Friday, 9 November 2012

A Tale for You to Judge its Truth

With my recent second viewing of the film Prometheus, I realize there is nothing to what I am about to give you in this story any more frightening than the fictions woven out of myth and false analogy you spring upon yourselves.

James Horak, November the eighth, 2012

The Time of Upheaval yet Before the Law of Rule

Nothing could come of cities, states, ventures beyond the reach of electronics and the voices that were carried by them. Sometimes, hardly before the gathering of tribes to build monuments hoping for greater reach to unseen gods. Stars had just begun to be nourished into steadiness, their cloak of light spreading across their nurseries of life placed meaningfully around them. The first to learn and conquer the spectacle of this design had led themselves into thinking themselves gods. Furthering the parallels they found in such sublimation they soon taught their own ancestors had brought it all about.

The first of many cosmic lies yet to come.

To make an even more illustrative example of such presumed superiority, size of these “gods” was magnified over that of others. This pretense to power and might, was to carry even into the collective consciousness of your present time. That it was a lie in significance came to matter not. The technology that made such a thing possible was seemed to those that bred it, it's own justification for them to rule over all others.

The Time of the Law of Rule

Eons felt this heavy hand. Those who rose against what you call giants rarely survived even to pay tribute to them. Still some slowly came to realize they must hide beneath their planet's crust and guard their search for a technology to find a way to be free of this menace. The giants wanted no one to succeed beyond them in power. Thus came to be weapons even more menacing than giants. And the first of the extended communities was formed. For that to happen, however, the Law of Rule was decided upon. At that time it merely expressed these weapons could not be used on anyone but the giants.

The Time of Uniformity

Thousands of years passed repeating the cycle of wars between giants and those of lesser size. It was not the way to interfere by the Hand of God (the EMVs) for this was viewed as corrupting potentials that must be expressed in order to determine the nature of what to expect of evolution upon sentient mind. Before the giants neared extinction, however, it was decided to use a particular means to bring about a uniformity of size, thereby ending the conflict.

Issues arose even then, as the vacuum left began attempts to fill a new dominance by weaponry. Biological weapons were refined that created genetic distortions when used in conjunction with interdimensionalism. True monsters began to result. Your own genetic memory may be visiting them in your tales of werewolves, vampires and other creatures.

The Theory of the Fusion of Metals and What Wrought It

Limitations are set upon what use sentient life may erect out of materials at hand at all levels of technology. Reaching beyond these restraints, partial manifestation is imposed as a state. Until this partial manifestation is lifted, even the elements, expressly the metals will not be obedient to processes allowing for expansion to systems uncorrupted by the potentials any savagery might threaten with corruption. Your present condition of mankind on earth only dreams of many things your  leaders conspire to bring about. In compressed time only does any of their horror exist. But it plays out all the same, for the civilized to see and to learn about. Much longer and your lineage will simply cease to exist altogether and nothing will be remembered of the defeat here of good to evil.

Gather this in and ask yourselves, in the wide spectrum of civilizations that have held intact over millions of years and answered to so many agonies in order to survive and grow, erecting the most noble of all transmutations even (like finely grained metal), just how, in order to arrive in their present splendor, that this model I have shown you could be any other way.

For, humans of earth, to know this is to transmute beyond partial manifestation by having a far more perfect model by which to build your own expectation for what is to come next.

Like the metal, fusion to spirit of mind with soul in the sun can be denied no one. Then you will be the child of the Universe denied you here.

James Horak


  1. James, you are saying partial manifestation is imposed as a state and limitations are set upon all levels of technology. So this is actively imposed on us but by whom? I would think ETs could do that and probably the EMVs and you yourself as well? And what exactly is partial manifestation? Since split consciousness is not imposed on us but rather acquired over time it can't be the same.

    It's probably a good idea to define these expressions for a dictionary-page on this blog that I would like to compile.

