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James Horak & Randy Maugans | Current Events Analysis, Aug. 2012

While the title is "current events", the subject matter is past and future - all intertwined. Humanity is not who they think... their future and past are veiled by their consciousness and the deceptions woven into the strands of events that are now unfolding. A perspective from a man who is "not from here".

James C. Horak returns... listen carefully!

Don't be confused about the messenger and the message: the human vessel called James Horak came here as a messenger to warn humanity of the perils they face in this very time. He has been suppressed, mocked, scorned, and ignored. The first part deals with some, as always, unique perspectives about this planet, the state of humanity, and some of the life forms that "they" will never tell you about. The EMVs (Electromagnetic Vehicles) and the "Cities of the Sea" are divine beings who have been active in aiding and balancing the systems of the galaxies, solar systems, and the Earth itself.

Starting off in current events: the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings and the connection to disclosure, as the head of the temple was the father of filmmaker Arm Kaleka, who is shooting the film, "Sirius" about Dr. Stephen Greer. The documentary allegedly goes into the ET presence on Earth, as well as free energy. Article and videos here.

We also deal with the Kerry Cassidy interview of Dr. Norman Bergrun: it is likely that this was the last interview with Dr. Bergrun. What a pity that it was bestowed on Project Camelot. Kerry Cassidy never even bothered to read the man's work! Her usual "guerilla-style" interview methods are a dishonor to the most significant scientist to come out of the NASA projects and "Ringmakers of Saturn" is so monumental that is threatens the paradigms of modern science and the web of lies spun by the ruling cabal. Make no mistake: this WAS a hit piece. As we began to discuss this our Skype connection was jammed... so on to part 2.

"Reboot" after the Skype connections were restored: further analysis of the history behind the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun's discovery of the EMVs in the rings of the Saturn; the EMVs work on the earth, and the "cities of the sea"---spiritual technology/intelligent biological beings who cultivate life in the sea, balance the saline levels, and process contaminants such as plutonium to protect the biosphere; the true origins of humanity, the solar system, and the flaws of the human split consciousness - the roots of mind control (called "mind warp") and control of the race.

We move into black operations, MILABS, the phenomena of grey ETs and human abductions; biological experiments and the myth of the elite bloodlines. Racism, feminism, and the politics of division to keep humans from uniting and also healing their consciousness...we cut a wide path in current events and history - this briefing is not for "entertainment".

Here is an excerpt of James' post to his Facebook page following this interviewing commenting on the YouTube video posted below

"Between the brittle of your reality and the harsh taste of consequence virtue comes to fall through the crack ambivalence has created. The cost is loss of focus. Even to the extent of knowing what is right and what is the superlative wrong thought expedience. That you have come to let the symbols fabricated by deception distract you from obtaining the clarity of focus, leaves you purposeless even in the twelfth hour of a staged Armageddon.

Leading you to follow mankind's lowest common denominator in seeking peace from the very ones deeding the earth to death. Were this not so, I would offer your mortal shells a new home I have made in the hope you could aspire higher. This is the seventh time I have spoken these words, given to me to say from One who has designed all to give you the hope for obtaining better. May you know your spirit will fare better. JCH"


  1. Great information as always. I wanted to let James know that I saw a commercial jet stopped in the sky today! It finally happened to me :) Lena

  2. James thank you very much for all your help. I have been filming the EMVs for a while now and was very encouriging for me to find your video materials on you tube.
    I will love to ask you many questions about these Vehicles-mesmerising stuff!..but this specific time i want to keep my attention on your comment on the Chemtrail agenda..
    We have been "tipped" with some very useful information in regards to the "what" are they spraying..
    Have been observing all of the sky related phenomenafor for some time and have obviously copious amount of visual evidence-videos- published on my yt channel-yeah, you guessin right, my channel is super-bugged-obstructed-censored, the sunny valley gringos don't censor kerry or david or richard, eh eh, they block my channel! isn't that funny?
    Anyway, i have my videos that clearly expose the nature of the chemtrail phenomena, right now, in high gear with the holographic program, and the wide use of Luciferin, the high altitude microbials they're copiusly spraying for -easy to see their presence collecting, ammassing upon trees and creating very dark areas as well as a kind of eerie luminescence in certain conditions- holografic projection...
    You touched briefly upon the subject and would love to hear from you about ... just anything that could shed some light really.
    I have been observing this nightmare for so long now, it's clear to me that this will never stop.
    I know what they're hiding.. we don't even need nasas pathetic "releases" -which I find outrageously offensive- we have a lot of good proof of the holographic agenda with good HD footage which spans from the classic ufos presence in our sky to the recent breakthrough on the luciferin insertion in our enviroment! nothing seems to ever get better down here, this latest promises to be really really frantic madness.
    Thank you for your attention and.. for Being around.. :) P.

