Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Signs You Ignore at Your Own Risk, Facilitators of the Elite

Addressing specifically: Mr Barak, Mr Netanyahu, Mr Erdogan, Mr Rothschild, Mrs Windsor, Mr Rockefeller, Mr Soros, Mr Ratzinger, Mr Obama as well as all heads of NATO states.

You, the so called global elite may not draw the conclusion that what is shown on this image is related to you and your actions. Your agenda to set off the third world war has prompted superior cosmic forces that know you and your agenda to depopulate the world, to show you something that has never been seen and can not be overlooked.

If you begin a full scale attempt to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government, the situation will culminate in instabilities you cannot predict. What happens in Syria, however, sets a likely inevitability that everything forward will lead to those circumstances.

Inevitability will begin at the point of nexus. Nexus will be when you start the depopulation of the earth in earnest. The war in Syria is important in that it starts a chain reaction of events towards an inevitability that would be marked by global depopulation and that is the signal, when that starts it is over, our planet will be destroyed by outside forces who have the ability to control the Sun.

There had been a first warning that obviously did not change the course you and humanity is taking.

The "Serpent in the Sun" was meant as a demonstration for the world to show the force that until now has protected the planet but also has the ability to destroy the planet if you, the global elite keep pursuing your plans for a new world order that is only benefiting you and will render the world into a full scale fascist police state where no one else wants to live in.

And if you start world war three it will be over immediately. Rest assured that there is no hiding place for you, you will endure the same fate as anyone else. Your imaginary Phoenix that you so brazenly celebrated at the Olympics is a stillbirth, there will be no ashes it could possibly emerge from.

Because we, the people of this planet, have not been able to avert your plans nor shown any promising actions, we are guilty by association.

For now only outsiders have saved us by disabling nuclear missiles. When you, Mr Netanyahu, at the end of 2010 ordered the firing of your nuclear arsenal, nothing worked, all missiles were disabled but if your plans, Mr Rothschild, Mr Netanyahu and Mr Barak, would have come to 'fruitition', absolutely nothing would live on this planet right now and you would be dead as anyone else.

Because realistically no one can expect from full blown psychopaths with a hate for all humans, to resign from their plans, this altar call is issued also to all facilitators of the new world order, the Captains and Lieutenants, to turn against their handlers - you also have nothing to lose.

Time is very short now, we are at the twelfth hour and we are expecting your brave actions to overturn the madness that is ensuing in front of everyones eyes right now.

Rik Clay, you are always remembered in dedication.

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  1. Mr. Horak, I have read everything on your site and listened closely to all of your interviews. I do appreciate your generosity and courage to share. I ask this next question not out of skepticism or laziness, but rather a genuine desire to understand. How does this fissure send a message? What is it about this image that gives you information? Can you explain it very simply? Thank you!

  2. No, Mr. Sysak, it is a fair question to ask. The scope, shape, and timeliness of this solar prominence are significant. It is remarkable in its location, between the most active of sun spots. In this placement it will act to "blend" their potential discharges towards a common area. It is remarkable in that just prior to its appearance I predicted such a pattern in sun spot organizing. The likes of which has not been seen before. It is remarkable in its shape, one even more serpentine than the last and greatly more prominent. This one is in the sun itself. The "S" shape even accents the point in illustration. Understand that it spans an area of great distance yet, unlike other fissures, discharges little flare energy but seems to be conserving it. As if it awaits some vast pulse discharge. True scientists must assuredly wonder about that. If they are informed of this answer to this question you have so graciously volunteered they may come to a knowing that alerts them to new possibility and come to count it with the alarm I seek to impose as a warning. You have been most helpful. Thank you. JCH

