Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mark Snider - Fukushima Round Table Discussion with James Horak and Guests

The cores on all three reactors melted down. These are the events that caused these reactors to melt down:

The water in the containment vessel evaporated because the pumps that keep the coolant water flowing were disabled by the flooding waters of the tsunami.

The nuclear fuel became uncovered and heated up to a temperature of 2,300 degrees celsius.

The nuclear fuel melted and mixed with the materials in the containment vessel.

This melted core formed a magma called corium which flowed down to the bottom of the reactor vessel.

The corium pierced the containment vessel and fell on the concrete containment.

Currently we don't know what quantity of corium has fallen and how deep did the corium pierce the concrete containment vessel!

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  1. Thank you for honesty, James. Can you tell us if the Chinese leaders who met with off-world parties were sensible and agreeable? What visible signs can we, the awake, but powerless 10%, look for?

    1. I can't tell you about ET's take on anything Anon, but what i can say for certain is that those of us that have woken up to the self appointed elite's atrocities and madness are not powerless. Each new day on this planet many people are waking up and all we can do is share information and encourage others' who are receptive to whats going on. An informed populace is one thing the Rothschilds etc are afraid of, and they've good reason to be.

    2. Thanks, Fraser. I certainly do this on a scale that might surprise you. I'm a teacher so I get large, eager audiences and I do let them know what's going on. You might be pleased to know many of them understand and agree. You misunderstand the question I posed to Mr. Horak. It's quite easy to inform people, let them know, help them through the learning curve. I am capable of so much more, but I am powerless in this regard, as are most competent people.

      So, if this meeting went well with Chinese leaders then the restrictions leaving me and others powerless should begin to lift, but what form will these easing measures take? This is the nature of my question to Mr. Horak.

  2. Thank you for your insight, James. Regarding Fukushima, the best analysis in my view was done by Jim Stone in his "Fukushima Report". It's the type of Dimitri Khalezov's 9/11 bombshell.

  3. The Chinese may or may not operate differently than those leaders in the west. This remains to be seen. But supposing that they have been encouraged to pursue their own space missions when they must know the outcomes for those that have indulged the weaponizing of space...well, they will either operate differently on suffer the same fate.
    In the scope of things, the dangers presented by so many environmental corruptions (Fukushima being but one,) at this point endeavors of the sort tried by NASA come late and might appear, like those of Bigelow & Co. to be grasping at straws for safe haven that cannot be had without ET help.
    Earthbounds are all in this together and the Chinese may act as a stepping stone towards a better approach but success in any such effort MUST be enjoined by all others in order to reverse the trends already having reached the point of no return without ET assistance.
    All I can say is that goodwill has been demonstrated between both the Chinese leadership and ET. Whatever that may connote however is yet to be determined. JCH

  4. James and Co.: The Gregorian signpost marked 2014, I believe, will bring forth a manifestation of great importance. I am unsure whether the event(s) will be enlightening or catastrophic, however I sense some manifistation on our horizon.
    The "magic lost" as referred to in my last post was re-gained in the form of helping others without expectation of reciprocation. I know that these simple acts are tantamount to our success as a species. Sometimes we forget in the midst of our bathing in chemtrails and EMF soup.
    May you all re-discover the "magic" in the new year.

  5. Why are the emv's behind the moon right now?

  6. These are not EMVs but ET craft put in place to assure the moon will not come into earth if the cores at Fukushima reach the mantle and interfere with the relationship of machines on the moon and engines on the earth that function to keep the moon in orbit around the earth. JCH

  7. Hi James… Do you have any knowledge of the Peruvian Sixto Paz Wells account of his contact with inhabitants of one of Jupiter's moons Ganymede , & if so, what's your take on it ? ..Several years ago I became interested in the doorway at Puerte de Hayu Marca in Peru;…Wells account of the time anomalies encountered whilst in the company of these beings is fascinating….cheers, Edgy

  8. Greetings, James. I was contemplating the recent CME and the thought of EMV's harvesting the energy from it. It must be quite an exalted sight of great inspiration. How would you characterize their actions to the lay person?


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