Saturday, 11 January 2014

Race with Time 6 - Dispensing with the Barriers to Change - Crystal Clark & James Horak

The urgency of our survival on earth has never been better expressed than in this show by Crystal Clark. In order to best example the stark contrast between the reality of that situation and how it is dressed up in fantasy by many of the alternative community, Crystal cuts through the crap and delivers brilliantly and decisively what we must do to achieve necessary change. JCH

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast and for publication permission.

Crystals website: Drowninginabsurdity

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  1. Fantastic and powerful presentation! This is how it is done, folks: speaking the truth into existence via repetition and naming names. The monsters have been propagating this tool against us since time in memorial; shall we turn and point the cannon at the controllers for a change?
    Crystal and James - Keep giving it to them with both barrells and lets forget who's down-range. The rest of the cognitive dissonant sheeple need to be standing with you on the firing line. I, personally, am at the end of my rope with these individuals. Two days ago after viewing a local news station, one of them asked me in earnest, "Who is NSA?" I'm still recovering from tripping over my own jaw. A person's enemies will be that of his own family...I believe I read that somewhere (heavy sarcasm).

    Regarding Mr. Kavassilas, I believe we had him pegged the moment he stated in no uncertain terms that the Earth would "turn into a star" in March 2013!

  2. I am in agreement with Buzz and thank him for his comment .
    I would like to add that I am very deeply grateful for the personal honesty, the integrity and the passion Crystal brought to the table in this show , these words needed to be spoken loud and clear, to reverberate far wide through a community of people who are being duped, confused , micro managed and heavily manipulated into not doing what they are here to do for this earth, our only home , and for our collective future upon it . It is one thing for people to constantly tell others to wake up and quite another to then point them in the direction of the new age gurus, the so called alternative investigators and the cosmic twinkies who continue to support mass denial and profit from it .
    I have had first hand experience of this and see it continuing to corrode and pollute those who are seeking to find the truth. Adding to that is the constant undermining of those who fight for this earth, who are told they are fear mongers and accused of spreading fear porn when they are working so hard to get the truth out about Fukushima. I use that as an example, but I know there are other causes that suffer the same, it just so happens to be one where I have met some incredible activists who need everyone on board helping them bail . I am all for the creative beauty and passion of poetry and art being utilised as a weapon for truth . Finding a way to bring your heart and mind to the fight in this war, because it is a war , is paramount, leave the rest behind , blaze that trail of glory , get inspired and Unite the clans, for this earth needs us.

  3. Elegantly stated, Mhairead. JCH

  4. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful support, Buzz and Mhairead. :) The hour is late in more ways and places than one. It's sink or swim time.

  5. Are there really so many people meditating instead of doing something else more beneficial to change? Are all people taken by new age ideology a hindrance? It seems like such a small group compared to the gazillions going to work, etc...My brother, for example, is 100% aware of everything we discuss and yet CHOOSES to simply go to work, drink beer, and get along like a slave. He actually works indirectly for tptb through Monsanto and knows exactly what he is doing. He simply doesn't give a shit.

    His own needs are so overwhelming he cannot maintain or develop a moral framework.

    I think he represents the vast majority. The new age person is hardly worth discussing in so much detail.


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