  3. It seems to me that these so called elite represent the dark side of split conscious. Over how ever long they have been in charge of this planet their lives have been born in privilege with no connection to the reality the rest of humanity lives and experiences. Therefore there evolution and interbreeding has set them on a course for seperation from the rest of humanity wich means they have devolved into a separate species. They seem to try to breed out normal human emotions such as compassion , empathy, and the idea of equality ect...., all because they are too lazy to work like the rest of us. They exist on my labor and the rest of humanities like a parasite. They are always two steps ahead of us and have us cornered like rats.So my question to you is why does the real humanity have to suffer an end on their account . Would the universe sacrafice something never seen before and so beautiful and unique on the account of the 1%.We are not the ones who have the power to render the nukes useless. The alien invasion has happend. They are the mutated version of us. What happend to god protecting the ignorant. All this talk of doom seems to me to be the opposit of faith.What we need is action.We need help from somewhere.I have faith there are other people out there like me hopefully with a set of balls to do the right thing. These are just some of my thoughts and opinions in my growing and evolving mind at this point. I would appreciate your thoughts and views on this subject matter. You seem to have a better grasp and understanding on what is going on than anyone I have heard so far,and thanks for your efforts.

  4. I often anticipate your question but rarely so well articulated. Indeed you can liken the monsters to a separate species but not accurately. After all look at the serial killers, thugs, maniacs bred among the lower classes. The aberrancy is borne out both collectively and individually. Just as there are family members of the cartel elite that don't fit the promulgated pattern of pathological narcissist meant to be inbred. While split consciousness is exploited in order to help prevent any change to this status quo and is in common to virtually everyone here. Two forces reign in favor of preventing the change you need: the entrenched pathological mindset of the elite and the subservience of those administered to with carefully laid indoctrination to look upon all real alternatives with incredulity. The information age and the computer, although dispensing data more broadly, has also acted to perform just as well to help maintain this status quo by making the mess medias' science of opinion forming, even more effectively applied online with the web's own versions of disinformats, misinformants and what I call, malinformants. We get
    the information, but what good does it do if so many allow others to put it together for them?
    Never forget, what I repeat, no one will wish to live here when the end may come. The monsters may think they have sanctuary. They do not. Believe in immortal soul and see this as a blink of the eye to that passing for it always is. If we can see new hope revived in the coming days that a turning back from this brink can be had, the wonders that will follow can earn a lineage in memory that endures forever for its home, the earth can be saved and its records, like those on Mars, visited beyond time. I pray for this. JCH

  5. If what you are stating is the case, we're doomed, finished, done for. There will be no Dawn for Men. Sad that the incredibly rich biosphere will also be eliminated. That this planet will become dust and an asteroid field, much like legendary Tiamat is now between Mars and Jupiter, well, whatever is possibly left as this system spirals it's merry helix way ever onwards may one-day serve as re-inforcing warnings to nascent star-faring races. There is going to be no world-wide up-rising, we are (almost) all too dumbed down, too fearful, too separated, too conditioned, too impoverished at all levels to ever be an effective force. Unfair? perhaps, but yes, we all are complicit in allowing so much evil. No Hopium here for me...well most days I just feel dead as a rock, deader even.

  6. Questioning, you are missing several of the contingencies I discuss. This is a vital time. It is wrought with possibility and will bring about the only justice earth has seen in its resolution. Read my work and that of my friends, join my FaceBook friend's list, many things have yet to be decided. You are seeing only what you're compelled to see by implanted mindset. Break out. Many are doing so, perhaps even inside the machine the monsters have built to install their total control. People that have looked upon the earth being created and see that it is unfit for them and their children. That they will be part of the death pile once the monsters move to write their own histories and want no witnesses to contradict them. People that are essential to this NWO to facilitate its implementation.
    And then we have genetic potentials I discuss several times within the body of my work and in at least one of my interviews.
    Break out. JCH

  7. I found your video Microbial Luciferin Expose'
    on your channel


James, your Youtube channel is 



But most of the interviews with James are on my channel

    I have just subscribed to you.