  2. That's a good idea, Shuny, and one we can work on, something of a glossary of terms and phrases used. JCH

  3. Thank you, Mr. Horak! I can read and consider deeply as much of this as you care to write. I invite you to fill in as much detail as possible! I will devour all of it. For example, what is the name of the city the first extended community founded? Can you tell us the story of how they broke away from the main group? Can you describe a scene from everyday life during the Law of Rule time?

  4. There is a futility to history for which I am loathe to burden anyone. At this time so critical to the survival of seven lineages that pattern shown in each is a despised redundancy. Aside all this however, in the chambers of the EMVs are those that can answer your questions with far more immediacy than might I and bathe you in a saving grace of love while it is done. For some aspects, most savingly. This story spans eons, not even among many things are any that can typify the slightest detail of its breadth.
    Even in the immediacy of time, expanded or compressed, time here is short. Soon you will see days in seconds, years in hours, eons in a lifetime. Endlessly in travel you cannot imagine. Then you will know that the question is sublime while the answer can have more facets than can be seen at once. And becomes even changeable within those travels. The only thing that permits any degree of constancy to the continuum is the good will of those that mend it. For every fledgling civilization at one time or another seeks to test it. JCH

  5. In testing the good will of those that keep the constancy of the continuum intact we this time were given a lot more consideration than before. Again this time the potentials must be expressed in order to determine the nature of what to expect of our evolution. What if also again it may be decided to use a particular means, other than extinction, to bring about not a uniformity of size, but an awesome event that could positively unify humanity.
    I know that we are on the brink and time is short but what is your promise that we soon will see days in seconds, years in hours and eons in a lifetime related to, is that related to death?
    I maintain the hope that we will get over the hump and can see only very few scenarios and factors lending to it but when just purely extrapolating from what is going on in the political arena it is looking rather grim. I hope there is still a joker in the game.

  6. James you wrote..."Soon you will see days in seconds, years in hours, eons in a lifetime. Endlessly in travel you cannot imagine."

    Can you elaborate on this a little if possible. Do you mean whilst we are still here or in another form....

    Shuny, I see you also have the same questions.... ;)

  7. It comes in how time itself has been constructed around each of you. Through dreams, through connections that bring vision to meaning. To leave the immediacy of moment to moment being in realizing a view to inevitablity exists by entering a point in the past so perfectly connected to one in the future. This allows you to deconstruct the false constructions you made out of events and to pass backwards and forwards in time, widening the perspective more and more. No limits will exist. It is, after all, a real heritage of nature and what actually is more fully meant by, "owning your own mind". Only momentary passage is permitted by recovered memory in hypnosis and little if any transit to the future. And the slight closing to the gap between the subconscious and conscious slams shut even tighter afterwards. But this model I offer gains you as near a joining as is possible, one that may even grow as you use it. JCH

  8. James,

    I thought it would be appropriate to include this link with your article:

    Be well

  9. Yes, Anon, quite timely. If people will copy and paste this link into a search engine they will find why being identified as an "uncommitted investigator" is quite an honor. We have never seen a science that could stand such tests as one who is allowed open pursuit of the truth. We have seen the screwed up technology such entrenchment offers however. JCH

  10. Did the giants come from Maldek and are they related to who we now call, Bigfoot?


  12. No, Anon, to either case. They were the Hovah, Since they claimed duration
    with that of the Universe itself, their histories reflecting that belief
    carried. After the Time of Uniformity they were stripped of such arrogance by the reduction of their size. Bigfoot is a species that has received ET
    protection by virtue of its lineage being interrupted by the advent of your
    species as an interloper here. Populations have been transplanted elswhere with careful consideration paid to their survival for they are sentient.
    Those that remain on earth have been gifted with several survival mechanisms in order to protect them. JCH

  13. Would one of them be called Jehovah? Is this what it has come to?

  14. No, the vast culture related to the "giants" was called, Hovah. As I have often suspected, attached to the latent recall of sentient beings throughout the universe of their primordial roots is a line to genetic memory. Not perfect enough in itself, it comes to form only slightly enough to create myths. Like a perceived specter becomes what conforms to local legend.


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