  3. Yes, Lena, that means interdimensional/timeline experimentation going on not far away. If I post myself from an hour before dawn to dark, looking in the west from my backyard for a week (any week, any month)I will see this at least three evenings. I even was able to share this with Kevin Smith when he was a guest in my home. JCH

  4. Anon, I am heartened by your devotion to determine the truth about chemtrails. As you know one of the corporations involved sent out a small group of well-groomed "professionals" just last year to hang an admitted "label" on their chemtrail dispensing, geoengineering. Supposing I guess that that should placate us, the great unwashed. After twenty years of denying chemtrails that was our long-awaited answer: "it was all to save us from global warming" (another stand-alone lie)and was composed of, "aluminum, barium and strontium. Even alone, these elements are immune deleting, but a cocktail?! The presumption that anyone would accept this (just like the official stance of NASA regarding close inspection of their images and the question of UFOs) is indeed offensive. Expunging the microbial life that is part of the filtering effect of sunlight that inhabits our upper atmosphere, preparing us for the administration of cocktails
    of unknown substance socially engineered (not geoengineered)until the trigger is pulled with the final batch leading to mass depopulation, are, I'm certain, not all of the designs. In 2007, the supposed fictional film, Toxic Skies, was released and immediately banned in the US although it was a Hollywood production. It simply would give the public too many uncomfortable ideas about what was actually going on with this monstrous practice. Just like the same treatment given in the US towards the fictional TV series (though made in England,) Alternative Three.
    In short, Anon, the chemical/biological dispensing mechanism is a deniable method for a delivery system that could dispense ANYTHING. JCH

  5. Hi James ! Thank you so much for your reply.
    I was prompted to ask your opinion on this subject as you mentioned "microbes"! now- was this in your radio interview with Randy? hope so, I checked few vids on this site and could be in the wrong thread, so apologies if this is so.
    I'm very grateful for your attention on this subject and forgive me if i keep returning on the subject.
    We- myself and other you tube users, were given the specific info on the "luciferin" program from a undergraduate student at Texas Tech University studying Geo Science with minor in atmospheric conditions as a reserach assistant..
    The specifics of this project involved, as the title suggests.. "IMPROVING Methods of Microbial Luminiscence for the Purpose of High Altitude Holographic Projection" ... the existence of a program which is obviously well underway.. where high altitude microbes "generate light between themselves capable of maintain stability for the cration of complex holograms at high altitude!

    When i got this message i knew instantly that this is what the chemtrail agenda is all about!. I don't deny parallel, probable undercurrents and layers, that's obvious, but the planes we're seen above our heads are also obviously ,not real! Nor are some birds, not is the moon or the sun what we think these to be.
    I have filmed the entire sky and nothing is what we've been told is.

    If you'd like to see my video/s exposing these programs these are the most recent pertinent titles:

    Microbial Luciferin Expose' and Chemplanes Real Fakes- Hologram Busted!

    James, if you are music sensitive as i am, please mute the videos ;) but please watch them.

    I Just want to understand this madness and maybe you can add some of your wisdom and insights to this deceitful plan.
    More importantly: What can we do?
    :) Please speak to me, you are one of the few who's talking sense ..

    Also.. Have you got a You tube account?
    BIg Thank You! A.

  6. No, Anon, but I am on FaceBook and would accept you as a friend. I just made some posts there you might find interesting.
    My friends and I have spent a degree of effort and time to warn people of how Revelations is to be followed like a script in the implementation of the NWO. That the rapture might indeed be staged with such a scenario as you lay grounds to understand its staging in the sky. Now it's more likely to be an ET invasion that will so staged as a false flag.
    Such things are introduced by supposed whistleblowers for the benefit of polling reactions by the social engineers in the employ of the monsters.
    When too much awareness is discovered some other option may be explored.
    Such scenarios are not the sole purpose of the chemtrails. There are two more far more prominent than false flag staging. As an entire methodology for dispensing chemical and biological toxins the chemtrails afford both deniability and efficiency. For eroding the filtering of the atmosphere to the cosmic bombardment potential of sunlight, further advancing early kill-offs, the chemtrails help remove friendly microbes that have proliferated in our atmosphere for millions of years.
    Now you have your three objectives/levels employed by trilateralist intrigue applied to the generational use of chemtrails. JCH


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