Friday, 16 August 2013

In Memoriam Kevin Smith † 14 Aug 2013 - with Jerry Wills

The Great Kevin Smith has passed away. Kevin Smith, the best paranormal radio talk show host has left a gaping hole in the alternative media and the hearts and minds of all who loved him.

Shuny kindly recorded the 'In Memory of Kevin Smith Show', hosted by Jerry Wills in memory of our dear friend Kevin for all of you who could not watch it. 

Many of Kevin's, friends and listeners called in to recall their memories of him. Made all the worse as he passed away on his birthday. Yet again our thoughts go out to his family, especially his wife and son.

Kevin never wanted people to 'stand and weep' once he was gone, that being left a huge gaping hole in many peoples lives and hearts and it's going to take a while to get over the shock of not hearing your voice every night. 

Jerry, I hope you don't mind us posting this here, but under the circumstances we wanted as many people as possible to be able to hear all of our thoughts for him. Thanks from all of us for putting on this show under such tight timescales.

Kevin @ "Castle Kevinstein" Studio 
Kevin holding a genuine Olmec head in James Horak's garden
Where ever your soul is now, may it shine bright with many colours...
 RIP Kevin Smith 

In Memoriam

“You matter.” You have a right to know.”

Etched by one intent effort and another
to go where so few others bother
A guiding light to thought with density
the realm of physics with added intensity
Holding open a stage to all when any
answers could be found

Never denying any cogent thought that

might lead to new ground

Knowing how to challenge issues without


Logic and insight served all means he had

of redress

The prince of a genre, a friend to so many
shoes to fill, cannot any

A right to know is now what's left

for Kevin Smith now has the fullest sense
of that right to know



  1. There will be another tribute with Jerry tonight at 10PM on Justin tv. The link is on Kevin's site. Robert Stanley, another excellent host on unicus radio and a personal friend of both Kevin's and Jerry's, will be hosting a remembrance program tonight from 8-10P at

    I can't overestimate Kevin's importance and the significance of his passing. He laid the foundation and was the mortar holding the bricks together on an edifice we all became; we, who would have otherwise been isolated individuals thrown into a world which was strange to us. Kevin brought us together with his unique charisma into a community where we didn't need to feel alone anymore.

    He's moved on to his next mission. Now let us show what we learned and what we became. Let's not let him and his memory down. Let's do him proud.

  2. I missed the Friday show and wonder how I can access it. I am not a facebook member. Will it be posted here?

  3. Jerry was at a loss due to his other activities and a major move to have the show ready but spent some time explaining what he intended for this Friday. It should be interesting and better prepared so I'd recommend waiting for that grannyfranny. JCH

  4. Dont just rest in peace, but ride the wave of the afterlife. I hope your soul is happy and all those questions have been answered that fascinated us while you were with us. I hope you're still with us and one day your archives can be accessed so we never have to be without you.

  5. Interesting the last show he did was Shroud of Turin.


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