  8. James, Hi!
    have been trying to ost a reply for several days but couldn't pass the verification "codes"!!!
    I just wanted to thank you once again and say sorry!- i'm not on fb! I will certainly sub you on the HoGp for sure.
    So much to talk about but need a break now.. my head's fuming :)
    Have just uploaded a beautiful vid on yt and it's all about the EMVS recorded (from Earth) by myself on august 18-20.
    here's the link if you'd like to see it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-pEYUDfu2Y

    Thanks to OmetaOne too. looping over your channel now.
    Blessings P.

  9. James, are the EMVs the Guf?

  10. In a prosaic way, I guess you could say that. I've often wondered about some of the ideas Jewish tradition has come up with in that way. JCH

  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guf

    In Jewish mysticism the Chamber of Guf (also Guph or even Gup) Hebrew for "body", also called the Otzar (Hebrew for "treasury"), is the Treasury of Souls, located in the Seventh Heaven.

    The Tree of Souls

    According to Jewish mythology, in the Garden of Eden there is a Tree of life or the Tree of Souls that blossoms and produces new souls, which fall into the Guf, the Treasury of Souls. Gabriel reaches into the treasury and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand. Then Lailah, the Angel of Conception, watches over the embryo until it is born.

    The Tree of Souls produces all the souls that have ever existed, or will ever exist. When the last soul descends, the world will come to an end. According to the Talmud, Yevamot 62a, is that the Messiah will not come until the Guf is emptied of all its souls. In keeping with other Jewish legends that envision souls as bird-like, the Guf is sometimes described as a columbarium, or birdhouse. The mystic significance of the Guf is that each person is important and has a unique role which only they, with their unique soul, can fulfill. Even a newborn baby brings the Messiah closer simply by being born.

    I had never heard of the Guf, but James, you once talked about there being one source for all sentience and I asked then if that would also aslo be the source of all matter and you said yes, these are inseparable. So that would be the tree of life from which the new souls fall into the Guf.

    You also stated that the soul and mind form spirit after death and go into the Sun to recharge and then can go into an EMV.

    What appears to me is that what is called hell or purgatory is actually the Sun and the inside of the chamber of an EMV is what we would think of heaven as you described it. So its not an either or but a succsession of events.

    Buit it is ineresting to see that these concepts have found their expression in the scriptures.

  12. I am not gifted with the genetic memory others have, just a collective consciousness we all have. So I do not grasp from experience how you can context into such things as the aborigine's dream life, but I know you do. It may be piecemeal but it weaves some strange representations of the actual sometimes from such a deep past it cannot be anything but genetic memory. I believe it may be what is ultimately at the bottom of instinct. JCH

  13. Horak, a) realize that the so called "elite" is against Israel and b) read Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38-39, and all of revelation. You almost have it correct, but it was prophesied thousands of years ago and you might want to see and compare what actually happeens between your theory and specifically Isaiah 17. Just a thought.

  14. No one is against Israel more than Israel. As a Rothchilde foot in the affairs of the world, Israel and its ruling Zionists continue to plunge the Middle East into strife since their psychotic fear of Arab unity is behind most of their actions. All orthodox Jewry despise them and follow the Torah. Do yourself a favor and read the Talmud to see what the Zionists use to establish themselves as the most ethnic racists of all.
    Further, I am not led by scripture corrupted by religion. John Wycliffe produced a Bible far closer in scholarship to the original texts and was excommunicated when it lead to correcting entrenched practices of the Church that could not stand up to his charges of corruption. The Bible contains many parables and accounts I find interesting, sometimes even inspiring. As vessels for free will, NO prophecy should lead us by the nose, creating more fatalism than wisdom. JCH

  15. The more enlightened I become, the more I realize wiping us out is probably the right thing to do. We have been given every chance. Heaven forbid that we were allowed off this planet to infect all the good worlds.

  16. Some of those on other worlds agree, but then they may have long forgotten their own growing pains. Then there is the intensity here and its creativity, not to mention the curiosity of split consciousness and the question of it possibly surviving to offer the Universe something new.
    But these wonders are not up to our own resource to resolve and we wait on a broader awakening that can make the critical difference leading to submitting this world to guidance by greater wisdom. Even that from beyond this planet. JCH


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