyers and judges as well. Just the constant repetition of a buzzword is creating the impression of validity to any concept attached to it, lending credibility to its user.

Words should have well defined meanings and if they don't or their meaning is not understood they should not be used. Words are agreements for narrow, specific functions, objects, processes and qualities. Ask for a definition for a word if you don't know its meaning or if it is given too broad a meaning when it must be specific!


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