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Threat Assessment and Analysis with Crystal Clark, James Horak, Randy Maugans

Threat Assessment and Analysis with Crystal Clark, James Horak, Randy Maugans

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"Responding to the ridiculous theories of David Icke and his distorted usage of the research Dr. Norman Bergrun. The fake cosmology of the Sun-Moon-Saturn menace; the Moon-Mind Control Orb scenario, fake alien invasion thesis; weather wars and genocide; The Greed-To-Death cycle of wars; Werner von Braun's leak of the hostile alien thesis. A call to reason and unity among humans against the Global Elite Death Wars." - Randy Maugans

James' comments from Facebook:

Tomorrow, Crystal Clark and I will have an interview with Randy Maugans on Off Planet Radio. I rarely ever ask for a host to interview me but time is short and the association of so many in the alternative cottage industry to promote the hostile alien thesis has come to a full-forced wind against freedom and any social equity. For fifty years now those conspiring to deliver upon us a global corporate fascist police state have written about and brazenly suggested that final step in implementing this evil upon the world would be the false flag of an hostile alien war with humanity. Commonsense would dictate to freely functioning minds the absurdity of this and just how egregious to be supplied by the very people that have suppressed and denied ET presence for even longer that those fifty years...even to the point of witnesses' deaths.

This consideration and others are missed or ignored by the majority of people within the alternative community, foremost ufologists, who have themselves performed as a cottage industry garnishing money in lecture tours and book contracts. For them, the sensational sells best and the line is not drawn at fear-mongering. Then there are the government agency plants and gatekeepers. And the ego-maniacal who don't even stop at identifying themselves as Christ. Yet in reality not individualist nor honorable enough not to give into an agenda they should well know by now is the single most deceptive and injurious of all others combined.

Even beyond this, the very monsters you have heard announce the "attributes" of depopulation can slip by those already sold on this lie, that extraneous forces (obviously alien) are responsible when the hammer falls on the beginning of that program. Be wise, use your common sense. Frame arguments in your own words to dispel what you can of this lie to your friends, neighbors and family. Your world hangs in the balance. JCH

I do not usually cross swords with those of alternative cottage industry. Allow me to discern between those of this cottage industry and myself in order to demonstrate how we differ. (1) I do not wish to sell books, fill arenas, place myself any closer to the face of God/gods than you, steal the work of others without giving them credit, twist that work to suit my own agenda, and serve the powers-that-be just to curry promotion in their controlled media. (2) I have a record of long-standing support for the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun. I didn't just pick his findings up recently to help sell the agenda behind the hostile alien thesis, though poorly disguised, in order to twist it around to a poorly based construct that is insupportable. (3) When I came forward to speak of the EMVs it was at the urging of others who had already begun their own pursuit of discovery after seeing various space agency images displaying them in our sun.

Once you research about two hours into my work you will see the difference between how what I have to offer develops a supportable new cosmology for solar system astrophysics, one that incorporates anomaly, not avoids it. In contrast, Mr. Icke begs, borrows and steals to weave a web so entangled it ultimately serves no one. JCH

Crystals Comments on the post above:

First and foremost, I'm well aware that it is because of James Horak that EMV's and Norman Bergrun's work are *finally* getting the attention they deserve--this fact was conveniently omitted from David Icke's presentation. Further, the absolute absurdities regarding the 'moon-saturn' matrix Icke presents here can be found in the cognitive dissonance in his own presentation.

One moment Icke is presenting a quote from someone who rightfully understands the moon has been precisely placed FOR LIFE TO EXIST ON THIS PLANET, and later he tries to sell the idea that the moon was only placed here as a system of control. Those two things *do not* go together--that is cognitive dissonance. (!) When you hear a prestigious member of the royal family (who is "supposedly" reptilian) say that if he could reincarnate as a virus to wipe us all out, how can you *possibly* reconcile that idea with more reptilian overlords *giving* you a moon, without which, life on this planet cannot flourish?? The moon isn't a death star for crying out loud...

As I have said, or rather tried to say, over and over and over, if you do not know what it takes create, regenerate and uphold life (beginning with this planet), you CANNOT preserve it--this includes the life of you and your children. You have not been taught what how the moon affects life on this planet, ON PURPOSE. You have not been properly advised as to how the moon necessarily affects the tides, menstrual cycles, or even the harvest of your food supplies.

It is a fact that if certain crops are harvested (cut) during the wrong lunar phase, the sap will rise out and attract insects that will devour them long before they reach their shipping destination. It is a fact that if you have surgery during the wrong lunar phase, the chances of post operative bleeding complications rise dramatically for the same reasons. Moreover, what kind of ridiculous "death star" has somehow been synchronized with plant life that only blooms at night?

Until the billions of people on this planet understand the processes involved in creating, upholding and regenerating life, they will continue to participate in their own demise out of ignorance. I can only hope we don't one day find ourselves agreeing to blow up the moon (er, I mean "death star"), because we were too ignorant to understand the dynamics of a LIFE-GIVING SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL. Seriously.


  1. I love you guys. I love all of the interviews, the articles and the cosmology. I particularly love Mr. Horak for the history, the long version. Is talking about depopulation also fear mongering?

  2. "Fear mongering" begins with lies, lies usually based on half-truths or myths. Depopulation is spoken of by the elite and has been since the late fifties. Either as an intention or demonstrated in the way events are unfolding and damage to the planet mounts it IS a very real threat. When we NEED warnings of it to act wisely and appropriately to SURVIVE, it is far from "fear mongering" but an obedience to human concerns, a brave act to save ourselves and others. When we are given the lies, usually discouraging us from taking any recourse, they are a cover for the real threats. JCH


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