Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Spirit

James Horak 
June 20.2012

Barriers exist between the mundane and spiritual. No manner of woo woo, ceremony, incantation (no matter how monstrous or hysterical) overcomes this. This is a law placed in motion long before sentience entered any mortal shell.  

What is most remarkable to our senses of any master of arcane knowledge? It is the assurance of a quiet spirit present. Yet there is no intrusion of the two worlds, the mundane; the spiritual. The delicate silver cord separates them by the consent of both sides, a euphemism of how ALL works best.  

When we are free from the contamination of past myths and false teachings used to exploit the many for the benefit of the few, we know the truth of these words. For they are the utter representation of equity assured everyone before any justifiable cosmic order. To free yourselves to this empowering truth, forget Egyptian, Greek and Roman dieties. Grant accolade ONLY to the precious uncompromised examples of virtue among yourselves. The residue of corruptions sticks to these ancient images and haunts even our reverse speech, so deep-seeded into the collective psyche has the terror and killing around them from a violent past left us.  

The evil agendas around this aberrant New World Order depends, is even rife with these contaminations. Using them for fear and false historical reference, social engineers work their symbolism and primitivistic beliefs into every segment of media, even that most appealing to children. And they are lies... intentionally repeated to create a drifting reality that can even seep into our dreams. Even the wise and informed can become unassured of their own mind when so constantly assaulted by these incessant overtures to consciousness.  

Imagine that it must be so wonderful that it frees the spirit of this world. Not death alone, but the release provided from the webs we have created for ourselves. But how much more wonderful to have that direction before death and to have earned love as a mortal, in preparation for a beyond that exalts only virtue.


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  1. The wise will say: "I only know what I have experienced myself, I don't know about anything else, I can only assume". So even amongst the wisest there are different points of views which leave the disciple in a quandary until he dares to find out for himself to become wiser.

    Any interpretation of the experience beyond the personal is difficult as long as the foundation for a greater context is not there; you can only pick from the existing distorted cosmologies to compare it with. In shedding your temporary conclusions and beliefs you free yourself and start again with what you have.

    Shuny (alias OmetaOne)


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