Thursday, 8 August 2013

CRYSTAL CLARK on The Fringe Radio Show - 08/06/2013

Her personal goal, as well as the goal of millions of others at this time, is to help humanity realize its full potential in meaningful ways that not only expand awareness of the other choices that genuinely uphold, regenerate, and recreate life (of which there are many), but also to rebuild the bridge between the mind and the heart; the mystical and material, so that the peaceful and abundant paradise we all long for can finally manifest here, in, around, and through, us.

Humanity stands on the precipice of miraculous discovery. The Individual Being is zooming the lens of awareness out far enough to see beyond their own front doors—finally willing to see he/she is part of a vivid, vast, and much greater reality.

The Individual Being (tribal) is in the process of becoming a Universal (cosmic) Being, through realizing we are part of a much greater whole. The work of many, many people, is currently aimed at opening the doors to greater possibilities that will help facilitate personal transformation along those lines.

As we continue on this wondrous journey, we discover that what was once lost, must be (and is being) found again—at every level. What was hidden must be revealed… we find it by honestly and openly looking infinitely inward, as well as infinitely outward. It’s hard, beautiful, mysterious, scary, and joyous, all at the same time! Be that as it may, it’s also whispering to us softly, with lofty and outstretched arms, to understand that Revolution and Evolution are not the same thing.

Limiting choices (knowledge), even only the perception of choices, also limits the mind (and consequently the use of free-will), which in turn limits the cultural growth and evoluton of every human being on this earth. As more and more people begin to fully realize where the continuation of this path will lead, we’ve come to undersand that the time has come for things to change, and I’m honored and priveleged to share this sojourn with so many brave souls who work diligently to make it happen.

Should transformational Earth happenings really be the best show in the universe right now, then let’s give them a show to remember…

These are exhilarating and exciting times—blessings on your continued journey, wherever it may take you.

Direct listening and download link: 08/06/2013 CRYSTAL CLARK
Forward to 9:20 for the beginning of the interview (and skip the breaks of you wish)

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